Insatiable at Work Ch. 25


If you’re familiar with our relationship or earlier chapters, Thunderdome Threesome Nights had become a regular thing. This particular threesome night picks up where a parking-lot encounter with Tara left off…but this time, Bryan wanted to do the riding.


Tara moaned, squeezing him with her pussy, “Mmmmmm…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck! That’s good baby!”

He slammed forward, pulling her hips back with his thrusts. Tara was filled with her husband’s dick and his hips slapped audibly over her butt. Her moans accompanied each thrust, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s good…so good!” After settling into a steady pace, he reached for her bobbing breasts, groping and tweaking the nipples.

When I took over, I lodged myself in the moist heat of her labia. She looked back, stared into my eyes and begged, “Ahhhh…baby…give it to me…give me that dick…put it in…put it deep!”

Then her head jerked back when I pushed all the way, sinking the whole shaft deep into her body. I groaned, “Fuck! Fuck yeah…yeah, that’s it,” as her hot, flesh stretched tight around my dick.

When she felt balls slapping against her, she groaned, “Mmmmm…so deep…so deep…stay there…ahhhh…stay there like that…I like that!”

I held it, balls-deep, “Baby girl…so tight…mmmm…squeeze it…squeeze it…yes…yes…yes…squeeze it…fuckkkkkk!”

An urgency followed, “Now fuck me…just fuck me! That’s it…fuck me hard…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me hard with that big dick! That’s it…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah!”

Bryan and I took turns, till he moved around to push his dick into her mouth. “Mmmmmm…I need that tongue, babe…ahhhh…yeah…taste yer pussy…it’s all over…all over my dick…fuck! Lick it…yeah…lick it good!”

I was slamming her with long, satisfying strokes and once he started pumping her mouth, she looked like a rag doll, being mercilessly fucked by two dicks. This’s what Tara loved…she was being fucked exactly how she wanted. When I flicked her clit with my fingers, she squeezed tighter and I fucked with even more intensity. Bryan grabbed her tits, again, and pinched hard enough that she jumped. I felt pleasure building in her body; she shuddered, shook and quivered with ecstasy’s approach. She was ready to cum for us…she wanted it…she needed it…I could feel it.

Bryan almost lost it and had to pull out, but she replaced his flesh with a chorus of sensuous moans, “Fuckkkk…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me…fuck me!”

Thrusting over and over, her tiny pussy stretched tight around my girthy dick, while I rubbed her clit. She screamed with orgasm, as her husband jacked in her face. I groaned, “Cum for us…cum for us, baby girl…cum for us…that’s it…cum hard…cum for me…cum for me! Make it last…cum hard…make it last…yeah…yeah!”

With the tremors subsiding, she groaned as she came back to earth, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…please…please keep it in me!” Still struggling to catch a breath, she had to say something, “Fuck, that was perfect…Rob, fuck me…I just need you to fuck me…fuck me more…keep it in me…stay there…stay inside my belly!”

Eventually, I did pull out, with my dick dropping to smack my thigh; it was half-hard and glistening with sex. I bent down to kiss her butt cheek, then her back and neck. She turned to look me in the eye and our lips met…we rolled over each other, making out like teenagers.

We kept busy while Bryan disappeared…I thought he was taking a piss. He came to the bedroom door, “Hey, boys and girls! Let’s take this party to the living room…I started the fireplace.”

We got in there and then we heard him in the kitchen. The fireplace cast a glow over the room, and Tara said, “Honey, what’re you doing?”

“Just getting wine.”

“This’s sweet…wine in front of a fire! I laughed, “Dude…are you trying to seduce us?”

Tara giggled, and he stuck his head around the corner, “Fuck yeah…I’m trying to seduce you!”

We lingered over the wine; Tara, sipping from her glass, looked so sexy in the warmth of the fire. After 15 or 20 minutes, Bryan jumped up again, “I forgot one thing…lube…I have to get the lube!”

I laughed, “Now, there’s proof…you are trying to seduce us!”

He joked, “Hoping to get lucky tonight…you need to get that bad boy ready. With your big dick, no lube is a deal-breaker…you know? Yer thick, dude!”

Tara grinned, “He does have a precious little ass that needs lube…you both do.”

He was anxious when he returned, “Anytime you’re ready, dude…I got the lube!”

My dick pulsed with the thought, getting harder…and arching out from my pubes; they both got a leering grin.

“Well, let me finish my wine…and you can lube it.”

Bryan could hardly wait; he watched me take every sip and Tara teased him by offering me more wine.

