Into the Hot Tub with Ryan

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(Authors Note: This story is part 2 of my wife and I’s journey from adventurous young adults to fully embracing the swinger and hotwife lifestyle. Everything in this story is based on an actual experience we had. To start from the beginning, check out Our First Threesome Experience.)


It had been a few weeks since our threesome with Ryan, and Rachel and I’s sex life had skyrocketed; merely talking about the experience was enough to almost instantly make us want to rip our clothes off (which MAY have happened on more than one occasion.) It had opened our eyes to a brand new world of pleasure, and neither of us wanted to go back. Of course the feeling was mutual from Ryan as well, and all three of us were eager to get together again. The unfortunate part about being adults was that it was taking longer than expected for all of our schedules to line up again.

In the meantime we’d ran into Ryan while out with some mutual friends, and despite the fact that both he and I had fucked Rachel and covered her in cum (an image I never want to leave my brain) there was no awkwardness in seeing him in a social setting. Truth be told it was something I had worried about; Ryan was a great friend after all, and the fear that the threesome could potentially ruin our friendship was always in the back of my mind. Thankfully, it hadn’t; if anything, seeing Rachel and him interact amongst other members of our friend group, and knowing what had happened, excited me much more than I’d thought it would. It was like having our own naughty secret, and it was fantastic.

On one particular Tuesday night, Rachel and I went out with some of those mutual friends to a local Mexican restaurant for “Taco Tuesday.” I had sent Ryan a text earlier in the day inviting him, although by the time we left our apartment I hadn’t heard back. It was on the drive there that I noticed Rachel had been glancing down at her phone, and I saw an all too familiar smile begin to tug at the corners of her lips.

“You seem happy,” I said. “Something happen?”

Rachel’s eyes stayed locked on her phone. “Just chatting with Ryan a bit. He’s coming tonight by the way.”

“Oh really? That punk, he never texted me back!” I laughed as I said the words.

She looked over at me and smiled brightly. “Hey baby, what time do you work tomorrow?”

“It’s a late shift, so not until the early afternoon.” Her smile grew. “Why?”

“Ryan mentioned his boss gave him tomorrow off. And he wants to know if we had any plans after dinner…”

I could feel my heart begin to beat faster, so I made sure to double my focus on the road as we pulled into the restaurant parking lot. It was just like last time; the rush of excitement and nervousness knowing that my beautiful girlfriend had been texting with another man about him joining us again, about fucking her again.

“Haha,” I forced out a semi-nervous laugh. “Well what did he have in mind?”

“Actually, he mentioned that his roommates were all out of town, which leaves his place wide open to hang out.”

As I parked and turned off the car, I turned to face her; she was staring right at me now, a massive smile on her soft red lips and a glimmer of desire in her deep brown eyes.

“Well,” she said as I was about to open my door. “He also mentioned that they’re hot tub would be available, if we’re interested.”

We started walking into the restaurant, noticing a couple of friends already seated at a table inside. “Ha! Yeah that sounds like fun,” I said, opening the door for her. As she passed me I added, “We’d have to swing by the apartment so I can grab a pair of board shorts for me and a bikini for you. Did he mention what time?”

Rachel walked past me and through the open door, stopping at the last moment to move in and plant a deep kiss on my lips. As she broke away she made eye contact and whispered so that only I could hear, “Who said anything about me wearing a bikini?” I stood there stunned and unable to move as I watched my sexy and wonderful girlfriend casually walk towards our friends in the corner of the restaurant.

Once I’d taken a couple of seconds to collect myself I followed her inside. Our friends had gathered at a pair of tables underneath a window towards the back of the restaurant; it was a small group, eight in total including Rachel and myself, although the rest of the place was pretty crowded. I made my way around the tables saying hi and giving hugs and handshakes, eventually standing while leaning against the wall while chatting with my good friend Jake, who I hadn’t seen in around a month, while Rachel chatted with Anna and Michael. It didn’t take long for the pitchers of fresh watermelon margaritas and platters of carne and pollo asada street style tacos to start making their way around the group, and we all sipped the strongly made drinks in between devouring the delicious food.

