It’s A Man’s World Ch. 06

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First the last few lines of part 5:

‘This holiday was very enjoyable,’ Madhu didi said, ‘how I wish it could go on for ever.’

‘It can, if you wish,’ Amit replied.

‘How?’ Rashmi didi inquired.

‘Shamit and I have already given it lot of thought,’ Amit explained, ‘Mohan and Abhi could give up their present jobs and shift to our city.’

‘We could have shifted too, but to wind up an established business is not desirable,’ Shamit clarified.

‘With their qualifications and experience, it will be easy to find a good, I would say, even a better job,’ Amit continued, ‘They can start their own business if they so desire. We have lots of contacts and it won’t be difficult to make it go.’

‘Don’t worry about money. If they don’t mind then we can advance it or help them to get it from banks,’ Shamit concluded.

‘We all could live together and have fun like we did here,’ Shamit added, ‘we plan to shift into a bigger place anyway and if you decide to join us then we could always find a house large enough for four families.’

‘It is an idea worth thinking about,’ jiju replied.

‘Can we bring our maids with us,’ Madhu didi asked. ‘Of course,’ Shamit laughed, ‘without Kanchi and Tulsi our group will be incomplete.’

Now for part 6:

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The holiday was over and we returned to our respective homes. Sarit and I were very happy that our marriage was firmly back on tracks. Our husbands were also happy that their demands had been met to their entire satisfaction.

The twins spoke very highly of jiju and jijaji. They said that they were very intelligent, knowledgeable and good organizers. With these qualities, they are wasting their talent in a nine to five job and sincerely hope that they start their own business.

We soon returned to our pre-holiday routine. Two weeks later, I missed my days. ‘Omigosh, I think I am on the hop,’ I said to Sarit.

‘Me too, I am four days overdue,’ she giggled, ‘shall we tell them?’

‘No, first let us be certain,’ I suggested.

After a pregnancy test, our gynecologist confirmed that we were carrying. In the evening we broke the good news to our husbands.

‘We are delighted but tell us how did this happen?’ they asked.

‘Omigosh Sarit, apparently they have a very short memory. They have already forgotten that in Shimla, four virile men fucked us silly and now when the result is before them, they ask how could this happen,’ I replied, sarcastically.

‘Daarrling, calm down,’ Shamit said, hugging me, ‘how can we forget the good times we all had in Shimla but we thought you were on the pill.’

‘Oops, the pills finished couple of days after we reached Shimla and I forgot to ask you to get more,’ I replied.

‘What about you, my sweet,’ Amit asked Sarit.

‘I take them but not so regularly as earlier,’ she replied.

‘So, now we know why you got pregnant,’ Shamit smiled.

‘We realize that we were careless but we hope you are not angry with us,’ I said apologetically.

‘Not at all,’ Amit replied, hugging both of us, ‘we are pleased as punch. We always wanted to have kids of our own.’

‘Oh, oh,’ I said, ‘I really don’t now who the real father is.’

‘Who cares, I don’t,’ Shamit said, ‘I am the father of your baby. I think Amit is of the same opinion.’

‘You are right,’ Amit said, excitedly, ‘Oh Sarit, I am so happy.’

In the morning, I rang up my sister to give her the good news. ‘Didi,’ I shouted, excitedly into the receiver, ‘can you believe it, both Sarit and I are pregnant. Please tell Rashmi didi also.’

‘Congratulations! I am so happy for you both,’ Madhu didi replied, ‘I have also news for you. First, Abhi and Mohan have decided to chuck up their jobs and start their own business. Tell Amit that we will be with you in a month.’

‘WOW!’ Sarit screamed, into the phone, ‘it will be like Shimla again.’

‘What is the other news?’ I asked impatiently.

‘The second news is that Rashmi and I are also pregnant, Madhu didi giggled.

‘Congratulations!’ Sarit and I shouted into the phone together.

‘Didi, how did they react, when you told them the news? I asked, when we calmed down.

‘Oh, you mean about becoming a father?’ didi asked, ‘Oh, I know what you mean, there was no problem, they are very happy. Did you have…’

‘None at all,’ I replied interrupting her, ‘both of them are overjoyed.’

‘Have you told mummy?’ I asked.

‘Not yet, you tell her,’ Madhu didi replied.

An hour later, I called mummy. As chance would have it Sarit’s mother was visiting her.

‘Mummy, I have some good news,’ I said, ‘Jiju and jijaji are shifting to our city with their families.’

There was slight pause, I think mummy was telling aunt Lila the news.

‘We are thrilled. We will have all our children near us and see both our grandchildren more often,’ mummy replied, happily.

‘Why only two, why not all six?’ I giggled.

‘WHAT! Oh my God! Lila, did you bayan escort hear that, all four of them are expecting,’ Mummy said loudly, unable to contain her excitement, ‘here, take the phone, I am too excited to talk.’

