It is a Great Thing To Do Ch. 01

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It is a great thing to do, to let your sexual desires go loose, go free and see what happens. As a result of this idea, this lifestyle, I have had a get “sexual life”, a free one, open to exploration with no inhibitions. What follows is but a single chapter in my “sexual life”, I hope you enjoy this story it is based on true events.

As many women as would “get into it”, I had playing with my ass, pegging me and fist fucking me for about twelve years. This was not the “yes mistress no mistress” stuff; it was and is sensual, non-BDSM anal play performed on my ass. It often did turn into controlled domination and roll play as long as it is done slow and deep, to bring off the one getting fisted or pegged, as slow as possible to achieve maximum intensity upon orgasm. I would submit to them and allow or agree to let them use me to fulfill their own sexual kinks or fantasies in this area and some others. Everyone has sexual fantasies; it is however, only the brave ones with little or no inhibitions and courage that ever get to live any of them out.

I was out late one night at a bar by the local International Airport, which had not yielded any potential “girlfriends,” so I decided to head for the door. One of the female bar tenders made a gesture and offered me a last free drink. It was brandy, in the correct glass, warmed to the correct temperature; she was definitely cultured I though to myself; I accepted.

We made small talk over the brandy; and I told her my name was James Brock and she confessed to spying on me over the past several nights. I was shocked, and asked her why she had not “made the move” sooner. She stated company rules and that her “Witch” of a boss was not there tonight, so she made her move. I was glad she did.

Her smile was intoxicating to say the least, dark red lips, tongue pierced with a shiny stainless steel barbell, bright blue eyes, great tan, wavy black hair brushed straight back, several gold ear piercings in each ear, her right nostril was pierced with a small diamond and she had French nails at the end of her meticulously manicured hands. God, I thought, to have those hands inside me, deep, with my ass muscles closing down around her wrist? Would her nails hurt? Would they scratch, probably? Would they hurt…so good they would hurt, I hoped. She said her name was Veena Nash; it sounded sultry rolling out of that mouth of hers, as she said.

“My name is Veena Nash.” She said.

Her lips coated with dark red lipstick, the glint of light off her piercing. I started to get an erection right there and had to clear my mind of these thoughts. She had a tight white top on showing a generous amount of tanned cleavage. Her top ended just above her navel, which was pierced as well with some kind of stone in in a gold setting with two pearls in a small gold chain, they giggled back and forth as she moved those hips. Her jeans or pants, I could not tell which with her being behind the bar, were low on her hips and tight as well with a thin belt, which the buckle looked like a gold square knot. The belt was not needed; she had a great rear end that would definitely have no problem keeping those pants in place. She rounded the end of the bar to come and sit next to me. She had on a pair of black spiked healed boots with her pants tucked in they came up just below the knee with small buckles down the sides. She was really nice, easy going and asked if I was hungry for a midnight snack. I was no fool so you know what the answer was.

We sat in the diner, across the street and down four storefronts, only for an hour, she had tea, I a coffee, I ate nothing nor did she. She said with this job this hour of the night was her afternoon and she was not really hungry; she just wanted to get out of the bar and be alone so we could talk. I laughed and said it was Friday, no work tomorrow so I was good,

“I am all yours.” I said.

After a while we looked at each other and smiled, I asked her to come home with me, she said no. I asked her for her number, she said she would give it to me when I left her house tomorrow afternoon…that blew me away. She stood up took my hand and we walked to her car. I told her mine was in the bar parking lot, she said it would be OK and to just leave it there. I was beginning to have some questions, a bartender with a home not an apartment; her car turned out to be an Audi, where was this going? Who was she really? I said, OK, with a little question in my tone. She smiled and said.

“Look, I have another confession besides spying on you, I own the bar and work there when an employee is sick or on vacation, and I saw you for the third time and figured, why not. Your car is safe don’t worry, and I am not an axe murderer.”

She smiled; I just shook my head yes and smiled back at her.

