Jason Chap. 15 , 16

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I had never fooled around at work, but one night I was working overtime in the office and I heard some odd noises coming from one of the offices down the hall. It was an office that no one was suppose to be working in at the moment. I opened the door and there was my boss with the new secretary we had just hired a few weeks before. She was a very tall blond over six feet, with long very shapely legs and an ample chest. What a sight, her legs were up on the wall and her ass was on the edge of the desk and my boss was humping away. She looked at me and her eyes got real wide and she started to say something, so I put my finger across my mouth in a shush gesture and backed out. The next day she came into my office and said my name is Shelly and I wanted to thank you for not embarrassing the boss and causing a problem. I said no problem so long as he
Doesn’t know anyone saw him it would be OK. I said that was quite a sight though. She smiled at me and let her dress fall away exposing a whole lot of leg. I had to admit they were spectacular. Just as she got up she parted her legs and I could see she had no undies
on, exposing a shaved pussy. She smiled and said maybe I can do you a favor some day as she left. Maybe, I said.

I never thought too much about her except when I went to see the boss and had to
walk by her desk, which was not very often. Any way about nine or ten months later I was working late again and she walked into my office. She had on a silk green dress slit way up her leg so when she walked you could see clear up to the middle of her thigh. She had long blond hair that swept down blow her shoulders and her white blouse was stretched taught by her nicely shaped breasts. She said hello friend, working late are we?
I said yes I was working on a new computer program for the company. She said she was working late too and was taking a brake and saw my light on. Why not take a break and we can get a cup of coffee in the lounge. I said sounds like a plan, I could use a break.

She poured us a cup and we sat and talked for a few minuets. She leaned back on the sofa and bent her knee, which allowed her dress to fall to the side. She let her knees part a few inches to expose her inner thigh. She was beautiful. I got a hard on and tried to hide
it. She said come here and sit. I said I don’t think that’s such a good idea. She said why not she wouldn’t bite. I walked over to the sofa and couldn’t hide my hard on. She laughed and said I guess you like what you see and began to rub my cock. She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out saying, and such a nice one at that. She knelt down and began sucking it, running my cock in and out of her mouth, she was very good. I pushed her down onto the sofa and spread her legs and went down on her.

She had no hair around her pussy and the lips on her cunt were a magnificent pinkish color. I was quite surprised when I felt how long her clit was. It was every bit as long as Becky’s Mom. I knew that a clit as large as hers had taken a lot of sucking. I let my imagination sore as I thought about how many it had taken to make it that big as I kissed and sucked it. I really enjoyed sucking it and I made her cum several times. I spread those long legs and slid my cock into her hairless pussy. She whispered in my ear saying Oh that feels wonderful. It has been a-long time since I last had a cock as big as yours. We had fucked for about forty-five minuets when she said Ok Uncle; I’m plum worn out. I continued fucking Shelly about once a week for the next ten years. She was almost as good as Mom. There wasn’t much she didn’t like except she never let me fuck her in the ass. She could give head as good as Mom, and her pussy was as tight as a young girl.

Marilyn continued to come over every Wednesday and some times Saturday to see Becky, and we would fuck and suck each other most of the night. In addition Becky always like being fucked Sunday mornings when we slept in. I figured I had intercourse on an average of eight times a week. Even though Mom was now in her Seventies and her body was no longer as firm as it used to be, her pussy was still as inviting as ever and she still liked to be fucked on her birthday or anytime I was able to see her. Bob moved to San Diego a few years earlier so she was only having sex when I came to see her. On her last birthday I think she was feeling the pinch because she seemed like she couldn’t get enough. She sucked me until I came on the way home from the airport, and I barely got my bags unpacked when she took me into her bedroom and fucked me good.