‘Congratulations! Your trip to Shimla has turned out to be very productive,’ aunt Lila laughed.

‘Yes, it would seem so,’ I giggled. Only if they knew what went on in Shimla

The only change in our daily routine was that now Shamit and Amit would talk with jiju and jijaji for hours at a stretch, discussing business, money including our new house. One evening Amit told them that he had found a suitable house and they could come anytime.

On the following Sunday we all went to see it. The house was located on the outskirts of the city. It was an old building with relatively small lawn. It was erected on a 3500 square yard plot with a high boundary wall all round it, screening it from the view of any passersby.

‘I purposely chose a house with a small garden, which we can easily maintain without the prying eyes of gardeners,’ Amit said, explaining away the small garden before anyone of us could complain about it.

‘I like small gardens,’ Sarit said.

‘Do you see that big mango tree?’ Amit continued, pointing to a large mango tree standing in the center of the lawn, ‘Under such a mango tree, our English teacher, Mrs. Dolly, gave Shamit and me, our first lesson in sex. Shamit, do you remember?’

‘Very vividly, with many more lessons to follow,’ Shamit laughed.

‘I hope you want to repeat that experience with us now,’ the ever cock hungry, Sarit giggled.

‘Of course, with all of you,’ Shamit added.

‘The house looks very old,’ I commented, steering the conversation to the present.

‘It is nearly fifty years old, it belonged to an aristocrat,’ Amit said proudly, showing us around.

‘You mean you have bought it?’ Sarit asked, surprised.

‘Yes, I got it dirt cheap,’ Amit replied.

‘May be so but it does look a bit run down, doesn’t it?’ I said cautiously.

‘All it requires is petty repairs, a coat of paint and polish. You will not recognize it when I am done with it,’ Amit replied, brushing aside my reservations, ‘The contractors and the landscapers starts their work tomorrow.’

A few days before the families of our sisters were expected, we shifted into our new house. Amit was right. The contractors had changed the house beyond recognition. The house looked beautiful.

The landscapers had also done a superb job. They had planted fresh grass, seasonal flowers and placed groups of earthen flower pots, with evergreens and long stemmed flowers at strategic points.

The majestic mango tree was still there but four broad marble benches with backrest had been erected around it. Shamit must have seen me looking at the benches.

‘It was my idea,’ he laughed, ‘I thought, with a mattress on top they will be more comfortable than grass.’

The house was sparsely furnished. ‘We didn’t have enough furniture to furnish the whole house,’ Amit explained, apologetically, ‘I have requested Mohan and Abhi to bring their furniture with them.’

On the appointed day both the families arrived with bag and baggage accompanied by two truckloads of furniture. ‘Oh what a beautiful house,’ the newcomers raved. Proudly Amit conducted them round the house, pointing out their rooms.

‘This is where we can be in the open and still have complete privacy,’ he said, stepping out into the open-air paved courtyard surrounded by high walls, ‘In olden days, it was meant for the ladies. We plan to use it for our love games, whenever we want to do it under the sun or in the moonlight. Ladies, with your comfort in mind, I have placed four benches at strategic places.’

By eight in the evening, we had managed to stow away the furniture and settle everyone in their respective room.

‘Boy, I am tired now. We will do the rest in the morning,’ Madhu didi said.

‘Let’s go to the study and drink a toast to welcome you and to the start of a new life together. Adi, ask the maids to join us also,’ Shamit suggested.

After we had drunk the toasts Shamit said, ‘May I have your attention please. Now that we all are going to live together, we must have some rules to go by, so that we don’t get into each other’s hair.’

‘Why must we have rules?’ Sarit complained, ‘can’t we just live like we did in Shimla?’

‘Shimla was a temporary affair but now it is for keeps. Remember petty misunderstandings lead to big wars.’ Shamit added.

‘Sarit, he is right,’ Rashmi didi stated, ‘each of us must know our duties and responsibilities.’

‘Let me start with the maids. They will do what maids normally do, clean and cook. Madhu, being the eldest, will run the household assisted by Rashmi. Adi and Sarit being more familiar with the markets of the city, will do the shopping and chip in wherever and whenever required.’

‘What are you guys going to do, sit on your backside and play with your tools?’ I asked, sarcastically.

‘No. We will govern. For this purpose we have formed a Council. Mohan, being the eldest, will be it’s chairman and Abhi, Amit and I, it’s members. We will take all policy decisions, which will be binding on all of us.’

‘Hey, hey, wait a minute,’ Sarit complained, ‘You mean to say that the ladies will have no say in things around here.’

‘Normally no, but you can always make a suggestion,’ Shamit clarified, ‘The chairman will consider it. Then whatever he decides will be final.’

‘By gad, this is not fair,’ Sarit exclaimed.