We were at her house in 45 minutes; it was a nice place, secluded with some woods behind the house as well as a yard, pool and Jacuzzi. The adjoining houses could not really get a good look of the yard I liked that. She turned on the lights and I found casino şirketleri myself in a clean, well-furnished two story 7-bedroom home. We sat in the living room on a love seat facing out to the pool area drinking some more brandy she had put together and talking. I moved in close and we started down the road of kissing and feeling each other up; seeing how far we could go before the other pulled back. She was aggressive while kissing and clawing at my back, I responded by pulling her on top of me to get her legs around me. She pulled back and made a comment I found exciting, she said the word, with a moan and a smile.

“A bottom.”

I got her top off and found that the bra was not padded at all; her nipples were pierced with gold barbells and she had no tan lines, which made me think, and hope it was the same for the rest of her body. A few minutes later, noticing my erection, she said we should use the pool, she stood up took off what was left of the cloths, revealing no TAN LINES, which spurred my already stout erection on even further, that and the fact that she had a pierced clit and shaved pussy as well. I was relieved at that, I am shaved myself, both front and back, which makes for better sensations while getting penetrated and stroked. I stood up and revealed my cock and balls and she stood staring at my clean shaven erect cock, moaned, dropped to her knees and started sucking me, holding my balls in one hand while the other hand was searching the crack of my ass, her French nails raked through the crack of my ass sending chills up my spine. She grabbed my ass cheek and squeezed hard digging her nails in while she deep throated me by pulling my balls to her chin with her hand. Showing no control at all I moaned and further responded by widening the spread of my feet on the floor giving her better access to my ass. She pulled back, my cock slick with her saliva now, and looked up, smiled and moved her hands to my hips and turned me around in one motion, I instinctively reached forward for the end of the couch, then it came, her breath on my asshole, I said.

“Oh fuck that feels so good.”

I heard her giggle, and then her mouth was over my asshole and her tongue was worming its way inside of me with a hand on either cheek spreading me open. After a few minutes I could not take it, and my knees gave out, I went forward to the couch. She stood, slapped my ass, not hard but like she was in charge. I stood up turned to her and she reached out and wrapped her right hand around me cock. I looked down and saw how sexy her manicured hand, with its French nails and perfect tan, looked holding my cock. She squeezed and a drop of pre-cum came out, she sighed, I could feel the pulse in her hand, it was almost in sink with my throb. She stepped back turned and pulled me to the sliding glass door and out to the pool by my cock. She had this look in her eye, like she wanted to ask me something but did not know how. What she didn’t know is she could have done anything she wanted to me at that point.

We jumped in the pool and in a few minutes were on the incline ramp of the Jacuzzi with my head between her legs going at her clit as hard as she went at my cock. She was responding to everything I was doing when she pulled back, held my head in her hands and looked into my eyes trying to say something. I smiled and looked at her.

“If you have something to ask me Veena just ask, I won’t run.” I said.

I could tell she was nervous and then she asked.

“Baby, Steve, do you take it in the ass, from men, I mean, you are shaved front and back, you like your ass played with, are you Bi?”

I looked at her and just smiled and said.

“I have never been with a guy, I just like to be penetrated by women, their tongues, fingers, strapons, large dildos, the best is a good fist fucking.”

She looked at me in shock and said.

“You’re so well built, great looking, smart, great ass. I was trying to figure it out, sorry if I got it wrong, are you touchy about “gay” in any way.”

I let her know it was ok, and that many women have thought the same. She was relieved to find that out, and a look of desire came over her face.

I crawled up and started kissing her thinking to myself how I wanted this to play out. After a few minutes of heavy kissing we started talking again and she confessed she always wanted to see two guys fuck in front of her, and had this idea in her head that I might be the guy to lead her down that path, but now she said she was thinking other kinky things. I asked her a question also; about her body and her jewelry, she came clean and said over the past five years she had lived out several sexual fantasies, one was to be a stripper in a club, totally nude in front of men; this she said, turned her on and also to be nude in front of women as well. I could see it really turned her on to talk about her body and what she had added to it along with her confessing her fantasies and experiences, her pussy was oozing. She would go to nude beaches as well just to see casino firmaları if she could cause an erection when she walked around the beach nude with all her piercings.

