Jeff and Darin

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The marijuana this summer is not very good, too much rain and not enough sun have produced plants low in THC. Even worse, growers planted far less than usual in the spring after reading the Olde Farmers Almanac predictions for sun and rain.

I was hanging out with a high school buddy, smoking some of this low quality weed when the subject spun around to sexual conquests over the years since our school days. Jeff, who came out admitting he is gay told about some of his early conquests with girls when he trying to be straight. His girl stories have high turn on value, he tells a vivid tale making his listener, me, imagine each detail in graphic clarity. More so, I like hearing his tales of gay sex. I swear, the imagery of those stories is far more graphic and I saw the impact on Jeff as his tales unfolded.

I am Darrin, a mostly straight guy with a curious streak that I hope to explore with Jeff this afternoon. As much as Jeff felt the turn on telling his gay sex stories, I felt turned on listening. I told a couple stories of conquests overseas in my military years, yet they seemed tame compared to Jeff’s. I did not hide that I enjoyed his stories. “Jeff,” I whizzed through taking a hit on a joint, “your stories of gay sex turn me on. I notice you have the same effect on yourself.”

“God damn, Darrin, we are checking each other out!” Jeff took a deep hit from his joint and slowly blew it out. “Do you remember our sexual experiments that summer before we started high school?”

“Oh hell yes! The truth is you were my first sex partner. I asked you if I could fuck your gaziantep escortlar ass then with no ceremony, I plunged right in and came in seconds. I remember the shape of your ass, the warmth of your cheeks as my cock made contact. You felt great then, too bad I didn’t know what I was doing to make it better for you.”

I took another hit on my joint as Jeff began talking. “Everyone thinks gays love taking it up the ass. I have to tell you, I am not a bottom, don’t like having my ass played with. I do like being a top.” Jeff hit his joint again.

“Okay, then, Jeff, it is my turn.” I looked directly into his eyes, watching for facial expression changes. “I am a curious bottom, Jeff. Would you fuck a curious, fat, hairy bear?” I noticed Jeff’s eyes sparked although his facial expression did change much. We both took hits on our joints. I did not wait for an answer; I loosened my shoes and kicked them off. Then I opened my pants to pull them down. I was going commando and Jeff saw my hard hairless cock spring into view. “By the way, Jeff, I also like warm anal douches and cleaned my colon before you got here.”

I pulled my T-shirt over my head and off as I moved toward Jeff. “I think I owe you some bottom, Jeff.” I knelt at his feet to remove his shoes then went after his pants, commando, as well. Jeff’s cock is just what I remember, long and thick. “Jeff, I’m about to suck my first cock, I hope you enjoy it.”

“Holly fuck, Darrin, your serious,” Jeff breathed as I stuck out my tongue tasting a cock for the first time. Then I engulfed his cock in my mouth bobbing up and down, my tongue concentrating on his sensitive glans.

“Yes, Jeff, very fucking serious.” I returned to my performance on his cock alternating sucking with licking his length and teasing his balls. As Jeff worked his hips against me, I prepared to drink a warm drink that was about to jet into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” Jeff called out. I slid my mouth off his cock just a little so I could capture all his warm cock cum. Then it happened, Jeff shot several warm gushes of his cum as his cock expanded and contracted with each blast.

Jeff finished his cum as I held his cock and cum in my mouth, I needed to swallow but I did not want to release his cock. I kept my lips tight on Jeff’s cock as I finally let it slip from my mouth. Jeff waited, watched my next move. With all the grace of swallowing my vitamins, I tilted my head back and swallowed. “You were not expecting that were you, Jeff?”

“I don’t know what to expect now.” Jeff put a match to his joint and pulled hard on the smoke, I did the same. After a couple hits and our buzz renewed, I reached for a jar of butt-butter; Jeff’s cock twitched springing back to life.

With a liberal dose of butt-butter spread on and in my ass hole and all over Jeff’s cock, I said with a nasty smile, “Be gentle Jeff, you are so big and hard, don’t hurt me.”

I took a position on my knees, head on the floor. My ass exposed, lubed, and waiting. Jeff came up behind me, his cock touching my ass hole with only a slight pressure. “Do you want this, Darrin?” Jeff applied a little more pressure. I rocked back hard against him and took all his cock in one stroke.

“Stop asking stupid fucking questions, fuck me.” I gasped being filled completely with a real flesh cock attached to a person.

Jeff began the ritual of in and out, not a fast and hard pace, but a good pace that kept pressure on my prostate milking it. “Holly shit, Darrin, you do like bottom. Your ass feels good, you have good ass muscle.”

“I know, I practice with dildos, just keep fucking me. This is going to be good for you and me.” Jeff held my hips and pulled me against him with each stroke into me. He was hard and warm in my ass not cold and lifeless like a dildo. He was fucking me, not me fucking a dildo. He was moaning and crying along with my moans and cries.

“On the floor, flat, like you fucked me. Spread your legs and take this cock.” Jeff was driving his cock into me with all the force he could muster. My prostate swelled against his attack on my ass. Soon, I howled out as the pressure overcame me. I had a strong anal orgasm that forced semen to erupt from my cock.

I was straining against Jeff’s cock as he strained to keep buried in me. “Jeff, holly fuck, Jeff! That was fucking awesome. Shit, I stained the carpet with cum. Oh fuck that was awesome.” As I relaxed from my orgasm, Jeff picked up his pace again swearing he would pump a quart of cum in my ass.

“Now, Darrin, now! Feel it, my cum in your bowels.” I did feel it, a warm flow of sperm and semen invading my ass, deep. Jeff’s breathing became ragged as he pumped his load. With his orgasm subsiding, Jeff slumped over my back. “This is not a one-off, Darrin. We’ll do this again.”

“…and again, and again,” I panted.

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