‘Who says life is fair to you ladies?’ Amit chipped in, ‘Haven’t you heard mama proclaim to all and sundry that it’s a man’s world.’

‘Let it be, if life gets too oppressive then we’ll find a way to deal with it,’ I advised Sarit.

‘All right, now we come to a very important aspect of living together. Who is going to sleep with whom?’ Mr. Chairman said, ‘The Council has decided that tonight each husband will take his family to bed, Shamit will bed Adi and Basanti, Abhi will fuck Rashmi and Kanchi and so on.’

‘Tomorrow the men will sleep with the two ladies they have deflowered. Thereafter, each night after dinner, the men will pull out two slips, with names of ladies on it, from a jar, to decide with whom they are going to spend the night.’

‘Saturdays will be ladies night. Ladies will draw the slips and the men, so chosen, will be theirs till Monday morning.’

‘I object,’ Sarit said, ‘Why should we have the same man for two consecutive nights? I suggest that we draw again on Sunday night.’

‘Fair enough, I agree,’ Mr. Chairman conceded.

‘What about the children? Who will look after them at night?’ Rashmi didi inquired.

‘Good point,’ Mr. Chairman replied, ‘Any lady, who is not “fuckable” will sleep with the kids in the nursery. If none is, then we will draw lots.’

‘Don’t look so perplexed,’ Amit explained to the maids, ‘it will be as it was in Shimla,’

‘Hey bhagwan, kya ab yeh dono bhi mujhe chodenge? (Oh my God, now these two will also fuck me?)’ Tulsi asked.

‘Tulsi, I don’t want any trouble from you otherwise I will have to slap you,’ Madhu didi said.

‘Tulsi, what have you been up to?’ Shamit inquired.

‘Nothing, ask madam,’ Tulsi replied, blushing.

‘This girl is the limit. I’ll tell you what happened,’ Madhu didi said, ‘after our holiday she was a changed person. Couple of days later, Mohan asked her to join us in our bedroom.

She refused. ‘No, I won’t do it any more, I have sinned enough,’ she replied. I tried to persuade her but she kept repeating, ‘No, I won’t sin anymore.’ As our purpose had been served, we didn’t press her.

A week later Rashmi and Abhi came visiting. ‘Tulsi, how is your tight choot doing?’ Abhi asked her, ‘come into the guestroom, let’s have some fun.’

She refused, repeating that she won’t sin anymore.

‘Come on sweetheart, don’t be difficult,’ Abhi said, trying to persuade her, ‘Kanchi let’s me fuck her whenever I want.’

‘Why come to me, go fuck her,’ she replied, rudely.

‘What is with her?’ Abhi asked, after Tulsi had returned to the kitchen.

‘She has been like this ever since our return,’ I told him, ‘Mohan also wanted her but got the same reply.’

‘Hmmm, I think she has turned religious again,’ Abhi said, after thinking for couple of minutes added, ‘Don’t worry, I promise that I will fuck her within a week.’

We forgot about it, as fucking Tulsi was very low on our priority list.

On the following Sunday, to our surprise, Tulsi ushered Abhi, in the garb of a sadhu as on earlier occasion, into our sitting room.

‘Look ma’am who is here?’ she said, grinning happily.

‘GOD IS GREAT!’ Abhi said loudly, by way of greeting, ‘I was in the vicinity and thought I would check how things were with this child,’

‘Maharaj, you have blessed our humble home and us by your august presence,’ Mohan replied, respectfully, containing his laughter with difficulty.

‘How are you, my child?’ he asked Tulsi, ‘And your parents, I hope they are well?’

‘Oh maharaj, they are well. Thanks to you, nothing untoward has happened to them,’ Tulsi gushed, happily, ‘Everything happened as you had predicted and I did all you had told me to do to free myself from the evil spirit.’

‘Let me check,’ Abhi said, ‘Child, bring me a glass of water.’

‘Of course maharaj,’ Tulsi replied, going to the kitchen.

‘Ab main iss haramzadi ko chodunga (Now I am going to fuck this bitch,’ Abhi whispered to us, ‘I am counting on your help, if required.’

‘Here maharaj,’ Tulsi said, offering him a glass of water, ‘I have also brought fresh fruits.’

With lots of play-acting and rigmarole, Abhi reached out for the glass of water.

‘Congratulations my child, now you are free of the evil spirit,’ Abhi pronounced, taking a big gulp of water.

‘Maharaj, it is all because of you,’ Tulsi replied.

‘If that is so then give me my dakhshina (there is no translation of this word. The nearest that meaning I would say is fees),’ Abhi said.

‘How stupid of me, I should have thought of it myself,’ Tulsi responded, ‘Maharaj, I am not rich but whatever little I have is yours.’

