Jessica’s New Life Ch. 12


Another day another Dollar

Jessica looked into her full-length mirror and gave a little nod of her head. Every girl should have one to check that all was well before she left the house. Tonight, especially, she wanted everything to be perfect. Because tonight she was leaving this house in the most fundamental sense. She didn’t expect to be returning here and she didn’t regret it. The house had been very lonely in the month since Emily had left.

Her friend hadn’t returned home that other memorable night and three days later five African-American guys had turned up with Emily in a truck and took all her gear. She’d gone to live in the Taylor Foundation development – at least until her first baby was born. The Monday after the Founders’ Dinner Emily had also put her notice in at work. After a heated meeting with her old boss Emily had basically been told to forget the notice and to clear her desk. She’d done it with a smile on her face – it was, after all, what she’d planned all along. Her old life was discarded with barely a backward glance.

Jessica knew that it was her turn next. She’d been dreading contact with Sam Rifkin after his clumsy attempt to buy her sexual services at the Dinner. However, when she herself was called into his office Rifkin had been distant with her. Apparently Mr Taylor had rung him and insisted that Jessica’s duties be restricted to his Foundation’s work from now on. When the paper-work had arrived it had turned out to be a couple of cases from medium-sized African-American businesses and work on the establishment of a new law practice catering to that community. All above board save for the fact that the new firm would be called Lyons and Szostak and financially backed, at least during start-up, by the Taylor Foundation.

Jessica again critically examined her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a designer DG outfit that had a lot of history for her. When Christian, her ex-husband, had won his first big case he’d bought her this outfit in recognition of her assistance. She smiled to herself – only right considering that she’d written both his opening address and his closing summation. She wondered if his new wife was writing his speeches now. She doubted it but whoever was doing so seemed to know their business. Christian had won his primary in their home state by a landslide and come November it seemed certain that he’d be US Senator Clarke. She smirked at her own reflection. Tonight she had a suspicion he wouldn’t be pondering his meteoric political rise. Tonight she was pretty sure he’d be locked away somewhere savouring the live feed of her initiation. Well, she hoped he enjoyed it. She didn’t feel any malice towards him – just some frustration at his hypocrisy. Once at the Capitol he’d be well placed to help protect and fund the Taylor Foundation. So at least he’d turn out to have had some use!

This outfit had always given the right impression – business-like but elegant. She ‘d worn it for most of her own important early cases until it had started to show signs of wear and she’d regretfully had to retire it. Now she’d made a couple of minor adjustments and it was here for its final outing. It seemed appropriate that she would wear this tonight, her ex-husband’s gift.

Everything was ready. Her appearance and outfit was just right. She’d given her music to Lincoln – the music she’d risked so much to gain access to. Her men had always warned her of the risks of ‘going freelance’. Now she knew from experience how true that was. How lucky she’d been to find her new friends in the Foundation. Tonight she was going to show them all her appreciation.

In the Pit

“Been a long road for this one,” pondered Taylor as he sipped from his glass.

“…but worth it,” cut in Antwan.

Taylor smiled at him. Never thought he’d see the day when Antwan got serious about a girl – but it seemed that day had come. “MOST definitely she is. Anyway, you know me. The chase is what it’s all about for me. Got room for girls who know what they need straight away, got room for girls who find out they’re naturals and got room for girls who need a little time to figure out who they really are. We ain’t going anywhere – we’re here when they ready to make their commitment. You know what she got planned for us tonight?”

“Not a clue,” admitted Antwan with a grin, “but if I know Jess it’ll be something memorable.”

Taylor nodded and took another pull at his drink. He, at least, knew what music she’d chosen. If he’d told Antwan about it then his younger friend would have started a gang war over there in H-Town. So Taylor had Tyrone and Deon send a few messages. Nothing too heavy but the point had been made. If you messed with his people then there would be consequences and they would be serious.

Taylor shook his head a little. Enough of such nonsense. Tonight promised to be pure pleasure – the satisfying culmination of a long process. The Pit was filling up nicely with members and more of his girls than were usually there. Seemed lots more people were interested to see what Jess had come up with.

