Jealous Bottoms Pt. 02: Addicted

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It was funny how this all panned out. I was jealous of Rod’s other playmates, the other playmate (Jason) gets all over me, and Rod and Jason used me as their cum dumpster.

Now, all was well, as now, we had a pseudo-relationship going outside of our normal lives.

“The agreement for the time being, is that we don’t suck and fuck anyone else,” Jason stated in our group chat one Saturday.

Rod didn’t agree.

“Oh, I’ll get with whomever I choose. It’s you two bitches who must be on your best behavior, understood,” Rod asked us.

I didn’t take it that serious, for I was married with children and there was more than enough cock out here for everyone. I just played along and affirmed what he said.

“I want to see the both of you tonight,” he told us. “Clear whatever plans you may have and come to my place. I even got my buddy, Steel, coming through.”

My mouth instantly started to water. Steel, this 25-year-old pro running back turned stripper, was a guy I had my eye on once Rod revealed they were good friends one night at the strip club. Rod I believe weighed in at six foot two, 225 lbs., with barely an ounce of fat on that gorgeous body of his, including within what was dangling between his legs. Rod took us to the strip club that night and we saw first hand what the youngster was packing, and I’d fantasized ever since.

“Steel, the legend. We used to double team chub daddies back in the day, and he used to have them speaking in tongues,” he said.

Rod even showed me a video of Steel’s magnificent dick in action, as it was about 10 inches of thick, black shaft, with a red bullet head tip. He’d tease me about this animal, but now, he would help fulfill my fantasy and have the top come and join us.

“Let me know in a couple hours if you can make it. Me and my buddy want some good ass, and good head tonight. We’re trying our best to not go on the prowl,” he told us.

The wife had been bugging me to spend some “me” time away from her and the kids, and this particular evening would be the perfect opportunity.

“Get out, and have some fun with the guys,” she said. “Love you. Staying out late, let me know, is all I ask.”

She set the ‘green light’ for me getting pleasured by someone other than her. I let the two of them İstanbul Escort know I’d be free, then Rod advised us to be at his place at seven, when all four of us could hang out, drink and do whatever that followed. I hit the barber shop after, showered, spent time with the kids, then got dressed and headed over to Rod’s.

“Damn, what you think, we were going to a concert,” Rod asked.

Apparently I was a little overdressed, as I walked in the door of Rod’s place, hitting the living room and seeing all three of them naked, with Jason on his knees going at it, taking turns sucking the both of them. I got undressed in a corner, as I had on a blazer, a sweater, khaki trousers and casual dress shoes, with Steel, living completely up to his name with his beautiful, chocolaty, chiseled body, coming over to help me fold my clothes and place them neatly on furniture.

“Hi, I’m Darius,” he said to me. “Friends call me Steel.”

I shook his hand, and when my last garment came off, with him standing there smiling and admiring, he knelt behind me, pushing me down to grab the nearby chair, and begin eating my hole from behind.

“Oh fuck,” I said.

Steel’s long tongue moved with such a dynamic, as he was pressed deeply inside me. I felt it slither almost to my second hole, as he had me precumming instantly with the workings of his mouth.

“Bet you didn’t expect this, huh,” he asked.

“Not at all, but don’t stop,” I whimpered.

I looked over and saw that Jason was receiving the same treatment, his face completely into the cushion of the couch, as Rod had those cheeks spread in order for him to dine on Jason. Steel’s rimming skills were a notch above Rod’s, as I couldn’t stop wiggling my ass as it felt so damned good.

“You gon’ suck Steel’s, big, black cock,” he asked me.

“Oh yes, with pleasure, baby. Thought you’d never ask,” I told him.

He pulled that tongue out of me as my hole made greedy sounds. He got off the ground and was now standing in front of me, as I knelt down. Super hard wasn’t the word to describe the prick Steel carried, as it flopped like a night stick, but was stiff from the head to the base. I wrapped my lips around that beautiful meat, and put my hands on his hips, as he gently went back Escort Bayan and forth fucking my face.

“Fuck brother, how you faring over there,” Rod asked Steel.

“Like a million bucks,” he said. “You?”

