Journey Onward Ch. 05

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This is the final installment of Journey Onward. It has been so much fun bringing you this tale, and I hope you enjoy this last chapter.


Dinner at Mr. C’s was delicious. Jake remembered the place well from his younger days, and couldn’t believe that it hadn’t changed at all. It still had the various hats hanging from the ceiling that had been there nearly 30 years ago. He even managed to find the one or two that he had donated for the collection tucked away in a far corner of the place.

Jake hadn’t been recognized by anyone there, nor did he see anyone he knew. He had only been in the area for a few years many years ago, and most of those were just over the summer as he was away at college.

The two of them exchanged stories from their younger days, Jake doing most of the talking since they were in his old stomping grounds. It felt to them both that they could just keep the conversation going, but it was getting later and they still had another 45 minutes to go before reaching the cottage. Besides, they could keep talking in the car.

Jake paid, and after a quick trip to the restroom for them both, they were back in the car for the last leg of the journey. It was unfortunate that it was dark, as it is normally a very scenic drive. He felt, though, that he could remember most of the scenery from years past. He didn’t imagine that the small town had changed all that much.

He started the car, and they resumed the journey north. After an uneventful 45 minutes, Sandra was giving directions to get to the cabin. They turned into the driveway, and Jake stepped out to undo the chain that was strung across it. The driveway went for about 100 yards deeper into the woods, and they came to a stop right outside of the small cottage. Sandra had mentioned that the lake was about another 100 feet down a slight slope from the cottage. However, Jake couldn’t see it thanks to the dark.

Sandra went to unlock the back door, which led into the kitchen area while Jake gathered up their belongings to bring them in. They made quick work of unloading the car and putting the groceries away before collapsing on the couch.

Jake looked over to Sandra, and took her hand in his. “Thank you for inviting me up here this weekend. It’s been a long time since I’ve been ‘up north,’ and this brings back tons of wonderful memories from my younger years. I’m excited, too, because I’m making new memories with you.”

“Always the charmer,” Sandra said while taking the opportunity to lean over and give Jake a gentle kiss on the lips. “I know I’m exhausted, but I’m not quite ready for bed yet. Would you like a glass of wine to end the night?”

“That sounds great to me. Would you like any help?”

“Nope, I’ve got it. You did all the driving. Just sit there and relax. I’ll be right back.”

Jake leaned back and took a look around the room. It reminded him a lot of his grandparent’s cottage from when he was growing up. Very simple, almost rustic decor. The walls were made of wood paneling with the furniture in the room looking like remnants from the 1960’s. It brought a smile to his face, and he closed his eyes for a moment.

He was woken by a gentle nudge on the shoulder from Sandra who had returned with the wine. “You poor baby,” she said. “The drive wore you out. We can just leave this if you would rather go to bed.”

“Nope. I would love to share this with you. Just don’t hold it against me if I spill it in my lap when I nod off.”

“Smartass,” came her reply.

That got a laugh out of them both, as they sat together enjoying the drink. Occasionally, one of them would speak, but for the most part, they sat in a very comfortable silence just enjoying each other’s company.

They finished their wine, and took the glasses into the kitchen. Sandra pointed out the bathroom and the bedroom so Jake had the lay of the land, not that there was too much room for confusion in the place.

Jake offered the bathroom to Sandra first, so she went in and took care of her pre-bed routines. Jake took the opportunity to unpack a little and make the bed.

He was putting the finishing touches on the bedding when Sandra came back in wearing a light, mid-thigh length nightgown. “Look at you being domestic! I don’t even have to train you. Thank you for making the bed. I’m all done in the bathroom, so it is yours to do with as you wish!”

Jake stepped over and snuck a kiss and a grab of Sandra’s ass as he went by to get ready for bed. He stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. He took care of emptying his bladder and then washed his hands. He took a look at himself in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. He was looking very worn out. He had hoped for some extracurricular activity prior to sleep tonight, but he thought that it would be better if he waited until he was a bit more rested. He looked back over the past few weeks, and smiled. He had thoroughly enjoyed the time he had been spending with Sandra, both in person and through other means. poker oyna He could feel himself developing real feelings for her, and wondered if she was feeling the same. He knew it hadn’t been that long since they met, but being a bit older, he knew what he liked and didn’t like. Sandra seemed to have everything he did like.

