Janey’s Adventures Ch. 01


My wife, Janey, is 34 with a fabulous 36C endowment. She keeps herself in very good shape with frequent visits to the gym. We’ve been married 12 years and have enjoyed an active and quite adventurous sex life but it has always been between just the two of us. Like most couples we had fantasised a bit about brining other people into our sex lives but, out of bed, Janey had always down-played any such idea. Well, it was just the two of us until about 3 months ago, since when she has – shall we say – expanded her repertoire.

Janey knows that I like her to wear stockings and suspenders for me; and she tells me that knowing that it turns me on is also a turn-on for her. She nearly always wears them when we go out and, as a result, often have tremendous sex when we get home; a few times we have even satiated our passion on the carpet just inside the front door! Sometimes Janey leaves her stockings on when we go to sleep; then I might get woken in the night to fuck her again and almost certainly have to do so in the morning.

And it was those stockings that set off the chain of events that I will describe. One Friday evening we went out with a group of friends. Mainly it was married couple but there were also a couple of single men from out of town who were working with one of the group. Janey was sitting next to one of the ‘out of towners’, Rob, and they were chatting away. At one point he put his hand on Janey’s thigh; she immediately removed it! Rob whispered something in Janey’s ear and responded with a toss of the head and a slight blush. A little later Rob again put his hand on her thigh and it was brushed away but not quite so quickly this time. It happened several more times and each time it took a little longer for Janey to remove Rob’s hand.

When the time came for us to leave, Sinop Escort Janey was a bit giggly; while she had obviously drunk a little more than usual, she was still in control. So I was rather surprised when she said that she wanted Rob to come home with us for coffee. I said OK but having seen how they were getting on together I was sure that it would be more than coffee. In the taxi home, they shared the back seat and from occasional glances I could see that they were becoming even more friendly than they had been in the club.

When we got into the house I was astonished when Janey immediately stood before Rob and me, undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground and then slid down her knickers. With that, she bent over the back of the settee, saying ‘Come on, Rob, I need you now. Put that prick inside me and fuck me hard’. We were both pretty taken aback but Rob did not need telling twice, he took his swelling dick out and slid it into her cunt from behind – Janey let out a long, loud moan of pleasure as it went into her obviously very wet and ready cunt. ‘Come on, come on! I want your spunk and I want it now’, she called out. Rob pumped on and out, faster and faster until, with a few loud grunts, he shot a load into my wife, who then slumped over the back of the settee.

I’d never seen her like this before and I was even more surprised when she put on her knickers and said matter-of-factly, ‘I’d better go and make that coffee but I don’t want Rob’s cum dripping out all over the house. Then Rob can fuck me again – a bit more slowly this time!’ I don’t think Janey realised how sexy she looked as she walked around with her suspenders peeping out from under the bottom of her blouse – it certainly excited me!

Off she went and once we were alone, and I’d got Sinop Escort Bayan us both a whiskey, Rob told me that he had been very taken with Janey’s appearance as soon as we’d all met, he’d enjoyed talking to her and when he realised that she was wearing stockings and suspenders he had realised that this was a very hot property. Then he asked me how often we ‘did this sort of thing’ that is, invite people home to fuck Janey. Before I could say that I had never before seen her behave in such a wantonly sluttish manner, Janey came in carrying the coffee tray.

“I said I wanted Rob to fuck me again and here you are with all your clothes still on. Don’t you want me or did I fuck you dry just now?” Helped by Janey, Rob was very soon naked; she sat him down on the settee and, cupping his balls in one hand, began using her tongue on the end of Rob’s by now very stiff dick, gradually taking more and more of it into her mouth. Once, when she came up for air, Janey remarked that she could taste her cunt juices still on Rob’s prick. He did no more than groan in pleasure!

After a few minutes of this, Janey indicated that they should change places and Rob should pleasure her cunt with his tongue. ‘You told me in the club that you wanted to feel my stockings – now feel them on your ears!’ As Rob lapped away, Janey writhed and squirmed caressing Robs back and shoulders so that he could feel the sheer nylon smoothness of her stockings.

‘Suck my nipples and use your fingers on my cunt, you greedy bastard. I want to be sure I’m well and ready when you start fucking me,’ Janey said as she changed position and it wasn’t many moments before she was pulling him on top of herself and guiding his prick up her very wet cunt. Neither of them lasted very long before they Escort Sinop both had simultaneous explosive orgasms and then – a few moments later – laid back, both spent for a while.

As they recovered, Janey said to me ‘Alan, Call Rob a taxi. He’s done what he came to do – now he can just fuck off.’ So, Rob got dressed and we all sat round drinking the still warm coffee that Janey had brought in before she and Rob fucked. We chatted about this and that and, apart for Janey’s unorthodox clothing, it would have appeared a normal social get-together coming to a close.

Shortly, the taxi came and Rob left. ‘Now it’s your turn,’ said Janey, ‘I need your prick inside, me shooting its spunk up my cunt.’ Sloppy seconds have never been my thing and now I was being asked to stick my dick into two loads of spunk. But having seen what I had just witnessed, I was pretty turned on so I laid Janey on the sofa and did as I was asked; no foreplay was asked for nor needed. She was like an animal bucking underneath me until she orgasmed – very loudly – and lay back!

By now it was gone midnight and we went to bed; Janey so spent that she didn’t even take off the few clothes she was wearing and went straight to sleep. About two-thirty I woke to find Janey’s mouth working my dick and her hands playing with my balls. Once she had got me hard, she simply climbed on and rode me until she came again, rolled off and went back to sleep.

I woke about 8:30, had a quick shower, and went downstairs to find some breakfast, read the papers and reflect upon the remarkable events of the previous night. It was not until nearly ten o’clock when I heard Janey moving about, showering, etc. When she finally appeared it was in an old dressing gown, barelegged and looking like a repentant Magdalene.

‘My behaviour last night was unforgivable. I am so sorry. Can I ever make it up to you?’

‘Well’, I replied, ‘we need to talk about it but I don’t think there is any irreparable damage to our relationship.’

We did talk about it and I will describe the outcome in subsequent reports.

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