It Begins – Kathy’s Version of How



Many of you have read my brother’s version of our story. He told me about it and I wanted to read it, but he suggested that instead I write my version at least of how things began. It wasn’t as full of lust as many of you might like. Then again it was erotic to the extreme, as far as I’m concerned. So I guess it depends on what one is looking for.


Michael and I were always close in a sense, yet we were also siblings. We would fight over some of the silliest things yet I would never allow anyone to threaten him nor he me. We were close where it counted. Now how many of these stories have you read where the first few paragraphs are a gushing of facts about the fantastic physical characteristics of the people involved. Well there won’t be any of that here because despite my brother’s good looks, I was attracted to him more by his personality than anything.

He has a good heart. He has his faults, he has his moments of selfishness, and yes I mentioned, we fought. But I’ve never known him to do anything that would truly hurt anyone, least of all me. Oh he had plenty of opportunities. We confided many deep secrets in each other that could have done untold damage to the relationships with our friends. Yet no matter how mad he’d get when we fought, the thought of doing that sort of damage never occurred to either of us. It’s a sign that someone really cares when they protect you that way. And who doesn’t love a hero?

I first became aware of my brother as a “male” I think one summer swimming. We were staying at a place in Virginia Beach with our parents. I had wanted to stay home alone and just let them go so I could spend the two weeks partying with my friends. After all, I was 19 and even legally a woman. My father of course had other ideas. Once we were there of course the beach and the sun made me “almost” glad I did come, but I couldn’t let my parents know that.

Now Michael had spied on me before, and that turned me on. Not sure if it was the thought that someone was seeing my naked body or that it was my own brother and the naughtiness of it, or maybe I was just in that time of the month, but I do remember him peaking and I liked it deep down inside.

But here on the beach we went swimming together on our first day there. I had on a two piece suit. Certainly no bikini, but it at least was two piece. My parents were pretty strict, even though as I mentioned, I was 19+. They felt if I was going to live at home, it was under their rules.

Now Michael knew I was a bit shy of things like sharks in the ocean and basically anything else that swam there. Yet I loved the waves and salt water. Well his idea of fun was to sneak up and brush my leg or something. He’d swim up under water and brush, poke or grab me and no matter how many times he did it, it always caught me off guard.

So I began to keep close track of him as I tried floating around just relaxing and enjoying the day. If I saw him dive under I’d watch the wake and paddle out of his way. But even when I saw him coming, he’d catch me as I swerved out of his path. It became more of a game than anything scary and of course it escalated.

One pass he grabbed at me and got the tie on the back of my top. It opened and I had to stay down to retie it. Not sure if that was on purpose or an accident, but I know once he noticed what he’d done, he stayed close and wouldn’t let me alone to retie it. I couldn’t get out and just go up on shore to do it in peace since I would be topless, or practically. So I had to fight him off and try to stay a distance from him.

The swerving out, I stepped off a sandy drop-off and went under and came up paddling with my top in my hand. My chest was under water of course, but still I was topless out there. He kept coming at me from the shore side and I paddled backward and deeper. Then he dove under and came at me, but stopped popping his head up wide-eyed. He obviously had seen me there topless. Not sure he bursa escort had that day until then.

He had also seen my top hanging in my fist. With an evil grin he dove again and came toward me from that side. I tried pushing him away, but that extended my top to him and he grabbed it and began swimming toward shore. When we reached the drop-off, I planted my feet and pulled to stop him. He came up laughing, but I hollered to stop it in no joking way. He did and let go of my top but came closer as I began to put it back on. I was afraid to turn my back to him or he’d prevent me from ever retying the top but facing him, he could plainly see from close up my bare breasts.

“You like that,” I said in a disgusted voice.

He just grinned and shook his head yes.

“Pervert,” I said. But I couldn’t help the tingle of excitement I felt at standing outdoors topless talking to my brother, even if it was in the water.

I kept my angry look as I then walked up to the shore after getting it redone at last. He followed me and finally came closer and said, “I’m sorry. Don’t tell mom and dad.”

I looked back at him hustling along trying to keep up and said, “I’m not.” That was all I said, but in glancing back I did notice a bulge in his trunks as they clung to him now in shallow water. “You better do something about that though,” I said changing from a disgusted look to a smirk. I think it was at that moment I saw my brother as not just a sibling or family member, but a male, and one that could prove interesting if there were some way to accomplish it without seeming like I was coming on to him.

