In Heat

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It’s a typical weeknight. We retire to the living room after dinner to watch a little TV, enjoy an after-dinner drink and smoke, and chill out until bedtime. But tonight I see my lady slip away to the patio, pipe in hand, to enjoy a different kind of smoke.

When she comes back in, I notice a change. A lassitude has overtaken her. Her eyelids are heavy and sensual. She lies back on the sofa to allow the drug to take full effect. I return my attention to the TV for the time being.

Moments later I look over to her. She is touching herself unabashedly. The herb always has this effect on her. But more than that, she becomes malleable, suggestible, willing to give up control. No, more than that, she becomes almost incapable of higher thought. Like a pet. Like a little puppy. A puppy-girl.

This gives me the opportunity to give her her fantasy, one that she has expressed to me in more lucid moments, blushing. Tonight she is my puppy-girl, and I am her master. I look at her through different eyes.

I love my puppy-girl. She is such a beautiful specimen, and I have waited so long for her to mature. As I look over at her I see that she is stroking herself, pumping her hips ever so slightly. The realization dawns on me that my puppy is in heat for the first time.

She isn’t even aware of what is happening to her, why she feels such an ache deep inside her; why her pussy-lips are swollen and her clitoris sensitive; why her cunt lubricates itself — she only knows need, but not what she needs nor why. She writhes now, her body craving something she doesn’t know or comprehend, yet instinctually desires and demands.

My intention had always been to breed her when she reached the right age. But not knowing exactly when that age would arrive, I hadn’t made any plans for a stud to service her. Now she needed servicing, and I was the only one to help her.

“Poor puppy,” I say to soothe her, laying a hand on her thigh. “Daddy didn’t know you’d be in heat so early.”

She whines at me, her eyes pleading with me as she opens herself to me. I see the wetness on her cunt, the pink lips, the swollen clit. I brush my hand over them, and she groans deep in her throat.

“Get down off the sofa,” I command poker oyna her. Last thing I need is puppy cunt-juices on my upholstery. She hops down, looking to me for further direction. I get up and pet her on her head. She turns her head to lick my hand. “Good girl.” I notice the leash and collar hanging by the door, and take it down to fasten on my puppy-girl, in case I need extra control over her.

My fingers on her neck make her body break out in goosebumps. “Poor baby,” I murmur. I run my hands down her back, making her shiver. I smooth them over her lush round rump, trailing my fingers down the crack of her ass, making sure to run them through the wetness of her pussy. She arches back against me, instinctually asking for what she cannot verbalize.

“Oh, you’re so wet, sweetie,” I say as I bring my fingers to my mouth to smell and taste. Her juices are fresh and sweet, ripe with the smell of raw lust.

“Daddy was going to get a stud to service you when you went into heat. I didn’t realize it would be so soon.” She whines at me, arching her back and humping her hips. “It kills me to see you in need like this.”

Her eyes are so full of pleading, and her naked body so ripe, lustful, and obedient before me that I can barely contain myself. But, I remind myself and her, “You know this heat could last several hours. Daddy wants to help you, if you’ll be a good girl.”

She bows down before me, arching her ass up in the air. I plunge a finger into her wetness, and she fairly sighs with satisfaction. My thumb glides over the wetness surrounding her clit, and I cannot contain myself. I lean down and lick her pussy in a parody of canine courtship. She groans and presses back against me joyfully, humping her hips and yipping softly.

I reach down and free my throbbing cock. A good girl like my little puppy should be happy to please me. I direct it in front of her face, and after a moment I feel her soft tongue lapping at me. “Good puppy,” I say, petting her head. I think with just a little coaxing, I can have her deep-throating me in a matter of minutes.

Her licking becomes bolder — it would seem my little doggie likes the taste of my salty pre-cum and musky cock. I coax her to open canlı poker oyna her mouth and slowly I begin thrusting between her lips. She adapts to this new game with gusto, and it in fact seems to enhance her lustiness. I pace myself, knowing that we have plenty of time to play ahead of us.

