Injured Ch. 03 – The Early Years

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Grace & George swing with another couple


This series is reader directed. While I was waiting for suggestions, I decided to get know George, Grace’s husband. Here is my offering.

Many have voted for
– Did the girls catch Mom and Curtis? Would they blackmail them for boys, parties, and beers? Sex? I think we can do something with that. Also I feel I need to check on Mrs. Wagner. She was injured and needs treatment. And I think Grace and Curtis will help each other in Chapter 4.



Sunday Mid-morning

“Here you go,” Mrs. Sullivan said as she sat a cup of coffee in front of Mrs. Chen.

“How are things with your husband?” Mrs. Chen asked.

It sounded like a simple, innocuous question one neighbor would ask another. But as with many things on Cheltingham Way, it wasn’t simple.

“I know what you mean and no, he didn’t fuck me this morning,” Mrs. Sullivan answered plainly. “I woke early hoping I’d catch him with morning wood, but again he only had some kindling.

“I sucked his little twig hoping to turn it into real lumber, but nothing happened. Then he got angry and skulked away.”

Grace drank some of her coffee and reflected on the recent event and said, “He’s more frustrated than angry. I try to be loving and understanding and non-judgemental, but he gets upset that his body is letting him down. I know he feels he is letting me down when he can’t perform.”

“It is difficult for a man to accept the fact that he can no longer pleasure his wife,” Mrs. Chen said.

“Can acupuncture help him?”

“Probably not,” Mrs. Chen said. “Chinese medicine is primarily concerned about being in balance. Acupuncture is a tool to restore balance and the flow of energy in the body. It is not a panacea that will keep you young forever. It helps you be your best you.

“Growing older is a fact of life. Changes happen to the body. We must accept the changes. Young men have strong and frequent erections. Older men don’t.”

Mrs. Chen took her healing seriously. She read journals and tried to stay current with Eastern and Western medical advancements.

She said, “There have been studies testing the effectiveness of acupuncture treating erectile dysfunction. They have shown some benefit. However, the effectiveness is the same whether the needles are placed properly or placed willy nilly.”

“So a placebo effect,” Grace said.

“So it would seem,” Mrs. Chen said. “The studies involved multiple treatments and followed the men for months. The men had someone to talk to, someone who took an interest in them. That alone is enough to make them feel better. If you feel better, everything functions better.”

Mrs. Chen laughed and said, “I’d be glad to examine George. Since I’ve turned seventy, not as many men show me their cocks as before!”

“You’re terrible!” Grace said.

The women shared a laugh.

When their chuckling ceased, Grace leaned over and took Mrs. Chen’s hand and said in a serious voice, “Please help him. I can’t talk to him. He gets upset.

“I tell him I love him and it doesn’t matter and that I’d be happy if he just held me or fingered me, but he’s embarrassed. I see it in his eyes, he feels he isn’t a real man.”

“People can be their own worst enemies sometimes,” Mrs. Chen said. “If he would accept that we all have our moment in the sun and then comes the sunset, everyone would happier.”

What Mrs. Chen said reminded Grace of something she had heard more than a quarter century ago. She said, “George should be handling his better. He had to know this day was coming and he was shown how to handle it.”

“Really? By a fortune teller?”

“No. By a man who had been through it. We met a stranger and he told George that even the greatest man eventually has to come to grips with the fact that he has lost a step.”

Grace took another sip of her coffee as the memory gathered in her mind. Then she told this tale. “We took a trip . . .”

(Back in time to 1947)

“Oh. Ohh. Ohh,” Grace grunted. She worked her hips matching every powerful thrust her husband gave her. She was delirious. She’d had one orgasm already and a second, bigger one was coming. She felt the tension build inside.

They were in a pop-up camper in a campground. She no longer worried about keeping quiet. Her husband’s hard, thick dick was pummeling her in the best way possible. She didn’t care who heard them or who knew what they were doing. “Fuck them,” she thought. “We’re married and my handsome husband is fucking the shit out of me”.

George looked at the wild woman, his wife, who was underneath him. She was so beautiful and in a state of pure ecstasy. He was proud. Proud that such a beautiful woman twelve years his junior had agreed to be his wife. And he was proud that he could pleasure her so.

“Oh, George. Oh, George. Oh! Oh! OH George!” Grace cried out loudly and came hard. The sound of rushing blood filled her ears. Her breathing stopped. Her body went rigid and pleasure, pure pleasure, radiated throughout her body.