He spread the lube over my dick, carefully coating the head and stroking bursa escort it over the shaft; he paused to feel the flesh pulse in his hands. He grinned as he worked lube into his ass, “Ready…dude, I’m ready for my ride.”

She squealed at the sight of her husband’s ass, sinking lower and swallowing the dick. She leaned over to kiss me, “Fuck him good! He’s been talking about this all week…haven’t you sweetie?”

I teased, “Bryan, you been talking about dick…thinking about riding my dick? You like it? Feels good, deep in your belly?”

“Fuck yeah…it feels good! I’m ridin’ yer dick, till I cum! Fuck it out’a me, dude! Fuck me till I cum!”

“No problem…at all! Fuckin’ ride it…mmmmm…that’s it…ride it…ride that dick! That’s it…ride it!”

Tara was beside us, sipping wine and gazing over our heaving, muscled bodies. Her husband moaned from the very same pleasures she cherished…the pleasure of riding cock…the pleasure of being fucked. It turned her on so much, she sensuously rubbed her breasts; she had to put the glass down and push her fingers between her legs. It was clear, she was wet and ready for more.

He began riding my dick with some serious conviction. She squealed more, “Yeahhhhhh! Ride that dick, cowboy…fuck’n ride it…ride it hard!”

While I buried my dick in his gut, I swatted his ass. Shit! His ass is crazy hot…a lot like Tara’s. Every time I spanked him, he’d squeeze with his hole and slam down over my dick.

“Mmmmm…sweetie…spank that ass…he loves it…he’s been a bad cowboy…fuck’m hard…spank’m hard…fuck that cowboy!”

Spurred by the encouragement and her hubby’s smokin’ ass, I rolled my hips up to meet him. I kept up the swats, till his skin was a little pink and warm. His moans were continuous, and his ass had a steel-grip on my dick…I thought it couldn’t be long now, he had to be close.

I guess it was the moment…I know it excites her, but Tara grabbed for his ass with both hands and helped; she fucked her husband’s ass, by driving his body, up and down, over my dick.

“Tara…honey…yeahhh…you know what I want…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck…fuck…fuck…me…fuck me with that dick…big dick!”

He looked up into my eyes, “Dude…uhhhh…uhhhh…that dick…dick…feels good…so good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…good…feels…good!” He moaned, “So good…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna…ride till…till I cum…ride till I cummmmm…fuck!”

We both knew he was close…the more he rambled, the harder he rode my dick. Finally, he couldn’t take it; he fisted his swollen manhood and stroked wildly. Impaling himself, over and over, Tara leaned down to seal the deal, wrapping her lips over his dick.

He groaned, “Oh god…fuck…baby girl…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s gonna…uhhhh…do…me in!”

He heaved his body and jerked his dick so wildly, she couldn’t begin to keep it in her mouth. When it pulled from her lips, he jerked over my chest. He scrunched his face, stiffened his body, and yelled, “Ahhhh, fuck…that’s it…cumming! Yeah…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…ye…sssssssssssssss!”

When I felt the warm spray on my skin, I nearly fucking lost it, too. After peppering me with nut, he rolled off with a big ass grin, “That was fuckin’ perfect…I love bi-life…fuck dude! I got my baby girl…and you! Fuck!”

My attention quickly shifted to Tara, when she ran her tongue over my chest. She licked her lips, grinned, and spread her legs; she spread her labia, “Sweetie, now she needs the magic touch.”

Eager with the thought of eating her out, I joked, “Baby girl…I think we need to eat out more often…let me get a good taste, before you saddle up!”

She played along and giggled, “Then let’s eat out, sweetie…but I want a big tip.”

“You got it!” I grabbed for her hips and pulled her up to my face. She was ready to fuck…but I couldn’t help but notice her clit peeking out. It was enticing, but I managed to lick all over…I ran my tongue through her lips, forcing them apart and probing at the musk inside. She was wet with sex and I pushed my tongue as deep as I could. She wailed, as I went back to that swollen bud, flicking my tongue over the tiny bundle of pleasure.

As if I might stop, her hands gripped tight, holding me between her legs and running her fingers through my hair. She was grinding into me, trying her best to keep that tight, little gap centered over my mouth. Taking the hint, I just kept fucking as deep as it would go, triggering loud, sensuous moans. Surrendering further, she laid back and pushed her knees out to spread herself open. I ran my tongue over her lips and then her clit; again, I sucked it between my lips and flicked with my tongue.