It was about thirty minutes after we’d arrived, while I was deep into a conversation with Jake about last weeks football games, that I heard a collective “Heeyyy” come from the rest of the group. Looking up I saw Ryan shuffling through poker oyna the restaurant over to us. Once at the table he was promptly handed a glass of margarita (I think we were on lime by that point?) by Anna and started making his rounds of hugs and handshakes. I couldn’t tell in the moment, but it definitely seemed at the time that when he got to Rachel that the hug became slightly stronger as well as longer, although no one else seemed to notice so I figured it was my imagination (even though the slight twinge it caused in the front of my jeans was VERY real.) After he’d made his way to everyone Ryan pulled up a stool next to Jake and I and joined in our chat.

The night progressed pretty normally from that point on; our group ordered a few more rounds of drinks and food, although I made a point to keep my drinking to a minimum knowing I had to drive us home, or apparently to Ryan’s house. I wandered around the tables over the next hour or so and had various small conversations with my friends, usually for a few minutes before moving on. Tonight was fairly standard for Rachel and I in terms of being in a party or group setting; neither of us really felt the need to be next to each other the whole time (like I’d seen countless other couples do), and we were perfectly fine chatting solo with our different friends. At one point I was talking to Anna and Jake, who had just celebrated their 3 year anniversary and were planning on moving in together soon, when I noticed that Rachel had left the group.

“Hey did anyone see where Rachel went?” I asked Anna.

“She’s probably outside or in the restroom or something,” she replied back.

“Or she found another bar to head to!” joked Michael.

I laughed, and looked around to discover something else I hadn’t noticed before – Ryan had disappeared too. At that point my mind began to race and I could feel the blood rushing to my face, as well as lower, and that familiar and amazing sensation that something potentially naughty might be happening began to overtake me. My mind instantly flashed back to that night a few weeks ago, to the sight of her grinding, beautiful and naked, on top of Ryan’s rock hard cock. I tried to play it cool, as the last thing I wanted to explain to my friends was why I suddenly had a massive erection during Taco Tuesday!

Thankfully my mind only raced for a few seconds until I saw both Rachel and Ryan make their way back inside the restaurant and over to the table. “Haha where did you two wander off to?” Anna asked with a slight smirk on her face that I couldn’t quite place at the time.

Rachel looked at her friend. “Just grabbed something out of the car really quick.” As she spoke her eyebrows raised slightly, another look that left me confused. The rest of the group didn’t seem to notice, so I figured it was all in my imagination. I relaxed into my chair as Rachel walked over and sat on my lap. She draped her arms around my shoulders and I circled mine around her waist, pulling her body close for a tight embrace. She leaned over and planted a soft kiss on my lips, and although I’d kissed her more times than I could remember, there was something distinctly different about this one, yet familiar at the same time – it was the warmth, warm and wet from blood flowing to them, and reminded me exactly of kissing her during our threesome. I looked up at her and she smiled, then bent over and whispered in my ear, “I think I’m ready to go. And that’s not the only place he kissed me…”


Within the next 10 minutes we had closed out our tab and were saying our goodbyes to everyone at the table; Rachel had made it very clear she was ready to move on with the 2nd part of our night and I was more than happy to oblige her. Thankfully our leaving didn’t strike anyone as weird since everyone else had decided on a similar course, although I doubted any of them were in for as much fun as us! Ryan had apparently paid for his drinks earlier in the night, since he left shortly after he and Rachel had returned from their “trip” to the car, and had headed home by the time we were ready to leave.

Rachel and I walked noticeably faster than normal across the parking lot to our car;

as I unlocked the door and held it open for her she took her time, slowly grinding her ass against my crotch as she slid past, and I could feel my legs begin to weaken. Ryan lived about 15 minutes away from the restaurant, give or take a couple traffic lights, and I drove the way only half paying attention to my route. Rachel was off and on her phone during the drive.

“Ryan says the hot tub is warmed up and ready,” she said with a smile.

“Oh very nice. Are you excited?”

We were stopped at a red light as she looked over at me; my eyes met hers and instantly I didn’t need her to respond to know her answer. “Baby,” she replied, “I’m so very excited. I’ll be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about the last time Ryan came over.” The light turned green as her hand sneakily slid across the car and ended up caressing my inner thigh. “I mean it baby, I’ve been needing to get fucked by you two again. To canlı poker oyna make me cum…over and over again…” My cock was hardening quickly and Rachel knew it; her fingers began sliding up and down the length of my shaft, and even through my jeans I could feel the pressure from her long fingernails. It was almost too much, but I couldn’t find the words, or the will, to stop her. “Mmm seems like you’re excited about it too.”

