Jamie, Yvonne, Sarah, David, Ch. 01


Note to readers: This story, in three short chapters, is a detail sketch of some events of my previous posting “Jamie’s Story, Ch. 04” It discusses in detail, the problems caused for Jamie and Sarah, when a couple of their so-called date nights went awry, and Sarah cheats on Jamie.

However, this story can stand alone, since all players and situations are fully explained herein. There are some well described sex scenes, but mostly… it is just a story… just a read! Please enjoy as you are able, and add helpful comments, good or bad!


My name is Jamie, and my wife Sarah and I have developed an idea designed to keep our marriage from becoming stale. We are both thirty-five, we have been married for ten years, and have two children. I take Sarah out on formal dates occasionally. This means that I asked her out several days in advance, and she can either accept or decline my offer. It’s just like we did when we were single. I would be absent from our home while she got ready, and then I rang the doorbell with flowers for her, and she would open the door to invite me in.

Mostly, I took her to dinner, and maybe dancing afterward, then I dropped her off, and she was free to give me a goodnight kiss… or not. If she did not, that is a sign that I was not coming in, just like I was a boyfriend. So I left with just a handshake and a hard-on, and I found a male friend to bunk with, and took a cold shower! If she did kiss me, it may be just an invitation for a drink and conversation, after which she was still free to kick me out and retire by herself.

She did this for the first three of our official date nights, not wanting to give a new boyfriend (me!) sex on the first couple of dates. I was invited to stay the night after the fourth date. But we of course, had sex on every other non-date night we wished, since I was her husband on those nights. She found it very exciting having the ability to say no to me!

She would also be allowed to go out again if she kicks me out, and could end up bringing another date home with her, but as far as I knew, after hundreds of dates, she has never done that. Of course, I had the same options if I am kicked out, but I have never done that either… I just let her have her quiet evening by herself.

The whole point of all of this, is to give us back the excitement of a dating experience, and a night off from the humdrum of married life for an evening if she accepts. The choice is hers! I get a goodnight kiss almost all the time of course, except on rare occasions when she just wanted to be on her own for the evening. Sarah loves having the option of being single for an evening, with no kids and no husband! She has done that sometimes!

This kind of arrangement might seem strange to most, but up until now it has worked well and I have ended up with a happier and sexier wife. She loved being treated like a lady, where most wives are taken for granted. It was exciting for her to have a considerate ‘boyfriend’ to take her out occasionally.

The conversation was always date kind of stuff, and nothing about kids, the house, car insurance, or anything like that. We talked about likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams, favorite music and books, etcetera. Sometimes friendly differences over politics arose, but with lots of smiles and laughter. This has given us the opportunity to discover new things about each other! At least for the first several dates.

I have noticed that the sex is much better and more intense since we started doing this. But even with this type of arrangement, the conversation at dinner starts to get more routine; mostly because there are no new things to explore, even between boyfriend and girlfriend. I noticed her smiling more at random man passing our table, or when greeted on the street, she might give the man a sweet smile and even say, “Hello!”

So we started another convention when we are out in clubs dancing, or at large parties or receptions when those outing are made into an official ‘date night.’ During those date nights, we agreed to suspend our marriage, and our vows for some sixteen hours, until mid-morning the next morning.

We lock our wedding rings in her jewelry safe at home, and we both continue to be single for the evening. Sarah may use her maiden name when asked by a dance partner, or any male party attendee who showed interest.

If we were at a large party or reception, we may mingle and she would be free to meet and leave with another man if she chose. If we were out at a club dancing, she would just inform me that someone else would be taking her home. I would have my own freedom for the rest of the evening. I might find a partner of my own, or just enjoy my own solitude.

Sarah remembered that I walked her out of a bar after only ten minutes, the first time I met her. so she knows that her decision is not without risks! She has exercised her option at a club a few times, and so have I!

I realized bayan escort that I was risking giving my wife to another man sexually, but she knows absolutely, that I will walk away with another woman, and potentially for sex. I have yet to find a woman who wouldn’t willingly agree to take me to bed if asked, and Sarah knows that!

