Jennifer Pt. 04

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Jennifer, wife and pet Part 4

(Fetish, Petplay, Puppyplay, consensual, reluctant)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read Parts 1, 2 & 3, first.

Jill returns and becomes a kitty.

Jenny happily spent much of the next week on her two feet, able to walk and talk like a human. Only occasionally did Mark order her into ‘all fours’ mode. And often that was a lead-in to sex, doggy style, that they both enjoyed.

They both also missed Jill. Her presence, their fun and entertaining talks and her casual advice were all good, and very much missed.

Jenny suspected that the reduction in her time on all fours, was attributable to Jill’s advice to her brother, and although she didn’t mind living on all fours, she appreciated the time on two feet.

Other than that, they returned to their normal routines, Mark spending much of his time in his office or lab, and Jenny spending those times lying about like a contented puppy.

They did keep up with their walks, occasional practice sessions, just to keep her training up, and play sessions with her fetching a thrown ball or rubber bone. The bone was a new wrinkle that Jenny had mixed feelings about. The thing tasted worse than the dirty tennis ball. For some reason, carrying it around in her mouth really seemed dog-like and more degrading than anything else she had done as a puppy-girl.

They also had another argument about photos, when Mark took out his phone and snapped a couple of shots with her returning with the colorful bone in her mouth.

When Jenny got back to him, she growled loudly, showing her displeasure. Mark got the message but, later, over dinner with Jenny back in ‘two feet’ mode and able to talk, she brought the topic.

“Mark, I really don’t like you taking my picture.”

“But lover, like any husband, I want photos of my wife to admire and remember you by.”

“I’m not just your wife, remember. And I’ve already told you how I worry about pictures of me as a puppy getting out and onto the Internet for the world to see.”

“And I’ve explained that I won’t let that happen. My devices are all well protected and secure, so they can’t be hacked. Unless you’re afraid that I will post them on the Internet, or share them around. You have to trust, that I would never do that to you.”

“Honey, I trust you completely. Look at me,” she said waving her paws around her fur covered body, “I trust you with my life. I trusted you when you turned me into your puppy. I just don’t think I could stand the humiliation if other people saw me like this.”

“But Jenny, you’re so beautiful and sexy like this.”

“To you, and even, perhaps to me, but others could see me as an insane, slut in an insanely erotic costume. And if they found out that I was in it full time, they’d really think I was a freak!” By the time she was finished she was yelling at him.

She paused, trying to calm herself, “so please, for my sanity, don’t take any more photos. Please.”

Mark finally understood that this was a big deal for her, “Okay, honey, I won’t. I promise.”

“Thanks, now let’s clean up so I can relax a bit,” she said, sighing.

“Then can we have sex?”

She looked at him for a minute. He was certainly one horny guy. And a lot of that was probably attributable to her puppy suit, and persona. And that’s why she put up with it. He loved it and they both loved the passion and the sex that the outfit created.

Of course, they had sex, that day, and every day. If Mark wasn’t hibernating in his lab, he was spending his time with Jenny. And when he was with her, he seemed to be thinking about sex, all of the time. And she loved those times.

The next couple of weeks passed with Mark happy and content, and Jenny bored and only barely tolerant of her puppy life.

She spent a lot of her time with relatively normal pastimes. Whiling away the hours reading, watching TV or surfing the internet. When Mark was unavailable, she was lonely and bored. When they were together, she enjoyed his affectionate attention.

The highlight of her days remained her time spent with Mark, making love.

As the end of her third month in the suit approached, Jenny started looking forward to her next out-of-suit cleaning session, and the short bit of liberty it provided. Perhaps, she hoped, this time Mark would allow her to be out of the suit for an entire day. She’d already demonstrated that she could be trusted to allow him to redress her in her suit, after the cleaning. For the next month of puppy life.

Removing her suit, when the date arrived, was, as always, an ordeal. Her hands were so very stiff, and cramped from being casino şirketleri secured in her paws for so long that she cried from the pain while trying to work some flexibility into her fingers and thumbs.

Her feet were also sore and she had difficulty standing flat footed. She finally gave up and slipped on a pair of high-heeled shoes. Her arches seemed to appreciate it and stopped giving her so much trouble.