He noticed a big figure making his way across the room towards him and flashed a big smile. “Hey, man, you ready for tonight?”

“Of course,” replied Izeye, “you ever known me not to be.” He returned his old friend’s smile and exchanged a gentle fist bump. He fished in his pocket for his phone. “Before things really get started I thought you might like to take a look at a few new recruits me and my people have made.”

Taylor shrugged a little – there was always time for selecting new projects. Izeye and his colleagues sometimes unearthed some real talent. Not necessarily ones that wanted to go the Taylor Foundation route but nonetheless…

He scrolled through the pictures on the phone and knew that, as usual, Izeye had been careful to select only the cream of the crop for his perusal. Prime white pussy and no mistake. He paused and looked closely at one of the pictures. Then he scrolled back to one three images before. “Damn, Izeye, ain’t these two…”

His friend slowly nodded with what could only be described as a shit-eating grin on his face. “That’s one up on you, my man…”

Taylor nodded. “You gotta remember I have a strict 21-and-over policy. Makes the mathematics kinda difficult! Damn, tho, that girl is super hot…”

“Only the girl?” asked Izeye.

“OK then, they both super hot,” conceded Taylor, “almost as hot as MY stars of the show tonight.”

Izeye tilted his head in a little gesture of acceptance. “Anyway, you may get to see my girls here yet…”

“It would be a first, for sure, but I don’t see how you’d ever pull that off. I’ve known some freaky white girls but…” He chuckled and shook his head.

Izeye held up his phone. “See this one – she ain’t even seen a Black cock in person yet, just on video. But I got a sense for this sort of thing. I’m thinking I can get the two of them down here before I’m done. Certainly as guests maybe for the whole enchilada!”

Taylor was thinking now and Izeye knew he had him hooked. That crafty old brotha couldn’t resist it.

“Five grand says you can’t do it.”

Izeye smiled again. “It’ll be a pleasure taking yo’ green.”

“You pull this off, my man, and it’ll be a pleasure giving it over!”

The Initiation

Jessica was in the back room checking with Lincoln that everything was ready and that they had the cues down for her performance.

Lincoln looked at the music files again and shook his head.

“You think its too much?” asked Jessica.

“Shit, no. I took a listen to that and they’ll love it. But this one – that has got to be the whitest…” He shook his head and then grinned, “Might cause a riot in there before you get a chance too.”

Jess was looking down and biting her lip. She didn’t seem to have heard him. He knew that she was getting herself ready for her performance and he chose to leave her to her thoughts for the moment.

Finally, Jessica smiled nervously at him. “I think I’m ready.”

Lincoln smiled back, “Well I KNOW you’re ready. Gonna blow their minds, baby, gonna blow their minds. On in five…”

Jess gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then moved to the door. As Lincoln counted down to five Jess opened the door.


It was a safe bet that Billy Joel wasn’t the regulation musical offering at the Cock Pit and as ‘Uptown Girl’ boomed through the speakers it certainly got the clientele’s attention. The reaction wasn’t universally positive but every head turned to the door through which the star of the show had just emerged.

Jessica Lyons walked confidently into the crowd of men – her head held high and gaze fixed forward. She wore a fierce pair of heels but her 5’6″ was still dwarfed by most of the men there. However, she had no difficulty in making her way through. Most of the men eased out of her way but when one failed to do so in time she simply stopped and gave a look of calm, unhurried, confidence. The man took the hint or was pulled out of her path by his friends.

As she continued forward Jess began to look around her with an appraising gaze. In her demeanour, her dress and her posture she was the very type of authority. She reminded them all of someone – their old teacher, their old boss, the women they came across in their little brushes with city hall or the law. It was only natural she could play the role so well – most of them were well aware that Jess had basically lived it for her first 25 years.

They watched as she approached the small stage – only changing course once, a slight move which left the big form of Tyrone directly in her path. She tapped him on the shoulder and imperiously gestured him to one side. He looked at her momentarily and then obediently moved out of her way. If you wanted a snap-shot of ‘white privilege’ then there it was.