Then she floored me and told of the latest fantasy she lived out just six months ago, to be gangbanged by more than seven guys. I was shocked, what guts she had to tell me, she smiled and said she had also taped it; her friend from the town she grew up in was a makeup artist in the porn industry and set it up for her. She said she loved it and was thinking what to do next, and then she just looked at me and stared. My cock grew very hard again, she noticed and playfully slapped it, then held it in her hand, squeezed it and rubbed her thumb over the tip of my cock, I twitched involuntarily, and then she looked me in the eye and said in a low serious tone.

“I want to fist fuck you baby…until you cum…until you shoot your cum up onto your chest, like those guys in the porn movies do while they have a hung stud fucking them up the ass hard and deep…will you let me fist fuck you baby?”

My answer was to lean in and kiss her open mouthed and while breaking the kiss quickly moaning,

“Fuck yes…yes do it.”

She was panting and never took a deep breath and smiled, stood up and said,

“You stay right here baby…I will be back in a minute…I have some lube…gloves and other things we might need.”

I sat there, watching her walk away from me toward the house, nude, wet, glistening in the moonlight, knowing she was going to fist fuck me until I shot off onto my chest like she wanted. At that moment my blood was hotter than the water in the Jacuzzi water; I was ready for her, that day I had eaten very little and drank a lot of fluids at the gym. Before going out earlier in the evening, “just in case”, I cleaned myself out with my “hot shot” showerhead several times as a precaution to a situation just like this one. My ass was hers and it was clean. I had just never had nails like that before inside me, French nails, this will feel different I thought to myself.

Lost in erotic thought, and not realizing how much time had passed, I saw her emerge from the open sliding glass door with a tray in her hands holding many bottles, and some kind of leather bands. I caught her eye; she stopped, and said,

“I have been gone about ten minutes and you are still hard, I am impressed.”

I looked down and noticed I had pre-cum flowing from my cock. I responded by looking her right in the eye and saying,

“Have you seen you, I mean, you are a man’s dream, articulate, uninhibited, sexy and naked.”

She laughed and started walking toward me again closing the distance I could see she had brought some lubes with her, a butt plug and black latex rubber gloves; next to them were some leather wrist and ankle restraints. She put the tray down and noticed me eyeing the leather and said,

“You don’t have to wear them baby if you don’t want to I just figured we could try them if we wanted to, they could hold your legs back in position rather than have you hold them up.”

I told her that in the past I have had my legs tied back and secured in many positions so as to provide easy access to my ass for penetration. She knelt down and lifted my legs one at a time and put the cuff on each ankle then placed them along the railings on either side of me and wrapped the chain around. This supported my legs perfectly and I moaned softly as I let the cuff take the weight of my legs and I relaxed. I could she noticed this and decided to tell her something that turned her head and made her smile, I said.

“I will do anything you want me to do Veena, just tell me what it is and then do it to me.”

She leaned in close and kissed me, her tongue went into my mouth and her hands went to my nipples, she pinched them lightly and then pushed down on me making contact like she was in position to fuck me if she had a cock or a strap-on. She kept her tongue in contact with my body the whole time as she slid down my body, sucking then biting my nipples, chest, cock, then balls. Then she went right into my asshole, her hands were on the backs of my tights pushing them into my chest, her mouth covered my hole and her tongue was again worming its way into me. My erection was throbbing and twitching with every dart of her pierced tongue, I could feel the barbell against my opening and then deeper, and I could feel texture of her long pink tongue as she wiggled it as deep as she could driving it into me. I have no idea how I was able to keep from Cumming but I did, I wanted it to last. Most of all I wanted her to fist me.

Suddenly, her mouth was away, there was a slap, a sharp crack on my ass from her right hand. She stood up fast, looked down at me those blue eyes and said,

“You are so fucking hot, I want to make this last, are you comfortable on your back, lets get a pad under you; there is one on that chase lounge over there, let me get it.”

