Incestuous Harem 16: Big Sis is Punished


Incestuous Harem
Chapter Sixteen: Big Sis is Punished
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this!

Melody Samuels

I followed Clint out of the Dairy Queen in absolute shock. What was going on? Our older sister, Zoey, claimed to be working at this Dairy Queen for weeks with her best friend, and lover, Stefani. She was supposed to be working right now. After our hot orgy with Pam’s mom—and the even hotter revelation that Ms. Hiragawa was one of Dad’s lovers and that Pam was his daughter—we had come to the Dairy Queen to eat dinner, see Zoey, and maybe have fun.

I know Clint was hard and eager to fuck Stefani. The redhead had been Zoey’s best friend since they were kids. She had hung around the house, teasing Clint with her sexy body as much as Zoey had. And since Zoey joined the harem last night, he was eager to add Stefani. I knew she wanted it.

“Where the fuck is she at?” Clint fumed. “You heard her this morning. ‘I have to work tonight.’ That’s what she told me.”

“I know,” I said. “Why would she lie about it?”

“She must be embarrassed about where she’s actually working,” chortled Lee.

My bratty, younger sister skipped up, her short, black hair bouncing about her shoulders. With her lean, athletic build and mischievous face, it made her look elfin, even pixyish. She found it so amusing that Zoey was in so much trouble.

“Where could your sister be working that she would be embarrassed?” Pam asked. The Japanese—well, half-Japanese, though you couldn’t tell—girl gave me a curious look. She was slim and petite, though her round breasts filled out her blouse nicely. And that skirt looked sexy on her frame, exposing a few inches of her dusky-olive thighs.

“I don’t know,” Clint said as we reached Pam’s car. Clint clenched his fists tight. His teeth ground. He really was furious at her deception.

And he had every right to be. Zoey agreed to the rules of the harem. To obey Clint. She didn’t have to be his sex slave like Lee or my mom or Clint’s mother, but she still had to be submissive to him like I was, or Pam and Alicia were.

“Fuck,” he muttered.

My half-brother was a tall nineteen-year-old, his body filling out with muscles, his shoulders broad, chin chiseled, giving his face such a strong, commanding profile. He leaned against the car, taking deep breaths as he gain control over his anger.

“And you’re so horny, Master,” Lee said, moving up to him. She reached out, rubbing his crotch. “It was so bad of Zoey not to be here to offer up her girlfriend to satiate you, Master.”

Clint grunted. And then his eyes latched on me. They were dark but burned with desire. A wave of heat went through me, my pussy growing wetter—I held a load of my brother’s cum in my nineteen-year-old snatch. My nipples hardened, pressing at my tight shirt. I wore no bra so everyone could see them.

His head snapped around the parking lot. We were around back, parked along the side of another store, half-hidden on this side. People bustled through the rest of the parking lot, heading to their cars, some from the Dairy Queen, others from the surrounding businesses. Other cars navigated the parking lot.

My eyes widened in realization. I trembled. Would he order me to do it?

“Melody, bend over the hood of the car,” he said, eyes so commanding.

“Yes,” I groaned, my pussy clenching. A wave of feverish heat rushed through me. He had to satiate his lust and anger, to relieve himself.

And I was thrilled how he was doing it.

I rushed past Pam and Lee to the hood of her car, bending over the blue body. I braced my elbows on the hood, wiggling my ass in the tight skinny jeans I wore. Lee, standing beside me, grinned and smacked my ass.

“Enjoy her, Master. She’s such a slut. She loves showing off.”

I did.

Clint seized Lee’s breast, squeezing hard. She gasped. His finger found her nipple through her top, pinching it so hard, her legs buckled. “You’re the only slut here. She’s your queen. You will talk to her with respect.”

“Yes…Master,” Lee gasped, eyes wide, body shuddering. “Sorry, Master.”

“Apologize to her.” Clint twisted harder.

Lee squeaked in pain, but I knew her pussy would also be molten with passion. She got off on pain and humiliation. Her head whipped around, her brown eyes glossy with lust as she moaned, “Sorry, Mistress, for calling you a slut. I am a piece of filth. A true slut. I beg your forgiveness.”

“This time,” I said, narrowing my eyes. Only Clint and Pam could call me a slut. And maybe Alicia, though I doubt she ever would.

“Good,” Clint said, releasing her nipple. Then he glanced at me, smiling, “Drop those jeans and panties… Slut.”

The smile on his lips made me shiver. “Such a perv,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Fine. I’ll indulge you.”

His smile grew tight, warning me. I loved toeing the line with my teasing. I shoved my hands down beneath me and the car, finding the fastener to my jeans. My pussy clenched as it popped open. I glanced at all the people walking by.

Any one of them could look over and spot us. I wiggled my hips while Pam gasped. My sodden panties came into view. The scent of sex—salty cum and my sweet pussy—filled my nose as my jeans dropped down my pale thighs. I shivered, the afternoon turning into evening. It was fall, and nights were getting cold. Soon, I wouldn’t be able to have this sort of fun outside.

What a shame.

