In The Beginning – Chapter 20


Luke“Trust me,” she said, two fingers with something cold and slippery on them, poised at the edge of my arse and she said, “Trust me.”On one hand, each time I had said it to her, she did with little to no hesitation. On the other, what did I really know about this person with her fingers ready to go where no one had gone before. The ‘bunny boiler’ thought sprang to mind just to add to my confusion. “Okay,” I thought, “you only live once, give anything a go, if I don’t like it, I’ll tell her to stop. If she doesn’t, well…” I left that thought unfinished as I relaxed all my muscles, as best as I could.It only took a fraction of second to work through and relax. Tina slipped her fingers between my cheeks, only a little way before pulling them back. I felt her kiss the side of my neck.“Thank you,” she said.“Huh?” She didn’t respond, just kissed me again.I heard the tube spurt again and then felt the same cold on my arse, only this time the pressure was pushing out on both cheeks. Having rubbed, whatever it was into the edge of my crack, I heard and felt more cream being put onto each cheek. Tina started to massage my bum, I hadn’t registered how stiff it was. Although the cream was highlighting that the stud marks were tender, it also felt damned good.I let out a little gasp as Tina squirted more cream on my back. Just that was soothing, then she spread it all over before rubbing it in. She wasn’t giving me a deep tissue massage like I had had with the physio on a few occasions. It was more than just rubbing it into my skin too.When she was done, Tina kissed me in the middle of my back and told me to turn over.“There’s still some marks on your leg to deal with.”Straddling my leg, she was intent on what she was doing, squirting what I could now see was body lotion onto my leg.“Isn’t that stuff meant to keep your skin soft?”“Sort of, more a moisturiser.”“You think it’ll help the stud marks?”“It can’t hurt,” she looked up at me, “if it works, I could get a side-line helping all the team.”Talk about pregnant pause! I was silent but felt myself tense, just a little. Tina must have felt my leg twitch under her.“Oh crap! No! No sweetie, I meant to pay the team back for being so nice. No! Oh god, that’s worse. It’s not, I just…”This was the second time she hit me. My initial reaction had been genuine, I had felt anger and jealousy, but I also knew immediately she had said it in all innocence. It was a by-product of her caring nature. I could almost see her thought process – ‘I’m doing something to help a loved one, I bet others could benefit from this.’  If I had said something to encourage her, she would have typed up a leaflet or repackaged the cream to hand Anadolu Yakası Escort out. But she did look so beautiful when she got flustered, I couldn’t help but keep quiet and enjoy her beauty. I also couldn’t help smiling and when she saw that her hand had come crashing down on my leg.“Luke, sweetie?” She didn’t need to open like this, the red handprint on my thigh was testament to her having my attention.Oh shit! I was in trouble, I answered with trepidation, “Yes, Tina.”“Do you remember what you said in the library once, about what people call you?”“Yeesss,” I was discovering a new side to Tina. She could take you by hand and lead you through the streets of your own making, to your very own cliff edge and let you teeter there with two choices, jump or step off.“How special is special? I mean would you say I’m special?”What could I say? I had confessed to Diane and so I was sure Tina knew I was falling in love with her, I had made love to her last night and now she was straddling a leg with no underwear on, rubbing my thigh while I was lying on my back with a very obvious hard-on.“Tina, dear, you are as special as anyone I know, more special than most.”“Bastard!” she said and slapped my leg again.I started to laugh and sit up when she pointed and growled, “Lie down and don’t move.”If it hadn’t been for the smile in her eyes, I might have been concerned. I lay back down with my hands behind my head looking at her. She squirted more cream over the two handprints and started to rub it in. I couldn’t help but notice as her hands were moving back and forth along my thigh, her hips were doing similar on my shin. I also saw how her fingertips were brushing the edge of my boxers too.“How big are you?”This question caught me off guard, “Erm… I can’t say I’ve ever measured it.”And slap number four, though totally playful this time, “Not that, you pervert.”“Hey, you’ve heard the songs I sing, if they didn’t give a hint to my deviant desires, living with three perverts should have.”Putting on her best attempt at a cockney accent, “Yes, but I thought you would be a gentleman, mister and not try to corrupt a young innocent such as me-self.”I laughed, “You seriously need to work on that accent.”“Oh, is that so,” Tina slipped into a full Welsh accent, “or would you prefer the gentle tones of my native accent?”She burst out laughing this time as she saw my dick throb, “Oh, that’s just lush! Tight jeans and a Welsh accent. Best make sure mummy never wears tight jeans around you then, is it. Anything else I should know, lover?”I looked down at my traitorous dick, then into her eyes. “When your eyes are getting tired and you Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan put on your glasses…”“Really?”“Hmm, and I do like…”“Go on.”“I do like a pair of boots.”