Judy’s Little Fuckers

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“I found this story I had written a while back unfinished. I’m wondering why I didn’t finish it, but I’m releasing it now. Not my best material, but I hope you all like it. Enjoy, rate and comment!”

Since I was little, I had been friends with my buddy Tom. We were inseparable and we were always at each other’s houses, his house more than mine. One of the best things about being at his house was his mom, Judy. When I was little, I thought I was in love with her. Judy was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen, even if she was an adult. She was a light brunette, green eyes, with a gentle frame that no woman I’ve ever met could compare to. Of course, when I was little, she was just pretty, and I would tell her every opportunity I could. She would laugh and tell me how cute I was. She was divorced, so there was usually no man in her life, as she was devoted to her son. Back then, my biggest wish was that I could be older, so I could take Judy on a date.

Now I am eighteen years old and so is her son. We just graduated from high school and we are enjoying our last summer before shipping out to college. Looking at Judy, it’s like she’s hardly aged. She still has a great body, with huge tits, round butt and beautifully shaped legs. She had kept her hair the same way since then, the only major change was her relationship status. Once her son got older, she started dating again, although with limited success. She’s not an easy woman to please, and she felt single guys her age were boring, dull and thought too much of their money.

Of course, the two of us boys have changed quite a bit over the years. I’ve become taller than Judy, got a decent muscular body, and am quite popular with the ladies. Tom is about the same way. but taller still. We like the same sports, the same clothes, and the have the same things sexually. In other words, we both like girls with nice boobs, athletic girls, and we both have huge foot fetishes. Feet are just a huge turn on for the both of us and we like about the same thing: larger feet, dark nail polish, and slightly wrinkled soles. Although we have both been attracted to our own age group’s feet, we are more attracted to another person’s feet.

Judy’s sweet, mature feet are always on our minds. Her feet are about a size nine, cream-white, with long slender toes begging to be sucked. Those suckable toes were painted a dark purple color, a very interesting color for such a mature woman The soles of her feet were wrinkled, but looked smooth enough to be mistaken konyaaltı üniversiteli escort as clothe. Unlike other women, she didn’t have massive hammer toe, which made me glad because I hate hammer toe. She looked like her feet were those of a younger supermodel and it was always evident that she took care of her feet.

Now I know what people would think, having an eighteen year old like an older woman’s feet. Worse of all, her own son wants her feet as well. I envied Tom, because his mom likes massages and Tom was always happy to oblige his mother. He never told his mom about fetish, and we kept it a secret. When I was over, we would try to get her involved in whatever we were doing, so we could look at her feet.

One day that summer, we finally got the chance to do more than just look at her feet. It was in fact, the Fourth of July. For as long as I could remember, I always went over to their house to watch fireworks with my family. Judy’s patio was a perfect place to watch the city’s fireworks from. This year, however, it was only Tom, Judy and me, as my folks were out of town. Judy was not in a very good mood today, as she had just broken up with her most recent boyfriend, a guy that she had been pleased with for a awhile now. She was so depressed, in fact, that she had been drinking almost all day. Now Judy isn’t much of a drinker, but today that didn’t seem to matter. By the time the fireworks came out, she was slurring and having trouble walking. Of course, my mind was on her beautiful feet as always. Her crossed feet were glistened from sweat from being outside so much today. Tom was doing the same and giving me quick winks to me. It would almost seem that he had something in mind. Normally, he didn’t like when his mother drank, but today he was even getting the wine for his mom when she asked him to.

After the fireworks were over, I was bushed and ready to head back home. I looked over at Judy again. The alcohol had taken its toll and she was out cold. Tom got up and picked her up. “Could you open the door for me?” he asked. I got up and we went back inside. Tom took his mother upstairs, beckoning me to come with. We went into his mom’s bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I was about to leave the room when Tom stopped me. “Where are you going?” he said confused. “Don’t you see the opportunity?”

I looked over at him and asked what he was referring to. “My mom is passed out, on the bed, not going to wake up for hours.” Tom kurtköy escort smiled at me, then looked down at his mother. She looked so beautiful and peaceful, like she was sleeping. Tom took her right leg, brought the foot up to his face and started sniffing the sole.