I shoved down my panties, Clint right behind me. I felt his eyes on me. Mine were locked on the passing pedestrians. Many walked in such a hurry, not looking around the parking lot or were staring at their phones, oblivious to a barely legal girl naked from the waist down about to be fucked by her half-brother.

“You’re really going to fuck her out here?” Pam asked in shock.

“Of course he is,” Lee said. “Mistress is such an exhibitionist. Don’t you remember this morning?”

“Well, I know that,” Pam said, biting her lip and looking around. “But…people might see.”

“I know,” I said.

Then Clint’s zipper rasped. His fastener snapped. Jeans rustled. I groaned, unable to look back, fixating on all the people who might see me. Would it be the business woman hurrying towards the drug store? The construction worker, his jeans stained with paint? The hipster with his fake glasses and jeans skinnier than mine? The goth girl with every inch of her face pierced?

I moaned loud and wanton as Clint rubbed his cock on my pussy lips. “Yes, yes, fuck me. Pound me. I love it, Clint.”

“Such a perv,” he said, the tip of his cock nudging my clit.

“You would know.”

“Oh, my god,” Pam said, her voice strained.

“It’ll be okay,” Clint said and then he thrust into me.

I gasped, “Yes!” as his dick rammed into my sloppy depths. My brother’s cock filled me. In public. Where anyone could see me. “Fuck me!”

I wasn’t quiet. I moaned, his flesh slapping hard against my ass. My cheeks jiggled while the car’s shocks groaned. It rocked from the force of Clint’s thrusts. His hands gripped my hips as he grunted, pounding me, taking out his frustration with Zoey on my tight snatch.

And it was wonderful. Amazing. Stupendous.

The pleasure rushed through me, meeting the exhilarating thrill of being fucked in public. I wanted to yank off my top as I rocked back into his thrusts. I let out loud moans. A girl glanced over at me, her eyes widening. I winked at her.

She let out a nervous giggle as she hurried to her car.

“She’s watching you,” Clint growled. “Damn, your pussy clenched so hard when she saw you.”

“It was sooooo hot,” I moaned, my clit throbbing, slapped by his balls. He fucked me harder, faster. “Oh, god, I’m such an exhibitionist slut.”

“Yes,” he growled. “Isn’t she, Pam?”

“I guess,” Pam said.

“I am!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, fuck me!”

The girl glanced over at me again as she reached her car. I let out another moan. She giggled again and climbed into her car. It was so hot to be seen, watched. I bet she was so envious of me. That she wanted to be me, bent over her car and fucked by such a hot, young stud.

I bucked back harder into Clint, the friction burning in my pussy. He was so thick, fucking so deep into me. I loved it. I gasped louder and louder, moaning, panting, screaming out my pleasure. It built so fast in me.

“Oh, god, Clint,” I groaned. “I’m going to cum.”

“Already?” Pam gasped.

“She’s an exhibitionist…” Lee trailed off. “Um, enthusiast.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Clint, oh, god, I love you. Fuck me harder! Make me cum!”

“Slutty perv,” he growled and his hand slapped down on my ass. “Cum. Let them all hear you. Let them all know you’re such a slut!”


Clint slammed into my pussy. His balls smacked hard into my clit. Pleasure sparked through me. I bucked, shuddered. My pussy clenched down so hard on his dick. I gasped, my back arching as the friction shivered through me.

Everything swirled through me: his cock pumping in my hot cunt already full of his incestuous seed; his balls smacking my clit; his hand spanking my ass again; and the thrill sparked by the middle-aged man who paused in his walk to look at me, his wife continuing on. His jaw dropped. He stared at me being fucked.

“Yes!” I howled and came. “I’m cumming!”

The wife paused, glancing over. Her face paled. She glanced back at her husband as he stared in shock at me. My pussy spasmed about Clint’s cock. My back arched. Rapture flooded through my body. They were both watching me cum.

“I’m cumming on my brother’s cock!” I screamed.

The woman mouthed “brother.” Her eyes were so wide. The bag of food in her hand fell to the ground.

My pussy writhed about Clint’s cock. This was so wild. So hot. This was the best sex ever. I thrashed, my brain boiling with endorphins. They surged through me. My eyes fluttered. I groaned and gasped, my cunt milking his cock.

“Cum in me, brother,” I moaned.

“Yes,” he snarled and buried into me.

His hands gripped my hips tight. His cock spurted his cum into my spasming depths. My orgasm grew hotter as the couple watched my brother flood me with his seed. Maybe he would breed me tonight. I was nearing the middle of my cycle. I wanted his baby so badly.

“Breed me,” I groaned. “Oh, yes. Pump all that cum into me. Yes!”

“Fuck,” Clint groaned. “You are such a perv, sis.”

“Such a perv,” I moaned, collapsing forward onto the hood of my car. I groaned, squirmed, staring at the couple as they watched in utter shock and maybe lust. The woman’s cheeks were now burning, her hips shifting. I could see the bulge in her husband’s jeans. I bet he hadn’t been so hard in awhile.

“Jesus,” Clint groaned and pulled his cock out of me. “You are a great fuck, sis.”

“So are you, bro,” I groaned. “Mmm, I love feeling my brother’s cum leak down my thighs.”