George poker oyna smiled as she writhed in pleasure. Two more strokes and he too gasped, groaned and climaxed.


An hour later the newly married couple, Grace, age twenty, and George, age thirty-two, exited their little camper. They discovered that while they were frolicking a fancy RV had pulled in next to them.

Grace blushed and said, “We have neighbors. They probably hear me screaming.”

“You’ve nothing to be ashamed about. We’re married.”

The two went for a walk down to the lake. When they returned, the saw an elegant, older man standing beside a very attractive middle-aged woman.

She was wearing a blue and white, patterned dress. It looked great on her. The blue in the dress accentuated her bright, blue eyes.

The dress had the obligatory padded shoulders all dresses of this era had. She didn’t need them. Her body had the hourglass silhouette every woman in the 1940s was trying to achieve. She had broad shoulders, a waist that tapered in and womanly hips.

They heard the man say, “I’m sorry Alice. The car has a flat tire. I can’t change it and I don’t imagine I can get a mechanic up here at this hour. It looks like we won’t be going to your favorite restaurant for dinner after all.”

The lady hugged her husband and said, “That’s okay dear.”

When they stepped out of their embrace, the man moved stiffly.

“Hello neighbor,” George called out and went to them. “I’m George and this is my wife Grace. The pop-up camper is ours.”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Andy and this fetching creature is my wife Alice.”

“I see you have some car trouble,” George said. “I’d be glad to change the tire for you. Maybe you can make your dinner reservation.”

“That is very kind of you to offer,” Andy said. He glanced at his watch and said, “I’m afraid we can’t get there in time. I will take you up on your offer if you will join us for dinner. I’ll grill some steaks while you change the tire.”


George easily and quickly changed the tire. The couples had a lovely meal and shared their stories.

Andy was sixty-two and a retired career soldier. He had been a Colonel and had served in the Pacific where he was injured. George had fought in the European theater. He was lucky and returned unscathed.

“I loved being a Marine. I’d be one today, if I was capable of doing the job,” Andy said succinctly.

“Ah,” Grace groaned feeling for him.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, this old dog had a good run. And I’m sure George agrees we know too many good men who sacrificed more than we did. We were able to come home and hug our wives.”

“Here. Here,” George said lifting his glass.

Everyone was silent out of respect for the dead. Minutes past, the mood was still somber. Then Alice said, “Enough of the maudlin thoughts.”

There was a radio playing in the background. “Hey! That’s my favorite song,” Alice said. She turned it up loud and moved to the music.

Andy said, “Grace, would you mind if George danced with my wife? She loves to dance and I am no longer able to. It would mean a lot to me.”

“Sure. George, get up and dance with the pretty lady,” Grace said.

She watched the two laugh and dance, and she saw Andy smile. She was struck by what he had said. He didn’t ask to borrow George for Alice’s sake. He said it would please him.

“Wow!” She thought, “He really loves her. He wants her to be happy even if he can’t do the things that make her happy anymore”.

The dinner turned into a party. They drank and laughed. George danced with Alice and Grace all night long.

“I love Perry Como,” Alice said as one of his song ended. She came back to her husband. She gave him a big kiss and whispered into his ear.

“You’re sure, honey?”

His wife nodded and she sat beside her husband. Andy said, “Grace, George, I’m glad we met you. This has been a wonderful evening. Thank both of you for including Alice in the fun.

“No problem,” George said. “I enjoyed it. Alice is an excellent dancer.”

“I wish that was me dancing with my wife,” Andy said, “but I can’t do that anymore. I’m so glad that we had our three children before the war because I can’t give Alice a child now.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” Grace said. She was stunned that he would reveal that type of information and felt sad for him.

“Thank you,” Andy continued. “But I didn’t say it to get your sympathy. It’s is the way things are. You learn pretty quickly in war to face the facts and act accordingly.

“My wife is a beautiful, vibrant woman. I can’t do a lot of things she enjoys and I love her too much to allow her to miss out. So she still does the things she enjoys, just not with me.”

Grace and George nodded. They both thought that was a very lovingly and mature attitude.

“We’re glad we could help,” Grace said. “We had a ball tonight dining with you and dancing with Alice. Right, honey?”

George said, “Yes, indeed.”

Andy said, “I hope I can canlı poker oyna ask you for another favor. It would mean the world to me if you could indulge this infirm, old man.”

