Jetset – Intro

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I began to realize that drugs, sex and booze had taken their toll on me when I stumbled into the administration building with a horrible hangover to pick up my diploma around 4pm.

“Why’d ya miss graduation?,” said the cheeky ass wipe of a secretary at the desk. I gave her the finger.

“Magnus, M-A-N-G-U-S, gimme my diploma or I’ll vomit all over your desk.”

That was about as cordial as I could be having stopped drinking at 9am, an hour before the ceremonies were supposed to begin.

“Soh-ree, I’ll get it already, gosh.” I didn’t care. My parents didn’t care. They hadn’t been to college, they hadn’t been at the ceremonies either. I went back home and fell asleep.

My one and only true friend (who has said he would like to go by Mojimbo) called me up around 8pm.

“Hey buddy, you awake?”


“Com’on get your shit together, and meet me at Jacinto’s for dinner. My folks are here and all and I don’t want you drinking alone tonight, got it?”

“Yeah, ok…”

I rolled into Jacinto’s fine Mexican diner to discover Mojimbo and his 14 relatives at a massive table in the back. He had saved me a spot right in the middle next to him. What a guy.

“I ordered you the enchiladas, you won’t regret it, trust me.”

I moved towards my seat and began to introduce myself: “Nice to meet you, hello, hi, the pleasure’s mine, yes, hello, and so on.”

After finally reaching my seat, I realized I hadn’t met the man across from me.

“Wonder, Timothy Wonder, I’m a friend of Mojimbo’s padre.” He was a large southern man with mutton-chops and real hearty appetite. He seemed like the kind of person that would smoke cigars and drink all night.

“I smoke cigars and drink bourbon, that’s how I was brought up ya see…” He told me his life’s tale: growing up in El Paso, herding cattle, chasing women, gambling and of course drinking and smoking cigars. As the night rolled on and he shared his whisky I became more intrigued and before I had realized, everyone was gone and it was just us two and Mojimbo, who was looking heavily intoxicated with his face resting on one arm on the table and the other in the salsa.

“Well, looks like we’ve drank this ‘ere place dry, say, you’s a strappin lad, how bouts you stops by my office tomorruh, I think I could you’s a boy like you. Ya see, I’ve bought a couple a jets, small ‘uns and I need some staff, how bouts say 10am?” I wasn’t sure if it was the liquor, but everything this man said seemed to be one long run-on sentence.

“Sure thing I said, I’ll be there at nine poker oyna sir!”

I was desperate for any job, and jets sounded cool enough. I took Mojimbo home and slept on his couch, as I couldn’t be bothered to go home.

I showed up the next morning at “the office” which was a few small rooms attached to a massive hangar outside of Dallas.

“Good morning Mr. Wonder,” I said as I entered his office.

“Oh you, yes I had forgotten, come in, come in, and tell me…. say I don’t recall your name.”

“People just call me Magnus, my first name’s a bit tricky on the tongue.”

“Magnus, what’s you dream, what do ya wanna do with yer life?”

I looked out the window into the hangar and replied, “Fly planes sir.”

“Oh, well it’s a bit early for that, it takes a lot of training to become a pilot, but how’d you like to come on board WonderAir and begin your training?”

I was shocked, my friends had been dragging their asses from interview to interview trying to get jobs as clerks and office assistants, and here I was being offered money to become a pilot. I kept my calm, “I would love to sir.”

“Alright, I’ll show you round the premises and hows you say we start tomorrow?”


Just then the phone rang and after a minute or so Mr. Wonder cupped his hand over the receiver and said, “I’m sorry son, I’m gonna have to take this call, go outside and find Kelly or Milos, tell ’em I sent you and that they should show you around today.”

A bit confused I went outside into the hangar and walked around for a bit. I was considering just leaving and coming back the next day when I saw movement at the far end of the hangar, opposite the offices, and then a door shut to what seemed like another, smaller office in the corner. Hmmm, I thought, maybe that’s where everybody is. I strolled over to the small room, admiring the two beautiful Learjets parked inside the hangar as I bobbed under them. As I got closer to the office I saw that it had a window, but the blinds had been pulled down, but there definitely was a light on inside. I decided to knock, but when I got closer I got a peek through a crack in the blinds at something, I’m sure very few people see at their first job interview.

