Judy And The Old Doctor


Judy and Jason were getting dressed for the monthly ‘card club’. She tied the bows on the sides of her pure white panties that were given to her the night she was accepted as a member of the club. They looked more like a bikini, but that is where the similarities ended. They were custom made from satin with a moderate amount of lace, and they were so soft.

“What do you think?” she asked Jason.

“Beautiful! Every man there is going to want you.”

“But you’re the man I’ll come home with, and love for the rest of my life.” She put on a matching bra. Putting on these two special items made her loins warm with anticipation of what was to come. A floral sundress that just came to her knees and a pair of sandals was all she would wear.


About the same time, Megan was arriving at Dr. McCray’s house. “I’m glad you could baby sit tonight, Billy and Abby love you.” Billy was five and Abby was eight; Abby adored Megan, and was always a bundle of joy. Dr. McCray, Bill, was Megan’s pediatrician; his wife Mary was the dean of nursing at the hospital’s nursing school.

“Always happy to stay with your children whenever I can, your kids are little angles,” Megan replied. Mary came around the corner dressed in a yellow skirt that flared out from her body, and a blue blouse, a little on the tight side. “You’re going to get a lot of looks in that outfit! As always you look very pretty.” Megan exclaimed

“Keep that up and I’ll be paying you a bonus tonight!” Mary McCray responded. She turned forty-five this year, and knew that time would catch up to her, but she was not ready to let it yet. “We should be back about midnight. Kids are fed and ready for bed when the movie they’re watching is over.”


Judy and Jason arrived at the Ross estate about eight o’clock, it was a nice summer night, with lots of stars beginning to shine. The mansion belonged to a retired gynecologist who was one of the founders of the ‘card club’. Three other couples were already there, and a few more would probably be coming. Twelve couples belonged to the club but hardly ever were they all able to come at the same time.

Judy got a glass of white wine, and a bowl of fresh strawberries. She exchanged some pleasantries with the others. The ‘Card Club’ was not just a ‘fuck session’ but a social event as well as a lot of lovemaking. The men were always respectful of the ladies; her needs were their top priorities. They knew that if their partners were happy, they’d want to come back again.

“How’s Megan doing at work?” Joan Fairfield asked. She saw Judy when her and John came in and quickly made her way over to her.

“Your daughter is wonderful. She is so sweet. Everyone likes her and she’s a good worker.” Judy replied to Megan’s mother.

“How, … how did she do the first day? I … I know she had to have a physical. It would have been her first real one. I wanted to be there but John said no.”

“She did fine, ‘Mom’. She’s no longer the little girl that left your house that morning. She’s a young woman.” Judy told the worried mother. “And growing up fast.”

Joan gave the young nurse a hug and said, “Thank you.”

Judy drifted out Beylikdüzü escort on the big deck on the back of the house overlooking the town. A light breeze was blowing and it felt good on her legs. She loved it out here. She felt a hand on her butt, but resisted the urge to turn and see who it belonged to. “Do you have time for an old geezer tonight?” a voice softly asked. The voice belonged to Dr. James Ross, the owner of this magnificent house.

“Is there one here tonight?” Judy asked without turning around.

“Oh you are a sweetheart.” The sixty-eight year old said with a little laugh. He put both arms around her with his palms on Judy’s belly. “It’s a pretty night with the stars twinkling, and the lights from the village below. The view is better tonight. That’s because the prettiest girl here is out here and, she’s with me.”

Judy turned around and faced the elderly man; doing so, Jim’s hands ended up on her firm but soft butt. He was at least six feet tall, in good physical shape, and a very nice man. With her arms around his waist, she gave him a hug, and nuzzled her head into his chest. He leaned down and gave her a little kiss on the top of her head “umm…” escaped from her lips. With her hug Judy let him know she accepted his unspoken offer for more.

Jim’s hands slid down to just below her hips. After massaging the low part of her butt, he slid his hands back up to her waist. Doing so, he lifted her dress exposing most of her bottom. A slick move she though. She felt the large but soft lump of his groin when Jim pulled her tight. “You have one of the best rumps my hands have been on for a long time”

“Bet you say that to all your girls.” Judy said teasingly.

“Yes I do, but I mean it with you!”

While he talked, his hands completed their journey to her panty clad ass cheeks. Judy looked up and as she lifted her face he bent down and gave her a kiss on her lips, his tongue brushed lightly across her lips. “Bring your wine and strawberries and come with me. I’ll show you a better view.” Jim said breaking off the brief kiss.

Taking her by the hand he led her through a door at the end of the deck. It opened into a magnificent bedroom with a huge king size bed. Judy was surprised when he led her past the bed and out through a set of French doors. “Wow!” She exclaimed stepping through the doors onto a balcony and up to the railing. The valley below curved around the back of the house, without all of the lights from the town, the stars shine much brighter.

He moved behind her and lifted her dress up to her waist. His right hand moved to her panty clad pussy, and started gently rubbing in a circular motion. “If you watch, you may see a falling star and get a wish. I’ve already got my hand on what I wished for. God I love these panties you girls wear!” Jim’s left hand, that was on her hip, found the bow and gave it a gentle pull, untying it. His hand then slipped into the opening and onto her moist pussy waiting for his touch.

“Umm, that feels good.” This guy might be old but he knew how to make a girl want more of him. Judy pushed her butt back into him. The lump in Jim’s pants had grown some, but was going to need a Beylikdüzü escort little help. Turning around and facing him again, “I can’t watch the stars now, I want to see more of you.” Judy said, reaching up and stared to unbuttoning his shirt. Her hands reached inside the opened shirt and teased his nipples with a light touch.