Finally Jess reached the stage and took the three small steps up. She turned and looked out over the assembled crowd. She counted in her head. ‘One … two … three.”‘ For a split-second she thought Lincoln might have fallen asleep on the job and left her hanging there but suddenly, with relief, she heard the booming entrance into the Masta Playa’s music. As the booming initial notes sounded she carefully removed her heels and then, when the musical rhythmn established itself, she began to dance. It was a long time since that hesitant and then over-rushed performance at the H-Town strip-club. Jess had had a lot of experience since them. Experience in what moves showed off her body to the best effect and, perhaps more important, experience in what moves a crowd like this one liked to see.

Her performance was good, better than good, but still there was a little restlessness in the club. Darius and James exchanged quizzical glances. They’d expected a little more – they had fine white dancers every night at the club.

Then the vocals kicked in over the speakers. Not the original ones – Jessica had some new ones recorded specially and then mixed in by a repentant Romeo. In style of performance they were rather more Salt-N-Pepa than ODB – but there was highly unlikely to ever be a ‘radio mix’ of these particular lyrics. The fact that they had been performed by her new young student friends – sounding very youthful and VERY white – just added that little bit of spice.

‘Raised to be sweet and pure and good

Now the nastiest slut in the whole fuckin’ hood.

And just so’s you won’t be in any doubt

She’s turning her friends and her family out.’

‘Knock the bitch up,

It’s what she came for.

Knock the bitch up,

Good for four kids or more.

Knock the bitch up,

Like a little White ho’

Knock the bitch up,

It’s what she came fo’.’

As the chorus ended its first play Jessica allowed her little outfit alterations to take effect. Strategically weakened buttons and carefully placed velcro strips allowed a few carefully rehearsed sharp movements to leave her jacket, skirt and blouse in pieces and on the floor. It had been the last appearance of her old faithful designer outfit but it had gone out with a bang and a roar of approval from over a hundred voices. Then she carefully stepped off the stage and into the waiting crowd.

‘Fine white bitch all prim and proper

Sez she’s down to do what she really ought’a.

Fill that pussy with nigga seed

And give the slut what she really needs.’


Its what she came for.


Good for four kids or more.


Like a little White ho’


It’s what she came fo’.’

The crowd had picked up on the chorus and were shouting out the alternate lines – the lines which re-stated what everyone knew they were there for. The ice maiden who had marched to the stage was long gone now. Instead, Jessica was naked as she again approached Tyrone. This time she reached up to the back of his neck with one hand to guide his face down to hers while her other hand gently fondled the hard bulge in his pants. Other Black hands came to touch her boobs and to caress her skin before she moved on.

‘Big city lawyer earning 400K

Saw a Black cock and threw it all away.

Now she’s coming to live in the hood

Don’t care if she’s pregnant and barefoot.’


Its what she came for.


Good for four kids or more.


Like a little White ho’


It’s what she came fo’.’

Jess passed slowly through the crowd – seeing many familiar faces and many more that as yet were unknown to her. Wherever she went the tide of black masculinity soon closed around her and questing lips and tongues found her. Her own fingers detected just how much many of the men were enjoying her show and its message.

‘Take this girl and give her a learning

Just the way that her life is turning.

See her cracka belly – all trim and flat

Your strong nigga loads’ll soon change that.’


Its what she came for.


Good for four kids or more.


Like a little White ho’


It’s what she came fo’.’

Finally Jessica had moved through the crowd to its edge and she saw the two tables at the back of the club, the tables Mr Taylor put aside for the old guys who’d lived in the long-gone neighborhood which this place had served when it was a bar. There were four older men seated there, aged from their late sixties to maybe eighty – it was hard to tell because these men’s lives had not been easy. Long years of hard manual work and low wages. Jessica looked at them and decided what she needed to do.

‘Rich white slut with her nose in the air

Should’a known better than to come round here.

That black-bred belly is soon gonna show

The whole damn world she’s a nigga-loving ho.’


Its what she came for.


Good for four kids or more.


Like a little White ho’


It’s what she came fo’.’

