Jaycee Joins Jasma

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Rick Reynolds here. The last time we spoke I related the tale of my 18 year old black lactating secretary, Jasma. I ended up fucking her over the office bathroom sink while I milked her swollen fat tits all over the mirror and the sink basin.

Well, the next day I regretted the whole thing. Exciting as it was, Jasma is my best friend’s daughter, and I’m more than twice her age. I resolved to apologize profusely when the office opened for business.

“Jasma, I’m sorry we got carried away yesterday. It was all my fault, and it will never happen again.” I began with emotion.

“I liked yesterday. A lot.” Jasma cooed as she stood before me. She wore a skin tight black sleeveless shell top and black tight ski pants that couldn’t hide her prominent camel toe. Jasma’s warm brown skin smelled of cocoa butter.

“In fact, I liked it so much, I didn’t wear a bra today.” she whispered as she began to rub her thin shell-encased tits all over my dress shirt.

“Look, we can’t-” I began, but now I felt a warm sensation wetting the front of both our shirts.

“Ooo- I get so horny when I leak.” rasped Jasma, and her dainty little hand unzipped my slacks and began to stroke my hardening cock.

“Uuhh.” I gasped with eyes closed, and my hands reached up under her sodden top of their own volition.

“Rick-I can’t take this ache- suck my milk.” Jasma moaned, and she began to pant and stroke my prick with renewed vigor.

Moaning in delirium, I pushed up Jasma’s shirt and bit wildly at her leaky dark areolas. Warm jets of teenage tit milk squirted down my throat as I suckled her distended black teats.

“Shit-I’m gonna cum!” Jasma wailed. I looked down and saw her pumping my engorged cock right towards her coffee cup.

With a gasp of sweet relief, I spurted thick ropes of hot jism into Jasma’s morning coffee.

My face was coated with warm milk, and I rotated back and forth between Jasma’s fat nipples as our orgasms subsided.

Suddenly, both the ringing phone and a car pulling into our lot told me it was time to go to work.

“No more! Please!” I rasped as I wiped my face and straightened poker oyna my tie. Jasma sat down to answer the phone, but before she did so, she guzzled down her cum-coffee with a wink.

The rest of the day we were too busy in our insurance office for any hanky-panky, as a stream of visitors kept us apart.

The last visitor of the day was the Mayor’s wife, of all people. This stuffy pillar of the community asked to use our rest room, and Jasma strolled over to me with a sexy sway as we heard the door lock.

“You must be ready to explode.” Jasma whispered, as she knelt down between my thighs.

I motioned to the bathroom door in alarm, but Jasma raised her finger to her lips to silence me.

With a lustful gleam in her eye, Jasma pulled my aching cock out of my slacks and lowered her hot, wet mouth over the head. I noticed her red lipstick leaving pucker points on my crown as she smacked lightly on the tip as she began to talk in a whisper again.

“My sister wants to meet you.” she began with a slurp. My prick stiffened even more as I tried to guide it into her mouth.

Jasma licked away from my poking so she could keep talking. I heard the mayor’s wife using her cell phone in the bathroom now.

“My sister came home from college because she got in trouble with a boy.” Jasma breathed around my purple head.” In fact, she had her baby right after I did.”

Jasma looked quickly at the bathroom door, then pulled up her shirt. Her chocolate fat tits were puckered and swollen, and milk dribbled down her stomach from her puffy tips.

“You see, Jaycee needs someone to relieve her tit-milk, too.” At this, Jasma squirted her nipple directly onto my cock. Milk splashed over the head as she quickly deep throated the wet painting she created.

“Ughh!” I bit my finger to silence myself as I immediately climaxed into her sucking brown face.

Thick jets of salty choad rocketed down her soulful gullet as we heard the toilet flush.

Scrambling to collect ourselves, we barely had time to get behind our respective desks as the mayor’s wife emerged from the bathroom.

*Sniff* canlı poker oyna *Sniff* She wiggled her nose at the intrusion into the room of the odor of semen and sour milk.

