Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: No way out.

Before any foot-licking to happen, the girls thought James had to be accustomed to his new position. As their slave. Their own foot-slave, their pet. Seeing her brother so tiny, so helpless actually amused Faith to no end. Even though she wasn’t as kinky or as perverted as Yuna, she could easily imagine herself inflicting more than feet torture to her precious little brother. This was not only about his own pleasure anymore. They would both love his predicament. A lot.

Faith suppressed a giggle at the sight of her brother devastated expression. He was such a good actor! Great. It would make the whole thing more enjoyable.

“I’m *glad* you’re getting what’s about to happen, Jay,” she congratulated, as if talking to a child. “Yet, do not think we won’t dare to go even further to torture you,” she warned, smiling. “But I’m pretty sure this will do for a starter!” she said, while manipulating her brother with her disgusting feet. She stopped, and feigned to wonder. “Hey, little bro… How is the smell?”

James was suffocating, forced to breathe without interruption his cute sister’s repugnant stink. Although he managed not to inhale through his nose, there was no way to stop the stench to invade his senses. The torture was real, and he wouldn’t wish any of it to his worst enemies. Yet, his sister, whom he loved with all his heart, was inflicting it to him, without any trace of regret. How could she really believe this is what he wanted? He hoped what Yuna suggested was only another way to terrorize him.

He looked at them. He was afraid, scared. His sister and his best friend were giantesses to him. His new height frightened him to no end, but the real threat came from those two pretty girls.

“…It.. It stinks, sis,” he confessed. “It’s awful, I… I can’t stand it. Please, stop everything, poker oyna stop all of that, it’s a big mistake!” he finished, on the verge of crying.

“It stinks?” she exclaimed gleefully. “Good!” she said. Jay’s acting had no effect on her. She was satisfied with herself. All her efforts were paying off!

“You know what?…” she faked shyness, blushing a little. “I’d like you to…” she reconsidered. “…No, I WANT you to smell those feet you’re trapped in between, *little* bro,” she giggled. “Take a big whiff, through your nose! If I don’t hear it, it doesn’t count, and you’ll get *punished*…” she whispered the last word. She loved the idea.

What? James couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t his situation enough already? Was it not enough for those girls to force him to endure the stench and the humiliation of being helpless, at their feet? He wouldn’t take it anymore. He had to stand up and clear everything up, once and for all. This might be his last chance, he thought. He inhaled deeply, which was a bad idea: the nauseous air only got him closer to throw up.

“Faith…” he coughed weakly. “FAITH!” he got back to his feet. “YOU HAVE TO STOP IT ALL AT ONCE,” he yelled, now realizing how angry he was. “I HATE IT, I HATE THE SMELL, I HATE THIS WHOLE SITUATION!” he continued. “THERE IS NO WAY I’LL EVER DO WHAT YOU WANT!” seeing she was listening to him, his confidence came back. He COULD make thinks right again! “THOSE RESEARCHES YOU FOUND; IT WAS NOT FOR ME, IT WAS FOR YUNA, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!” the more he talked, the more he understood how ridiculous the whole thing was, making him even angrier. “HAD YOU THOUGHT A TINY BIT WITH THAT BRAIN OF-” he was stopped, huge sweaty feet crushing him again, with force.

“Alright, now I’m mad, pet!” said an angry Faith. She knew he would not let them take control easily, but she was not expecting such resilience. canlı poker oyna Very well then, he was asking for severity, he would get it. “Yuna, let me have a look at the book, please!” she said, while holding and smothering poor Jay between her feet.

Yuna executed, and watched happily James’s sister read the book, as she could hear small complaining noises coming out of in between her feet. She couldn’t be happier: Faith was perfect! She thought she wouldn’t manage to act in a gross way with her own loved brother. Turns out she was wrong: she was having a blast at doing so! She felt her own feet become warmer and warmer the more aroused she was. She couldn’t wait to have her turn.

“Ah-ah!” Faith proclaimed. “Found it!” she squeezed her feet. “Now, you’ll have no choice but to smell, you disobedient, lying slave!” she laughed. “Haju vain!” she read.

Right after she spoke the words, James felt a weird tickling around his mouth. He felt an unknown force closing it, and, despite his struggles, his mouth got completely shut down. He tried again and again to re-open it, but there was no way. His lips were glued together. He realized in horror he was now forced to inhale through his nose, and only his nose.

Faith freed her slave one more time. “Is everything alright?” she smirked.

“Hmppphh!!!” mumbled a muted Jay. “HMPPHHHH!!!” he continued, being forced to sniff again and again the devastating foot-stink his sister was gladly providing him with.

“Awhhh,” she watched, delighted to see Jay in this powerless state. “I love it!” she affirmed with joy. “Now… I want to hear you take BIG sniffs. Get your face to the crevice of my toes, and get your lungs full of that nasty, repugnant odor, little bro!” she smiled cutely. “And I would strongly advise you to do so, this time…” she threatened.

James didn’t know what internet casino to do anymore. His world was made of stink; his mind was in a daze. He was lost, consistently weakened by the atrocious smell. He was angry, so angry. But he couldn’t talk anymore; his own sister made sure of that. He could think of no way to get back control. He decided to obey his sister’s will. This one time. Maybe, he thought, maybe this would suffice. He approached his head to the sweaty repugnant sock and hesitated. But over seeing his sister’s severe look, he stuffed his head into the crevice and sniffed. Deeply.

It was unimaginable. Unholy. There probably was nothing worse to smell in the world. The sock’s crevice scent was far more awful than in any other spot, and he couldn’t retain himself: he puked. His mouth being magically sealed, he was forced to swallow back, which only added to the awfulness and humiliation of his condition.

“Yuck!!” exclaimed both Faith and Yuna in entertained disgust.

“You’re lucky this didn’t get out,” laughed Faith.”I might have ordered for you to lick it up!” she teased. “But it was your first time sniffing in there, and, aside from that, you did well!” she felicitated her obedient brother. “But be warned,” she said in a sing-song voice “Next time I won’t be that nice! You will have to learn to bear with the smell!” she smiled kindly, slowly getting her feet away from James, putting them back in their sweat-soaked shoes.

In the meantime, Yuna was getting ready to torture the unwilling James. As she saw Faith get her feet away, she took her place in a hurry, slammed both her feet to Jay’s side, and quickly got her boots off. The entire room was rapidly filled with a rotten smell, and Faith was forced to plug her nose in a laugh, as she could not endure it.

“Wow, wow, wow!” Yuna breathed, having hasted herself. “That was close!” she said. “You almost had a breath of fresh air!” she continued in a giggle, watching the tiny ravaged slave trapped beside her. “We can’t let that happen, can we?” she grinned sadistically, visible lust within her eyes.

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