We had lunch and then we went to the pool and I fucked her again in the shallow end. I was surprised that even at Moms age her pussy was able to cum almost as often as she used to when she was young. After the swim we took a nap. I woke up about four and Mom was giving me head. She could still suck the chrome off a 57 Chevy bumper. After I was good and hard she rolled me over on my back and inserted my cock into gaziantep lezbiyen her ass. I could tell she had douched it out with water and oil. My cock slid in so nice and easy.
She was able to take all seven and a half inches of me now. After about fifteen minuets of her on top I picked her up and laid her over the back of the lounge chair and reinserted my cock and began to slam it deep into her anal cavity. She loved it moaning and groaning and kept saying over and over, Yes, Yes Jason, that feels so good, fuck me Jason fuck me hard. She climaxed repeatedly. I must have fucked her for about fifteen minuets like that, slamming my cock deep within her ass until I finally came. My legs were so week I could hardly walk to the bed where I fell asleep exhausted.

At about ten that evening Mom woke me up giving me head again. It took quit a while before I got good and hard and Mom smiled and said how would you like it? I said it’s your birthday do what pleases you the most. Surprisingly she began to kiss me running her tongue inside my mouth and over the roof of it. We hugged and french kissed each other for quite some time. She moved my head down between her legs and I started kissing and running my tongue in and out of her pussy sucking on her clit and inserting two fingers into her vagina and finger fucked her on her G spot until she came with one of those magnificent masses of liquid that came pouring out over my face and chest. I raised her legs high over her head and inserted my cock into her pussy and fucked her and fucked her and fucked her until she said for the first time ever, Enough Jason I can’t take any more. I hadn’t cum but I didn’t care. For the first time I was able to out last my Mom.

About a year later I stopped by my youngest daughter’s house to bring her some
Clothes Becky had made for her kids. I knocked but no one answered so I let myself in with my key. I saw her two kids playing in the back yard and decided before I went out and said hello to them I’d say hi to Tina, we had named her after my sister. I started to go
up stairs when I heard this moaning coming from the down stairs guest room. I walked in and this young girl about seventeen was laying on the guest bed with this pretty good-sized dildo inserted into her pussy. She was shoving that thing in and out and cum was oozing out of the lips of her pussy. I got hard right there on the spot. I said who the hell are you, and what are you doing? She about shit her pants. She stammered who are you. Tina’s father I said. Oh god, I’m so sorry, I’m baby sitting for Tina. She went to the mall. She didn’t know what to say until she saw my hard on and said that thing sure looks big, can I see it? She unzipped my pants and before I could protest she popped it into her mouth and began to suck it. She had real thick lips and I could tell she had done this before. She shoved me as deep into her mouth as she could, almost taking all of me. It took me about five minuets to shoot my load down her throat. She choked a little but managed to swallow almost all of it. She turned me around pushing me onto the bed and jumped on top of me inserting me into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot that pussy was. It was almost like putting your dick into hot water. As I slid into her I could feel her cum. She seemed to cum once every two inches that went into her. She was tight but so well lubricated that she was able to take all of me. I fucked her for about twenty minuets when we heard one of the kids come into the house. I quickly went to the bathroom; it scared me to think they might see us so I got dressed. She said, I have never had a cock as big as you and it was marvelous. When can I see you again? I said I don’t think that’s a good idea. You are a minor and this was an accident that should not have happened. I’m sorry, I said. Well I’m not I want an encore she said. I will not tell anyone so you don’t
have to worry, and I’m on the pill so your safe. Before you answer here is my phone number. Call me, I can go out any Friday or Saturday night or when I baby sit for Tina. I noticed her name was Sandy. That would be a great time because when Tina and Pete, that’s Tina’s husband, go out they never come home before one AM. I said, let me think about it but don’t be upset if I don’t call.