That night I laid in my bed and pictured the happenings of the day. I tried formulating a plan for getting even, while maybe finding out whether that wood he sported that day was because I was the turn on or just because he saw naked breasts. Probably the latter I thought although I noticed my hand had instinctively been twirling my pubic hair as my imagination wandered. Yes, that was it. I was turned on by my brother seeing my breasts. My mind shamed me at the thought, but my fingers betrayed my real feelings.

I let my fingers slip lower and I was wet — very wet at the thought. My clit was hard and protruding and ever so sensitive. Each touch sent shivers through me. My mind wandered some more and I pictured Michael’s finger down there. I made one frail attempt to push that aside, but the feelings were already gripping me. Soon I was trying desperately to remain silent as a shuddering orgasm blew through me.

The next morning I didn’t awaken until after 10. The sun was bright and hot coming through my window even in an air conditioned room. Looking at the clock I decided to dress in my swimsuit, grab a bite to eat and head out to the beach.

Coming into the kitchen I passed Michael and he too was dressed for swimming. I said good morning and asked him where our parents were. He said they went into town and would be back for lunch. I fixed some cereal and ate, idly chatting with Michael until I noticed him staring at me. Maybe not so much staring, but anytime I looked up his eyes were on me then he’d look away. Liked the feeling that I could attract him that way, even if he was my brother.

But I suppose my own pleasure at him watching every move I made, got me going again to some extent. I glanced down and noticed that my nipples were getting hard and definitely making indents in my top. My first reaction was shyness, but then I saw his eyes drawn right there to my nipples. It was again hot to know I had him staring at them and I justified myself that after all they were covered so there was no reason for me to be conscientious.

As I put my bowl over on the sink, from the corner of my eye I could see his eyes following me, but now on my rear. I took a little time to rinse the bowl, giving him extra time to peer. Then I headed in the other room. When out of site I pulled the bow on my top in the back so it was very loose. bursa escort bayan Then I asked if Michael would scratch my back. I made some excuse about the water drying out my skin. He of course obliged me.

First he scratched my upper back and I told him lower, moaning as seductively as I could while he did. Then I told him higher again until I had him scratching with his fingers under the tie in back. I would look back over my shoulder giving instructions and I could see what he was doing in the big mirror on the wall. The more he pushed the strap up the more it came loose until sure enough it came untied totally. I pretended not to notice since there was a strap around my neck holding the front mostly in place. But he stopped scratching.

“Don’t stop please,” I said to him. “That feels so good.”

Without saying a word he continued now but brushing the sides of the ties outward and separating them completely. When I could no longer ignore the loose feeling without seeming permissive, I said without turning, “What are you doing back there to my top?” It wasn’t an angry voice, but I had to make it at least sound concerned so he didn’t think I liked it.

“I… It just came opened,” he muttered.

I looked back with a knowing look and just said, “Uh hum. Well would you please tie it again.”

More relaxed now that he saw I wasn’t angry and I imagine driven more by hormones, as I handed him the ties on either side and then let go, he too suddenly let them go and yanked the bow on the tie around my neck. Suddenly my entire top was loose. Not just loose but falling off.

“MICHAEL!!” I shouted in a voice more surprised than angry I suppose.

Again he surprised me though as I fumbled to keep my top somewhat in place with one hand while grabbing for ties with the other. “Wow,” he said looking truly in awe. “Kathy, you really do have a great body.”

I could feel my face light up and the heat radiated from it instantly. All I could do was break out in a giggle and say, “Well thank you, but I don’t think you should be checking that out.”

“Why not,” he said as I fumbled with straps trying to keep as much covered as possible.

“Why not?” I said in reply. “Because you’re not, that’s all. You’re my brother.”

“So is it wrong for a brother to admire his sister or acknowledge that his sister is… well hot?” he finished.

So again he caught me off guard with that one. I stopped and stood holding my top over my breasts as best I could, puzzled and somewhat shocked at his response. “So you think I’m hot then?” I said after a pregnant pause trying not to sound like I was fishing for compliments.

“Well, duh,” he said looking down at his own trunks tenting now quite obviously. All I could do was giggle like some silly school girl.

“Can I see them?” he asked after we quit giggling and I began to try to redo the top.

