InspirationI met this girl, Malorie….aka Mal, at a party in college one weekend. There was lots of drinking and loud music going on. I admit it wasn’t my scene, I didn’t care for the loud music because you had to yell into someone’s ear just to have a conversation and I didn’t like to drink that much. The party was getting crowded and so I along with several people went out into the backyard of the house. I was hanging out by myself when I spotted a girl doing the same thing. We made eye contact and she smiled. I started walking over to her but before I could get there another guy moved up to chat with her. I stopped in my tracks and watched as this guy, who was really drunk, hit on her. She looked over at me and with a face expression, begged me to save her. I walked over and thanked the guy for keeping my “girlfriend” company while I was in the bathroom. She took my hand and we moved away from the intoxicated suitor.We both laughed and began talking. I didn’t have any game back then and that seemed to impress Malorie. She, like me, really wasn’t into the party scene and was dragged out by some friends that night. We talked for around an hour about everything and by the end of the party we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet the next afternoon on campus. I wasn’t sure if she would show but she did…with her roommate. I hadn’t expected it and was slightly disappointed. I did my best to hide it and the three of us walked around campus talking. I was nervous, so I tended to ask lots of questions. We had walked a couple of miles and talked. Then Mal, asked where I lived. I told her I lived off campus a ways. She asked if we could go there. So we did. I wasn’t sure why she was so interested in my single bedroom apartment but I showed it off to them anyway. The girls and I hung out for a little while at my apartment. When the conversation hit a lull, the girls thought it was a good time to leave. Mal gave me yozgat escort a hug and said she’d call me sometime. I had heard that before and didn’t put much stock into her calling me.That evening I was in my apartment masturbating to a porn video. It was two girls getting it on, I was envisioning Mal and her roommate as I was shooting my load into a towel. As I squeezed out my last ounces, there was a faint knock at my door. I quickly put on shorts and answered the door without a shirt on. It was Mal! She smiled and I went flush because I was sure she heard the movie and me grunting as I spewed cum into a towel from the open window by the door and the blinds weren’t fully lowered either. I let her in and as she walked by me she said, “were you having fun?” She smirked at me and laughed. I didn’t deny it and just asked ” did you hear me?”Mal not only heard but she watched through the window. I quickly realized that she would of left had it turned her off and since she was in my apartment….well maybe …..Malorie had older brothers and so she totally understood that is what guys do. She didn’t seem phased by it and enjoyed watching me. She even suggested that we continue watching the porn. As we watched, she questioned why guys liked watching two girls getting it on. I told her it was stimulating and I could envision girls I knew doing it. Mal inquired if I was thinking about her when I masturbated just before she knocked on my door. Being vunerable, I admitted it. Mal liked my honesty. As we watched, I learned more about her sexual history. She was blunt about having sex with another girl and how she lost her virginity in highschool to a former boyfriend. She inquired if I had had sex with a guy before and I told her about it. It was the most open conversation I ever had with a girl I barely knew.We talked late into the early morning while watching porn. Mal didn’t seem to mind the hour and I wondered escort yozgat if I should make a move or not. I chickened out and didn’t. At about 3am, Malorie had decided to wait no longer on me making the first move. “Would you like to have sex?” A few minutes later we were in my bed naked under the covers.I anticipated we would just get it on but instead, Malorie wanted to layout a plan. I never heard a girl talk so casually about sex before. We began with light touching and kissing each other softly. She pointed out places on her body she really liked being touched. I lightly touched her outstretched arms on the inside. She liked her lower earlobe sucked. She liked her neck pecked at with my lips as she played with my cock and balls. I rubbed her small, perky breasts. Her nipples were very puffy and got erect. She liked her hairy pussy rubbed but no penetration….yetI moved down between her legs, she pulled her flaps open and told me where she liked having my tongue. When I found her spot, she held my face down into her. Malorie expressed her pleasure vocally and her body twitched and lurched as she climaxed. Her average sized body broke into a feverish sweat. I felt her heart beating fast as I moved up on top of her. She pushed me off just as my hard too was touching her. Malorie got up and went to the bathroom, stating she had to freshen up. I heard her flush the toilet and then sink ran. It ran for quite some time and I decided to get up and check on her. I was surprised that the door was locked as I inquired about her. She was fine, just needed a few more minutes. When she came out, her hair was now down from the way she had it put up earlier. Her long reddish, blonde, brown hair ran down her shoulders barely covering her perfectly shaped small breasts. Mal was glowing, the look in her warm blue eyes was memorizing and seductive. I tried to pull her into the bedroom but she resisted. She asked yozgat escort bayan me to not touch her and allow her to focus on me. She cupped my ball sack and gently massaged me. It made my legs weak. I was entranced by the sensation as she used her other hand one me. She rubbed around my hard thick cock, then gently wrapped her fingers around it. Even though she barely tugged on it, it felt like I was going to fall onto her. I had to brace myself against the wall before I fell over. I watched her moved her hands for a minute. Then she asked if I could just look into her eyes as she stared back at me while fondling me. It felt amazing. Mal looked into my eyes and the asked me how it felt as she manipulated my entire body. I tried to describe the sensation. It was hypnotic, erotic, and my body and mind were so aware, so alert to everything she did. She led me back into the living room. Mal got on her knees and began kissing, licking and the swallowing my cock. She looked up at me the whole time. I continued to look at her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she attempted to swallow all my inches. The gurgle sounds, the way her lips felt on my shaft as she slowly swallowed it and then pulled back on me. The way she rubbed my balls as she gave me the most intense oral of my life. I tried to hold it back but Malorie was too much. My body swayed as the cum burst out of me, my legs were shaking, I let out an odd moan. Malorie got my goo all over her face and chest as she milked out every ounce she could of me. Once emptied, I crashed onto my knees. Mal’s face was flush from all the sucking. She looked pleased at my post climaxed state. She continued to rub my cock out, extracting just droplets out of me. We took a shower to clean up, each taking turns washing one another. We toweled off and slipped into bed. There Mal got on top of me and worked my cock gently into her. I rubbed her hips and ass as she rubbed her breasts. I enjoyed watching her play with them. She leaned over and offered one to my mouth as she moved easily on me. We rolled over and I slowly moved my flesh in and out of Malorie’s body. When the time came, she wanted me to inject my serum into her vial.

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