Going deep again, I thrust my tongue into the heat; her pussy gripped tight and wouldn’t let go. When I got my fingers over her clit, she shuddered, “Mmmmm…that’s good…so good…ahhhh…ahhhh!”

I rubbed bursa escort bayan faster, tormenting her clit; and despite her grip on it, I tried to keep my tongue moving the best I could. Suddenly, she pulled my hand away, “Oh my God! You need to…stop before I cum! I wanna cowgirl…and cum with you inside.” She giggled, “Very high maintenance…I’m very high maintenance…you should know that?”

Bryan laughed, “We all know that, sweetie, but it is your turn. I’ll clean him up for ya…I got the wipes over there.”

He carefully cleaned my dick, stroking a little as he finished up, “There, he’s all yours…saddle up!”

She scooted over top, held the stiff manhood in one hand, wedged it between her lips and impaled herself. Steamy and moist from my tongue, her pussy strained, and she gasped, “Ahhhh…fuck…ahhhh…ahhhh…sweetie! I never get tired of that…I love it…love riding dick…love being stretched!”

She was tight, and I could feel the heat of her pussy overwhelm my dick. I grinned, at Tara and then Bryan, as she bounced over my lap and buried dick, deep in her belly. “Sweetie, it never gets old for me either…mmmmmm…I’ll stretch you whenever you need it…and you too, buddy.”

Bryan grinned, and Tara kept riding; the feel of hard flesh filling her was bliss. She loved it and it showed, riding just like a pornstar cowgirl. She rode for a long while, lifting herself up and down over my dick. It was steady…and incessant; she took the very root of my dick, then raised up until only the tip remained. She screamed and moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeahhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck me…fuck meeeeee!”

Bryan and I watched her titties jiggle up and down, almost independent of her body. With each bounce, I wanted to wrap my tongue around those nips…or grab a big handful. I like the way her tits feel heavy, in your hands…they’re a sweet fuckin’ handful. I could barely take my eyes off them, but her movement kept them out of reach.

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me! Robbie, fuck me!”

Again, she gripped like a vice; her pussy tightened around my dick and her hips fucked wildly. She was screaming and her whole body was shuddering, “Yessssss…yessssss…cumming…baby…cumming! Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…yessssssssssssssss!”

That was it for me, “Gotta cum, too…goin’ all the way…uhhhh…uhhhh…all the way, princess…cumming…cumming…yeah…yeah!” I humped upward, once, twice and planted it deep in her belly. Within seconds, I felt my balls pumping their release; my dick pulsed and cum flooded her cervix. As she tried to come down from orgasm, she continued to ride, but slower. In the end she slumped forward, panting and burying my face in her tits.

My head was overwhelmed by physical sensations; she ran her hands through my hair and then over my chest, soothing my struggle to catch a breath.

Taking comfort in the pulsing flesh, she kept it inside where she could feel every inch. It was always this way with Tara; she never wanted the sensation to stop. It filled her full and pressed on her insides, satisfying all her needs…her cowgirl needs. In a hushed voice, she whispered, “How’d you like that cowboy?”

I worked my hand between to scoop sex from her labia and rubbed it over her lips, “Taste that…doesn’t that taste like satisfaction?”

She licked her lips, “Mmmmm…it does…it does, sweetie!”

When she rolled off, seed was trickling out; she left a trail over my belly and cupped her hand to catch the rest. I thought she was going to clean up and grab a robe, but she came out, still buck-naked, but with a hat. She was wearing a cowboy hat and a big grin, “This’s for next time…what d’ya think?”

“Yeah…that’s it…you are one smokin’ cowgirl!” I continued, “Baby girl, with that hat, you can have as many next times as you want!”

Bryan grinned at both of us, “Um…honey, can I borrow the hat? He laughed, “Maybe the next time we eat-out…you know?”



A couple days later, I stopped by for couple beers and dinner. Tara’s car wasn’t in the garage, but Bryan’s was. I went on in, helped myself to a beer and found him in the shower. “Dude, I got you a beer, here…when you finish.”

He laughed, “Thanks, Rob…you’re a lot nicer than people say.”

“Yeah…yeah…jackass.” He laughed at the response and grabbed the towel. I smiled while he ran the towel through his hair, “You’re a jackass, but you’re fuckin’ hot in the shower! I think we need to take some showers together!” I paused to enjoy the water dripping down over his body…his taut, muscular chest…his rounded butt and thick, muscular thighs. When he stepped from the shower, his dick proudly stood out from a thick nest of pubes.

I reached out to take it in my hand. With the sensation of my hand sliding over swelling flesh, he sucked in his breath. He grinned, “We do…but this’s good, too.”

