Jake’s Kitchen Fantasy

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Jake was in the kitchen after 4 sweaty hours of work he was boiling up.

His white t-shirt was sticking to his muscular body he was a very well built lad for only 19 but he was also very very shy.

It was now 2 o’clock in the morning and it was he and to others still working he worked at a posh restaurant for famous people and there had been a big buffet earlier that night so there was a lot of things to be cleared up but Jake just could not concentrate and any body could understand why, because the 2 other people that had been assigned to kitchen duty (who he was in charge) were 2 very sexy woman he new both of them from his school they were all in there last year. Jake had a crush on both of them and any boy would understand why.

Lucy was a 5″2 brunet that loved to tease boys she has bright blue eyes pert little breasts that should have in a bra that would push them up and she would make sure she all ways had the top to buttons of her shirt un-done she also had a perfect hour glass shape. Whenever she was around she would always act really young and snuggle up to you.

Carly on the other hand was a taller 5″7 very sexy thin legs and hair she would always tie back in a pony tail she was all ways very flirty all though she would not let n e girls no it. She also happened to be going casino şirketleri out with 1 of jakes best mates Ben. When ever Carly and Jake would pass in the kitchen Carly would push her perfect but in to Jakes and after about 2 times of doing this Jakes trousers would be like a tent.

The heat had also been getting to Carly she was wearing a tight white T-shirt and it was going see-through on the front because her and Lucy had had water fights while washing up.

Jake could have sworn that Carly’s nipples were rock solid and he kept on staring they were all stood round 1 big metal table chopping up onions, they were all listening to the radio and a song came on it was one of those real slow sexy songs that you get that just fade in to the back ground but Carly must have recognised it because she got in to one of her hyper moods and started pretending to dace really slow.

So Lucy went up to her and they started rubbing their body’s together really slowly, Jake could tell they were only doing it to tease him but he thought who cares let them do it they had do it plenty off times before but some how this time seemed different Lucy seemed to be getting a lot more turned on then normal she was holding Carly’s breasts and rubbing cunt Carly then put her own hand down inside her knickers. This casino firmaları was really getting Jake hot then when Lucy and Carly stared to French kiss he nearly came right there on the spot.

Then Lucy span round and said, “Are you waiting for an invitation or are you just not interested?” Jake didn’t need to be asked twice he walked round the table and came up behind Carly and moved his hand round her front and slipped his hand down in to her knickers and with the other hand started to rub Lucy’s breasts by this time Carly was really wet and he decided to try and go further he moved Carly so she was leaning other the table he then tacked Lucy buy the hand and lead her round the other side the table lifted up her skirt pulled down her knickers and lifted her on to the table so she was lying on it this also gave Carly easy access to Lucy’s cunt with her tongue.

Carly didn’t wait to be told what she had to do and started to tease Lucy’s cunt with her tongue Lucy couldn’t get enough of it and was morning I deep sighs. While this was happening Jake was moving round the other side of the table he got round behind Carly and pulled down her skirt and grabbed her knickers and lobbed them on the floor then he put his hand under Carly and slipped 2 fingers in to her Carly was now sucking Lucy in rhythm with güvenilir casino Jake s fingers going in and out of her after a while Jake put in 3 then 4 fingers and Carly was on the point of climaxing Jake them actually pushed his hole fist in to Carly she had neither had this much in her before and she was basically screaming so Lucy got of the table and picked up Carly’s knickers and shoved them in Carly’s mouth then came round by the side of Jake while he was still moving his fist in and out of Carly, Lucy unzipped his jeans and got his 9″ long 2″ round cock out and started to suck it with in 5 minutes of sucking mat said he was about to come not wanting his cum in her mouth and in her cunt.

Lucy got up and placed her cunt lips over his cock and pushed her self on to it she could not believe how big he was then he shoot her load in to her it seemed to just keep coming it started dripping down her leg at the same time Carly started to cum to. Then Jake took his cock out of Lucy and said your turn Carly all she could do was grunt in reply he removed his hand but instead of putting his cock in to her pussy he lined it up with her but hole and smash I slammed it straight in to her you could her the scream through the soaked knickers in Carly’s mouth but they soon changed to moans of delight Carly’s tight but was no challenge for jakes powerful strokes and once again he was coming all other her.

To Be Continued…

This is my first attempt at a story if you think it is good and the feed backs ok I’ll carry it on.

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