Her decision comes with three possible options; she could have the man take her home and just receive a goodnight kiss, and leave. Or she could invite him in for drinks, conversation, and some kissing and fooling around before saying goodnight to him and kicking him out.

As a third option, she is free to invite him to stay the night with her for whatever activities they choose, including sex in our bed… on our sheets! In other words, she was free take another man home, and fuck him all night long, just as if she were single. In effect, she is single until about eleven-o’clock the next morning… but of course, so am I!

If she exercised any of her options, I must stay away from the house until eleven-o’clock the next morning, even if it is only the first or second option. But I am free to find a hotel room, or to find a partner of my own for anything she would allow me to do. Sarah and I agreed to exercise safe sex with any other partners.

I do not get any sexual excitement out of knowing that my wife might be screwing another man, since I really never knew that she was. If she did, a warm shower would wash everything away; including another man’s fingerprints on her ass and tits, or contact between moist body parts! She was always fresh and clean again in the morning.

I never knew what option she has chosen, since we had a rule not to discuss what happened. That rule was to avoid any recriminations from either of us later—ignorance is bliss in that respect! After she had exercised her option, she seemed to be happier in general, and was definitely sexier for me afterward. She loved having her sexy little options, exercised or not!

Most of the time, like almost all the time, I was able to escort my sweet Sarah home, and she seemed to be hotter and more responsive in bed just knowing that she had options even if she didn’t exercise them. Her pretty face had a special glow, and her firm little body was more responsive since we started our date nights. We sometimes make love to candlelight, and her light brown curls were radiant by the light of them.

On one occasion, she did admit to me that she only exercised option two, and kicked him out early after some drinks, but did let him kiss her and play with her firm, round tits. She said that she went to bed alone, but with a sexy giggle and quick embrace, is impatient to give herself to me in the morning. I usually got the best sex the morning after!

She never asked me directly about what I do on those nights, but I knew she is curious and hinted around a time or two, without getting anything out of me either way. I could see the frustration on her face, but that was part of the risk she runs… not knowing for sure!

She told me that she loved just having the option of being with another man. So I am guessing option three happened a few times when she used her options. I try not to think about the reality of that; I don’t get any sexual charge out of thinking of her with another man!

So, I just assumed that most of her options, if they were not just goodnight kisses, were letting herself be kissed and fondled by her date, and then kicking them out for a quiet evening at home alone. I never knew for sure, and would never have cheated by checking up on her. Sarah has never expressed a longing to be with another man, and she was not a flirt when we were out and about before our date night routine.

She exercised her option at a particular large reception we thought would be fun to make an official ‘date night.’ I picked her up at the front door, with a corsage for her dress, and I took her to the reception like a date. We danced a couple of times, and she let me kiss her sweetly. We parted ways after a while as we both mingled.

I had been talking baseball with a bunch of guys, but had also danced earlier with a pretty, full-figured but shapely woman with dark brown hair, and amazingly lovely dark brown eyes. When she sent someone to tell me that she was leaving with someone else, I looked for this woman.

Sarah had exercised her option, so I exercised mine, and ask Yvonne to join me for a late bite, and a couple of drinks. I guess it was mostly for Sarah to understand the risks of her decision, and so I wouldn’t have to feel like some kind of cuckold! For some reason, I just felt that this guy was going to end up in bed with my Sarah.

I was beginning to think we should put an end to the options before it turned into disaster. I have spent time with some lovely ladies, but I didn’t care for them, and was getting increasingly uncomfortable with Sarah spending any amount of time with other men.

That particular evening, I ended up spending the whole night in Yvonne’s soft and warm arms. I rolled on a condom and we made love… twice! But the second time, she asked me to belay using a condom. Her fleshy insides felt wonderful to me… moist… warm! She allowed me to come inside her, and it gave her a mind-blowing finish!