He finished up, and stepped out of the bathroom to head to bed. When he stepped in, he saw Sandra curled up on her side already asleep. He smiled at the sight and again thought to himself that he was a lucky guy. He turned off the bedside lamp and crawled into bed. He scooted over to the sleeping beauty and wrapped his arm around her, gave her a gentle kiss on the back of her neck, and succumbed to sleep himself.

Jake woke early the next morning and quietly snuck out of bed. He had thought about an encore of that morning a couple of weeks ago, but decided to return the favor, and prepare breakfast for Sandra. He was savoring being in this north woods atmosphere, and wanted to fully enjoy it.

He found the coffee and got that going, and then turned his attention to getting some bacon frying up. He then dug around to find the pancake mix, and got those ingredients all put together. The coffee finished brewing, so he poured himself a cup. He had just taken his first sip when he heard Sandra come out of the bedroom and greet him with a kiss on the cheek.

“Look at you,” she said. “You are all Mr. Motivated this morning. The coffee and bacon smell delicious, and helped to drag my lazy ass out of bed.”

Jake bent over and kissed her lips. “It’s my pleasure. A good breakfast sounded perfect this morning. It looks like it is going to be a great day. It looks like the bacon is done, so I just need to get the pancakes going.”

Sandra took the cup of coffee that Jake offered and set to work getting the dishes out for breakfast. She walked out to the screened in porch overlooking the lake and wiped the table off. “How about we eat out here. It may be a little cool just yet, but the view is beautiful and nothing beats breakfast in the fresh air.”

“Works for me!”

Jake plated the food and walked out to where Sandra was sitting. “Breakfast is served!”

“You are too good to be true! Good looking and handy in the kitchen, too. I should snap you up if for nothing else than that!”

That got a laugh out of Jake as they dug in. He would pause every once and awhile and take in his surroundings. He loved being on a lake like this. The sights and sounds were like a sensory overload of nature.

“It’s so peaceful this morning.”

“It is. Wait until people start waking up, though. This place will be buzzing with boats and jet skis before you know it.”

“I can believe it. It was that way even on the small lake we lived on. There wasn’t much public access, but the people who lived there or had cottages were always out and about on a weekend day like this.”

The continued to eat their breakfast, discussing plans for the upcoming day. They settled on just hanging out, and maybe running into town to check out some of the local shops. They both saw this weekend as a chance to spend some quality time together and get to know each other better.

They finished eating at about the same time, and got up to take their dishes in. Sandra volunteered to do a quick cleanup of the kitchen since Jake did the cooking. Jake said he was headed into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Jake found the towels and stripped down before turning the water on in the shower. It was a surprisingly large shower for a cottage. He let the water get warm before getting in and wetting himself down.

He had his eyes closed and his hands were busy shampooing his hair when he felt a draft from the door opening. He figured it was Sandra, and his guess proved correct when he felt her climb into the shower stall with him and give him a hug from behind.

“I figured that you wouldn’t mind some company in here.”

“You figured correctly! I was surprised to see the size of this shower when I climbed in.”

“My ex had it built like this. In better times, we liked to shower together.”

Rather than continue that line of conversation, Sandra took her hands from Jake’s chest and slid them down until they were on his thighs. She sought out his rapidly stiffening cock, and began stroking it gently with one hand. The other hand found its way to his balls, and began to massage those.

Jake let out a moan as she worked his cock from behind. She had very talented hands as he could attest from the night before in the car. She continued to tease him until he was very hard. Once his cock was standing at attention, she slid her naked body around to face him.

“I promised you a blow job last night, and I intend to keep that promise. I hope you don’t mind that it is here in the shower.”

Jake chuckled at that. “I don’t mind at all.”