I understood what he was saying now. It was our only chance to fulfill our shared fantasy. I got on the bed, took the Judy’s left foot and started sniffing it as well. The strong, musky aroma was arousing and heavenly to my senses. I’ve always tried to imagine what they actually smell like, but came close to what they actually were. I sniffed between each toe, tickling my nose every time. Judy didn’t make even a stir, which was a bit disappointing. My fantasy always included her beckoning me on, her submissive foot boy.

Her tantalizing toes were soft and sweaty from sitting on the porch in the hot July sun, and I knew they must taste even better than they smell. I looked over at Tom. His eyes were closed, taking in long, powerful sniffs of her soles. I couldn’t get it out of my mind that this was still his mother. Would he hate me if I started sucking on her mother’s toes? Or, would he follow my lead and do the same?

I couldn’t resist anymore: I made a leap of faith. I opened my mouth up and took in her big toe, with it’s ever present purple nail polish, and started slurping on it. Inside my mouth, I wrapped her toe in my tongue, tasting the amazing combination of sweat and sexuality. I widen my mouth to take in more, not satisfied with just one toe. Tom looks over at me with a devilish grin, obviously not at all angry. He follows suit and takes in her mom’s toes as well. I went back to Judy’s left foot and started sucking on the smaller toes. Each one tasted the same, yet the pleasure grew and grew every time I devoured them. I felt my dick swell up in my pants, hot liquids flowing throughout. I started to panic a bit. What exactly was I gonna do when I had to cum?

As if to answer my question, Tom unzipped his pants to realize his swelling boner. He brought up his dick and started rubbing it against his mother’s soft soles. I was excited, I never thought I would actually get to cum on his mom’s feet of all things. I brought my boner out and started sliding it across her soles back and forth. To me, this was just as good as getting a blowjob, although having her limp and not doing the work herself put a damper on it.

Back and forth in a continuous rhythm, I brought myself ankara kurtuluş escort to the point of ejaculation. I let loose a decent string of cum over the soles of her beautiful feet. The sight of her feet getting covered in my sticky mess was hot as hell. If only she was awake to moan during this amazing moment. Tom also was letting loose his juices on his mom’s feet, looking like he had just scratched off a winning lottery ticket.

We stepped back to admire our work. Both of her feet were soaked and dripping with loads of cum. It was a hot sight to see indeed. It made me want more though. I wanted to fuck Judy. or I wanted Judy to fuck me. It didn’t matter. I looked over at Tom and I could tell he was thinking the same.

Suddenly, Judy started to turn. I almost jumped out of my own pants in shock. With a groan, she started to pick herself up drunkenly of the edge of the bed. “Boys, why am I on the bed?” she asked without looking at us.

Flustered, we didn’t answer back. Then, Judy’s foot touched the floor and she gave out a yelp. She looked down at her feet and gasped. “What the hell is on my feet,” she looked up at us and gasped again. Both Tom and I were still dumbstruck and had forgotten our dicks were out and wet.

Judy’s shock went over before ours and she gave us a drunken smile. “So your boys were busy I see?” We couldn’t reply, our mouths didn’t trust us to speak and remained clamped. Judy got up and looked over at her son. “Tom, I knew you had foot fetish and all….but your own mother?!” Then she looked over at me. “And you too?! I thought you were more respectful than that?”

I didn’t know how to answer, but fortunately, I didn’t have to. Judy’s smile widened more. “Well, I don’t really have much for feet honestly, but if you boys are that horny, let’s have a little fun with mommy, shall we?”

Judy took off her shorts and revealed her emerald panties to us. She slid the panties down off her legs and fell back on the bed. “Ok boys, I want you each to choose a hole and stick those massive things in them.”

Without arguing or thinking, we went to the bed. Tom got under her and positioned himself to fuck her ass. I went straight for her huge pussy lips, ready to fulfill to my dream of fucking her. Together, we started pounding her holes and fucking her like no tomorrow. Judy’s screams filled my ears and made me fuck harder and harder.

I got to the point where I couldn’t help it anymore and went off about the same time as Tom. We both let our juices out and cum filled her ass and pussy. With a final scream, Judy came in her vagina, adding even more wetness. The bed was stained with cum, but none of us cared. We collapsed on each other, panting heavily. Judy looked at us and sighed. “Well boys, I needed that…thank you.” We smiled and soon found ourselves snuggling in the bed with her, tired from a nice, long fucking.

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