A girl, maybe 24 or 25 was bent over the desk and was being pounded by a man, maybe in his early thirties, and both were completely naked. She hand one hand gripping the side of the desk while the other held onto her moderately sized tits bouncing back and forth under her like a pair of buoys. From my angle, I could only see the back of the man and canlı poker oyna only part of his fuck-buddy. But it was clear that he was pounding away with a hand on her hip and the other reaching under, furiously rubbing her clit. She had long brown hair, that sort of curled at the ends and she was rocking back and forth on dick and swaying her head in pleasure. I felt myself getting erect. I had never watched two people have sex like this before and it stimulated the length of my member who hadn’t seen action in almost a week. Her cocked her head up shoved her ass deep into his crotch and kept it there, I heard muffled moans as she came, then twitched, then came again, at which point the tall man blew his load inside her and collapsed onto her as the two of them lay there grinding out the last bits of their orgasms trying to prolong the pleasure. I had slipped my hand into my jeans and had been gently caressing my cock when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Fuck, I thought, this is going to be awkward” Than a hand grabbed my ass, and I turned around expecting to get raped my Mr. Wonder. No, it was a woman.

“Hi, I’m Kelly, I see you’ve found Jennifer and Milos.”

“Uhhh, I… Uhhh, well you see…. I…” I stammered, but she seemed to understand. She whipped me around, opened the door, and pushed me into the room. There I was one hand down my pants and with the other I made a slight waving gesture and stammered out a, “Hi.”

“Look what I found snooping outside your door, Jen,” said Kelly, as she closed the door. Then she undid my pants and exposed me with my hand on my still hard cock and said, “Well what do you think about our little find?”

“I think I like what I see said Jennifer as she got up off the table and pushed Milos’ cock aside.

Now I usually don’t get embarrassed in these types of sexual instances as one may say that I am moderately well-endowed with an easy 7and a 1/2 inches of meat, but given the situation I started to blush.

“Oh, don’t you worry, we’ll take good care of you,” said Lindsey as she walked over and slid her fingers up my shirt. Meanwhile, Kelly placed her hand over mine and and lifted my arms as Jennifer then took my shirt off.

“Look at those abs, babe, we gotta take this one for test-drive,” announced Jennifer.

By this point Milos had gotten dressed and said he had some stuff to take care of and on his way out he slapped my on the back and said, “I’ll see you around, and don’t let them two get carried away.”

Boy was I in heaven. Kelly grabbed my erect penis with both hands from behind and began stroking internet casino it up and down until it stood up straight and even stiffer than I had remembered it ever being, then she swung herself around and swallowed my cock with her big luscious lips, moving up and down, and up and down, swirling spit around in her mouth as she gave me a tongue massage on my shaft. Jennifer who had been busying herself by rubbing her hands all over my body, had begun nibbling and kissing my ear, which will drive any man nuts if the woman knows what she is doing, as I began to feel my inner juices moving Jennifer slowly made her way down my neck, licking and kissing as she went. Eventually she reached my chest and my stomach, and as she moved down further I couldn’t believe it as I watched her begin licking my dick while Kelly sucked on the end of it, begging for me to unload my self into her mouth. But with my experience, you know how to hold it for the right moment. But then, the two of them began french kissing each other, with my dick trapped in between, being licked all over by both of their tongues, and then as if they had planned it, Kelly grabbed my ass and deep throated my cock all the way (which is something I hadn’t seen in a while) and Jennifer took both my balls in her mouth and swirled her tongue around them. I screamed as I spurted load after load straight down Kelly’s throat as she kept up by swallowing every bit she could but eventually I got the better of her and my sperm began to leak out of the side of her mouth, and she looked up at me, my cock still in her mouth, and gave a small smile. As they stood up Jennifer licked the bits of cum off of Kelly and then they had one long final kiss.

Although things were a bit akward at first, the four of us had dinner, the two girls, Milos, and I, and we got along pretty well. It turns out Milos was Croatian, but had moved here when he was a teenager. He was a tall muscular man and had longish black hair, which made him look kind of metro sexual but no one seemed to mind. Jennifer was from Miami, and had some Cuban blood in her, which explains her light brown skin, big lips, nice ass, and substantial rack. Believe me, she had gotten the best of both her parents for sure. She had beautiful breasts and she always managed to wear tops that looked like her tits would jump out at any minute. Kelly, was from Colorado, and was your typical American beauty. Big, real firm jugs, and tight waist, and nice long legs, accompanied by shoulder-length blond hair which she often wore as a pony tail. She had large, innocent almond-shaped green eyes, and she would smile and bat her eye lashes at me because she thought it was funny how it always turned me on. Needless to say, everyone was very good looking and we all took full advantage of our free time. It seems Mr. Wonder knew how to recruit.

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