And of course, the feelings of emptiness emanating from her pussy and ass bothered her. Apparently, those two important parts of her, now preferred to be filled all of the time. Jenny worried that those feelings might become permanent, even when she stopped wearing the suit.

Thankfully, once again her skin seemed to be just fine. Still very pale from the lack of exposure to sunlight.

With the outfit finally removed, she quickly slid into a hot bath to wash and soak. It felt wonderful and the water also helped her hands and feet relax.

When she finally did crawl out of her bath, feeling like a new woman, figuratively and literally, Mark asked, “do you want to go out, like last time? Socialize? Enjoy some freedom?”

She paused for a moment, “no, let’s just relax, here. I’d like to cuddle and make love and feel your skin against mine. My bare skin, for a change.”

“If you’re sure, that works for me,” Mark said smiling. “Let me finish up testing and washing the suit. I’ll be back as soon as I can, while it’s drying.” And he took off, hurriedly.

Jenny took advantage of his absence, to actually use the toilet, as a human. It was a surprising and entertaining luxury. Who would ever figure that taking a pee and a shit, naked could be considered such an enjoyable event?

Afterwards, she climbed into the bed and relished the feeling of the soft sheets on her bare skin. She was dozing, contentedly, when Mark came back in. He quickly stripped off his clothes and joined her.

They held each other, made love, he massaged her all over, and he then kissed her all over, applying his mouth and tongue on her breasts and pussy. She had several wonderful orgasms. And thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Afterwards they ate lunch, still naked, and then crawled back into bed for a nap.

Lying there, dozing it occurred to Jennifer, that the sex had been great, but perhaps not as good as the usual sessions when she was a puppy-girl. As she thought about it, she wasn’t sure if it was because Mark wasn’t quite as passionate, or if her body and libido were becoming so used to puppy sex, that normal screwing was now passé.

Had she reached some point where her body and soul preferred the puppy life? That thought both frightened her and intrigued her. She fell asleep still unsure what it all meant.

When Mark woke up, Jennifer was still peacefully asleep, naked under the sheets.

He carefully slid out of the bed and ducked into the bathroom for a shower.

Afterwards, he threw on some clothes and went quietly out to the guest cottage to grab the, now dry, suit.

He returned, holding it in a bundle in his arms.

Jennifer was laying, contentedly naked, in bed listening to soft music, and reading a copy of Cosmo when Mark walked in.

He hesitantly asked, “are you ready to put it back on? It’s all tested, dried and ready for you. But I just want to make sure, especially after what Jill said.”

“Mark, she understood that this is something we both enjoy. I just didn’t really understand how much you wanted it, or for how long.” She said, slowly and carefully.

She then hugged him and whispered, “Mark, do you want me to put it back on?”

He hesitated for a moment and took a deep breath before saying simply, “yes.”

“Then let’s do it.”

Mark laid everything out, and picked up the lube and the latex panties, with their two plugs already in their places.

“Here, let me do it this time,” Jennifer says reaching for them.

Mark, surprised, handed them over and then stood back to watch, and help if needed.

Jennifer found it much easier to accept the things, when she was putting them on herself. It actually felt kind of good when she slid the two plugs into her holes. And she was not too surprised when her body seemed to welcome them in, somehow feeling better, filled.

When she finished, and the panties were fully on, she looked up and smiled at him, “that was easier, and it feels better, too.”

Mark’s smiled back. His hard cock certainly seemed to think it was better.

Jenny then picked up the suit and sitting back on the bed slid her feet into the legs and down into the high heeled paws. Her feet actually felt something like relieved and comfortable. It pleased her, when she realized that she was actually enjoying getting dressed again in her puppy outfit.

Had she become that used to her puppy role? She wondered. And she answered her own question, yes, apparently so.

The rest of the dressing went along smoothly. When Jenny had the whole suit on, Mark zipped it up the back, installed the collar casino firmaları and then put the hood and mask on her, locking everything in place.

Finally, he added her tail and gave her a swat on the ass, saying, “there you go my lovely puppy, you’re back to normal.”

Jenny, marveled at how she actually agreed with him; back to normal. As bizarre as that was.

