Ingredients For A Steamy Evening

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Ingredients For A Steamy Evening

1 Woman
4 pieces of rope
2 clothes pins
1 phallic toy
1 hood
1 darkened bedroom

Mix All ingredients and bake for however long it takes!

It was supposed to be a typical evening. He rented a serial killer movie, had cold Magic Hat and water readily available. Lying together on the bed, Karen sensed something was amiss. She saw the bag from the adult store in his closet. (“He promised he wouldn’t”) She thought, but afraid of a repeat occurrence; she rolled toward him and asked, “What’s up going on?”

His voice trembled in a nervous way, stammering, he asks her…. “Will you submit to me?” Being still early in the evening, she thought a moment. With a sideways glance and a smirk, she said yes.

“Do as I say” said he. “Stand and say nothing.” She did, as he shut the TV and all the lights off with the exception of the dresser light, which he angled towards the wall to create a warm glow in the room.

He moves towards her, she steps back than stands firm. He runs his fingers under the edge of her sweater. With a slow gentle motion, he pulls the sweater up over her head and off. Then he steps around her and unhooks her bra. Running his soft, strong fingers over her shoulders and under the straps of the bra allowing it to fall from her to the floor.

Exposed and feeling naked, Karen tries to cover her breasts. But he takes her hands and gives her a confident look and she relaxes her arms to her side. As he unbuttons and unzips her pants, she wonders why he isn’t groping and sucking her breasts as she likes him to do. Instead, he bends on one knee and pulls her poker oyna pants with great care over her hips\ and down her legs. Cupping her calf in his hand to raise her foot, gingerly removing the pants from each leg. Putting them aside he looks up at her. Hooks his fingers into the elastic waistband of her pretty panties and pulls them down as well, careful not to pull too hard or too fast.

Feeling truly exposed, she lets out a troubled sigh. Standing behind her, he runs his fingers thru her soft hair. Twisting it into a tighter form, than wraps her scrunchy around it.

What happened next startled her and raised her excitement level ten fold. He pulls a hood of thin cloth over her eyes and mouth. Then, nothing…he moves away from her. Listening carefully she can hear the rustle of the comforter moving around.

Now, feeling his warmth in front of her, he takes her hands and guides on to the bed. Moving under his guiding hands, she feels her self in the middle of the bed. Her naked flesh against the soft fleece. Curious for what’s to come, she feels his hands wrapping cord around one of her ankles, than the other. The rope is strong, but not too tight. Feeling the mattress depress next to her, she expects to be taken, breathing in deeply in anticipation, only to feel her arm being moved up over her head and her hand being tied to the bed in the same manner as her ankles, secure but not painful.

Hearing the cooler open, and figures he stopping for a drink, she lets out a disgruntled “HEY!” . But he hushes her with a long gentle “ssshhhh”

Feeling him sit next to her, his warm arm reached out across her middle. Then cold-water canlı poker oyna droplets splash on to her body. ICE! Carefully moving in circular motions, he runs an ice cube around her nipples, kissing and sucking the warming water off of them. Her nipples, pink and hardening from the treatment. He nibbles on them as they begin to protrude.

Writhing in ecstasy, she feels his hot hand grasping a breast, squeezing it up. Then she feels a sharp pinch on her nipple, as he slowly released her breast from his hand his tongue darted over her aching nipple. Then he moves to her other breast, proceeding in the same manner. Breathing deeply, excited from the pain she moans. “Good” he says in a low soothing voice.

Rising from the bed and running his fingertips down her smooth skin, he brushes lightly over her rapidly wetting lips. Spreading them and exposing her clit, he leans down and licks right down the middle. Plunging his tongue right into her. She feels his taste buds running over her sensitive clit and down inside her, her back arches and her hips open as she positions for more. Only to feel him pinch a lip with each hand and pull them apart, stretching the delicious skin. Now fingering her a little, she feels something cool press against the opening of her vagina. Slowly he pressed this thick object into her while rubbing her clit with his thumb. But he didn’t pull it out, she wanted him to fuck her with it but he doesn’t. He releases her clit and lips, licks his fingers then runs his hands down one of her legs.

Holding one of her feet with both hands, he runs his finger between her toes, spreading and pulling each one. She then feels internet casino his lips envelop around her big toe. She knows he knows how she feels about her feet, but when she tries to pull away, she can’t. Her motion moved the toy that’s inside her and her nipples are filled with fresh sensation. Licking and sucking her toes, he moves to untie the one ankle. Holding her foot up as he stands, he places it on his erect penis, motioning her foot to rub on it. As she does, all the sensations going on in and around her heighten.

After a brief foot play, he moves up near her head and kneels beside her. With two hands he moves the hood up over her nose, keeping her eyes covered. Then, leaning over, he places his hot dick on her lips. She opens her mouth expecting the obvious but he says “NO! Kiss it.” Softly she pecks on his penis, feeling his warm vainly skin on her lips. “Now lick,” he said, pumping his hips as he slid over her open mouth.

“Now stop” he said and sat down next to her. She can feel his moist hands on her breast, kissing and licking as he releases each nipple from their tortuous clasps.

Moving further down he sits next to her hips. Running his hand lightly over her wet mound. Leaning over he kissed on her, slowly, with tiny twisting and pumping motions, pulled the toy from inside her. Then moved to her remaining tied ankle and released it.

Rising again, and kneeling on the floor beside her, he leans over her face and kisses her lips. “I love only you,” he said. Reaching over her to her detained hands, he unties her wrists as gently as he had when he tied them.

Sitting next to her, he wraps his arms around her, pulling her up to him. He pulls the hood off her eyes. With his own eyes gleaming, he leans in and kisses her cheek, then lies down next to her, holding her close, and resting form a steamy evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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