“Interesting.” Then as if nothing had been said, “How big are you around the here?” She gripped the sides of my thigh, then put her hands to her waist.I shrugged. “A bit bigger than average? I really have no idea.”Tina giggled, “No, not just a bit.” Then her hand flew over her mouth, “Oh god, sorry, I was comparing.”“Hey, shush! How do you know if something is bigger or ahem, smaller, better or worse if you don’t compare?”“Sorry, I’m not used to someone not being jealous.”“Oh dear, sweet Tina, don’t misinterpret my understanding and explanations for not being jealous. Would I have liked to be your first? Yes. Is there anything I can do about it? No, okay move on. Would I like you rubbing your lotion into the team? No. Is there anything I can do about it? Yes, so do something. Would I do serious harm to someone in your name? I’m definitely getting there.“Does that help?”Tina smiled and as she jumped off the bed and said, “I think. Still, I’m not used to someone dealing with their jealousy so quietly.”“Don’t they say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch?” I winked at her.She bent over and started rummaging through her bag, I don’t know if she was doing it consciously to tease me, but I wasn’t going to jeopardise my view. Her arse was poking from below my top far enough that the bottom of her crack was clear. Her legs were together, but the light shining through the top showed the very slight protrusion that were her delicate lips surrounded by a fuzzy outline. If only I had a camera to hand, I would be able to show her how beautiful she was and still is.“Ah-ha! I thought I had one,” she said triumphantly, standing and turning to show me what she had. I swear one day she would actually pull a kitchen sink from her bag, today it was a tape measure.“It’s for when I’m shopping.” I must have had a look of confusion that needed this explanation. The look obviously didn’t change, “You know, if you need to check the length of, well for me a dress or something. Oh, shut up, I like to be prepared.”I couldn’t help laughing at what she saw as perfectly normal. “I’m not laughing at you; I’m laughing at the simple joy you have. The joy on your face when you showed it to me. I’m laughing because you make me happy.”“Keep digging mister, you’ll find a way out of that hole.” Tina may have narrowed her eyes in mock anger, but the smile that played across her lips told me I was safe, for now.“What’s it for?”She didn’t respond other than to walk over Escort Anadolu Yakası to the bed and put her hand under my upper thigh, then pulled it out. She reached over and took the end of the tape and drew it around.“Flex,” I did as I was told. “There, twenty-eight inches.”Not remembering, thinking or caring about which underwear she wasn’t wearing, she lifted her top and put the tape around her waist, then stood to show me. I instinctively reached out and put my hand on her thigh between her legs and ran it upwards.Taking a step back, she said, “Later, did you see? Twenty-four inches.”She had my attention, “No fucking way!”“Yes…way. I suspected this morning when I was looking.”“I knew my neck was big. I was given special dispensation in the sixth-form as the biggest collar shirt we could get without special order was seventeen and a half inches and….” TinaLuke trailed off, “Sweetie, what’s the matter?”“Stupid insecurities coming back, I guess.”This man, who had legs each of which was bigger than my waist, a body in proportion to them and faced down a giant yesterday, looked suddenly so fragile. The thought of him twiddling his hair and sucking his thumb flashed into my head.“Oh god Luke,” I sat on the edge of the bed, pulling his head into my arms. I held him to my insubstantial breast and felt his arms encircle me.“Yours is not a straightforward story is it, sweetie?” He moved his head, I think a shake.“When you’re ready to tell me, let me know,” I thought I was about to get a flood. Luke took me by my shoulders and pulled me back a little and looked me in the eye. We sat in silence for what must have been at least thirty seconds, I didn’t dare break eye contact. Luke seemed to study one then the other of my eyes and both together. Finally, he pulled me back into a hug with his head back on my chest.“I will.” His voice was quiet, he was forming his sentences with great care, it was obvious. “You’re right, it’s not straightforward. Bits will come out when they have to, but I’m not ready to tell yet. But you know, I think I might be closer than I have been.“In two months and two, sorry, four dates, you have wheedled your way through my defences easier than those three thugs trying to smash their way through,” this last sentence made me smile inside.“Let’s just say, I took a lot of shit about the size of my neck when I was going through school and most of it at the worst time possible. My teammates were always supportive but never seemed to get the same. We sort of picked at a scab. It’s okay, you weren’t to know.“Much as I love having my head here, let’s see just how big it is now.” There was a determination back in his voice along with some of the cheek I had started to love. As I sat back, he rolled his head as I had often seen him do on the pitch, stretching his neck. He set his jaw and his eyes were focussed.“Oh my, just over eighteen inches, that’s insane!” I blurted, then panicked, I didn’t want to add to the list of people that had hurt him because of his neck.

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