“They were watching,” Pam moaned.

“Master is such a stud,” Lee grinned, gaziantep eskort bayan rubbing her pussy through her clothing.

“Melody, you’re driving us home.” He pulled Pam’s keys out of his pocket, dropping them on the hood beside me.

“You’re not driving?” I panted, buzzing. The couple hurried away, their bag of food forgotten.

“I need to think,” he said, opening the back door. Pam gasped as he seized her and pulled her in after.

I blinked, shivered, my body buzzing with rapture. I really didn’t want to drive. I wanted to sleep after that awesome cum. I sighed and yanked up my jeans and panties, not bothering to fasten up, and hurried around the car.


Clint Elliston

“Clint?” Pam said. “You’re still hard.”

“That pill your mom gave him turned him into a horndog,” giggled Lee. “He’ll be even worse now. Fuck every pussy he can.”

I glanced at Lee, a bratty smile on her face. She was slipping back into her old behavior. I would have to deal with her. But not now. I had another problem. Zoey. What should I do about Zoey? She lied to me. She promised to be submissive, to join the harem, and she lied.


Pam pushed down her panties while she squirmed on my lap. She understood what I needed. I just had to feel her hot pussy around my cock while I thought. She hiked her skirt. My Japanese half-sister then grabbed my cock and brought it to her cunt.

And slid down it.

“Oh, Clint,” she groaned, my arms going around her waist, holding her. “Oh, that’s nice.”

“You all look so comfortable back there,” Melody sighed as she started the car.

“I just fucked you where everyone could watch,” I said. “I think you’ve had your fun.”

“I did,” Melody said, brightening up.

“Yes, she did,” chortled Lee.

I definitely had to do something about Lee.

I concentrated on Zoey. A plan percolated in the back of my mind. She had to be punished for lying to the family for weeks. I had to get her to admit what she was doing and, hopefully, it wasn’t anything illegal. Why else would she have lied about it? What job could be more embarrassing to her than working at Dairy Queen or another fast food restaurant?

I pulled out my phone, my dick throbbing in Pam’s pussy. She squirmed, working her pussy an inch or so up and down my cock. Just enough for the friction to ache the tip of my cock and send pleasure shooting through me.

“Clint,” Pam sighed over and over. “Oh, Clint.”

It was a wonderful sound.

It was awkward texting with Pam on my lap, but it was worth it. With just my thumb, I typed out, “Hey, Zoey, what time are you off work tonight?”

A moment later. “Should be home by 9 PM. Not a late shift like the weekend.”

“Good. Looking forward to it. Make sure you bring Stefani home. Everyone wants to watch her lick my cum out of your pussy.” I had fucked Zoey before school this morning and ordered her to have Stefani lick her clean.

And she had to film it.

“It’s a hot video,” she texted back complete with additional emoticons. “She’s eager for it. I’ll bring her home.”

“Good. Oh, bring some ice cream back for everyone. Love DQ Blizzards. Make mine with M&M’s.”

“Sure.” Her response terse. I imagined her panicking. “Got to go. I’m at work. Love you.”

“Love you,” I said, leaning back, my dick throbbing. What was she up to?


Cheryl Elliston

I hummed as I put the roast into the oven. I set the timer. I bit my lip, my hand shaking, as I glanced down at the cabinet. My heart thudded. It was so naughty of me to buy it. But one glass wouldn’t hurt. Clint wasn’t home. He was at his job interview with Pam’s mom.

I hoped he fucked her.

Alicia was up in her room and my sister was grading papers at the dining room table. She wouldn’t tattle on me, right? I opened the cabinet, pulled out the box wine I picked up on my way home from work. I used to have a glass of wine every night before Clinton. I didn’t need to drink more. I had Clint now.

The front door opened.

“I can’t believe you’re still hard,” Melody was saying. “What is that pill your mom gave him, Pam.”

My heart clenched. I pushed the boxed wine back into the cabinet, turned around, closing it as Clint, Pam, Melody, and Lee trooped into the kitchen. My stomach twisted in fear. Why did I buy the wine? Clint ordered me not to drink. He was concerned. Yes, I was drinking a lot after Clinton’s death. I needed something to dull the grief.

“Hi, Master,” I said. “How’s Mommy-slut’s big, strong son doing? Did you fuck Ms. Hiragawa?”

“I did,” Clint said, that cocky grin spreading across his lips. “And that’s not the only thing.” He grabbed Pam. “Doesn’t she look familiar?”

I peered at Pam. She had those classic, Japanese features Clinton, and our son, loved so much: pale-olive skin, slanted eyes, a round face, delicate nose and cheekbones, a petite frame, a submissive look about her. There was something familiar. Vicky and I had brought home many Asian girls and women to have threesomes with Clinton and…

Hiragawa… That last name was familiar.

“My mother’s name is Asuka,” Pam said.

“Asuka…” My eyes widened. “Oh, my god, that was twenty years ago. We had just found out I was pregnant with Clint and Vicky with Melody. We were still living in the small apartment. Oh, my god…” My eyes widened. Pam was the same age as Clint, maybe a month younger. “You’re… You’re Clinton’s daughter?”

Pam nodded.