She whines, reminding me that she is still in need, and I take this opportunity to assert my dominance. I grasp her face in my hand and eyeball her. “No,” I say firmly. “Take care of Daddy now.” She dutifully returns to her cock-sucking duties, and I praise her lavishly. She knows who the top dog is here, and she is eager to please, trusting me to take care of her needs.

I enjoy her mouth for a good long while. Who knew my puppy had such a natural talent? “Good little cock-sucking puppy,” I praise her. “You’d make Daddy much more money sucking cock than producing puppies!”

Within minutes she has me close to coming — and that wouldn’t do when we had so much play time ahead of us. I pull out of her mouth and move behind her. She moves to follow me, but I admonish her with a sharp, “No! Stay!” and she obeys instantly, watching me. Behind her, I lick at her pussy, tasting the copious juices, making her squirm with glee. “Poor puppy,” I say softly, “you’re just so horny, and there’s no one to help you but Daddy.” I lick her a good long time, listening to her horny little grunts and moans, bringing her ever closer to that elusive orgasm.

But I know that only one thing will truly satisfy my baby puppy-girl. I move behind her, lining my hard cock up with her wet pussy, rubbing her wetness across her clit, teasing her. “Daddy had a good stud in mind to service you, to give you exactly what you needed during your heat. But you went and grew up early. Now only Daddy is here to help you.”

She whines loudly, arching back, trying hard to impale herself on my cock. “No!” I correct her with a swat on her butt. I will mate her, not the other way around. Through her haze, she obeys me, submissive, needy. “Ohhh, my poor puppy. You’re only doing what comes naturally, aren’t you?”

I tweak her nipple. She’s near a frenzy now, and it’s difficult to deny her what she needs. I grasp her shoulder hard and slide my hard internet casino cock deep into that sweet wet puppy pussy. She yips gleefully and humps back against me. She’s stroking herself again, and the stimulation against my balls enhances my pleasure. I know in order for her to get any satisfaction, I’ll need to breed her just like she needs. I grasp her hips and grind deep into her, rolling my hips so every crevice of her pussy gets the attention it needs. Then I pull back and pump into her hard, relishing her grunts of satisfaction as our bodies slap together.

After some moments of this, I repeat the cycle, pulling out and returning to her mouth She is such an incredible cock-sucker, and I love the feeling of her mouth on me, sucking my cock, licking my balls. After all, we have hours ahead of us, and I can do this all night long. “You’re such a good puppy, Daddy can use you for his pleasure anytime he wants — and you’ll like it.”

Pacing myself, I continue to take advantage of my puppy for my own satisfaction — and she does enjoy it. “Horny puppy,” I growl at her, “You can’t get enough. Who knew Daddy’s puppy-girl was such a cock-slut?” She’ll let me use and abuse her, let me control her climax, and let me degrade her as I choose. The power I have over her is heady.

Finally she reaches her climax. And for my little doggie, this is an extended orgasm that lasts several minutes, and the challenge to me is to stay my own orgasm until she has finished. She howls her pleasure as she humps against me, her swollen wet pussy trying hard to swallow my cock up as wave after wave of pleasure seizes her body.

“Yeah, Daddy’s little puppy want my cum? Want to mate with Daddy and feel my cum all in that puppy pussy?” And although I hadn’t intended to breed her myself, her unabashed display of pleasure takes me over the edge. I end up flooding her sweet little puppy-pussy with a raging torrent of hot sticky man-cum. She continues orgasming as I pound myself into her, releasing all my pent-up tension on her sweet young body.

Bodies sheened with sweat, I pet her tenderly. I think tonight, I’ll let her sleep in my bed, just in case there’s any residual urges that need tending to. As I pull out of her, my cum slipping from her abused pussy, I congratulate myself on being such a compassionate and caring pet owner and helping my baby through her first heat. And I consider perhaps next time, I’ll see how my puppy likes the taste of my cum in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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