“Fuck Rachel, I am. I want it again too.”

Another red light, the last one before we turned onto Ryan’s street and it’s a good thing too – I’m not sure I could’ve handled much more. Apparently though, Rachel wasn’t done teasing me just yet; while we waited at the light she leaned over and started planting soft kisses on my neck as her hand firmly grasped my now rock hard cock. “Mmm yes baby,” she whispered in between kisses, “You’re getting so hard just thinking about his cock going inside me, aren’t you?” I was speechless, although I did manage to squeak out a soft “Yes…” Rachel started stroking my cock through my jeans faster now, her grip tightening until it was just below the point of discomfort, something she knew drove me wild. As soon as the light turned green I took off down the street, turned the final corner, and in less than a minute we pulled into Ryan’s driveway.

I looked over at Rachel as she sat there smiling, my dick still throbbing against the denim of my pants; she just smiled and said “Keep that thing ready for me later baby.” She opened the car door and walked towards the house as I followed close behind, watching her ass shift from side to side with her stride. Ryan opened the door to greet us.

“Well fancy seeing you two here,” he said with a grin.

“Haha hopefully we didn’t keep you waiting,” I replied as I followed Rachel into the house.

“Oh,” said Ryan, “I’m sure you’re both well worth the wait.”

He led us through the living room and into the kitchen where he’d already poured a round of drinks – the usual whisky and ginger ale for him and I, and a tall glass of rose wine for Rachel.

“Awe,” Rachel said as he handed her the glass. “You shouldn’t have.”

Ryan and I clinked our glasses together and drank up. “So,” I said after my first sip, “where are the roomies?”

“Devan is out of town until the weekend, and Randall is staying over at his girlfriends house tonight. Honestly he’s over there more than here, but we still make him pay his share of all the bills haha!”

“Well,” said Rachel, licking a few drops of wine from her lips, “maybe she’s giving him a reason to stay.”

We both watched as she finished her wine, poured another tall glass, and led herself out of the kitchen door and towards the hot tub.

Ryan smiled and gestured towards me. “After you buddy.”

I followed her out of the door and noticed that she’d wasted no time in getting into the tub; her drink was resting on the edge, shorts and panties laying next to them, and she was turning her back to us just as she slid her bra off and entered the hot water.

“Oh my God…” was the only thing that I could utter.

“Aren’t you boys going to join me?”

Neither of us bothered to answer; instead we started frantically undressing. Ryan was first, sliding into the water and wading himself over to Rachel. For some reason I had figured this evening would start off slow, similar to the last time, but apparently Rachel had a different idea; as soon as Ryan reached her she wrapped one arm around his neck as the other slid under the water to his cock, and she immediately started kissing him deeply. Caught up watching the intensely erotic sight infront of me I fumbeled with the last bits of my clothing before finally climbing into the tub. By that point Ryan had one of her tits covered with his mouth, I could see her hand stroking the tip of his cock under the water, and judging by the sounds she was making his tongue was making her feel incredible. I immediately started kissing her and rubbing against her firm ass. Rachel opened her mouth for me and started attacking my tongue with hers, moaning into my mouth as we kissed. My cock was throbbing by this point and I started pressing it against her, grinding the tip between her ass cheeks.

After a minute in this position she broke off our kiss, pulled Ryan up to standing and reached under the water, one hand on each of our cocks. She alternated kisses between the two of us as her hands continued stroking just out of sight. Eventually she used her grips on our dicks to guide us to the edge of the hot tub.

“Sit.” she instructed, to which we didn’t argue. Rachel dropped to her knees in the steaming hot water and started stroking me again as she took most of Ryan into her mouth. Even over the sound of the jets in the hot tub I could hear her moaning and sucking noises as she bobbed her head up and down, Ryan’s hands wrapped tightly in her hair. She sucked him for a few seconds before switching to me, giving my cock the same enthusiastic treatment while fondling his balls and shaft. For several minutes she alternated between our two throbbing members internet casino in front of her before finally standing and pressing her 40dd tits against his chest as she kissed him wildly.