With that, Sandra took the tip of Jake’s cock into her mouth and started to lick around the sensitive canlı poker oyna head while she continued to fondle his balls. It had been awhile since Jake had a woman’s mouth on him like this, so he was a little concerned that he would let loose much sooner than he wanted to. He put that thought out of his head, and was determined to just enjoy it.

Sandra quickly proved that she knew what she was doing when it came to oral skills. She took Jake all the way into her mouth, his pubic hair tickling her nose as she worked the length of his cock with her talented tongue. She alternated between teasing just the head with deep-throating him, all the while massaging his balls.

She had a trick with her tongue where it would feel like a butterfly tickling the underside of Jake’s cock head. When she did that, he found that he needed to find something to grab onto in the shower as it sent an electric current through his body. Sandra looked up and smiled at him while she continued to work on his cock to acknowledge what she did to him. She loved to give head, and it showed.

She could tell that Jake was enjoying this experience and was getting close to shooting his load. She decided to take things up a notch, and slid her hand that had been on his balls up to the crack of his ass, seeking out his asshole. She found it and as she plunged down on his cock with her mouth, she slid her index finger up his hole, seeking out his prostate. This caused Jake to gasp in surprise, but he was even more surprised when he found himself shooting off the most intense orgasm he could ever remember having deep into Sandra’s throat.

As he finished letting loose, Sandra pulled her finger out and released his cock from her mouth.

“Holy fuck,” was about all Jake could manage at the moment.

It took a moment for him to fully catch his breath. By that time, Sandra was standing in the shower with him, gently fondling his softening cock. She smiled at him. “Does that make up for last night?”

“And then some. That was amazing…the best I’ve had, I think.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, mister. I’m glad you enjoyed. Now that you can stand again, let’s finished getting cleaned up. Would you be so kind as to wash my back?”

Jake gladly started soaping up Sandra’s back, with his hands gradually drifting downward to soap up her ample buttocks.

“I didn’t give you permission to wash those.”

“I figure it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission sometimes. This is one of those times.”

“Well, in that case, carry on.”

Jake gladly did, massaging each cheek individually as well as together. He felt his wet cock slip into crack, and started to get aroused again.

“You are insatiable, mister.”

Jake laughed and had to agree. With his cock planted in between her cheeks, he reached around to soap her breasts, making sure to take plenty of time to ensure that they were clean, especially her rapidly hardening nipples. That got a moan out of Sandra, and she pressed back against him.

Jake started sliding his cock up and down the crack of her ass as he continued to tease her nipples. He bent down to kiss her neck while he continued his movements. She reached down and grabbed his thigh with one hand, and steadied herself with the other.

“Jake, if you don’t stop soon, you are going to need to finish what you started.”

“Who said I wanted to stop?”

That got another moan out of Sandra as he continued to play with her nipples and grind his cock into her ass. He felt his cock start to slip down, so he took the opportunity to guide it into her waiting pussy.

“Mmmmmm…that feels so good when you enter into me. I don’t think I’ve told you this, but I love this position.”

Jake started to slowly slide in and out of her as the water continued to cascade down around them. He knew that he would last longer this time, since she had drained him just a few minutes before. Jake took his hand and again started playing with her ass. This time, his hand slipped between her cheeks, and sought out her puckered hole lying between them. He slowly teased it with the tip of his finger, pulling it open slightly.

“Fuck, Jake…you are going to set me off if you keep doing that.”

“That’s kinda the point, sweetheart.”

He was taking his time, both in playing with her ass and sliding in and out of her pussy. He was in no hurry and wanted this to build up to the point where she couldn’t stand it anymore. He pushed his finger gently through her sphincter, and soon was up to his knuckle in her ass. That got another groan out of Sandra, as he started to move both his cock and his finger faster in and out of her holes.

Sandra continued to buck against him, wanting to feel filled up. Her moans got a little louder and more intense as she started to climb to orgasm. Jake removed his other hand from her breast, and brought it around front, seeking out her clit as his movements intensified.