~ ~ ~

The next weekend, on Saturday I made a date with my little lady—not Sarah, but Claire! We love going out for lunch at a favorite malt shop. Most eight-year-old girls wear shorts or slacks with sneakers, but Claire always wears a pretty dress and shiny shoes to go out with his Daddy. She loves being my little princess and I always spoil her at the mall later, getting her whatever strikes her fancy… with limits!

She ordered what she always orders; a cheeseburger without pickles or onion, and a cookie dough malt with little pieces of Oreo in it. I usually get whatever makes sense on a particular day, and I always tease her about her standing order—her usual! We talk about her school, and friends, and the trouble Todd (my toddler son) had gotten himself into.

She surprised me by asking why Mommy seems so much happier lately. I told her that she likes it when I take her out, and we have been doing that a lot. She smiled and just said “Oh!” Sarah and I believe that Claire has inherited by genius-level IQ, so I thought there were more questions she didn’t ask, rattling around in that exceptional little noggin of hers.

She just smiled as she slurped the last drops from the bottom of her malt glass. I was wondering if she had heard something, or had figured something out about her parent’s date nights. She was smiling sweetly, but my brow was a little knitted!

A week and a half after Sarah and I attended that reception where she optioned, I told her that I needed to work late, and fully intended to be in the office until after ten or eleven-o’clock that night. But the information I needed to review was not ready and wouldn’t be available until the morning. I did leave work a little later than usual, but it was only seven when I pulled into the garage.

Sarah had invited Sherri over for beers and conversation. Sherri is our thirty-year-old neighbor who loves to Sun herself in her courtyard—behind the townhouse next to mine—in the nude. I had a short affair with her, which ended well before I met and married Sarah. Sherri, an attorney, works for the District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor.

She and Sarah have become such close friends that Sherri was like a member of our family, and often helped with our kids. To them, she’s Auntie Sherri, and they love her because she is creative and energetic… and she spoils them rotten! Sherri also occasionally joins Sarah and me in our bed at Sarah’s invitation, but always out of sight and sound of the children.

Coming home a bit early that night, I saw Sarah talking with Sherri out in the courtyard, but they were facing away from the house each on a chaise lounge with some music on. I was just about to make my presence known, when I heard what they were talking about. I heard Sherri say,

“Really? You let someone else take your home from the reception? Oh my-god girl! Tell me everything!” Sherry insisted. Sarah said,

“Oh I really shouldn’t! Jamie and I never discuss what happens when I let someone else take me home. Well… alright! But you can never tell him anything about this! Understand?”

“Oh, yes I understand Sarah, the word is mum from me!”

“Okay. First we were at this huge reception from my work, Jamie and I decided to make it an official ‘date night,’ meaning our marriage is suspended until the next morning, and I have the right to go home with Jamie, which I do almost all the time, like ninety-five percent, or I can tell Jamie that someone else is taking me home.

“He never knows what occurs, and I know nothing about what he does, if anything. I can just give the guy a goodnight kiss, or we can fool around for a while and I can kick him out. I also have the option to spend the night with him in our bed. It’s my option, but in any case, Jamie is not welcome back home until the next morning, like about eleven-o’clock!

“This night I was bored out of my skull, and Jamie was talking baseball with a group of guys. I was out on this beautiful veranda, just looking over the railing at the lovely gardens below. I was dressed in a full-length red dress which showed some cleavage, and hugged my body and ass quite well. Jamie gave me the most beautiful flowers to wear on it when he picked me up for our date. Well this man comes up and says,”

“It looks like the most beautiful woman here is also the loneliest. Like some company my dear?”

“Sure!” “I said, and turned to see this tall man, David, who was one of the handsomest men I have ever seen… even more handsome than Jamie but much, much taller and more powerfully built!

“My heart started to beat faster, and I put both hands on the railing to show him that I was not wearing wedding rings. He asked,”

“Are you here by yourself?”

“Well, I came here with someone, but I don’t really have to leave with him if I don’t want to!”


“Something like that!”


“Let’s just say that tonight… I feel like letting some tall handsome man take me home instead!”