Tears burned in my eyes. A surge of motherly love shot through me. I grabbed the girl, pulling her to me. I hugged her to my breasts. Her face pressed the apron I wore, the only thing covering my naked body, in between my breasts, exposing my hard nipples. Here was another piece of my husband and true master.

It was a miracle. It was wonderful. Her arms went around me, holding me as I rocked her. I kissed at the silky crown of black hair, smelling how sweet she was. The tears fell down my cheeks. I hoped Clinton was watching us from Heaven.

“I wish you could have met him,” I said, my voice breaking. “Why didn’t Asuka ever tell us?”
“She was confused,” Clint said. He had his arms around Melody and Lee, both of whom were looking teary eyed.

Vicky walked in naked from the dining room, her large breasts jigging. Her eyes were wide as she came over and hugged Pam from behind. “I remember your mother. She was wild. We had a lot of fun with her, but then she had to go to college and we lost touch with her.”

“It’s his daughter, Vicky,” I said to my sister, babbling with joy. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

She nodded her head.

“Master,” my voice cracked as I spoke, “may I make love to your girlfriend? The roast has thirty minutes before it’s ready.”

“Yeah,” Clint nodded. He pushed Lee down to her knees. She reached for his zipper. “She’s has a fresh load of my cum in her. Enjoy.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I breathed then stared down at Pam. “How does that sound, dear? You’re like my own daughter, you know?”

“It sounds wonderful,” Pam said, her eyes brimming with tears. “I wish I knew him. But I’m so glad I have a bigger family. It’s been mom and me for so long…”

“I know.”

I cupped her tear-stained cheeks, lifted her face, and lowered my lips to kiss her. It was electric. A shiver ran through my body as I nibbled on her lips. She trembled between me and my sister, her tongue brushing my lips, her hands sliding down to squeeze my naked ass.

Oh, she was wonderful. Just perfect. Clinton made another beautiful girl for me to enjoy.

Alicia came downstairs, her brown hair gathered into pigtails. “Hi,” she said brightly, skipping over to Clint having his cock sucked. Then she paused. “Big sis, what’s got you all teary-eyed?”

Melody explained while Vicky and I led Pam out of the kitchen. I heard Alicia let out a gasp of shock, my heart quivering. We padded up the stairs. I couldn’t wait to devour this girl with my sister. To make her scream and gasp again.

Clinton’s daughter!

We reached the master bedroom—Clint’s new room—my sister and I kissing Pam. We took turns cupping her face, pressing our hot lips to hers as the three of us navigated to the bed. Pam moaned, eager and lithe, her slanted eyes fluttering behind her glasses.

We pressed her down to the bed. I yanked off my apron, bearing my large tits—the biggest in the family. Pam moaned, staring at me and my busty sister as we crawled onto the bed. My breasts dangled down as we reached her blouse.

“Let’s get her naked,” I moaned.

“Oh, yes,” Vicky purred, her black hair brushing my bleached-blonde tresses.

Our fingers worked the buttons of Pam’s blouse. She gasped and squirmed, her face twisting with excitement. We exposed her white bra, containing her round tits. That had to go. In moments, her breasts were bare, pale and dusky, nipples dark brown and so cute.

Hungrily, I popped the right one into my mouth. I sucked hard, my cheeks hollowing. She gasped, squirming on the bed as I loved her nipple. With a purr, Vicky engulfed the other one. She sucked loud, her lips popping off the small nub over and over, making Pam’s breast quiver.

“Oh, wow,” Pam groaned. “Oh, I have two sexy mothers sucking on my nipples. Oh, this is so naughty.”

“You just love it, don’t you?” I purred. “Almost as much as you love my big, strong son’s cock fucking your pussy.”

“Almost,” she agreed, nodding her flushing face. “Oh, Ms… I mean, Vicky, suck my nipple.”

“Suck her nipple,” I purred, kissing down her body. I loved her stomach while my sister squeezed both of Pam’s tits, fingers sinking into firm flesh. Pam gasped, her nipples quivering while Vicky licked back and forth across them.

I licked around Pam’s stomach. She was Clint’s sister, but no one knew that. He could marry her, and no one would think it was weird. How lucky for them. It was a miracle that we found her again. Like it was fate or something.

I pushed up my daughter’s skirt—she was Clint’s future wife and my husband’s child, so she was my daughter—exposing white panties soaked by her juices. And my son’s cum. I could smell it. I groaned, licking my lips.

I pushed aside her panties’ gusset, exposing her matted, black bush. It was thick as her mother’s, hiding her pussy lips. Clint’s cum and her juices stained the dark hairs. I licked through the silk, savoring her tart cream and his salty jizz. My son’s spunk coated my tongue as I lapped through his sister’s pubic mound.

“Oh, Cheryl,” she moaned. “Oh…Mommy-slut. Oh, that’s so nice. Oh, yes. Lick your son’s cum out of my pussy.”

“Yes,” purred Vicky between sucks on her nipples. “Make her explode on your lips.”

“Yes,” I groaned. I buried my face into her pussy, her curls tickling my face. They felt so wonderfully naughty. I tongued through her, licking, lapping, enjoying her. She groaned, humping against me, her moans and gasps echoing through the air.