The following week, they returned to their standard routine. Mark in his office and lab and Jenny laying around, reading, watching TV and on her computer. For a while she dabbled at writing a diary, describing her puppy life, but she soon gave that up, realizing that she’d never be able to share it with anyone. Who would believe it?

Jenny was bummed when Mark had to leave for another trip back East to attend a meeting between the big corporation execs and NASA’s leadership. She could tell that he still enjoyed working with the NASA scientists and engineers, so it was another case of what made him happy, made her happy. But she hated being alone. And in her puppy skin, she couldn’t ever leave the house and its grounds.

So, she suffered, bord and alone for the four days while he was gone.

One night, during his absence, out of the blue Jill called, and they talked for hours. Jenny was overjoyed, lonely as she was.

“I miss you so,” Jenny said at one point.

“I miss you too.”

“Well, come on back for another visit. You know you’re welcome any time.”

“Can I cuddle with the puppy of the house?” sounding like she wanted to do more than just cuddle.

“Sure,” Jenny replied, happily, although she was a little nervous. Jill was sounding kind of suggestive, and Jenny, knew that Jill swung both ways, and she had never.

When Mark returned, Jenny filled his homecoming with hugs and cuddling and a full day of luscious sex.

Finally, the next afternoon, Mark giggled, “wow. I’ll have to do that more often.”

“What? Screw me in the ass, doggy style?”

“Yes, but no. Go away for a few days and then return to this kind of homecoming.”

“Well, this was special, I admit, but it’s always available.” she laughed.

“Not like this. A happy puppy reunion.”

She just barked at him in response.

Once again, they settled in and resumed their daily routine, quiet, comfortable and uneventful, until Jill called again, only this time she Facetimed with the two of them.

Jenny was in all-fours mode when the video-call came through, and even though she kept giving Mark the signal, asking to be allowed to speak, he ignored her.

“Hi, I’m in Vegas.” Jill said, and she looked happy and healthy.

“Hi sis, great hearing from you. You look good,” Mark answered.

“Where’s Jenny? I’m Facetiming so I can check up on the two of you.”

“Jenny, sit,” he ordered, and then swung the camera to show Jenny sitting, puppy style, on the floor, next to him.

“She’s right here.”

“Oh, Mark, do you have her in puppy mode?”


“Well release her so we can all talk.”

Smiling evilly, “why? She can hear you, just fine.”

“Mark! You be good.”

“Oh, all right. Jenny, two feet.”

Jenny sighed and shifted to sit next to her husband on the couch. “Hi Jill, and thanks, sometimes he can be such a dick!”

Jill laughed, “I remember.”

They spent the next several minutes chatting and catching up.

Then Jill got down to the reason for her call.

“Um, guys, I called because, um, I can’t get the two of you out of my head. My dreams are full of erotic petplay.”

“Huh?” Mark said, not knowing how to respond.

“I actually found a club, here, where the waitresses all dress up and even pretend to be kitties. They wear skin-tight spandex and cat ears and tails, and between serving drinks, they fool around amongst themselves and with the occasional customer.”

“It’s really cute and sexy, and I thought about applying for a job, there. But it just seemed a little goofy and the girls, kind of slutty. And I don’t want to be a waitress, or a hooker.”

“Good,” Jenny spoke up. She was wondering where this was going.

But then Jill dropped the bomb.

“So, this is going to sound really weird, but Mark, could you build a suit for me, like the one you made for Jenny, only this one as a kitten?”

Mark was dumbfounded.

“Please, bro. I really think it’s my next adventure.”

Mark’s analytical mind was hard at work, but he finally answered, “I suppose I can, you’ll have to come here, to be scanned, measured, and you’ll have to help me with the behaviors that I’ll set the suit to enforce. I knew what I wanted for my Jenny, I know how dogs behave, but I’m not a cat person.”

“Oh, I’m sure I can come up with a list of appropriate rules. In fact, I’m getting all turned on, just thinking about them.” And she licked her lips and smiled, sexily.

“Can I stay with you guys while you do your thing?”

Jenny was quick to answer that, “sure, you can stay as long as you like.”

“Hah, don’t offer that! güvenilir casino You could wind up with a resident kitty on your hands!” Jill laughed, and Jennifer joined in.