“Can I help you with anything else?” I offered, but she turned on her heels and left in a huff.

Jasma put the closed sign on the door and walked over to my desk. She pulled her milk-soaked black shell over her head and cradled my grateful mouth to her tits.

“Uhh-come over tonight-to our bedroom window—and I’ll show you my sister.” she panted while holding my face.

“You-you can drink her black milk too!” Jasma rasped. She stuck her hand down her pants and clawed at her furry wet hole.

I reached around and unzipped Jasma’s ski pants down the side. I pulled them down between her knees and buried my mouth in her soaked teen-aged furnace of a cunt.

“Shit–lick my button–my sister is tiny like me–you’ll like her– her tits are fat and swollen too!” Jasma gasped as she ground her puss all over my aching jaw.

Jasma licked at her own spurting nipples as I stuck my tongue deep inside her forbidden lips.

“I’m cumming in your fucking mouth!” Jasma babbled obscenely, and I nearly choked on the discharge as she mewled above me.

That night, I parked down the street from Jasma’s house. It was a small ranch, and her bedroom window was at a height where I was eye level with the window sill. I crept around the premises, praying I wouldn’t wake my best friend Joe, and I had no idea what I would say to him if he caught me with his daughters.

Jasma’s room was darkened, but the window was wide open, and I saw the curtain ruffle in the warm night breeze.

“Jasma?” I whispered, my heart in my throat.

“Rick. Come closer.” Jasma whispered back.

I heard a click, and then a faint green nightlight came on. In the shadows, I saw two small figures, neither one five feet tall. Jasma and Jaycee.

Both girls were wearing completely transparent nighties with nothing on underneath. I gasped in admiration at the sight of young brown breasts swaying toward the window in the semi-darkness.

“Rick- internet casino this is my sister Jaycee.” Jasma said, and she pushed her gently forward until I groaned at the revelation the moonlight brought to the window sill.

Jaycee was slightly lighter-skinned than her sister, but her tits were just as mammoth. Jaycee’s areolas were wide and dark, and , as Jasma promised, Jaycee’s nipples throbbed and leaked through her sodden transparent top.

“H-Hi–I’m embarrassed to be here.” she whispered modestly.”But-but my tits ache with milk.”

I swooned at her words and began to jack my cock beneath the window.

“Please-let me suck them.” I husked quietly.

Jasma stood behind her sister and gently lifted Jaycee’s nightie over her head. Jaycee cooed as the cool night air brushed across her wet, leaky nipples.

I didn’t need any more invitation. Standing flat footed, I could still lean Jaycee forward until her swollen tits hung out the window. I began to suck, gently at first, but with more passion as I tasted a flood of warm coed milk wetting the roof of my mouth.

“Uhh-Jasma-I like it–I like it–“Jaycee whined a little too loud as she started to pull on my hair.

“Shhh-you’ll wake Mom and Dad!” hushed Jasma.

I was drowning in sweet tit milk, and it splashed greedily down the front of my shirt and onto my pants as I suckled and gurgled on Jasma’s 19 year old sister.

“Jasma-help your sister get off!” I managed between slurps, and I saw in the shadows Jasma reach down and begin to finger her older sister.

“Ooo-not that–you’re my sister–” wheezed Jaycee, but I shut her up by pinching her nipples roughly, causing a huge stream of milk to run down the side of the house.

“Gonna cum–” Jaycee exclaimed. Now Jasma was so excited she scooted in front of her sister, and facing her, began to suck on Jaycee’s enormous brown udders.

Jaycee winced as silently as she could, and began to lightly pound on Jasma’s back.

I reached through the window and squirted Jasma’s tit milk all over the front of Jaycee, which only caused Jasma to suck harder on her sister’s fat tits.

Both girls were now mewling a little too loud for me, so I quickly shot a huge load into the hedges and crept away.

“Bring Jaycee to the office tomorrow.” I managed as I staggered off to find my car.

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