“Yes. What can we do for you?” Grace asked. She was happy to help if she could.

“I’d do it myself if I could.”

George and Graced nodded understandingly and waited for his request. Their hearts went out to the injured, elegant gentleman.

“Grace, at the beginning of the evening I asked if I could borrow your husband to dance with my wife.”

She nodded.

“Now I’m asking if I could borrow your husband to have sex with my wife.”

The jaws of Grace and George dropped. They were stunned by the suggestion. Grace thought “Did I hear that right? Did he really just ask for George to sleep with his wife?”. She looked at George.

In a calm voice, Andy said, “I know this is an unusual request. It is a request from a desperate man. Please do what I am not able to do. George, will you have intercourse with my wife?”

“To say that we’re stunned by your request, would be an understatement,” George said slowly. “Are you suggesting we swap wives for the evening?”

“No because I can’t fuck,” Andy said plainly.

George was uneasy with the request. Grace was over the shock and had had a moment to think. She knew this wasn’t Andy trying to get into her pants or that they were a wild, unconventional couple wanting to include them in their depraved lifestyle. This was a request from a loving husband concerned about his wife’s happiness.

She said, “I’m guessing you’ve done this before. Tell us how it goes.”

“It can be as simple as the man taking my wife into the bedroom. They might be gone for twenty minutes or all night. Or the two of you could take her and you could share Alice. She enjoys women as well as men. She finds both of you attractive.”

George looked at Grace and said, “Let’s talk privately.”

They moved away. George whispered, “This is crazy talk.”

“George, I want you to do it. I like these two. They are lovely people in a horrible situation. I’m touched that Andy cares so much for his wife that he’s willing to put her pleasure before his feelings.

“I can’t,” he said quietly.

“Of course you can,” she challenged him. “If your wife approves and I do.”

“Well, yes physically I could. I meant I’d never cheat on you.”

“I know you wouldn’t stray and this could hardly be considered cheating when I know about it and approve,” she said and gave him a kiss. “You’re not worried about him being with me, are you? He won’t be screwing me.”

“That is reassuring,” he admitted.

“So you’ll do it?” Grace said.

George nodded.

She added, “I feel sorry for Andy. I might show him the goods and let him touch me. I think it’s only fair to let him have some fun while you are going all the way with his wife.

“And I think it’s better for us. You won’t feel guilty about screwing her if you see me with him and I can never be mad about what you did when Andy’s hands or mouth have been on my breasts.”

“Yes, that makes sense.”

George was surprised that Grace was on board with this idea. She was more open-minded that he’d realized.

They returned to Alice and Andy. Grace spoke, “I’m moved by your circumstance. You’re good people in a bad situation. We’ll help.

“Andy, you told us some simple ways we can do this. What’s the complicated way? Say, I want you involved too.”

Andy gave them a broad smile. He said, “Everyone is naked. George fucks the women. I pleasure them with sex toys.”

Grace admitted, “We’ve never been to an orgy. Once, we got naked with another couple. We all got to see each other and then we had sex in the same room with our spouses.”

She blushed recalling the rush she felt doing that. She confessed, “I liked looking at the other couple and I got a thrill knowing they were watching us.”

She smiled and said, “Let’s do this. No limits.”

Andy and Alice smiled. He said, “Alice, why don’t you and Grace go into our bedroom and slip into something more comfortable. George, can you fix us all another round of drinks? And I’ll go get the toys. Rendezvous in the bedroom in ten minutes?”

Everyone agreed. Ten minutes later George and Andy knocked on the bedroom door. The women answered, “Come in.”

The men went inside and found the ladies lying on the bed. They had removed their dresses. Their underwear was not purposely sexy. The bras of this era had full-coverage so their breasts were hidden. And women in the 1940s wore layers of clothes to shape, smooth or support their bodies, so their private areas were hidden. However, just the fact that they were in their underwear was exciting.

Alice wore all black. She had on a longline bra that extended two inches below the bottom of her bust. She had large, loose fitting panties, a girdle, a garter belt and stockings.

Grace was dressed in white. She had on a strapless bra or bandeau and a pantie girdle over her flowing panties. She had internet casino removed her stockings because one had a big run in it.

“Hot damn!” Andy said. “George, have you ever seen a more beautiful sight?” He set an attaché case down by a chair.

“No. Amazing. A pair of dishy dolls,” he said as he passed out the drinks. He gave his wife the last one. Grace whispered, “Go to Alice. Tonight is all about her.”