The first two guys were perhaps the oldest and just laughed when Jess shimmied up to him. She stroked their faces gently with her hands and then kissed each on his bald head. As she bent over she felt a little tap on her ass. She turned round to see a mischievous-looking guy in his late sixties. She resumed her earlier position and then sensuously waggled her butt at him invitingly. The next smack was a little harder – but still too hesitant for Jess’s liking. She advanced on him and got ready to sit in his lap but the man waved her off laughing. “My wife smell you on me and she’ll cut my balls off!”

His friend, who looked a few years older, hesitated and looked carefully at Jessica. Then he pointed at his own lap. Jess took the hint and decided to reward his boldness. Instead of just perching on his knee she sat astride him with her legs on either side of his body. Her full breasts pushed against his chest and her mouth found his as her hand explored his head of short grey hair. She felt his hands gently hold her body and, more pleasingly, felt the growing bulge where she sat. This old guy might have snow on the roof but it seemed his fires could still be stoked.

Jess hopped off him just in time for her last cue and was relieved to see Lincoln had emerged with the hand-held mic for her. The music cut out leaving only her own voice carried across the club by the speakers.

‘My name is Jessica and I’m here to say,

You’ve changed my life in every way.

And now that we’ve all had our fun

Its time that you men got the job done.’

Every man in the club accepted the challenge with a roar of approval. Jess shivered at such an expression of lust from so many powerful men – or perhaps it was the sensation of a wrinkled Black finger stroking her pussy lips.

After perhaps twenty seconds of bedlam Jessica felt the mic taken from her and realised Mr Taylor had joined them.

“Friends – do we need to vote on this one. Can I assume Jessica’s membership is approved.”

The second roar was even loader and only subsided as Taylor made calming gestures with his free hand.

“We’ll now join Emily on stage for Initiation. The usual procedure for those wishing to apply for tonight’s breeding. Just place your cards in the appropriate holder. We’ll make the draw after Izeye has worked his magic.”

Jessica looked back to the stage and saw Emily and Izeye now waiting there – along with Izeye’s equipment. She followed Taylor back to the stage. “Prospects – please show these gentlemen your ring fingers.”

The girls did as asked and the lights glittered on their wedding and engagement rings. Taylor acknowledged the smaller cheer. “Neither husband is here to give these girls away but our prospects have agreed to donate their rings to the cause.” Another cheer. “Can I have two volunteers while Izeye gets ready.”

Two of the younger men seemed to have been waiting for this moment even before Taylor spoke. They jumped on stage and began undoing their pants. Taylor found a chair for each of the women and they were soon sat sucking on a beautiful Black cock each. Earlier that evening both women had made sure their rings would come off reasonably easily but in this, as with so much, there was ritual to be observed.

Both women worked hard with skilled hands and mouths to bring their men off and it didn’t take long. Emily’s man signalled to her and she held up her left hand. He gave a last stroke of his cock and then his cum spurted out onto the hand and jewellery held up for him. Emily used the cum to help lubricate and ease off her rings before she dropped them into a box held out by Taylor.

Jessica locked eyes with her own man as he looked down at her. He was only perhaps twenty but already happy to perform in front of a crowd. Confident of his ability to produce the goods quickly and in good measure. She wondered why he was doing this rather than waiting for a chance to breed her. The answer was obvious. He liked the idea of this as much as she did and she would only do this once. She would be available to fuck, and yes to breed, many more times in the future.

This only happened once. She glanced down at her hand – the gold wedding band and the big white gold and diamond engagement ring. These were powerful symbols. Symbols of her love for her ex-husband and also symbols of his claim to her. Had Christian ever asked for them back he could have had them in those early days after she had left. He never had – now they would help to finance the Foundaton. She didn’t know how much they were worth but she knew they were far from cheap. It would be more than just a token gesture.

“Hmmnn,” the man grunted softly and pulled back. Jessica looked up at him and held her left hand perfectly positioned for him. He stroked his cock twice and then it happened. Thick white semen shot accurately onto her rings and her hand. Three strong spurts and then a final drool from his cock-head.

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