I loved them. They were amazing. I licked and tongued through her folds, gathering every drop of my son’s jizz I could find in her hot silk. I wiggled my tongue into her, swirling it around while she gasped and squirmed. Her thighs clenched about my face.

She made the cutest sounds. My pussy clenched. I ignored it. I was here to pleasure Pam. She was one of my Mistress’s. I shivered. I loved it. I had a Master and two mistresses in Melody and Pam. It was so wonderful. So hot. So naughty.

Clint was such a stud. I gave birth to a dominating, powerful man.

My tongue licked harder, diving through her folds. My hips rocked back and forth, juices dribbling down my thighs. I dragged my tongue through her hot, juicy depths, flicking her clit. Her pubic hairs tickled my cheeks and nose as I probed so deep into her.

“Oh, yes. Two Mommy-sluts licking me. Oh, wow. You’re both making me feel amazing! I love it!”

“Mmm, you’re just so scrumptious,” purred Vicky. “I knew you were special.”

“Thank you,” Pam groaned. “You gave me this.”

She seized Vicky and pulled my sister in for a hot kiss. Their tongues danced together as I lapped through her pussy. I wiggled my hips, my clit aching, throbbing, begging to be touched. But I had self-control. I concentrated on Pam’s pleasure. I sucked on her throbbing clit, buried in the folds of her pussy.

She moaned into my sister’s lips. She spasmed. And then she came.

Tart juices flooded out of her pussy. They inundated my mouth. I drank them, savoring them. I made her cum. I made Clinton’s daughter explode. She bucked and thrashed, her lips locked to my sister’s. Her round tits quivered. She made the cutest sounds.

Her body bucked a final time. I took a last lick through her pussy, a huge smile on my face. She broke the kiss with Vicky, staring at me. “Oh, thank you, Mommy-slut. That was wonderful. I’m so glad I’m apart of your family.”

I moved up her body, my tits dragging across her naked stomach then nudging her breasts. Our nipples brushed, shooting tingles through me. “So am I.”

I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her tongue lapped out, tasting her own juices. She wiggled and squirmed, her hand thrusting between my thighs. I gasped as she rubbed at my hot pussy.

“Oh, yes,” gasped Vicky. “Oh, you sweet thing. Finger my snatch.”

I broke the kiss, glancing at my sister, her face twisting in pleasure. I leaned over, giving her a kiss, letting her taste how delicious Pam was. Our lips met, our sisterly passion growing as Pam’s fingers slid across our pussies. She found my clit, rubbing hard, shooting pleasure through my body.

I groaned, not fighting my orgasm. She was my mistress. And I knew she wanted me to cum.

Vicky’s breasts brushed my side as she pressed tighter against us. Our kiss deepened. I loved my sister so much. I loved kissing her, cumming with her. My pussy ached and throbbed. Juices poured out as Pam kept rubbing us, driving me wild with passion.

I shivered, shuddered. And then I came.

I broke the kiss. “Oh, Pam. Oh, you sweet thing!”

I writhed on top of my new daughter, holding my sister. She came with me, her face twisting with pleasure. It shuddered through me. It was wonderful. It gave me such a joy, helping to fill the hole Clinton’s death left in my heart. Every day, my family gave me a little more.

“Damn, that was hot,” my son said as I quivered on Pam’s fingers. He stood in the doorway. “But we need to talk about Zoey.


Zoey Elliston

“Oh, god, I am so excited,” Stefani said, grabbing the tray of DQ Blizzards we bought on our way home from working at the Flashing Glitter, a strip club. “Your brother is such a stud.”

“Yeah,” I said, my stomach twisting. Was Clint going to demand I bring food back every night I worked at the strip club? Maybe I should tell him the truth. But…would he be mad? I agreed to join his harem and then spent the last five hours stripping, giving lap dances, and letting strange man touch my body. Not my pussy or tits, but my thighs, hips, stomach.

Two even came while I gave them lap dances, their jizz soaking through their sweatpants to stain my ass.

“Come on,” Stefani said, her green eyes sparkling. “Let’s go, Yunie.”

Yunie, short for unicorn, was her nickname for me. I called her Dandi, short for dandelion. We had used these names since we were kids. We even had them tattooed on our pubic mounds: a galloping unicorn on mine, a bright, yellow flower on hers.

She climbed out of my car. I sighed, grabbed the second cardboard drink tray with the rest of the Blizzards, and got out. I didn’t even have a DQ uniform. I was shocked no one in the family had commented on that. The security light on the garage blazed on as we walked to the front door, flooding us with light. A second light on the porch lit up moments later as we neared. The living room lights were on, but the curtains were pulled tight.

“Ooh, we’re going to watch our movie while Clint fucks me,” groaned Zoey. “This is going to be so fucking hot.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, pushing down my nerves. I fumbled to get my keys out of my purse—why did I put them away after turning off my car?—and managed to get the front door open. “Hello.”

“In here,” Clint said, his voice stern.

Stefani and I walked into the living room. A coil of beige rope and a wand massager were spread out across the living room carpet. Clint stood over them, naked and muscular, his arms crossed, his face hard, glaring at us and…

“Oh, shit,” I groaned. He knew.