‘Child, what will I do with money. By the grace of God I have many patrons; who look after my daily requirements,’ Abhi replied, looking towards the ceiling, ‘but I have other needs which they can’t satisfy.’

‘Maharaj, I have nothing else to offer,’ Tulsi replied, perplexed.

‘Child, you have something more precious than money.’ Abhi said.

‘Maharaj, tell me what you desire and I’ll give it to you, if within by powers,’ Tulsi replied, respectfully.

‘You can give me the same thing that you gave others, to save your parents from certain death,’ Abhi said, going for the kill.

‘K…K…Kya keh rahe hain aap? (W…W…What are you saying)’ Tulsi stuttered, cringing, ‘A…A…Aap mujhe chodena chahate hain (Y…Y…You want to fuck me).’

‘Who wouldn’t? You are young and beautiful,’ Abhi replied.

‘B…B…But you are a man of religion?’ Tulsi stuttered.

‘Yes but alas, we are also human,’ Abhi replied.

‘Sorry, I can’t let you do what you want,’ Tulsi said.

‘WHAT! FIRST YOU SAY ASK AND THEN YOU DARE TO REFUSE ME,’ Abhi shouted, enraged. Then pouring some water from the glass in his right palm, raised it above his head, ‘I am going to put a curse on you.’

‘Maharaj, please don’t!’ I intervened, ‘I think she is confused. Let me talk to her.’

‘I am waiting,’ Abhi declared, standing motionless in the same posture and glaring angrily at Tulsi.

I took Tulsi aside. ‘Tulsi have you taken leave of your senses?’ I said to her.

‘But madam, I can’t agree. It is a sin,’ she replied.

‘I would have agreed with you if you had been a virgin but not after four men have already fucked you,’ I explained to her, ‘One man more matter.’

‘But madam…’ she started but I interrupted her.

‘No buts. You stupid girl, do you realize what will happen? He will place a curse on you and your parents,’ I said, pausing to let it sink in, ‘All you have done including the sacrifice of your virginity will go waste.’

‘Oh madam, I don’t know what to do?’ she wailed.

‘Tell me are you still taking those pills I gave you?’ I asked, before Abhi knocks her up and her parents descend on me.

‘What pills? Oh those! Yes, I forgot to discontinue them,’ she replied innocently.

‘In that case, I suggest you give him what he wants,’ I advised her.

‘Okay,’ she replied, tough unhappily.

‘Come,’ I said and taking her by the hand stood her before Abhi, ‘Maharaj, please forgive her. She is young. She has realized her mistake and wants to apologize.’ I said but Tulsi remained silent.

‘Tulsi, say what you want to say,’ I said, prodding her in the ribs, ‘Maharaj is waiting.’

‘Maharaj, I did not mean to insult you, please forgive me,’ Tulsi apologized with folded hands, ‘I am ready to obey you.’

‘God is great. Now that you have realized your mistake, I forgive you.’ Abhi said, lowering his arm and turning to me added, ‘shall I collect my due here on the floor in front of you, or you have a comfortable alternative with more privacy?’

‘Maharaj, you can use the guestroom if you so desire,’ Mohan replied, pointing to the guestroom door.

Abhi led Tulsi into the guestroom but left the door slightly ajar so that we could also witness his success.

‘Call Rashmi, ask her to come here immediately,’ Mohan whispered to me. I went to my bedroom to call her. ‘Rashmi come here immediately otherwise you’ll miss all the fun,’ I told her.

‘I can’t. I am about to give Sonny his bath,’ she replied.

‘Bring him with you,’ I said, ‘he can have his bath here but come quickly.’

‘Has he started to fuck her?’ I whispered to Mohan on my return.

‘No idea, I can’t see what is happening and they have been quiet since you left,’ Mohan whispered.

‘OH MAHARAJ,’ Tulsi moaned loudly.

‘He has entered her,’ I smiled, nudging Mohan.

For the next ten minutes or so we could only hear Tulsi moaning and the creaking of the bed. I made a mental note to either have the bed repaired or get a new one.

Suddenly Tulsi started to scream. We were shocked and hurried into the room.

Abhi was busy humping Tulsi with hard and fast strokes. Tulsi was staring at Abhi’s face and screaming. On a closer look, we noticed that Abhi’s beard had come unstuck and was hanging precariously from one cheek.

The sight was so funny that Mohan and I started to laugh loudly. Our laughter had no effect on Abhi. He, without missing a stroke, continued to bang her but Tulsi on the hand, stopped screaming and stared at us with tears streaming down her cheeks.

‘Madam you knew?’ Tulsi asked, after Abhi had got off her.

‘Yes Tulsi, I knew,’ I replied, realizing that it was time to tell the truth.

‘The first time also it was him?’ she asked. I nodded.

‘Madam, why did you deceive me, knowing that he was a fraud and all he said was a horrible lie?’ Tulsi asked.

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