InstaThot Pt. 03

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The picture of me on my knees post blowjob went viral. It had 25 million views in two days. I now had something like 18 million followers on Instapic.

I was on cloud nine. Joe was my good luck charm and I definitely couldn’t lose him.

But something was changing, when I would get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror, I started to have a nagging feeling that I needed to change, I needed to be better.

Which was weird because my body, face, and basically everything about me was overwhelmingly beautiful. If anything I had always wished I didn’t look this good!

But times had changed.

I just couldn’t shake the idea that my boobs needed to be bigger.

It was an all consuming life. A mantra played out in my head “Big Boobies are Better!” over and over.

I really started to watch my weight, but truth be told it’s not like I could be any skinnier. I knew that wasn’t even possible.

To make matters worse I really needed to step up my Botox game! I didn’t want to be like other insta models with a shelf life! I needed to keep my perfect face smooth for as long as possible.

The need for a frozen face was real. My favorite Instapic models all had the frozen look. Otherwise known as the “rich girl” face. I was sooo hooked.

If I was going to take my Instapic career to the next level I had to read the writing on the wall.

I became overwhelmed by my sudden need for change. I constantly looked at myself in the mirror, checked my face more times than anyone should in one day. This led to a makeup regiment that would be impossible to afford if I wasn’t sponsored and received so much free stuff.

My beauty had always been award winning, but now with Instapic and Joe in my life I needed the award.

After living with the nagging need I decided to approach Joe this coming weekend and see what he said would say about my need for change.


At lunch we made the typical small talk and then I proceeded to talk about myself the whole lunch.

At one point I switched the topic to my body.

Joe made an audible gulp, he had a look on his face that said, here we go again.

“Joe poker oyna are my boobs big enough for you? I’m starting to think you need a girlfriend with bigger boobs.”

Joe just eyed me up.

“Like all the hottest Instapic models have huge tits, it isn’t weird or slutty to have big boobs, it’s totally normal! What do you think?”

Joe’s face said it all, not at all the conversation he wanted to have with someone he had just started to date.

“You have the biggest I’ve dated yet, if that’s what you mean?” Joe answered in a confused but joking attitude, working to change the subject.

“I just feel like a guy like you NEEDS a big boob trophy on his arm at all times, don’t you want that? Like you practically need it!”

I leaned in to give him a good look at my cleavage.

“Like I know you don’t want me to go do it and show up one day with perfect boobs for you, so why don’t you pick them out?”

“Pick them out?” Joe replied slowly.

“Yeah! Like size, shape, the look, that would be your decision!”

Joe simply nodded.

“You need big boobs in your life and my career would definitely explode even more!”

Joe quickly replied. “You’re super hot already, why do you need more? I wouldn’t date you if I thought you needed to change.”

“Ahhh… that’s so sweet. I don’t NEED to change, I WANT to change honey!”

Joe simply nodded.

“You would get to choose and it’s not like I’m changing as a person!”

Joe nodded again. A look of defeat on his face.

I continued to talk about myself for the rest of lunch.

After lunch we finally made it back to his place and I immediately jumped at him and started making out with him.

Something about Joe just made me go crazy and become a complete slut for him. I knew it was obnoxious, but it definitely felt right.

I quickly settled into Joe’s couch, feeling how hard I made him, I moved into my most proud position. On my knees stroking his cock.

I knew this was my opportunity to convince him to pick out new boobies for his fuck toy bimbo.

As fast as humanly possible I shed my top and bra.

Joe quickly became fixated canlı poker oyna on my cleavage, his jaw slightly open. Not a word coming from him.

Grabbing my already large breasts I imagined the sensation of feeling them even bigger, so amazingly large with such mouth watering cleavage that I wouldn’t be able to see my hands when I smashed them together for a tit fuck.

Oh the day! But I had to convince a man that bigger boobs were definitely required.

The smile on my face must have said it all. I was so excited! I knew I had the upper hand.

How else do you convince a guy to let you get implants?

His throbbing manhood was already partially erect. All it took was the slight touch of my tit flesh to have his cock become fully hard.

“Oh baby can you imagine my titles even bigger, designed by you? Mmmmmmm…”

After 5 strokes of his cock with my tit flesh and Joe was cumming. Never stopping eye contact. Joe squeezed his eyes closed as he worked through his monumental organism.

“That’s it baby, imagine how big you want them…fake, huge, and plastic!…doesn’t that feel good hun?”

Joe quickly nodded after coming down from his high.


The craziest thing were all the texts I sent him. “Hope you have a great day babe!” or “See you soon xoxo” it was like I actually had a relationship with a guy. Joe for his part always let me ramble on about my day, ongoing Instapic drama, and he always had good advice about my sponsorship deals.

I never felt this positive before, I even started sleeping over at his house five nights a week. I was actually dating someone! What a weird feeling.

Me and Joe started to spend most nights reviewing porn stars, Instapic models, and any amateur fake boobs starlets we could find.

My goal was to get tits at least 1000cc or bigger. I wanted to join the

000cc club on Instapic.

At first Joe didn’t like the idea. But I quickly changed his opinion by putting on the biggest boob porn stars up on the tv, and sucking him down while those hugs tits flashed in front of him on screen.

Joe quickly reversed course. “Babe I think you should go big, don’t internet casino want you to get a bunch of surgeries anyway.”

I just smiled. What I really wanted were 2000cc whoppers. On my small body it would break the internet. Basically the only surgery I would need. My career would be set.

But I wanted to see how my plan panned out. What would Joe select for me?

He started to like a cross between extremely fake and somewhat normal looking breasts. He always said he didn’t like the look of two huge round spheres hanging off a female. I shared his opinion, to a degree.

I knew that at this point my body was a vessel, a vessel ready to have the most insta followers and largest profits imaginable. I was ready, my business plan was my body, and I was in search of followers.

Joe was my ticket to living a luxurious lifestyle. I was so blessed to have him in my life, on a private level having a man to confine with was life changing. Not only was he my boyfriend, he offered a gateway into the male mind.

If I let Joe design my enhancements the sky was the limit and my followers would continue to grow. I was excited beyond belief.


One night in particular marked the point of no return. While Joe was pounding my ass, simply pleasuring himself with my bubble butt. I started on a trope about all the changes I wanted him to co-sign for my body.

I needed these enhancements and Joe was going to choose them for me.

At this point Joe was manhandling me a sawing in and out, in and out. When he went silent I really knew he was enjoying himself beyond belief.

With my ass hovering in the air and my head into the pillows I was shouting my usual “YES! YES! YES! HARDER! at the top of my lungs.

Joe simply continued at his usual pace, focused in on his own orgasm.

My appointment with the plastic surgeon was coming up and I wanted to make sure Joe made the right decision, I had to act.

“Just imagine me with tits the size of my head, so round and ridiculously plump everyone will know I’m a fuck toy, queen of Instapic, thousands maybe millions of dudes fapping to your girlfriend! Lips so big I can’t close them, perfect pillows permanently pouting, ready for cock! ALL FOR YOU.”

As I was completing the word “YOU” Joe pulled out and came all over my ass. I knew he was ready to make the right decisions.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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