About a week later Tina told me that she was going to be going out that weekend. I said who is going to take care of the kids. Sandy, our regular sitter said Tina. I asked, is she old enough and reliable? Pretending I didn’t know who Sandy was. Oh yes, she’s seventeen almost eighteen and is very good with the kids. I kept thinking about Sandy all week and that hot hot pussy. Finally on Thursday I called the number Sandy had given to me. Her Mom answered the phone and I almost hung up, but I asked for Sandy anyway. When she came on the phone I told her there was a chance I might be able to see her Saturday night at Tina’s, but not to be disappointed if I didn’t make it. That Saturday night Marilyn came over to the house and about seven o’clock As soon as Marilyn and my wife began playing with each other on the couch. I said I was going to go to the drug store and get some of my medicine, I had run out of. I had recently started taking a medicine for high blood pressure. Becky and Marilyn were french kissing on the couch and waived me good by. I drove quickly over to Tina’s and Sandy let me in. She had put the kids to bed about eight. My heart was pounding and I was shaking so I went into the bathroom and drank a glass of water and took a dozen deep breaths to calm down. Sandy had on this sheer nigh tee, with nothing underneath. I stripped and began to french kiss her running my tongue in and out of her mouth and began to explore her whole body with my tongue. She had beautiful firm tits and her nipples were a deep pinkish red. Her nipples stood out as I sucked and massaged them. I ran my tongue along the lips of her pussy and across her clit causing her ass to vibrate. I inserted my tongue into her vagina and she arched her back and groaned and came as I ran that tongue inside her. She tasted like mint. I then lifted her legs high and made her spread eagle. I whispered, grab your toes. When she did I could see her pussy open up in anticipation of me. I took my cock and inserted it into that mass of brown hair surrounding her lovely pussy. I started fucking her ever so slowly, increasing my speed and depth. Her ass began to shake and she was moaning like crazy. I increased my speed and plunged deeper inside her. It amazed me her being so young and could take all of me. I fucked her for almost an hour. When I came I could feel it deep down in her pussy. She let out another groan and came again.

We lay there for about a half hour in each other’s arms before I left. I started fucking her off and on for about six months. One evening after we had made love she asked me how I would feel if she brought a friend along some time. A girl friend that said she always wanted to try a threesome. I said no way; It’s bad enough I’m fucking you, a minor. She said they both would turn eighteen in a month. I said if Tina or anyone else ever found out it would be hell to pay. She said I would never say anything to Tina or anyone, even if you called it off between us. You have given me to much pleasure to ever be sorry. In fact my friend does not know who you are and I am not about to tell her. I only said I met an older man and what wonderful control you had. Well, think about it and if you change your mind we are ready. Sandy called me the day after her birthday and asked me why I had not called. I said happy birthday, I have been quite busy. She said I want a birthday present from you. Come over to my house Saturday. My folks are gong to their cabin for the weekend.

She said she told them she had finals to study for and couldn’t go. I had not seen Sandy for several weeks so I thought, what the hell, If I can get away easy why not. That Saturday Becky told me she and Marilyn were going shopping and would be gone all day. I said Ok, have fun. I left for Sandy’s a half hour after the girls left. I called and said I was on my way. Sandy asked me to pick up a prescription for her, that she had told her druggist that someone would be by to pick it up. I picked up the prescription and arrived at Sandy’s about eleven that morning. Sandy came to the door in this little skimpy nigh tee. She led me into the bedroom and there was this young blond who looked like she was fifteen sitting on the bed with no cloths on. She had very large breasts about the size of cantaloupes just like Mom. They were round and you could tell they were quite firm. I said, Sandy what’s going on. Jason, this is Loretta the girl I told you about. She turned eighteen last week. So, now that we are both of age I thought you might reconsider. Loretta said, please Mr. Sandy has told me what a great lover you are and I’m dying to fuck you. I looked at those beautiful full tits and that lovely body and I thought what the hell, go for it. I said Ok but you have to do it my way. Ok, no problem. I said Sandy make love to Loretta. They looked at each other and giggled. Loretta said I never thought about that. Just start kissing each other and pretend it’s a boy. They began to kiss each other and I said use your tongue. They were facing each other so I forced my way between their lower part, and I began to kiss Loretta’s pussy, she was a natural blond. I lifted her leg so I could run my tongue into her pussy better and I licked her clitoris. The girls were now really getting into it; they were frenching and playing with each other’s tits as I was sucking on Loretta’s clit. I moistened my finger and slid it into her ass. She stopped but then relaxed as I slowly began to run my finger in and out of her real tight ass. After about three minuets of sucking her clit I felt her cum. I could feel her warm liquid on my tongue. I changed positions and began doing the same thing to Sandy. It took no time at all for Sandy to cum several times. I said Ok now Sandy I want you to make love to Loretta’s pussy just like I did to you. Sandy rolled Loretta onto her back and stuck her face right between her legs like she had been doing it all her life. I made them position themselves so Sandy’s ass was sticking over the edge of the bed. As soon as Sandy was licking and sucking Loretta I shoved my hard cock into Sandy’s wet and waiting cunt. I fucked her slow and easy so as not to interrupt Sandy’s eating Loretta’s pussy. Loretta was moaning and her tummy was convulsing and her ass was twitching as Sandy ran her tongue in and out of Loretta’s cunt, and Sandy’s pussy was dripping.