She was back in a flash. I grabbed onto the railings and pulled myself güvenilir casino up and she slid the pad under me. With my back now cushioned I was ready. She placed her hand my ass and started to circle my hole with two fingers applying a little pressure. Her other hand was on the back of my right thigh, she put her nails out like a cats claw and wreaked from the back of my knee to my ass cheek, I involuntarily twitched and moaned; she looked me in the eye and said.

“I will leave your hands free baby so you can stroke your cock while I fist fuck your ass, Ok, or do you want to be restrained altogether?”

I was breathing heavily and said.

“I would like my hands free, but if you want me totally tied down so I am completely yours when you do me, just do it…do it.”

Her breathing was racing and she was shaking a little, and said.

“I have never done this before, do you want me to go fast or slow, and do you want me to start with the plug…should I wear a glove?”

I asked her and showed her how to put her hand in the standard duckbill position with her thumb in the middle of her four fingers and that she could skip the plug, I was so hot at that point the plug may have sent me over the top. Then said that gloves are great but the feel of human skin, live human skin, feels so good sliding in and out of me she could skip the glove. She just stared at me and breathed in and then moaned at my words. I then wrapped my fingers around her hand at her knuckles, the widest part of her hand, and realized she had a big hand, and why wouldn’t she, she was five foot eleven, I said.

“You have such big hands baby, you will be the biggest I have taken so far, go slow and you will know when I am ready to take you to your wrist; you will feel me open up for you.”

Looking down at me she lubed her hands all the way up to her elbows and smiled. She then poured lube on my asshole, balls and cock and slowly started sliding her fingers in and out. She was using a good quality thick water based anal lube; I like this type the best. First one finger then two and then she went up from there; I responded like never before, moaning and asking for more. In a matter of minutes she had four in and started massaging my balls with her thumb on the bottom of her stroke in. Then, in a husky voice, she looked up and said.

“I am going to put my thumb in now baby, you fucking ready for it?”

Before I could respond she just slide in her four fingers and thumb up to her knuckles and then just past them. My eyes opened wide and I sucked in air in an involuntary response, my cock twitched again and I moaned out loud and said.

“Oh fuck, you feel so fucking good Veena.”

She looked at me and smiled, panting she said.

“Feels so fucking good does it, lets go deeper babe.”

She started twisting her hand left and right, it was at this time I could feel her French nails and moaned.

“Nails, fucking nails baby, OH, Veena.”

She stopped, a look of concern on her face, and then must have remembered what I had said earlier; she continued fisting of my asshole and said.

“You can take it babe…come on Steve and take it for me baby…I am not going to fuck-in stop now…fuck-in take it.”

She started twisting and banging into me each time going a little further in, stretching my asshole over the widest part of her hand and said, between pants.

“Baby…this is so fucking hot…your ass is such a turn on…watching it open and stretch…fuck…”

She started pushing in past her knuckles and then pulling right out again making me grown each time…

“…I have my knuckles and whole hand almost in you, do you want more?”

I hissed through clenched teeth.

“Yes…please go…I can take it…I want it…you feel so good…Veena.”

She moaned, I could feel her hand shake and she said.

“Fuck yeah…you’re a slut…a fucking slut.”

And then slid her hand the rest of the way into me in one steady push. She was moaning with me as she did this, looking down at her hand going inside and she said.

“OH FUCK BABY…I am in you…I can feel your ass muscles like a fucking band around my wrist…Bitch…you are hot…good boy…what a good boy…so hot you are.”

I was panting, realizing that she was really into it turned me on like never before and I found I wanted more, saying.

“Go…Veena…as deep as you can and turn your hand from side to side while you pump your fist in and out of me…I fucking love it.”

I could barely get the words out. I was covered in sweat, as was she; she was stunning in the moonlight leaning over me, I was hers, all hers to fuck as she felt like.

She started pumping and twisting in and out of me, going a little deeper each time, until I had her at her mid forearm. She quickly got the idea that her French nails added to the stimulation of my prostate gland. She would twist her hand in such a way as to rake her thumbnail right over my gland followed by the other four. This made my eyes roll back in my head and moan; yeah she had me. I started stroking my cock involuntarily, she saw this and shot some additional lube on my cock and balls then took my balls in her free hand, squeezing gently, and said.

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