My first instinct was to just fling it open and watch his reaction. But I had to maintain some sort of image of self control. God knows he didn’t have any! “No,” I said, but it didn’t even convince me.

“Come on Kathy, no one’s around,” he pleaded. I suppose the fact that I then paused encouraged him.

“What’s the harm?” he said.

I stood frozen, rolling my eyes and feeling the red roll through my face, down my neck and emblazon even my chest. I had paused too long. He knew he won, but I had to show hesitancy. Yet I wanted this probably more than he did.

“Come on, please!” he said.

It all happened in slow motion. It seemed to take hours in my head. It was as if I was watching a super slow motion video of myself with no control whatsoever of what was happening. First my eyes closed as I sighed out a deep breath of defeat. My eyes rolled back into my head as I felt my hands ever so slowly recede from my breasts with the small cloth clumsily covering them retreating as well. In my head I watched as the cups each leaned forward tantalizingly revealing more and escort bursa more of their holdings, until they were totally exposed — standing out naked before the eyes of my brother!

Only when I felt the top hit the floor at my feet did I awaken from this scenario. It wasn’t a dream; it wasn’t a picture in my head. I was actually standing clad only in my bottoms, naked from the waist up, in front of my brother. And it wasn’t by accident or prank. I was posing topless for him!

Trying to recover some composure. “There… seen enough?” I said, extending my hands out to the sides posing as if it were no big deal.

“No, never,” he said staring wide-eyed, perhaps because he didn’t truly think I’d do it. His trunks were now tenting so much that the leg of it was pulled out away from his skin. “Can I touch them?”

But my senses kicked in. That was going too far. Hell, this was going too far! “No, that’s all for the show today,” I said picking up my top and heading to the bath room to redress.

“For today,” he said with a lilt in his voice. “Then until tomorrow!” I could only giggle and kept walking.

In the bath room I saw a flushed, wanton face looking at me from the mirror. What may have started out as an embarrassed blush, was now a fully turned on flush. I stood there wishing Michael would come rushing through that door, throw me on the rug, rip my bottoms off and have his way with me. I was literally burning up with lust — lust for my own brother. This was the same brother that I thought of as the prankster with frogs and snakes, dirty fingernails and a snotty nose just last week. Now I knew if he so much as walked in and asked, I couldn’t deny him!

We went our own ways for a bit until our parents got back with pizza for lunch and ate. Then the four of us headed to the beach for a swim. I tried concentrating on the other hunks there on the beach, but after what had just happened, each one of them suddenly looked something like Michael.

After dinner that evening, Michael and I went down to the boardwalk and played a little sand volleyball with a group of guys and girls there. After a couple rounds, I went over and sat in a reclining beach chair. Michael soon followed.

“That was fun today,” he said an a subdued voice.

“What was,” I said trying to act naive, and maybe just being sure he was talking about what immediately passed through my head.

“You know… seeing you without your top,” he clarified.

I loved that he was still thinking of it as I had been, and I was very flattered that it impressed him like it did. “Oh you’ve seen a girl’s boobs before,” I said, not wanting to end the conversation, but definitely not wanting him to know I enjoyed it.

“Yes, but this was special,” he said.

I looked at him genuinely questioning that statement, but tried to make it look simply inquisitive. “In what way?”

“Well, this was my beautiful sister actually displaying her ‘charms’ to me and not just me sneaking a peek,” he said with a snicker.

“Oh, you’ve been peeking have you?” I said playfully.

“Well, you’ve caught me so you know I have,” he replied.

“So you’re telling me you’re still at it then,” I said. “That was a couple months ago that I caught you.”

“Every chance I can,” he laughed.

“When was the last time,” I prodded.

“Yesterday when you put your suit on,” he admitted snickering.

“No!” I said, genuinely incredulous, yet loving the thought.

“Yeah but I have never had a thorough view like the one I saw yesterday when you actually allowed me to look!” he said excitedly. “I never thought about it, but your permission lifted it to a whole new level.”

“Yes, I saw it was ‘lifted’ quite a bit at the time,” I smirked.

The sun was going down and about this time mom came by and “suggested” that we head back. We’re adults, but when mom suggests something, we still comply.

As the days went by I began to come to my senses a bit. My brother — he just isn’t a suitable partner. Everyone says incest is bad. I need to put him out of my head in that way. Yet I had seen him from different eyes. I had looked where no woman should look and I liked what I saw. An ember was sparked that would smolder on….

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