Incest Fantasy


 I was running late again. I was supposed to pick up my daughter Missy and her best friend Jan from the East Hampton train station twenty minutes ago. The weather was terrible, it had been raining all day. I haven’t seen my daughter for about two months. My job forces me to travel a lot and I was really looking forward to the following week and spending some time with her. My wife and I divorced about four years ago and we share custody of Missy. Missy is sixteen and her best friend Jan is also sixteen. They are more like sisters since becoming friends in first grade. Missy is thin about five feet tall. She looks a lot like my ex, thin, with long brown hair and a nice round butt and small but shapely breasts. Jan is about three inches taller, thin, but has developed quite a lot more. She has a full B cup and a full round ass. They both have very toned bodies from running track and playing lacrosse. As I pulled up to the train station they both looked a little pissed off. Mostly because it was starting to thunder and lighting. They are both terrified of it since they were little kids. When my wife and I were still together, Missy would get in between us in bed every time it stormed outside. At the train station they jump into the car and both of them gave me a kiss. “Daddy, you’re late,” Missy said. “I know, honey, I’m sorry I stopped to pick up some Chinese food. I thought I would make it on time,” I told her. Suddenly the lightning flashed and they both jumped. “Hahhaha”, I laughed. “You’re both still afraid of a little escort thunder and lightning”. “It’s not funny daddy, I still run into moms bed when it storms”. Missy had said with a sad look on her face As I looked into the rear view mirror and I could see Jan smiling back at me. The thing I noticed the most is that her nipples poke through her shirt. I couldn’t’t help but to keep glancing into the mirror on the drive home. Jan made no attempt to hide her chest. She even pushed them forward some. We finally arrived at my house and the girls ran upstairs to change. They both put on loose sweats with the tops rolled down onto their hips and loose t shirts with the neck and arms ripped off. They looked more like sisters than best friends. We all sit in the den and ate some dinner while talking and watching the TV. We started with some small talk about how things are at home and school. I notice that each time Jan leaned forward for more food I saw right into her shirt. She gave me a perfect view of her tits. I felt a little guilty, but didn’t stop looking. They are so firm and her nipples are semi erect. I started shifting my position to hide my cock, which started to get getting harder by the minute. Since my divorce, I haven’t had any steady relationships because I travel so much, and the last time I was with a woman was about eight weeks earlier. I went into the kitchen to pour myself some more wine and as I was pouring it Jan comes into the kitchen to get a water bottle. She leans down in the fridge and gave bayan escort me another view down her shirt. I couldn’t’t help but stare and she caught me looking and smiles. I’m totally embarrassed she caught me staring at her tits, and my face reddens. She brushed my back with her tits as she squeezed between me and the counter. As she makes her way into the den she turns and smiles. Now I’m only 45 and in good shape. I’m six feet tall, thin and have a good sized cock. It’s about eight inches long and shaped like a baseball bat. Its thick at the top and slims down towards the base. I can barely get my hand around the thickest part just below the head. I return to the den and both of them are giggling. I asked, “what’s so funny”, and they both start laughing some more. Jan gives me a smile. Missy asked me why I don’t have a girlfriend yet. I explained that because I travel so much its hard to have a steady relationship, but I do date occasionally. Jan leans forward again and I can see the crack of her ass as well as a full view of her tits. She looks back at me with her big brown eyes and smiles seductively. After a little while I told the girls that I’m going up to bed and to make sure they clean up before going to bed. Normally I sleep naked but because the girls are here I throw on an old pair of loose fitting shorts after my shower. I lay down in bed and start to read a book. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I heard is a loud crack of thunder. I woke up and as I opened my eyes Missy escort bayan and Jan is standing at the foot of my bed looking scared shitless. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Daddy we’re scared can we stay in here for a while?” Missy whimpered. “Don’t you girls think you’re a little old to sleep in the same bed with me?” I said. “Please Daddy just for a little while.” Missy says as she looks at me with her big green eyes. How can I refuse. Lightning and thunder crack again and both of them didn’t’t wait for an answer. They both jumped into bed with me. Missy on my left and Jan on my right. Both of them wrapped their arms around my chest. I resign myself that they’re not going to leave and put my head back to try to sleep. I can hear the storm rumbling away as I start falling asleep. I woke up around two hours later, my light is still on and my body feels stiff from not moving. Missy rolled away and curled up with her back to me. Jan was still hugging me, but her arm had slipped down just below my belly button. I leaned over Jan to turn off the light and she started to stir. I clicked off the light and her fingers were just inside my waistband. I’m afraid to wake her up because my cock was starting to get hard and I didn’t’t want her to get the wrong idea. I started to shift my hips to pull away a little, but each time I did my cock got harder and her hand was sliding further into my shorts. I lay back trying to relax and make my cock soften but the more I think about the way her tits looked at dinner the harder it got. I feel the head of my cock hovering over her fingertips. I’m afraid to move because she might feel it. I’m laying as still as I can hoping it will subside when she started moving around and her hand bumps into my cock. I pretend to be sleeping.

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