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Lara lay in her bed staring at the deep red velvet canopy that hung above the dark oak four poster bed she was attempting to sleep in. Outside the wind and rain whipped the window panes and shook them in their frames. The whole house seemed to move and creak as it was battered by the storm. She pulled the duvet up around her and rolled onto her side desperate to sleep. She never slept well away from home and it was made even harder in this old guest house with its hard bed and cold draughty rooms. High up on the Yorkshire Moors, it must have been hundreds of years old she guessed, with its low, beamed ceilings and dark rooms not helped by the small leaded windows, that were now shaking so violently she was worried they would fall from their centuries old frames.
Lara was unimpressed by all the history around her, she would have much preferred a modern hotel in a bustling city somewhere but this is where her best friend had chosen to get married and where tomorrow she would be performing her duties as maid of honour. She must try and get some sleep, she thought to herself. She didn’t want to be immortalised on the wedding photos with bags under her eyes!
It was at precisely that moment that the window flew wide open, its old hinges creaking loudly with the effort and the heavy red velvet drapes billowed into the room as if they were weightless. The blast of cold air hit Lara making her shiver and her skin goose bump. She felt her nipples brush against the cotton of her night dress as they hardened in the cold wind. She began to sit up in bed, preparing to brave the wind and rain that was pouring in to go and shut the window. As she did she saw, through the darkness, a small shadow come rushing in from the storm and flit silently across the room towards her. But as it slowed to a halt beside her bed, the shadow rapidly grew until in the darkness beside her bed she could see the outline of a man. Lara froze, her blood running ice cold as she let out a piercing scream, but it was carried away and lost on the winds of the storm that now swirled and filled the room. The figure leant slowly forward and softly placed his lips to Lara’s throat, and with that she lost consciousness.
Slowly Lara began to come around. The first sensation she gradually became aware of was the gratifying warmth of the air on her stone cold skin, it wasn’t just her skin that felt chilled, she felt bitter throughout her flesh, deep into her bones.
Under her back felt cold and unrelenting. At her slightest movement she felt the coarse surface grate at her flesh. The realisation that her shoulders and hips ached caused her to attempt to bring her arms and legs in close to her, but as she drew them in she felt a izmir escort bayan sudden tightening around her wrists and ankles as her limbs came to an abrupt stop and she felt a sudden panic rise within her as she realised she was restrained. Immediately she was fully awake, her eyes wide open, searching the darkness desperately, trying to work out where she was. She struggled frenziedly against her bonds but the more she thrashed around the more the ropes tightened around her ankles and wrists. Her eyes stung as tears formed and scalded her as they ran down her cheeks. She tried in vain to twist her head round to look behind her as she became aware of a low, flickering light becoming gradually closer and brighter from the rear of the room. Soon the source of the light hung directly above her tear stained face and she could see now it was the flickering glow of a candle within a lantern. It was held by an ethereal figure that loomed over her. His skin was pale almost to the point of being translucent; his eyes were dark, deep set and lifeless with no hint of emotion; his jet black hair fell in soft waves to his shoulders. His naked torso was pallid but toned and he wore black leather trousers secured with a heavy studded leather belt.
The figure reached down towards Lara’s face with one of his cadaverous hands and she felt him scrape one of his long claw like nails up her frozen cheek, collecting her tears on his talon. As he raised his hand away from her she could see that the tears he had taken from her cheek were formed of pure red blood. The figure raised his finger to his lips and slowly licked the tears of blood from the nail. As he did so he closed his eyes and let out a small groan of almost sexual pleasure. Lara, watching him, frozen, wide eyed with terror, began to cry silently again. The tears rolled down her cheeks and this time a few tears began to trickle into her mouth, as they did they warmed Lara’s frigid mouth, the taste of the blood was exquisite to her and the warmth began to spread from her mouth and down her throat enflaming her whole icebound being.
The creature, if that’s what he was; Lara had decided whatever he was, he was not human, went by the name of Incubus. He moved around to the foot of the table to where Lara’s feet were tied to each corner with a slim white rope, her knees were bent so that her heels touched her buttocks and her thighs and lower legs were bound to each other so she was unable to move from the position that forced her buttocks up to the edge of the table, leaving her sex exposed and vulnerable. Her arms were stretched wide above her head to the corners of the top of the table, causing the firm mounds of her breasts to be thrust upwards, her buca escort frozen nipples erect.