Soon, Jake could start internet casino to feel the pressure building up as he came closer to an orgasm of his own. Just as he was starting to think about ways to get that to subside, Sandra let out a low pitched sound that rapidly climbed in pitch and volume. He also felt her ass and pussy contract, trapping his finger and cock inside of her as she started her climax.

Her whole body was shaking as she came. With the increased pressure on his cock, Jake felt his pressure start to release from his balls as he shot a load of his cum into her. This sent another shockwave through Sandra’s body as she came again.

Slowly, they both started to come down from their respective highs, although that was quickly accelerated when they felt the first blast of cold water come from the shower head.

“Shit! We used up all the hot water. Good thing we finished up when we did,” she said.

Jake had to agree, and rather than lingering in embrace, he shut the shower off and grabbed towels for the both of them. The quickly dried off and warmed up in the process.

Sandra paused and looked at Jake. “I don’t know what the hell you have done to me, but I haven’t felt this way in years. You know which buttons to push. I don’t even mean just physically, but emotionally as well.”

Jake responded, “I feel exactly the same way. There’s a connection here unlike any I’ve had, and that includes Kate. Everything is very natural with you, and the sex is outstanding.”

He leaned in for another kiss, and like all the others, it was warm and electric. He knew that his feelings were rapidly deepening for her, and he sensed it was the same for her. He didn’t know exactly what that meant, but he was more than willing to keep going along to see where it all went. He had a sense that he would not be disappointed.

They finished drying off and got themselves dressed and ready to face the day. They decided to sit on the porch again to try and come up with a plan of attack. Sandra had been right, and even though it was still fairly early in the day, the lake was starting to come alive with boaters, water-skiers, and jet skiers of all types.

“Where’s your boat,” Jake asked.

“That was one thing my ex got in the divorce. I think he bought a cabin up near Glen Lake, so I imagine that’s where he keeps it. It was more of a fishing boat, and I didn’t mind fishing, but I much prefer something with some cover and a comfy chair to sit in.”

Sandra did come up with a few minor fix-it projects that needed to be addressed and Jake volunteered to take care of those. They decided to run into town and get the supplies for those as well as check out some of the local stores. To Sandra’s surprise, Jake enjoyed checking out the local stores.

“I rarely buy anything, but it is so nice to see locally owned and run stores in these towns doing well, that I want to go in and at least see if there is anything worthwhile.”

Sandra had to agree with that sentiment, so they kept going. True to Jake’s word, he only bought a couple of items, but had nice conversations with all of the shop employees they encountered.

Their last stop in town was at the hardware store where they picked up the necessary supplies for the projects Sandra wanted to do. Once that was done, it was back to the car and the cottage.

It was a short trip back to the cottage, and once they were there, they went through the process of unloading the car with their purchases from town. Jake decided he was going to tackle replacing the light fixture first, so with some guidance from Sandra, he located the circuit box, and found the right one to the fixture.

It took him about 20 minutes or so to get that replaced, and he moved on to handle the broken door knob on the second bedroom. Sandra stopped by to check his progress, and was impressed by what he was doing.

“Honestly, it really isn’t much. My step-dad was a general contractor for years, so I picked a few things up from him. I do wish I had paid more attention when I was with him, since it feels like there is quite a bit I don’t know. My handyman skills are somewhat limited, but I can do the things we’re doing today. It may take me a bit longer than other people, but I get it done.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. My ex really couldn’t do any of this. He would usually hire a handyman to do these things. So, color me very impressed that you can do them!”

“Well, thank you. I enjoy doing them for such a gorgeous woman. And, all it will cost you is a kiss.”

She leaned in and kissed him. It was gentle at first, but it turned into a toe-curling, cock-hardening passionate kiss.

“I think I will find other things to do around here if that’s the sort of payment I’ll be receiving!”

Sandra laughed and went back to what she had been doing outside.

Jake finished the last couple of items on the list, and went outside to see if he could find Sandra. He turned the corner around the cottage and was presented with the gorgeous view of her bent over in the flower bed digging up weeds. Her plump ass was just begging for a squeeze, so he obliged. That, of course, made Sandra jump about 3 feet into the air.

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