He nodded his head. “After our job interview, we stopped by your work for dinner. Only…”

“Only, I don’t work for Dairy Queen.” I trembled, my heart racing. I was a year older than Clint, but I felt like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar beneath his eyes. “I…”

“You lied to me and the family.”

I swallowed.

“Um…” Stefani took a step back. “Well…I’ll be going.”

“Stefani, you will strip naked and sit your ass on the couch,” Clint growled, “and watch Zoey’s punishment for lying.”

“Punishment?” I gasped, choking. “I’m not Mom or Lee or Aunt Vicky! I’m not one of your—”

“You’re still my woman.” His voice cracked with authority. “And you lied to us. Me. For weeks. To your family that you claim you want to belong to.”

I lowered my head. “I was…embarrassed.”


The tray of Blizzards quivered in my hand. “I…I…”

“What are you doing, Zoey?”

Stefani gave me a supportive, commiserating look, setting her tray down on the coffee table. Then, with the skill of a stripper, she undressed, baring her round breasts, nipples pierced by gold rings. I watched her out of the corner of my eyes as I squirmed. Clint’s eyes bored into me.

“Answer me.”

The authority cracked in his voice. He sounded just like Dad. “I…I…work at the…” I took a deep breath. “The Flashing Glitter.”

Clint blinked in shock. “Wait, what? The strip club? As a waitress?”

I shook my head.

“You’re a stripper?” Incredulity burned in his voice. And something else. Something…possessive.

“It was my idea,” Stefani said. “We both like being cockteases, so…” She shut up when Clint stared at her. She blushed, lowering her gaze and then wiggled out of her skirt and thong.

“So you’re a stripper,” Clint growled, marching forward and snagging the Blizzards out of my hands. He set them on the coffee table. “Then strip.”

“Clint… I’m sorry—”

“I told you to strip.” His voice boomed with authority. It wasn’t anger I heard in his voice, but disappointment. I flushed worse and then yanked off my loose bra, exposing the lacy bra I wore beneath. I reached behind me, unhooking it, my large tits spilling out. They were almost as big as Mom’s.

He watched in silence, his cock thrusting hard before him as I stripped. I didn’t feel sexy like I did at the club. I didn’t wiggle my hips and strut and move with languorous grace. I felt ashamed, naked, exposed. I wanted to cover my tits the moment they were bare. I wanted to melt into the floor, to vanish beneath his gaze.


I clamped my mouth shut, shivering at his commanding eyes. I pushed off my skirt, tights, and panties, standing naked before him. My eyes flicked down to the rope and wand massager, its thick, round head thrusting from the end of the long handle. It was a Hitachi. I knew they made the best “personal massagers.” I thought about buying one a few times.

It must be Mom’s. But why was it here?

Clint grabbed the coil of ropes. “You know, Dad taught me a lot about knots and how to secure things. I never realized just what he was training me for.”

I swallowed.

“When I discovered rope bondage on the internet, I thought about all those knots I had learned from Dad. But I still didn’t make the connection of what he wanted to teach me, how he was grooming me.” He formed a loop at the end, tying a slip knot to allow him to cinch it tight.

I shivered.

“But he was getting me ready to have my own harem of sisters. And sometimes, your women need to be punished. Need to be bound, restrained.”

“Punished?” I gasped, anger surging through my shame. “I am not one of the sex slaves, little brother. Remember. You told me I didn’t have to be.”

“I know,” Clint said. “And you’re not. But you need to be punished. When you’ve done something wrong, you have to pay the price. This is it.”

“You’re going to tie me up and, what, spank me?” I huffed, folding my arms beneath my breasts.

“I’m not going to spank you.” He snapped the rope. “But I am going to tie you up.”

“No fucking way. I’m sorry I lied. I’m sorry I’m a stripper. I’ll quit, if that’s what you want. But you’re not punishing me.”

“Fine.” he said. “There’s the door.”

He pointed at the front door. My jaw dropped. “You’ll kick me out of my own home?”

“My home. We had this conversation yesterday, remember? My home. My rules. You want to be apart of this, then you have to follow them. You lied to me, Zoey. Accept your punishment or you can move in with Stefani tonight.”

“Clint,” I gasped, taking a step forward. “Please, Clint. I am sorry.”

“Prove it.” He held up the rope. “Prove you really want to belong to our family.”

I bit my lip, trembling. Tears burned my eyes. I didn’t want to be punished, but… I loved my family. I loved my little brother. I loved being a part of his harem. The shivers grew worse. Tears fell down my cheeks.

“Well?” he asked, his voice dropping. I could hear…pain in it. He didn’t want to kick me out. But… He had to be strong. He had to be in charge. And I did lie to the family. Dad would have bent me over his lap and spanked me for that.

And now Clint was the man of the house. I had to respect that. I made a choice yesterday. Dad always said, “If you decide to do something, stick through it. Don’t give up because it’s hard whether that’s your job or your relationship, Zoey.”

I nodded my head.

“Say it.”

