Jeff and Jason

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They were two construction workers. The blond one was Jason, and even from a distance he was a beautiful sight. Jeff, the dark haired one, watched closely as Jason bent over to saw some wood. His beautiful bubble ass was clearly defined in those dirty jeans. Even wearing loose, baggy construction clothes, Jeff could see Jason had an awesome body, and whenever Jason carried anything heavy over his head, Jeff could see the bulge of his muscled arms flexing beneath the weight. Jason had short, sexy blond hair and a killer smile, and also pretty green eyes that sparkle. Man, Jeff wanted him so bad. He was hard each time Jason walked by, and had to banish thoughts of plowing Jason’s virgin ass so he could concentrate on work, and look forward to the evening when he could go home and jerk his tense cock while thinking of Jason’s tight hole and flipping through the latest issue of FUCK HIM HARD magazine.

Jeff didn’t know it, but Jason had the hots for him too. He found that lately, his girlfriend’s tits and pussy didn’t excite him any more, but he became hot every time Jeff was near. He looked at Jeff’s handsome face, his long brown hair and big brown eyes, and couldn’t help thinking what his cock looked like, how big was it…..and how sucking it would feel. Jeff was the bricklayer, and sometimes worked with no shirt. It almost made Jason cum in his jeans to see the sweat glistening off Jeff’s smooth, thickly muscled body. Unlike Jason, Jeff had a sprinkling of hair on his chest, and when he sweated, his chest became sexily damp with wet chest hair.

There was a great deal of sexual tension between these two men. Their cocks never stayed soft when they were near each other, and their co-workers often joked about their constant erections. They couldn’t stare at each other in case someone got suspicious, so concentrating on work became a problem.

One day, the foreman poker oyna decided to treat everyone to lunch, and the site was empty except for Jeff, who said he needed to finish the bricklaying quick, and Jason, who wasn’t hungry. Looking for work, Jason went to the balcony, where Jeff was, having a quick beer. Jeff, startled, turned and looked behind, and in that one instant when their eyes locked, both received a clear message: they had to fuck.

Emboldened by lust, Jeff whispered, “In my truck?” Jason quickly answered “No. Right here.”

As desire overwhelmed them, they kissed hungrily and long, pulling away to quickly strip off their dirty clothes. They could smell each other’s sweat, heightening their arousal. Years of hard work endowed them both with superbly muscled bodies and strong arms. Jason feasted his eyes as Jeff pulled down his Y fronts. Jeff’s rock hard cock sprang out, glistening with precum. It was roped with throbbing veins, and jutted out from a thick pelt of curly black cockfur. His tightening balls were also covered in this fur. Jason’s beautiful cock was just as hard, and it was delightfully curved upwards with a pink tip. It was surrounded by blond pubes.

Nude, they kissed again, more tenderly. Jeff whispered, “Jason, baby, I’ve waited so long for this. Suck my cock now.” Jason was trembling with desire as he knelt down in front of Jeff’s hard cock. In one wet mouthful he engulfed the cock with his mouth, and began sucking hard. Jeff moaned in delight feeling Jason’s wet mouth and tongue on his stiff hard cock, and had to resist the impulse to fuck it.

“Suck my balls dry,” Jeff said.

Although Jason had never sucked cock before, the hard length and taste of Jeff’s cock turned him on so bad, and as he sucked it harder, he instinctively knew to lick his balls and cockhead, too. Jeff pulled Jason’s sexy blond hair and canlı poker oyna fucked his mouth, so that his balls slapped against his chin, while urging him to suck harder and harder. They both thought of the many times they jerked at night, wanting this. “How do I taste?” Jeff asked.

“Fucking delicious”

They switched places. Jason’s cock was delightfully curved and therefore a pleasure to suck. Jeff was an expert cocksucker. He sucked Jason’s cock quickly and hard, making very erotic wet sounds. He couldn’t resist playfully flicking his tongue over the pink curved tip of Jason’s eight inch cock – which made Jason feel so good he buckled his hips. He was exhaling in pleasure; he never had a blowjob half as good. Jeff motioned for Jason to sit down and spread his legs. Jeff slowly began to scratch his soft, furry balls with his nails, all the while sucking Jason’s hard cock.

The afternoon heat sent waves of exciting lust coursing their hot blood. “I’m gonna fuck you now, baby” said Jeff to Jason. Using a chair as leverage, he bent over it and spread himself wide open, as Jeff slid on a condom over his incredibly hard cock.

“FUCK YEAH!” they said, almost together, as Jeff fucked him hard, all the way to his balls. Jason had little time to adjust to the strange, painful and delicious feeling of first-time assfucking, because Jeff was already fucking him hard and fast. He shut his eyes hard, mentally accommodating Jeff’s rough length, but failed to suppress the whimper as Jeff’s steely cocktip struck some sensitive pleasure spot deep inside him. Pain and delight exploded deep inside his ass with each forcible fuck, and this strange sensation translated itself to an inarticulate cry issuing from Jason’s lips.

“Shut the FUCK up and take it like a man!” said Jeff, foul-mouthed by the excitement of sex. As Jeff’s powerful thighs propelled his internet casino cock in and out of his love hole, Jason made the pleasant discovery that Jeff’s dirty talk heightened his lust and excitement, and that he wanted more of it. Spreading wide and slamming himself against Jeff, he whispered, “Yeah, talk like that some more, baby…”

Jeff grinned. “Yeah, c’mon, FUCK yourself into my COCK….”

“Oh yeah, your cock feels so good in my ass. Stretch it, baby” said Jason

“FUCK yeah, can you feel how hard I’m fucking you? You love it, don’t you…”

“Yeah, I love how you FUCK me”

“You like my cock, huh? You like how my ten inch fuckstick plows your ass?”

“Christ you FUCK me so good, harder…..fuckin HARDER!”


“YEAH!! Fuckin BANG it in!!”

“Squeeze your hole while I fuck you. YEAH THAT MAKES MY COCK FEEL SO FUCKIN GOOD!!!!”

The afternoon heat beat down on the two fuckers, making them sweat. Jeff plucked his cock out from Jason’s asshole and got a couple of cold beers. He opened it and poured the cool beer all over himself and Jason. Jason laughed and licked the beer off Jeff’s body and cock, lapping it as it dripped down his balls. Then Jeff began to playfully fuck Jason’s ass with the beer bottle.

“Ready to fuck some more?” asked Jeff while playing with Jason’s hole.

They fucked against the wall. Jeff gripped Jason’s big shoulders for support as he rode him from behind. Jeff was fucking him really hard and fast – about three fucks a second – and Jason kept moaning for more.

“Yeah, HARDER. Fuck yeah. BANG me harder!!

“Yeah you really love to FUCK huh? Open up for my COCK!”

When Jason’s hole finally grew numb from Jeff’s cock friction, Jeff withdrew his prick and made Jason kneel down. He ripped off the condom and held Jason’s head in place firmly with one hand and with the other, he squeezed his throbbing cock as jets of cum squirted on to his face, across his pretty eyes and down his fuzzy chin.

After they kissed, Jeff grinned as he rolled a new rubber down his cock. “Time for Round Two,” he said.

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