“We talked for a while, and all I could do was the look into his amazingly handsome face. We must have talked for another half hour, before I grabbed a friend who knew Jamie, and I asked her to wait ten minutes, and then tell Jamie simply that I was exercising my option—Jamie would know what that meant.

“This was after I told David that I was bored, and asked if he wanted to take me someplace. Well, we left and he drove me to a very nice, very expensive restaurant. We had a light snack, and he ordered a bottle of Michel Chapoutier, “Le Pavillon” 2006. I looked at the wine list and it goes for $584 a bottle! This wine was liquid silk, Sherri!

“By the time he poured the first glass for me, my heart was beating fast, and my pussy was beading up quite heavily. I leaned forward in my very low-cut dress, and I purposefully let him see down my front. God, Sherri, when noticed and smiled, I thought I would melt!

“He was very intelligent, and talked easily on just about any topic you could name. After we finished the few appetizers we ordered, and all of the wine, I was a little tipsy! He pulled my chair out for me, but as I got up to leave, I lost my balance and he caught me. As I straightened up, he had his arms around me, and I let him kiss me. Sherri, I mean he really KISSED me!”

“Oh Sarah, what was that like?”

“Darling, his lips melted into mine, and I knew right then that I was going to ask him to stay the night. Sherri, I really wanted this man to fuck me—it was all I could think about! Jamie was out of the way and couldn’t come home until late morning. I didn’t know what he did, maybe found someone or just got a room somewhere.

“Back at my house, I let him kiss me again at the door, and I invited him in. I pulled out the nicest bottle of wine Jamie had in his wine cooler, and opened it for us as he put on some soft music. We danced for a while—I think he just wanted his arms around me again. He looked into my eyes, and I could feel my panties getting very wet!

“I took his hand and led him up to our bedroom, and he insisted on undressing me. I turned, and gathered my curls so he could unzip my dress. He removed my dress, bra and panties, and I helped him pull my stockings off. I was soon standing in front of this strange man completely naked, and I just let him look at me for as long as he wanted.

“He stepped back to look at me, and I even turned around to give him a three-sixty, making sure he saw my pretty little ass—one of my best features according to Jamie. But God, Sherri, I was shaking like a leaf! I could see the surprise in his eyes as he said it,”

“My God Sarah, you are a beautiful woman!” he gasped.

“Thank you, David!” I said nervously as I looked down and bushed. It felt like I was blushing in my lower cheeks as well, I could feel the heat!

“He picked me up in his strong arms, and carried me over to our bed settling me gently in it. I was delirious, anticipating what I knew was coming next. For the fourth time in nine years, I would be letting another man take me again… and with my husband’s tacit approval. I had exercised this most invasive option three times before! I could feel the electricity in my little ass cheeks, Sherri, I thought I would jitter out of control!

He slowly took off his clothes so I could watch, and when he lowered his sports boxer briefs, honest to God Sherri, it had to be seven inches long at least, very thick, and heavily veined, and hanging between muscular thighs! Jamie’s is only four inches, as you might know, and not very thick.”

Sherry giggled and said, “I know, right? It is cute though! And he knows how to use it!” Sarah giggled too, and said,

“Yes, it is and I love it too, but Jamie has a penis—David has a COCK! Anyway, he slid into the bed, and took his time eating my pussy, I came as soon as his lips touched me, and I was spurting into his mouth and lips.

My legs were open so wide for this man, and he opened my pussy lips, and just lapped at my copious juices inside. The stimulation from that was driving me up a wall! I just wanted to be the biggest slut in the world for him! Sherri I would have let him take me any way he wished… even anal, which I never do for Jamie!

“Oh God, Sherri I was so lost in his wonderful cunni-attentions. This man was an expert! Jamie is good too, but this guy had me nearly unconscious by now.

“I pulled a condom out of the drawer, and handed it to him but he just laughed, and said,”

“Huh-uh baby, I want to feel myself in you!”

“So I put it back, and I let him fuck me bareback; I wanted to feel him coming deep inside me!”

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