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I am naked, except for the rope that binds my cock and balls in a figure eight and the pink collar that encompasses my neck. I am on my knees legs apart. I must always be open and accessible to my Mistress. I am bent at the waist forehead pressed to the bathroom floor. Beside me the water, gel, razor, & lotion I am to use to shave my Mistress’s perfect legs. I continue to wait, anxious, excited, my balls aching as they turn bluer, my cock straining against its bonds, straining for a glimpse of the GODDESS to whom it belongs. Mistress enters the room and I tremble and a small moan escapes my lips as I raise my head from the floor. Mistress laughs, she is amused by my obvious lust and asks if I can control myself. I had better she says, because if I don’t, I will be severely beaten and will lose the honor of shaving her indefinitely. I answer ‘Yes Mistress’, it is how I always answer my Mistress.

Mistress sits on the edge of the glamour tub her legs out stretched towards me. She is wearing only a loosely tied robe that falls mid-thigh. It has become parted. I know, but I will not look. My eyes never wander beyond the hem of her robe. Never to the beautiful, delicious perfect parts of my Mistress’s exquisite body. Despite my utter desire, abject longing, even the pain of such need coursing throughout my body I will not look. Certain visions of my Mistress’s body have been forbidden me. If I give in, only once, I am banished forever. The very thought horrifies me and I will not look, never will I look, even though every ounce of my being longs to do so.

As I prepare my Mistress’s legs, massaging the gel into the foam, my mistress reaches out with her left foot and caresses my bound balls causing me to groan involuntarily with desire. My Mistress giggles at my agony and informs me how much she enjoys the pain she invokes in me. I respond that I am pleased to suffer for my Mistress. I proceed poker oyna to shave my Mistress’s legs, using the razor as skillfully as a surgeon would use a scalpel on his own child. I will introduce no blemish to the perfect legs before me. I do not want to imagine the punishment if I ever were to do so.

I apply the lotion to my Mistress’s legs and when I am finished I place my forehead back upon the bathroom floor and watch as my Mistress’s exotic feet leave the room.

When she is gone I rise and continue with my duties. I clean and put away all things associated with shaving and I gather the items needed for my Mistress’s bath. I collect the warm towels, one for her hair and one for her body. I get the perfumed soap, after bath lotion and nighttime perfume. Also the scented bubble bath Mistress has chosen.

I then draw Mistress’s bath, to the perfect temperature, and resume my prostate position, again awaiting my GODDESS’s return.

When Mistress enters the bathroom this time she commands me to close my eyes, sit up and look up toward her. I do this and Mistress slides a blindfold over my head and fastens it where I am unable to see even light. I then feel the soft sexual touch of her silk robe sliding over my knees, inner thighs, my bound genitals, my stomach and up over my chest. What escapes from my mouth might have been ‘Thank you Mistress’ though it would be hard to tell. I am so overcome with emotion and feelings that I wonder if I will pass out. My Mistress reassures me by reaching down and caressing my cheek whispering that I am a good slave and everything will be fine. She then steps into the tub, sits and tells me I may proceed. The emotions that I feel when bathing my Mistress are indescribable. I start at her perfect feet and I wash each toe and crevice as if I am washing porcelain. As I wash her legs we both know that I will have an orgasm before I am through. canlı poker oyna I am rocking back and forth trying to masturbate against my ropes even as they cut and burn my skin. I feel only pleasure. When I finally bathe her vagina and glorious asshole I can no longer control myself and yet, my Mistress’s sharp command to ‘hold’ brings me to a stop, my orgasm not ruined but…oh god I need release. I continue to bathe my mistress, her stomach, her back and finally her perfect breasts. As I feel her hard nipples through the wash cloth my Mistress says ‘Now’ and my orgasm explodes onto my stomach and the side of the tub.

My Mistress is amused and pleased by the strength of my orgasm and reminds me that I am to eat any and all cum, including my own. Mistress then then wipes my cum up with her fingers and teases me by holding her cum drenched fingers at my lips. She instructs me to beg to eat my cum and I do so, pleading with Mistress to please feed me, to feed me, my cum, my life blood that I no longer can live without. Mistress laughs disgustedly as she allows me to suck her cum drenched fingers, sucking it as if I were being treated to a delicious dick. All the while reminding me that I am her cocksucker too, and that eating cum for her will be a way of life for me. When I have washed Mistresses hair, she rises and steps out of the tub. I remain on my knees, before her, blindfolded, waiting on my next instruction. After Mistress has wrapped her hair in one of the towels I am told to stand where, with the second towel, I begin to dry my Mistress.

I dry my Mistress gently and lovingly from her gorgeous neck to her perfect toes, but again I know not to linger, not to attempt to invoke a sexual response from my GODDESS. I fear my Mistress, and with good reason. I bear many reminders of her displeasure. When finished drying my Mistress I again stand and apply the lotion to every inch internet casino of the body I worship and serve. My desire uncontrollable and manifesting itself as before, but again I dare not tempt my Mistress. Mistress is pleased by my fear and respect and when I finished applying the lotion she pats my head, as she does her dog, and tells me I am a ‘good boy’.

Still on my knees, it is now that I am told to stick out my tongue. My Mistress then places several drops of perfume on my tongue which I then am allowed to apply to my Mistress. My tongue touches the inside of her ankles, behind her knees, her inner thighs and finally upon her glorious asshole. This is the only time my Mistress allows me to linger, that is, with my perfumed tongue caressing her perfect asshole. Mistress asks me if I like the taste of her asshole to which I give the only possible reply ‘yes Mistress’.

Now Mistress commands me to sit back. I obey and wait, literally breathlessly, trying to discern if my Mistress is donning her robe or remaining naked contemplating my performance. I will know shortly if I have pleased my Mistress this evening.

I know I have pleased my Mistress when she places her hands on my shoulders and lovingly pushes me downward so that she is able to straddle my face, a gorgeous thigh astride each cheek and her perfect pussy inches above my mouth. As my Mistress describes parting her swollen lips, pushing aside her hood the thrill and excitement over the honor about to be bestowed upon me becomes overwhelming and I can only thank my Mistress profusely. As my mouth fills and I begin to swallow Mistress laughs softly and tells me that tonight I have earned her golden nectar and that she is pleased for me. There is no greater honor and the feelings of love and total devotion I feel toward my Mistress are without measure

Mistress then instructs me to close my eyes, removes my blindfold and attaches a leash to my collar. She then leads me to my pallet at the foot of her bed where she then attaches the leash to her bed and wishes me a good night. It has been more than a good night it has been a perfect evening serving my Mistress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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