Judy turned her back to Jim and lifted her ponytail. Not needing to be told what to do Jim unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor around her ankles. Judy’s bra was no match for the master undresser. He bent down and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth. Jim had waited patiently for months for an evening alone with this young woman. Jim was sure it was going to be worth the wait.

Being undressed out on the balcony with a light breeze blowing was a turn on but she wanted this man on the huge bed inside. Before Judy could let him know what she wanted, Jim slid down on his knees. He untied the other bow and her panties fell. He was eye level with her blond haired pussy, and he loved what he saw. His thumbs gently separated the lips. Before him was a pretty pussy with a clitoris at the top protruding outward. He knew from his practice that all pussies weren’t created equal. God gave this lady an extra special one. His tongue made a slow slide up between the lips. Judy started quivering and a small moan left her lips! Her hips were pushing inward begging for more.

“An old saying is, ‘I can’t cut the mustard anymore’, but this old man can still lick the jar. Let’s move inside on the bed.” Jim Ross turned and started through the door when he heard.

“Whoa, come back here!” Judy said sternly, mustering as much of a commanding voice as was possible.

Jim turned and saw a little grin on Judy’s face. “My little pussy has suddenly turned into a wild cat! What’s this ‘Whoa’ about?” Jim asked.

“I’m not going to be the only one stripped naked out here in the breeze.” Judy told him.

Jim took a step toward her, bringing them face-to-face. Judy reached up and finished unbuttoning his shirt, and reached her small hands inside. He might be old, but he’s kept himself in excellent shape she thought, as she rubbed her hands across his chest. She wet her lips with her tongue and gave each nipple a soft light kiss.

It was now her turn to kneel in front of him. Judy unsnapped the shorts he was wearing, and looked up at him smiling down at her. With a devilish grin she slowly pulled down the zipper. “Gee wiz, the ‘old geezer’ doesn’t wear anything under his shorts!” Judy said loudly when his half hard manly feature popped into view, as his shorts fell to the deck. He was well endowed and Judy was sure he was a lady’s man in his days. “I’m going to enjoy myself tonight!” she said to herself.

She took the big gland into her mouth, and twirled her tongue around it. Jim’s hands were resting on her head, and gently massaging her neck. After a few minutes of Judy’s attention, he said. “We’re both naked now; let’s go in make use of this massive bed of mine.”

On the bed, Jim laid on his back. Judy saw her treat for the evening was starting to grow more. She slid down and played with the semi hard cock. Her lips moved slowly up Escort Beylikdüzü from his balls along Jim’s shaft. At the same time Judy’s fingers were lightly playing with his sac.

Judy took as much of the huge dick into her mouth as she could. Her left hand helped hold it up as her mouth slowly moved up and down. Her lips were squeezing his manhood but she was careful not to bite with her teeth.

While Judy was orally pleasing her man for the evening, her right hand left his sac and moved deeper between his legs. She was told in nursing school that some men get almost an instant hard on when their prostate was examined. She was going to find out if Dr. Jim Ross was one of those men.

Judy’s slender fingers played with his anus. At the same time she could feel him grow in her mouth. Judy moved her fingers from his backside to her pussy. There she found the lubrication she needed. Within seconds her slender, but long finger was probing up inside him.

It was not an instant erection, but with Judy’s mouth, lips and fingers doing their magic, it became hard and long. “Roll over and up on your knees,” Jim whispered. “It’s my turn!”

Judy didn’t need to be told twice! She was quickly on her knees. Her head was down on the huge pillow and her butt was up high in the air. Judy’s wet and well lubricated pussy was gaping open eagerly waiting for the huge prick to fill it.

It had been months since his prick was hard enough for intercourse and he was not going to waste it. Jim moved behind Judy and guided the head of his penis into the receptive opening of Judy’s cunt. Jim’s dick moved slowly up inside Judy and stretched depths never reached by other men.

An involuntary ‘owh’ loudly left Judy’s mouth.

“Am I hurting you?” Jim asked.

“NO! No, give me more!” Judy gasped.

Jim was happy to do as Judy asked. He quickly pushed until he had no more to push in. His right hand moved around Judy’s hip; his thumb and fingers delicatly rubbed her clit. Muffled sounds of ecstasy were coming from Judy’s mouth; her head was buried into the big pillow. Her buttocks lifted trying to get more. Jim’s baby finger could feel his shaft sliding into her opening.

When Jim started pulling back, Judy’s muscles gripped onto his dick. When the head was almost out, he started pushing back in. A little harder and faster than the first stroke. Judy’s grip relaxed while going in but grabbed onto his prick again when he pulled back.

“This young woman knows what she’s doing,” Jim said to himself. Beneath him, Judy was whimpering and trembling with excitement. A few minutes of Jim’s ‘fucking’ was all it took for her reach an explosive orgasm. Judy was dizzy and becoming light headed. She felt Jim jerk and his muscles tighten and then she heard him groan. She knew that he came just after her. Judy’s knees caved in and her butt collapsed to the bed.

Judy didn’t think she passed out but knew she was in ‘never never land’. She could feel Jim’s erection going soft inside her. She felt Jim gently rubbing the side of her head, a little bit higher than her ear. When Judy became a little more awake she softly said, “You doctors know all the right places to touch.”

“That’s the first thing they teach us in med school,” Jim jokingly replied. “I can’t show my gratitude toward you enough. That was the first erection I’ve had in months.” Jim said quietly. Jim looked at the exhausted woman. “You’re beautiful.”

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