Jenn’s New Job Ch. 04

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The last person I expected to see at the bachelor party was Jenn. She was branching out: she’d gone from considering a new job as a hooker to filming amateur porn to here, ringmaster of a live porno show for a small group of horny guys. She had taken to coming over to fuck me and taking my books as payment — it was a great system, I paid $5 for a bargain bin business book, and Jenn let me fuck her ass for the book. She wanted to fuck anyway, but also wanted to learn about business, I guess.

I’d gotten a better job and was making more money, but nothing crazy. Nothing like Jenn must have been raking in. My new boss (an old friend) invited me and 12 other guys to his bachelor party, which he’d planned himself because he wanted the wildest night of his life. He’d promised the best time and he’d delivered so far: a private club room, bottle service, catered steak and crab, and now a sex show.

The 14 of us were lined around a small open stage, really a dance floor, lounging against some luxurious booths, drinking and joking. Then Travis (my boss) announced that the night was about to really begin. He took his seat of honour and I sipped my rye, almost choking when my friend Jenn appeared wearing a leather black bikini and fuck-me boots, with dark eye liner and a ridiculous leather top hat. She even had a spiked collar — the whole getup was very goth ringmaster.

“You guys look like you could use some serious fucking.” She’d screamed for me to fuck her ass before, and even I was shocked by hold bold she seemed now. Jenn spied me and smiled, a bit surprised but pleased. She pointed over. “Especially this asshole.”

The other guys hooted but didn’t think anything special about it — they had no clue I’d fucked this porno ringmaster senseless and that she lived across the hall. Jenn winked at me and turned, pulling on some thin chains — I had been looking at her ass and only now noticed that she carried two leashes. As she pulled, two girls crawled out from behind the curtain. One was Mel, the amazing black girl Jenn had brought over to fuck me one day, but I didn’t recognize the second girl.

She was amazing. A small, sexy asian girl, curvy but toned, with her hair bobbed and dyed blonde like Mel’s (Mel was still a stunner, the spitting image of Nicki Minaj). Both of them wore black, studded leather bikinis.

Jenn pulled out a stool and sat down, spreading her legs. She was wearing crotchless panties and spread her lips poker oyna to show her pink. “You boys like this?” Cheers went up from all around. “How about these sexy bitches?” She rattled the leashes and both Mel and the asian girl (Yuni, I found out later) smiled and batted their lashes with fake innocence.

“I like them too,” said Jenn. “There’s a lot of you here, 14. Jesus. And only three girls. We’ll have to work overtime. I’d better get this pussy ready.” She yanked on the leashes and both Mel and Yuni crawled up to Jenn. She grabbed Mel’s face and shoved it into her pussy.

Everyone cheered and drank while Mel ate out Jenn. Then she pushed Mel away and yanked Yuni’s mouth into her dripping pussy. Yuni attacked Jenn’s cunt with her tongue, and Jenn ground into her face, aggressively. Mel dropped down below Yuni and started to eat her out. I almost came right there, but this was only the beginning.

Next Jenn shoved Yuni’s face away and moved Yuni and Mel into a 69 position. The sight of Yuni’s light flesh against Mel’s black skin was amazing by itself, never mind that two of the hottest women I had ever seen were licking one another with abandon. Meanwhile, Jenn had pulled out a small bag and reached inside of it to pull out a long purple double-ended dildo.

Mel and Yuni crouched on the floor, facing away from each other, asses close together. Jenn took the dildo in both hands and knelt down between them, feeding an end into each of their pussies. The girls pushed their asses back towards each other, pussies swallowing the dildo, and bucked back and forth, to slam their asses into one another as they fucked the dildo. They moaned while Jenn stroked their asses gently and they fucked each other with the double dildo buried deep.

“They look good, don’t they boys?” Jenn purred. They sure did. “But I think they’d look better with some cocks in their mouths.” She motioned to my boss and his best man, who wasted no time dropping their pants and slamming their rock hard dicks into the girls — my boss into Yuni and his buddy into Mel. They began fucking their mouths slowly but forcefully while the girls rocked back and forth on the dildo.

Some of the other guys had their cocks out and stroked them while they watched, but I was too dumbfounded to do anything — I knew Jenn was dirty but I never knew she was anywhere close to running sex shows like this. Even though I’d fucked her myself in almost every position, I had never canlı poker oyna seen her fuck someone else, and it was a little surprising to me when she said, “That looks fun — who wants to fuck this dirty girl?”