Incubus placed a long fingernail at Lara’s throat and languidly trailed it down her body, between her breasts, over the gentle mound of her stomach to her groin where he let it glide softly between the lips of her pussy. Lara found she wasn’t afraid; deep within her chest she felt some kind of connection to her captor and she craved his calm, composed touch. Incubus cupped her breasts now with his skeleton like hands, his flesh as icy as hers. As he massaged them firmly Lara arched her back as much as her bonds would allow, pushing herself upwards into his touch. Still cupping her breasts he took her hardened nipples between his thumb and forefinger and slowly rolled them, squeezing them hard as he did so. Lara gasped with pain but lightning bolts of pleasure were shooting from her tingling breasts across her chest. Between her legs, wetness began to glisten on her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Incubus stepped back and dropped to his knees at the foot of the table. Continuing to move deliberately yet delicately he parted the lips of her pussy with his fingers and tasted her wetness with his tongue, which felt to Lara as smooth and cold as marble. She groaned with pleasure, the vulnerability of being powerless to move fuelling her arousal; this stranger that she felt such a mysterious affinity with igniting a passion in her she had never experienced before. Having tasted her, Incubus placed a lingering, delicate kiss upon Lara’s aroused clitoris; her head tipped back with the overwhelming pleasure mounting between her legs, her pulsing clit sending waves of tingling pleasure down her thighs and up into her stomach and she moaned softly. Gracefully he ran his tongue downwards, past her desperately aroused pussy towards her ass. Lara felt herself tense, never having been touched there before, but still there was no fear; she instinctively trusted him and allowed herself to relax and enjoy the unfamiliar gratification he was providing her. As he reached her tight hole and she gasped with surprise as he probed her with his tongue, but soon she was mewing with bliss, letting out a tiny moan of disappointment as Incubus stepped back from her.
Lara heard the sounds of Incubus undressing and in moments he was once again stood close to her at the foot of the table. Lara could see he was completely hairless and his cock was fully erect and he held it in his hand. Moving even closer to her he placed the head of his swollen cock against her tight ass and slowly but firmly pushed against her. To Lara he felt far too big, as if she would never be able to accept him inside her and she whimpered slightly at the raw pain of izmir escort him stretching her and again the scalding tears began to roll down her cheeks; but Incubus was unrelenting and as he thrust more firmly against her the head of his cock was deep inside her ass. Lara let out a cry of pain but at the same time delighted in the pleasure of feeling so full of her captor. She felt filled and stretched in a way she never had before, deep inside her, up in to the very pit of her stomach, and the tears that fell now were from a mixture of not only pain but complete euphoria. The endorphins that were flooding her body made her light headed and after the initial shock had subsided she yearned to feel Incubus even deeper inside her. Incubus did not disappoint his captive; with each thrust he rammed his cock further and further into Lara’s ass, making her groan hard as he pumped her until his balls were slapping against her as they fucked. Lara’s back stung as she was rubbed roughly against the crude wooden table and her wrists and ankles burned as she was slammed against her bonds by the force of the pounding she was receiving but she didn’t care, she had never felt pleasure like it and mixed with the searing pain it was simultaneously inflicting upon her, her body felt more alive than she ever had before. It was as if every nerve ending in her body was being stimulated and she was physically and mentally overwhelmed. Lara knew it wouldn’t be long before she was cumming hard and the feeling of complete restraint as she writhed against her bonds just spurred her on even more.
Incubus reached a hand to her pussy and with the lightest of touches placed a single finger on the tip of her craving clit. She couldn’t help but cry out with the intensity of the arousal as he did so and as he tenderly brushed his finger against her in tiny circles she was tipped into the most breathtaking orgasm she had ever experienced. Incubus placed his free hand over her mouth, suppressing the screams that involuntarily came from his prisoner and this served to intensify her pleasure. He continued to fuck her ass, brutally now, as she climaxed. Lara felt completely at his mercy both externally as she was secured by his bonds but also inside herself as her body submitted completely, accepting his cock filling her deep within herself. As she reached the height of her orgasm Lara shook violently as the pleasure surged around every part of her being and she completely relinquished control. As she came Lara’s already tight ass clenched around Incubus’ cock and with that he exploded deep inside her filling her with his scorching seed.
Lara was filled with an intense heat and she knew from the way his cum seemed to thaw her frozen core that something about her had changed, she somehow didn’t feel quite human; all her body heat had left her and yet she had never felt more alive………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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