George went and sat on the bed beside Alice. She gave him a grateful smile.

The men were still dressed. Grace said, “Alice, let’s get this bash started. I think the guys are overdressed.

The ladies giggled and undressed the men. Alice looked on appreciatively when George’s hard-on was revealed. She stroked it and said, “Hi-de-ho!”

Andy let Grace remove his shirt and pants, and then his shoes and socks. He had scars on his chest. She touched on and asked, “What’s this?”

“That one is a bullet wound. These are from shrapnel.”

He held on to his cotton boxers. He said, “There’s nothing that works down there. More battle scars. My pelvis was broken. The nerves and blood vessels were damaged and I’m unable to get an erection.”

She saw he was uncomfortable and didn’t press the issue or remove his underwear. She did surprise him by giving him a big kiss on the lips. He happily returned it.

Alice held George’s hard cock and stood on her tip-toes and gave him a kiss. He embraced her and returned it with gusto.

After the introductory kiss, Alice said, “Boys we like what we see. Do you want to unwrap your presents?”

The men didn’t need to be asked twice. They hurriedly stripped the women. Alice was shorter than Grace and more full-figured. She had had babies and it showed. She had wide hips, a rounded bottom and sagging tits from breastfeeding her babies.

She was a real woman. Her body showed the wear and tear of life, but she hadn’t let herself go. She was attractive and had maintained her hour-glass figure.

Grace was much younger and had a slimmer, firmer, more youthful body. Her breasts didn’t sag and her nipples still pointed skyward.

“Fantastic!” Andy said.

“Gorgeous,” echoed George as he scanned Alice from head-to-toe. He was so looking forward to screwing the curvy lady.

George led Alice to the bed. They lay beside each other, looked into each other’s eyes and kissed.

Andy was timid due to his condition. He had only given her body hurried glances. Grace recognized it and to put him at ease asked, “What’s in the case?”

“Joy,” he said with a smile. He knelt on the carpet and opened the case.

“This is oil,” he said taking a bottle out of the case. “It’s good for massages and when lubrication is required.”

He pulled out a small box labeled “Dr. Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators. He opened the box and Grace saw four torpedo-shaped devices made of hard rubber.

Andy read the enclosed literature, “Do not neglect to use your dilators. You need not fear of using them too much. They will promote a more refreshing sleep and could relieve foul breath, anemia, headaches, indigestion, nervousness, and constipation.”

Grace laughed and said, “Those things go in your butt?”

“Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it,” he said good-naturedly.

“Well, I admit, that I am ignorant of the benefits of having things shoved up my butt. What this?” she said.

She picked up a device by its wooden handle. There was also a wire with a plug that was connected to a cylindrical, pink metal component about two inches in diameter. A metal shaft with a round rubber ball protruded from the unit.

“That my dear is a Rex-Ray vibrator. Acclaimed for its ability to stimulate and revitalize the body. The directions say “Plug it in and place it on your scalp, feet, skin or leg muscles.” Women who use it swear by it.”


Alice and George were enjoying each other’s company. Alice couldn’t stop herself. She grabbed his erection and whispered in his ear, “You have a lovely cock. So big. So hard. God, it’s been ages since I’ve held one! It is taking all my strength to stop myself from pouncing on you and shoving it into me.”

His dick twitched hear that. “God! That’s so hot,” George said.

“Suck on my tits.” she ordered him.

He immediately latched on to a large, erect nipple.


“How about a nice back massage?” Andy asked. He grabbed a pillow and guided her onto her stomach. He slipped the pillow beneath her head. He poured oil on his hands and rubbed them together. Then he gave her a wonderful back rub with special emphasis on her neck and shoulders.

“Oh! God! That feels great.”

“Glad you like it. Let’s try the Rex-Ray.”

He plugged in the unit and moved it over her back, shoulders, and neck. The unit vibrated and pulsed.

“Emmm. That’s nice. It is revitalizing.”


George played with Alice’s tits. They were softer and a bit floppy compared to his wife’s firm breasts, but still fun. He also enjoyed her over-sized, rubbery nipples. They were different: big, chewy and able to take rougher play.

He nipped, pulled and twisted them.

“Ah! Ouch, Dammit,” his partner cursed him

He worried that he had hurt her and he stopped. She said, “Don’t you dare stop. You’re making me wet.”

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