I almost laughed when everyone’s hands shot up, like in school. Jenn smiled and bent herself over the stool, ass in the air and pussy ready. “The line forms here.”

I got there first, a line forming behind me just like she’d said, as I slid my cock into her soft, dripping cunt. “Hi, stranger,” she purred. She’d moved the stool in front of the show so I could see lines forming there as well, everyone stroking their cocks and waiting to fuck Jenn’s pussy or Mel or Yuni’s mouths. I rammed Jenn hard and didn’t know where to look — at myself fucking her, at the facefucking that Yuni and Mel were getting, or at the dildo still pounding both their pussies as they slapped asses.

“Fuck yeah, fuck me, harder, just like that,” Jenn moaned as I slammed into her. “But save your cum, stud. There are a lot more holes that need fucking around here.”

As if on cue, Mel and Yuni took their first shots to the face, as the guys pulled out and came loads all over their pretty cheeks. Yuni scooped the cum into her mouth, but Mel just let it drip off onto her tits as she pulled away and stood up, hauling the dildo out of her and Yuni and moving over to the bag to pull out something else — a large bottle of lube. She squeezed a bunch into her hand and began lathering up her asshole. “Who’s next? You want my mouth, my pussy, or my ass?”

Someone yelled “ass” and Mel strolled over to the guy, shoving him down on the bench and slamming her tits into his mouth. He sucked on them for a while while she stroked his cock, and when he was rock hard she spun around to sit down on his cock, driving it hard up into her ass. The guy gasped and almost came right then. While Mel began sliding up and down his shaft, gripping it with her tight black ass, Yuni began lubing up her asshole also. I pulled out of Jenn with an apologetic plop — “Sorry, babe — I’ve got to fuck that girl.”

Jenn shrugged. “Where’s my lube? Someone get another cock in me, NOW!”

Yuni shoved her lubed fingers up her ass to prepare it for me. Meanwhile another guy had made his way to Mel and she opened her pussy up for him, for a double-penetration — a hard cock in her ass while another pounded her pussy. Jenn had similar ideas — she was lowering her pussy onto internet casino a guy I didn’t know while spreading her cheeks for another cock in her ass. Yuni had started to suck a cock and bent herself over for me — I slipped my stiff dick into her ass as fast as I could, and started pounding her for all I was worth.

I had never fucked an asian girl, and now was fucking Yuni’s tight ass harder than I’d fucked anybody’s ass. She moaned around the cock in her mouth while another guy tried to position himself below her.

Pretty soon all three girls were stuffed in all three holes, getting fucked 9 ways to Sunday. Jenn was even jerking two other guys off. I kept slamming Yuni’s ass but it wasn’t enough for her — the girl was a true cockslut — she grabbed another dude and pulled him to her, opening wide too fit two cocks in her mouth at once. When I saw that, it was too much for me — I blew my load right into her ass.

I pulled out to watch the orgy and recover a bit — a few drops of my cum leaked out but just served as lube for the next guy.

By now each of the girls had gotten a load or two. Jenn had taken two loads to the face, and cum was dripping down her tits. Mel had taken loads on her face and back, and got a second on her face as I watched. Yuni was swallowing everything — either her mouth or pussy or ass swallowed up the cum, so it was hard to tell how much she’d gotten. She’d be leaking cum all night.

I stroked my cock while watching Jenn take another load to the chest. I couldn’t believe how dirty the girl had gotten in the last few months. She had really found her calling. I couldn’t imagine the money she would be making doing stuff like this. Hooked up with Yuni and Mel — judging by that ringmaster outfit, she’d gone from learning the ropes to being the boss. A pimp who got her hands dirty, or in this case her ass.

Yet she still gave me freebies, and let me fuck her first — even brought other hookers over to fuck me, like when she’d paid Mel to give herself to me. It struck me then how weird this whole thing was — Jenn was the closest thing I had to a girlfriend right now, yet here I was watching her fuck a room, and not only that, I was rock hard just thinking about it, only a few minutes after pounding the ass of what seemed like Jenn’s newest employee — in front of Jenn, my dick still slick from her pussy.

I shook my head. I had the strangest life, and maybe the best. Jenn barked out some orders between sucks of cock, and the girls gathered together in the middle of the room, faces and chests slick with cum, to take the last loads together. I picked myself up, stroked myself, and strolled over to Jenn’s open mouth.

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