Janice , My Fetish Ch. 02

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Here’s part two of my leg & foot fetish life with my girlfriend, Janice. (Now fiancee) It had been a few weeks since me and Janice had started going out.

In this story, I receive my first footjob!

It was our 4th or 5th date. I had invited Janice to see a movie and she agreed happily. I waited for a while outside of the movie theaters.

Then I saw her and she looked ABSOLUTELY SEXY. She was wearing a pair of denim short shorts with sandals, showing off her cute, tiny toes and her gorgeous legs. Her face looked like it sparkled, her eyes were very alluring, her smile shone and her brown, curly hair was sexy with the front poof hairstyle.

When we got into the theater, we had five minutes until the movie started, so we started talking for awhile. I couldn’t help but stare at her legs and feet, they were just so attractive. Every time she caught me staring at her, she would just smile and flex her toes.

“The movie is about to start,” Janice whispered while the movie started, “Watch the movie instead of looking at my feet!”

When the movie finished, me and Janice decided to head home. The movie was quite long at 2 hours which made us feel very tired. When we got to my place, Janice slumped on the couch.

“You want anything to drink?” I asked.

“YES! Anything to get me energized.” Janice replied.

I walked into the kitchen to find a note on the fridge from my flatmate.

“Gone to mates place for a sleepover. -Dave”

Reading that note almost made me shout ‘yes,’ out loud. I grabbed two cans of soda from the fridge and headed back into the living room. Janice was still lying on the couch staring at the ceiling when I got in.

“Here, drink up.” I said handing Janice a can of soda.

“Oh, that’s so refreshing!” Janice said taking a few gulps.

Janice took up the whole couch poker oyna with her gorgeous, long legs, so I held her calves up, sat down and then put them on my lap. With one hand, I slid my hand up from the top of her calf to her thigh and with the other, I drank my soda.

“Massage my feet!” Janice said, sitting up on the couch so her feet were on my lap.

I put my soda down, and grabbed hold of both her pretty feet. Using my thumbs, I rubbed her soles and heels. After a few seconds, I moved to her tiny toes, rubbing the softness of it. A few minutes had passed and I couldn’t wait any longer to take those little toes of hers in my mouth, so I held her right foot up to my face and began to suck on her tasty toes, starting with her big toe.

Her toes tasted great as always, salty with the smell of her own aroma. After sucking on her big toes for awhile, I moved on the every other toe of hers. I then began to lick her sole up and down, and kiss her heels. Every so often I would glance up at Janice’s beautiful face and she would always be smiling.

“Hey, stop for a sec.” Janice said slowly pulling her foot from my face,

“I looked up your little “foot fetish” thing, and it came up with lots of stuff, like sucking toes of course, and this thing called a “footjob.”

My heart skipped a beat, I was getting the feeling I was going to get my first ever footjob.

“Really..?” I said nervously.

“Mmmhmm!” Janice said, ” I watched a few clips of it and I gotta say, it looks pretty hot, do you… want to try it?”

I couldn’t believe it! I just couldn’t!

“Uhh.. Yes! Definitely!” I said, slightly shaking in excitement.

“Alright then.” Janice said with a smile.

When I was just about to pull down my pants, Janice stopped me,

“Hold on there, let’s go into your room so we have more space, shall canlı poker oyna we?” Janice said, pushing me in front of her so I can lead the way.

When we got to my room, Janice said,

“Okay, you can take ’em off now. Your shirt too if you want.”

I quickly stripped off my clothes and lay on the bed, with Janice leaning on the head board and her feet just inches away from my rock hard cock.

“I’ll just take this off, so you have something extra to look at…” Janice said, removing her shirt and bra. She had a very nice pair of tits, but most of my attention was on her feet.

“Are you ready?” Janice said, her feet just centimeters away from my cock.

“Yes!” I said impatiently.

“This is my first time doing this, so I’m sorry if I’m not good…” Janice said, softly dabbing her feet on my shaft.

“Don’t worry, this is my first footjob.” I said, watching her feet.

“Oh! Well, I’m glad to be your first.” Janice said.

Janice started with her rubbing her smooth soles up and down my shaft, occasionally making her toes into a tippy-toe position and sliding her feet up and down my shaft. Her feet felt SOOO good against my cock, especially her cute, tiny toes. When I was about quarter way to cumming all over her sexy feet, I grabbed hold of the tops of her feet and guided her through the footjob. I could tell it helped a lot.

“Use your toes more, Janice.” I said, not taking my eyes of her feet.

“Oh, so you like my toes the most? Because I’ve been using my soles a lot.” Janice said, switching to the tippy-toe position.

As she changed her feet position, I grabbed hold of her feet, my fingers now wrapped around her soles. When I was about halfway to cumming, I grabbed her right foot and put her toes over my cock head,

“Scrunch your toes..” I said.

Janice began internet casino to scrunch her toes on my sensitive cock head, it felt SOO good! The pleasure was slow building which was even better, so I could get as much pleasure as I wanted. With her left foot, she slid her toes up and down my shaft. With her toes scrunching on my cock head, the pleasure was really slow building, as I said before, I could feel my cum building up massively. Just the sight of her feet and toes rubbing against my cock got me turned on like crazy, I couldn’t wait to squirt spurt after spurt on her little toes and soles.

Finally, when the time came for me to cum all over her feet, I bursted all over her scrunching toes, squirting between her tiny toes and landing on the top her her feet. I grabbed hold of my cock, got up in a kneeling position and continued to cum on her feet. I held her other foot up by the ankle and pressed her toes against my cock head. Some of my cum squirted between her toes and on the top of her calf. Then, putting both her feet together, I finished off cumming on her soles and heels. I swear I came for a really long time, because her feet were totally smothered in my cum.

“Wow. I was starting to think if you would ever stop cumming,” Janice said, amazed by how much I came, “I mean, look at the mess you made on my feet and on your bed!”

I looked at her feet, cum oozing of it, then at my bed, droplets of cum on it, then back at her feet. Janice use a finger to scoop up the droplets of cum on my bed and stuck it in her mouth.

“Egh, salty!” Janice frowned, then smiled.

I was so happy to receive my first footjob from Janice. Now that she has given me one, there’s no telling how many times she will give me another again. After awhile of admiring my work, I carried Janice into the bathroom so she could wash her feet in the bathtub.

“My left leg is a bit tired from moving up and down so much,” Janice said cleaning my cum off her feet, “My right leg is relaxed from only scrunching my toes.”

That day was almost the greatest day of my life.

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