“Oh man, he’s ready to get that fat ass of his plowed, but you’re going to like Eric. He’s a cock greedy bitch who can be a handful, but has some of the best man twat you’ll experience,” said Rod. “Here, see for yourself.”

Rod tossed Steel some lubricant, as I kept on sucking. When he opened the bottle, I looked up, then he pulled away so he could stroke his cock with some of the cream. He then sat down, directing me to “have a seat.” I was nervous, for not even Rod was that big. I felt like he’d rearrange a few things inside me, so I contemplated while looking at his cock.

Come and sit on it, I’ll be gentle,” he said.

I looked over at Rod and Jason, with Rod ramming his entire body into the plump Jason, their bodies smacking while Jason wailed. Rod wasn’t showing mercy, but it was hot to hear their bodies collide, and now, I was turned on enough to where I wanted to ride Steel.

“Baby, you want me backwards,” I asked.

He nodded yes, and I sat on it slow, my face facing outward, with my back facing him. It hurt initially, but after two minutes, I was comfortable with him inside. He reached my chest to rub and pull my nipples, and I bounced my ass harder, going up and down as I loved my tits being tampered with. I lost control, just in my own world of pleasure as I didn’t notice Rod bringing Jason to the front of me to suck my tits, while Rod was plowing him from behind.

“Come here baby,” Jason said to me.

He locked the tip of his teeth on my left nipple, having me moan louder as now Steel, with his strong pelvis, started moving himself in and out of me. He’d alternate between pounding me from down under, and rotating himself in circles, as he was hitting every inner inch of my ass.

“Two freak bitches,” Steel said.

“You see them? They’re down for the dick for sure,” Rod said.

Rod then pulled out of Jason, as Jason stood upright. Steel smacked my ass a couple times then pulled out, the both of getting up, as Rod led the group to the bedroom.

“Time to swap asses, brother,” Rod istanbul Escort told Steel. “I’m gonna fuck Eric, and you’ll dig inside Jason.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said.

Jason and I knew what to do, for we laid on our backs and put our legs in the air, all while stationed at the edge of the bed. It felt good taking in my original lover, as Steel’s phallus had me well prepared.

“Ohhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkk,” yelled Jason.

He wasn’t ready for Steel’s long, thick pole, as Rod wasn’t quite as big.

“Now that’s a cock,” Jason said.

He’d take it, Steel banging him insanely hard and making the bed shake. Rod was inside me, but reached down to kiss me as he gyrated inside me, muffling my moans of pleasure.

“Two moaning bitches, you hear ’em,” Steel asked.

Rod went back upright, with now my feet on his shoulders as he kept on churning that cock inside my moist snatch. I turned my head over to Jason, and we tongue kissed, the both of us so turned on we just wanted to take it out on each other. Steel was pounding him extremely hard, as he winced loudly, and Rod trying to follow suit.

“You two wanted a dick down, and now look at you,” Rod said.

“Oh fuck, someone’s gonna have to cum,” Jason cried out.

Steel was working him, but took notice of Jason getting sore, as he pulled that black, shiny cock out and began jerking off, aiming for Jason’s tits. Rod pulled his cock out, too, and aimed for my face, specifically my mouth as these two tops were ready to shed their nuts.

“Ready, here it comes,” Steel said.

He kept on pushing and pulling, and that sperm blasted off all over Jason’s chest, and face, even grazing me. It was hot to see.

“Open your mouth,” Rod told me.

He put that still juicy cock in my mouth, his balls now on the top of my chest, as he grabbed my hair for traction in rocking his body back and forth, groaning as he released that hot liquid on my tongue.

“Fuck yea, swallow it bitch, swallow it,” he said.

I would, for I loved the taste of his baby making cream. I gripped that shaft with my lips pretty tightly, and when he finished, he pulled out, leaving me to lick my lips for the remainder.

“Good sluts,” Rod said to us, as he tapped both our bellies. “You guys have fun?”

We both shook our heads, then I turned to Jason to kiss, and allow him to taste our main lover. The tops would help us up, so we could wipe down, then we all headed to the living room, to listen to music, relax, and tote a little bud, before breaking to go home.

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