“Little brother, will you please punish me?” My cheeks burned. God, that was humiliating to say. How did Lee get off on this?


He moved with confidence. You would have thought he had tied up a lot of girls before. He started at my ankle, pulling the loop tight about it. He bound my ankles tight together before wrapping the ropes about my calves. He paused before he got to my thighs, grabbed the Hitachi wand massager, and shoved the round head against my pussy, the body trapped by my thighs.

My eyes widened. “What?”

He bound my thighs tight together, the rope fibers biting into my flesh. It was irritating. I squirmed, my pussy lips rubbing on the massager’s head. These things could really hum. They had to be plugged into the wall. This one’s long cord ran to the nearby outlet.

He grinned at me as he drew the rope up to my waist. He anchored it there with a tight cinch that dug into my flesh before making a pattern of crossing diamonds across my stomach. He climbed to my large breasts. Those he bound, squeezing the base, forcing them to bulge outward. My tits throbbed.

“Clint,” I groaned, my tits feeling swollen.

He smacked a nipple. “Punishment.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Oh, my god, this is shibari,” moaned Stefani. “Japanese rope bondage. I’ve seen this on the internet. Hot!”

My cheeks burned worse as my girlfriend watched with such lust on her eyes, her thighs spread wide, flashing her shaved pussy, her fingers stroking the petals of her dandelion tattoo. Then I gasped as Clint yanked my hands behind my back, bound them to my torso. I groaned, wiggling, bent over. He pushed me down, my face into the carpet, raising up my ass.

“There,” he said, pulling the final length of rope. I was cocooned by it, trapped, none of my limbs able to move, my thighs pressed about the body of the massager. He reached between my legs. “No cumming, Zoey, until I let you.”

“What?” I gasped.

And then he turned on the wand massager.

Pleasure exploded across my pussy. It hummed and throbbed, buzzing against my pussy lips and clit. The vibrations shivered through me, churning my pussy to molten passion in the blink of an eye. My back arched. I groaned in pure delight, my orgasm building so fast, so swift as I writhed, unable to do more than wiggle my body.

And I couldn’t cum.

“Clint,” I groaned, my pussy assaulted by the vibrations. Shivers rippled through my body. I tingled, my toes curling. “Oh, my god, Clint.”

“Zoey,” he grinned, moving to the couch. He seized Stefani, pulling her onto the floor. She didn’t resist. He pushed her down right before me, her legs spread wide. “Mmm, you’re wet, Stefani.”

“This is so hot,” she groaned.

“Dandi,” I gasped.

“Sorry, Yunie.” Then she shivered as Clint mounted her. “Oh, you’re going to fuck me now?”
“You want to date my sister, right?” Clint asked, rubbing his cock up and down her shaved pussy.

“I do.” She gave a wicked giggle. “And if I have to fuck you to do it, well, that makes this even hotter.” She grabbed his ass and pulled him down into her pussy.

He grunted as he penetrated her. The first real cock to ever fuck my girlfriend’s pussy. Oh, she had plenty of dildos, vibrators, ben wa balls, and fingers in her pussy. But never a dick. She gasped, wrapping her thighs about his waist as his balls swung and smacked into her taint over and over.

I had a front row seat to the penetration. Stefani’s pussy lips were wrapped tight about my little brother’s cock, his balls thwacking over and over into her body. His muscular, gorgeous ass pumping away. I could smell her tangy juices. They leaked out, dribbling down to her ass as she gasped and moaned, humping into him.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Clint!” she moaned. “Oh, wow. You have a huge cock. I knew you would be such a stud! Fuck, yes! I wish I had a sexy little brother to fuck!”

“Guess I’ll have to do,” Clint growled ,thrusting harder, pounding her with such intensity.

It was torture. My pussy clenched, my juices soaking the vibrating head of the massager. It churned me. It made me quiver and gasp. I grit my teeth, the orgasm building, swelling, growing in my depths. A huge explosion aching to burst through me.

“No,” I groaned, fighting against it as I stared at my little brother’s thick cock reaming my girlfriend’s pussy. I could hear the wet sound of him sliding into her depths, the way she moaned, gasped.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Stefani. “Oh, Yunie, your little brother is awesome.”

“And your girlfriend is tight, Zoey,” grunted Clint. “Fuck, what a great cunt.”

“It’s a fantastic cunt,” I moaned, squirming, so happy for my girlfriend that she could experience my little brother’s cock. “Oh, my god, Clint, I want to cum already.”

“Better not,” he warned, slamming his cock into my girlfriend.

“Shit,” I groaned, my cheek rubbing on the carpet as I squirmed.

My clit throbbed and my pussy lips ached. The vibration shivered through me. I squirmed more and more. It was secured tight against my pussy. There was no relief. No escape. Nothing I could do could get my pussy from it.

I wanted the torture to end. I wanted to surrender to my orgasm. But I fought it off. I would stay in this family. I would make it up to Clint for lying. I wouldn’t cum no matter how much I desired that explosion of bliss.

Oh, god, I would explode.

No, no, don’t think about that.

“Shit,” gasped Stefani. “Oh, your cock. I’m going to cum so hard on it. I bet you want that, stud.”