Mark, though wasn’t so pleased. He wasn’t sure if Jenny was hinting at anything in particular, and he sure wasn’t comfortable with what his sister might be implying.

Jenny looked at Mark, and a little carried away with the playful discussion, she said, “that could be fun!”

They talked for a while longer and then hung up.

Mark sat quietly, already wrapped up in the project details, while Jenny turned her thoughts to the implications of Jill as a kitty.

She nudged Mark to get his attention, and when he mumbled “Humm?”, she asked, “Mark, are you okay with this?”

“With what?”

“Making another suit? A suit for Jill?”

He thought he understood what she meant. “Well, you know her, she’s a very sexual girl and if this is her next adventure, I can’t stand in her way. I can make a suit for her. And it will be another fun project, for me, making a cat version with a different set of behaviors.”

Jennifer wasn’t certain that her man understood the other implications. What it might be like with kitty Jill living with them, even for a short while, it could be awkward. But she didn’t bring it up. She was, after all not only nervous but also a little aroused by the thought of having a furry companion, around. And she would certainly like the companionship.

Jill arrived from Vegas a couple of days later, all excited. She kissed and hugged the two of them, and took over the guest house, as she had during her last visit.

The two girls spent the next day just hanging out, talking and relaxing. Jill spent quite a bit of time cuddling with Jenny, petting and snuggling against her and her soft fur. Jenny enjoyed both the company and the physical attention. Jill was fun, and intelligent and told great stories of her adventures, and she was certainly fascinated and accepting of Jennifer and her life as a puppy.

Mark was locked away in his office and lab, busy with the kitty project. He called the company and made arrangements to use the scanner for the next day, a Saturday. He explained that he had a little, secret project in the works, and he didn’t want to interfere with normal company operations. Without hesitation the boss gave him his blessing.

So, first thing in the morning Mark and Jill drove on down.

In the scanner, it became awkward when Jill had to strip naked in front of her step-brother. Actually, she didn’t mind, as her exhibitionist nature came out to play. It was Mark who seemed to have the most trouble, although from the bulge in his pants, Jill could see that her body was having its normal effect on the male of the species. And she enjoyed it. Mark was a male, after all, and she always enjoyed teasing them. Even though he was her brother, and she loved him, he wasn’t a blood-brother. No incest taboo, here, at least as far as she was concerned.

Mark kept scolding himself for his reactions, to his cute and sexy and very kinky, sister, er step-sister, who he hadn’t really spent any time with since they were kids.

He was relieved when the procedure was complete and she stopped flirting with him and put her clothes back on.

Afterwards, while the data was processed and downloaded, the two of them sat in Mark’s private lab and discussed plans for the kitty suit.

Jill described what she wanted, while Mark took notes, trying his best to forget that the subject for the suit was his sister.

Other than being a cat, the costume she wanted would be the same as Jenny’s, except for one small change. She wanted the feet to be taller — much higher heels.

“I’m tired of being the shortest one in the room.

“But if I make them much taller, you’ll practically be walking on your toes.”

“That’s the idea. I’m tired of being so short. I got used to really tall heels while I was in Rio. Herman, the guy I was living with at the time, loved me in them. He also loved tying me up and spanking me, but that’s another story.” And she giggled. “I liked being taller, and they’re sexy as hell, and I got pretty good in them.”

“Hey, I thought you were down there saving the natives!”

“Well, he was kind of a civilized native. A very fetishy and horny one. And I couldn’t spend all of my time in the jungle.”

“But don’t those things hurt your feet? Make it hard to walk?”

For a change, she paused, shyly and blushed, “well, that’s part of the idea. They’ll discourage me from walking like a human.”

“Jill, the suit will do that, you know.”

“I know, but I like this idea. Please, bro.”

Sighing, “well if that’s what you want.”

“Great, thanks.”

They followed up that discussion by looking at photos of cats on the Internet, so Jill could pick out a coat, markings and colors for her kitty fur.

She had a lot of fun doing that, and settled on a black and white spotted look.

“Now what about the behaviors?” He asked, still in full designer mode.

Jill smiled, “I was thinking about them being randomized. You know, instead of having my master dictate ‘all fours’ or ‘two feet’, I’d like the program to make the decision for me, randomly.”

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