Without saying a word Rachel spun around, her ass grinding against his cock as she looked at me and said “Over there,” pointing to the opposite side of the tub. I didn’t bother to ask, just waded over to where she pointed. “Sit,” she said again, this time only to me. As soon as I sat down on the edge I watched as she reached between her legs and inserted Ryan’s hard dick into her pussy. “Ahhh,” she moaned as he filled her, letting her ass rest firmly against his pelvis. Slowly she started grinding into him, his hands around her hips guiding the movements, and a wicked smile across her face. Rachel noticed my cock still rock hard as I watched my friend slowly fuck her.

“Do you like this baby?” she asked.

“I…yes.” I stammered. “Yes I do.”

“Mmm,” her eyes lit up like fire. She pointed towards my dick. “Stroke it while you watch.” Without waiting for my response, Rachel leaned her weight forward, lifted her ass up until only the tip of him was inside her, then slammed herself back down. She went right into riding him hard, letting him cock ram her tight pussy over and over again. I stared, watching her tits bounce everytime she landed, and went right to slowly stroking my dick. It was intense, seeing her grind and ride Ryan furiously.

“Fuck yes Ryan,” Rachel screamed. “Fuck me harder!” His hips were thrusting up and down, meeting hers. “Faster,” she was talking to me now. “Stroke your cock faster as he fucks me.” I was besides myself at this point; Rachel had always been a highly sexual person our entire relationship, but this was something new. This was a whole new level of raw passion, and I was absolutely amazing to watch. “Oh baby,” she continued, “he’s fucking me so good. He’s so deep. Baby! Oh my God, I’m going to cum. Don’t stop Ryan, don’t stop!”

It was clear her dirty talk was driving him wild as well, since Ryan answered her request by practically lifting her hips off of his before slamming her backwards. It didn’t take long before her whole body began to shake as an orgasm overtook her. Rachel’s mouth opened wide but no sound came out; she simply shook from head to toe with Ryan still fully penetrating her. As soon as she regained her composure she stood up off of him, flipped around to her knees, and instantly took him deep into her throat. For an instant I didn’t even move, still in shock by the sexiness of watching my girlfriend cum on another man’s cock. As she continued sucking him she began waving her ass in the air, inviting me with her sexy tattoos and well-fucked pussy. I waded across the hot tub and settled in behind her, pushing my dick easily into her waiting hole.

“Ohh yes baby, give it to me…” she moaned.

As I started fucking her in and out, I reached forward and wrapped my hands in her long and thick brunette hair, using my grip to bob her head up and down Ryan’s shaft.

“Oh yeah Rachel,” Ryan moaned as he watched. “Suck my cock deep. Suck it while he fucks you.”

I could hear her moaning as she kept up, her hips meeting mine as I began thrusting into her harder.

“Ahh,” she gasped out. “Fuck me so good baby. I love it mmm.”

“You’re so damn sexy Rachel,” he continued. “Wrap those sexy fucking tits around my cock.

She pulled him out of her mouth and wrapped those amazing breasts around him, letting him fuck them while I continued in her pussy with passion. She alternated between sucking the head of his dick and kissing him as she jerked him off with her tits. I could feel myself nearing the edge, so I decided to slow down, not wanting to cum yet. Rachel took this as a sign of me stopping, and quickly pulled herself off of me. She moved to straddle Ryan again, only for him to take her by the hips, spin, and lift her onto the edge of the hot tub as he put his cock back inside her. Rachel’s legs wrapped around his waist as he started fucking her wildly, each thrust pushing his hard cock deeper into her craving pussy.

For a moment I stood off to the side watching; the hot tub didn’t really give me a good angle to join in on the fun, but to be honest it didn’t bother me too much. The sight of my beautiful and loving girlfriend being fucked this hard and this deep right in front of me turned me on more than I could have imagined.

“God yes Ryan,” Rachel breathlessly let out. “It feels so good. Fuck me like you said you would!”

Mmm, I thought to myself, I KNEW they’d been texting about meeting again.

Her pleas drove Ryan to wrap his hand tightly around her throat and squeeze, something I knew from personal experience would lead, very quickly, to a mind shattering orgasm for Rachel. And I was right; it didn’t take more than a few more seconds for her body to clench, leg muscles tighten as she held his cock in place, and her mouth to open wide in a silent scream of ecstasy as her body was rocked from one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever seen her have. As her waves of pleasure subsided Ryan slid out of her slowly, letting his cock linger every last second. I stood there with my throbbing cock in hand as Rachel slipped back into the warmth of the water, eyes closed and her incredible chest heaving up and down with deep inhales.

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