“Yes,” he growled. “Cum all over my dick. Let me feel that pussy massage it. I’m going to flood you with so much cum.”

“Gonna breed me like you’re breeding your sisters?”

Another shiver ran through me as Clint grunted, “Yes!”

This was too much. How could I fight this? I had to. I had to keep from cumming. I clenched my jaws, moaning as my teeth ground. My nipples ached. My breasts throbbed, the bindings biting in so deep. I gasped and squirmed, my back arching, my arms fighting the bonds. My fingers twitched, wanting to undo the knots and free myself.

Stefani squealed. I knew that sound. She was cumming on my little brother’s cock. Her juices flooded out around his shaft. He grunted, driving into her depths. His balls thwacked so hard into her. He grunted.


His back arched as he flooded her with blast after blast of his jizz. He spurted into her. He basted her pussy. She gasped, milking him. He drove into her, his butt clenching. My pussy begged for relief, my labia numb with ecstasy. My clit ached, throbbed.

I had to cum.

“Please, Clint,” I groaned. “Oh, my god, I’m going to cum.”

“Better not,” he warned, groaning as he pulled his dick out of Stefani’s pussy.

Cum leaked out. His cum. It dribbled down to her ass.

Clint rose and seized my brassy hair. With ease, he dragged me forward and shoved my face into my girlfriend’s pussy. Stefani, still quivering from her orgasm, gasped as I plunged my tongue into her folds, licking my little brother’s cum out of her snatch.

Oh, my god, it was amazing. Awesome.

“Shit!” I gasped, my orgasm almost bursting through me. I held on, concentrating as hard as I could on not exploding. On not cumming so hard on the vibrator.

I. Would. Not. Cum.

Clint seized my ass. His wet cock rubbed against my butt-cheeks. He parted them. My eyes widened. I groaned as he rubbed the head of his cock on my asshole. I lifted my head from Stefani’s pussy.

“Please,” I groaned. “You have to let me cum. This is torture.”

“No, it’s punishment.”

Clint thrust his pussy-soaked cock into my asshole. I gasped, the burning pleasure shooting down to my cunt. I planted my face into Stefani’s pussy, screaming out my frustration as my orgasm begged to explode. The humming attacked my snatch as his cock pounded my ass.

I clenched down on his thrusting cock, increasing the friction burning in my bowels, and sobbed, “Please, Clint. I need to cum. I don’t want to disobey you. I don’t want to leave the family. I love you all. But… I’m at my limits. I can’t… Oh, please, Clint. Please, little brother, I want to stay!”

He thrust his dick deep into my bowels, his balls smacking my taint. “That’s what I wanted to hear. Cum!”

“I love you, little brother!” I howled as I exploded.

My pussy erupted with pleasure. The explosion, held back for so long, detonated with such power. Rapture slammed through my body. It crashed through my mind. I moaned into my girlfriend’s pussy as ecstasy tossed my mind around.

My bowels spasmed on Clint’s thrusting dick. Juices squirted out of my pussy around the vibrator. I groaned. Gasped. I trembled. My pussy kept cumming. The humming vibrator did not relent. And neither did my little brother’s dick.

He pounded my asshole. He churned me up as the rapture kept bursting inside of me. I screamed into Stefani’s pussy. My vision fuzzed. So much pleasure shot through me. Clint’s dick pounded me so hard. He slammed so deep into my burning asshole.

It was all so perfect. So wonderful. He had forgiven me for being a liar. For deceiving him. And he made me realize just how much I wanted to be in this family. How much I loved him and my sisters, my mom, my aunt, and my girlfriend. I didn’t want to lose this. I wanted to share this with Stefani. I wanted her to have this same joy with me.

To be apart of my little brother’s harem.

Clint’s cum flooded my asshole as the pleasure burned my thoughts away. I was a quivering mass of rapture. My bowels milked his cock. The ecstasy surged me higher and higher and slammed me right into darkness.

I ached when my eyes fluttered open. My pussy felt numb, still tingling like the vibrator still hummed against it. Cum leaked out of my sore asshole. I shivered, soft hands stroking my head. I lay on Stefani’s lap. She smiled down on me.

“You were out for thirty minutes, Yunie,” she grinned. “Oh, my god, you exploded.”

“Yes, you did, big sister,” cheered Alicia.

“We all watched on the camera,” Melody nodded. “Had ourselves a wild, lezzie orgy upstairs.”

“So you’re a stripper,” Lee said. “That is sooooo cool.”

“Explains where all her money is coming from,” Mom said. “I didn’t even question how you could give me five hundred a week and still could buy a car. Even a used one.”

I blushed. “I have even more money. I…I held back, not sure how to admit I was making at least a thousand a night.”

“She made three thousand on Saturday,” giggled Stefani. “Those big tits! She always makes just a little more than me.”

“Damn,” Clint said, his arm around an Asian woman who must be Pam’s mother. She was naked, too. I guess she was apart of the harem. His other arm was around a naked Pam. “You’re forgiven, Zoey.”

“Thank you,” I breathed. “I love you all so much.”

They swarmed me, hugged me, loved me. I was so lucky to be part of my little brother’s harem.

To be continued…

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