I began to fuck her harder plunging my dick deep into her. Her juices were flowing all over my cock and I fucked Sandy like that a full twenty minuets. Sandy could hardly concentrate on eating Loretta any more and was shoving her ass back at me with every thrust of my cock. I didn’t want to cum yet so I told Loretta, now I want you to make love to Sandy’s pussy. She hesitated, and I could tell she had never done anything like that before. I said lick her pussy and suck on her clit, just like Sandy and I did to you. Sandy rolled over on her back and I positioned Loretta between her legs. I didn’t let Loretta lay down but kept knees on the edge of the bed. I waited until Loretta was well into sucking Sandy’s pussy when I started finger fucking her pussy from the rear. Boy was she tight. I could only get two fingers in at first even as wet as she had become. I got up and went into Sandy’s bathroom but couldn’t find any lubricants so I went into her mother’s room
and found some petroleum jelly. I came back into Sandy’s room and saw that Loretta was really into sucking and kissing Sandy’s pussy. I took a gob of the jelly and rubbed it into Loretta’s pussy, massaging it good. I was able to then get three fingers in and started finger fucking Loretta. When I felt Loretta begin to push back at my hand I new she was ready. I took my cock and inserted it into her wet but extremely tight pussy. She was almost as tight as that young baby sitter. I managed to get about two inches into her and I heard her say wait, don’t, that really hurts.

I stopped and whispered but I thought you told Sandy that you really wanted this, I was grinning. She said, I do but it hurts so. Talking allowed her to relax her pussy and I shoved it in another two inches. She screamed, Oh my god that hurts. So I stopped pushing. She said I feel my insides are all stretched to the breaking point. I just stood there with my cock about four inches into her. She relaxed some more and began to move her ass so that I began to slide in and out of her ever so slightly. Her pussy was lubricating and I felt her cum. Just as I felt her let lose with those juices I took hold of he waist and shoved my cock all the way into that tight little pussy. Loretta let out a scream and collapsed over my outstretched arms. I held her there with my dick all the way inside her cunt. Sandy said Oh my god what happened. I said she will be alright and I began to move in and out of her. She revised as my cock proceeded to move in a slow easy motion. Loretta began to moan and whimper and saying Oh my god, oh my god I have never had anything hurt like that and then suddenly feel so good. Oh Jason fuck me, fuck me like I dreamed it would be like, and I did. I fucked her slow and easy for more than an hour. She came a multiple number of times. As I was getting close to cuming again, I said are you on the pill. She said no, I forgot to pick up my subscription today. I pulled out of her and shoved my cock into her mouth and she only sucked on it twice before I came. She had never had someone cum in her mouth and she choked and spit it out. Sandy went down on Loretta and began licking her cunt and sucking on her clitoris. Loretta came immediately. I fucked each of them twice more. While we were resting I asked Loretta about her sex life. She said, “I’ve only been fucked by my twin brother. It started one night when we were fourteen. He came into my bedroom and began fucking me while I was asleep. She said “even though he fucked me all the time I never got anything out of it.” Whenever he wanted to he would just fuck me without any foreplay, and he always came to quick. He only has a dick that size”, and pointed to my middle finger. I remember the second day he fucked me nine times and I wondered why. I didn’t like it like he did. He would fuck me two or three times a day until I stopped him about six months ago. He had a tantrum but I told him that if he didn’t stop I would tell Mom and Dad.

For the next two years I fucked them both every Saturday I could. I stopped fucking Marilyn except on Wednesday. Sandy went off to college a year after she graduated and I never saw her again. She kept her word she never told Loretta who I was or anything about me, so when Sandy left for school I broke it off with her. I have to admit I miss fucking them. They were very good. Their tight body’s and pussy’s had really been wonderful.
(Continued) all right reserved to the author

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