I smiled escort bursa “What do you say? Need some…this looks like you need some?”

He closed his eyes and groaned, “Yeah…fuck yeah…I want cock! That feels good, dude.” His eyes opened to watch me strip off clothes, leering at the swelling meat and running his hands over my chest. He lunged forward, opened his mouth and sucked my tongue inside.

As our tongues tangled over each other, he got more aggressive, grabbing hold of my dick. I broke the kiss, pulled him over to the sink and pushed him back, to rest on the edge. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. I licked all over, circling my tongue over the head and licking up and down the veiny shaft. I bent down more, settled between his legs and lapped at his balls; they’re meaty and heavy…perfect.

He moaned, “Yeah, lick those nuts…I got four days’ worth!”

“Well, I can take care of that, buddy.”

I worked my tongue over his sack, then sucked each one into my mouth. “Like that,” I asked? “You like me sucking yer balls?”

“Yeah…fuck yeah…yeah. I like you sucking those balls…and my cock…fuck! I really wanna ride it, though…I wanna ride that dick! Fuckin’ shove your dick in me!”

Ready for some hot, little ass, I leaned on the vanity and sloughed on lube. Prone to his desires, he anxiously spread his cheeks and bent over. I rubbed through the crack and pushed, till it split around the big, swollen head. He moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s what I need!”

Slowly, he pushed back, groaning louder, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…that’s it…mmmmm…yeah!” The shaft slid deeper, through his tight-grip, until he was resting in my lap.

He paused to enjoy the feel of pulsing cock, stretching…and pushing at his insides. He rolled his hips forward, gripping only the last couple inches, and then he pushed back, to take it all again. “Oh, fuck yeah! That’s it…that’s good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…Rob…it’s so fuckin’ good!”

Pushing deep into his body, I groaned, “Fuck…now you’re ready to ride! Ride me, dude…ride me!”

After a few minutes of the deep, thorough, fucking he moaned louder, “Yeah…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…yessss…yessss! Oh, fuck yesssss! I love having cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer cock…yer alpha cock! Love it…love yer cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…love it!”

Aggressively fucking his ass and pausing at times to rest in my lap and savor the feeling. His loud moans echoed through the room, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…Rob…that dick…that dick…I love to ride it…be yer bottom.”

I grabbed his hips, humped forward, over and over, and slammed my flesh against his muscled flesh. Riding me like this was a little awkward so I offered a fix, “Let’s use the bed, dude…it’ll work better.”

We could not have moved any faster, but I flopped down and held my dick upright, while he rubbed on more lube.

Our eyes met, and I said, “Ready for ya, cowboy! Climb on and show me what you can do!”

He threw his leg over top and mounted himself on my dick; immediately he started riding like a cowboy, on a prized stallion.”

“Ohhhh…fuckkkkk! Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…ohhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s so fuckin’ good!”

“That’s it dude! That’s it! Ride that dick…ride that dick!” I took hold of his hips and drove it home. With the loud fucking-smacks, the sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. “Yeah…fuck…that tight little ass is driving me fucking insane!”

“Fuck it hard…its yours…all yours…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck that ass…fuck me hard!”

Tara finally got home; hearing the activity, she peeked around the corner, to see our shared pleasure. It was incredibly sensuous for her; the sight of her sexy husband riding my dick was mesmerizing. She couldn’t take her eyes off us and she smiled when our eyes met. With the unfolding scene between her two men, it wasn’t long before she was rubbing at the heat between her legs.

Unaware of his wife, he was riding my dick, grinding over it, groaning…and begging for more. His eyes lit up when she walked into the room; he wanted her there, with him. Sharing dick was part of their marriage, from the very start…it brought them closer.

She ignored his gaze, but watched the muscles ripple, as he worked his hips up and down, over my dick. She grinned and swatted his butt, “Mmmmmm…it’s so fucking hot! Ride’m honey…ride that big dick!”

His dick bobbed erratically, while he rode, and I watched her reach over to stroke it. Her touch felt good and he laid his head way back and moaned, “Yeah…baby…stroke it…yeah, stroke it!”

He tamed things down, humping his hips forward, to fuck through her hand. We worked together so, I could continue fucking his ass; we rolled our hips, up and back…almost like twerking. His muscled bottom rhythmically swallowed almost as much as before.

He leaned over to bury his face in her tits, taking a nipple and areola between his lips. That was fine for a few minutes, but Tara wanted more. To my surprise, she straddled my face, with her pussy, just out of reach.

“You tease…you’re a hot, little tease!”

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