Juice Me, Luciano!

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He was half Italian and half Portuguese and easily the sexiest bear I had ever seen. He had jet black hair and a neat, trimmed but very dense black beard that framed his full, shapely red lips. His eyes were of the deepest blue and they sparkled when he talked to you, making you feel like you were the only person that had ever mattered in the whole wide world. He was good looking in that next-door-neighbor kind of way that is so much more attractive than when a stud is totally perfect and knows it.

I had only just met Luciano but somehow it felt as if I had known him for ages. When the lunch party we were at started winding down and he invited me back to his place I was just about panting in my desire to be with him. It had been ages since I had been so turned on by anyone; there was a laid back magnetism to his every movement and he just seemed to ooze sex appeal out of the very pores of his bronzed skin. I watched his big, beautiful bear butt bouncing before me as we left the party and walked the two blocks back to his place. These were the most perfect mounds in my book: big, shapely, and deliciously firm. I knew that he knew I was walking behind him to lust up his big puppies and I loved the fact that he was so cool about it. When we reached his house we stopped in the hallway and kissed and I felt quite dizzy with lust. My hungry hands roamed his broad back and squeezed his meaty mounds, urging him on but he was in no hurry. On and on he kissed while his large, warm hands stroked me into a frenzy of desire. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his naked skin and to mount his rigid rod and watch his handsome face as he fucked me.

In the end I had to beg him to take things further. He just looked at me and smiled that broad, sexy smile that only a handsome big bear can deliver.

‘Please Luciano, I begged ‘please, please….I can’t wait anymore.’

‘So hungry you are.’ he said.

His broken English had captivate me and held me spellbound all afternoon. Everything he said sounded brand new when spoken in his accent and given his sentence arrangement. I was in lust with language!

When at last he peeled off his shirt I was surprised to see the hair on his chest. Not surprised that there was so much of it, or that it was so long and silky; no, I was surprised by the color. It was a deep, dark red mixed in with brown and the occasional blonde bit. It was a multi colored rug! I had never seen anything so stunning. I ran my fingers through the soft, damp fur and sought out his big, brown nipples. I teased them until they were rock hard and jutted through the fur, away from his fat tits. They were just so suckable I had to have them. I opened my mouth and eased his left nipple into it. I bit and chewed and teased on his nub, eliciting cries of delight from my sexy bear. As I chowed down on his tits I stroked his hairy back. The hair was even softer than that on his front. He felt so solid, and masculine, through that fur that it made my cock ache in my jeans.

I poker oyna turned my attention to his other tit, while crushing the first between thumb and forefinger. He sighed and moaned gently as I worked him over. After a good ten minutes of nuzzling on his nubs I lifted his arms above his head and found myself staring an amazing thicket of pit fur. Pressing my nose into his right pit I inhaled his potent man scent before licking his juicy armpit. He was slightly ticklish and giggled in a most unbearlike manner as I now turned my attention to his left pit and repeated the process. Then I licked down his fur to his deep belly button. After giving it my attention for five minutes it was time to head south. I unbuttoned his fly and lowered his zipper. To my delight I found he wasn’t wearing any underpants. The full blast of male scent hit my nose and I found myself quivering with lust and delight as I lowered his jeans fully down his solid hairy thighs.

His pubic bush was big and slightly coarser than his chest hair but still soft enough for me to run my fingers through it. It was damp with his sweat and when I held my fingers under my nose the delicious aroma of a hairy bear just about caused me to pass out from over excitement. I dropped to me knees and took a close up look at his small, uncut cock and big, furry balls. I pressed my nose into his crotch and inhaled his masculine aroma. Then I licked the smooth valley, where leg meets torso, which was about the only smooth place on his body, and he sighed in anticipation. It was time now to inspect his stubby package and as I gently started to ease back his full foreskin I caught a whiff of cockcheese.

As I gently forced his skin all the way back I could see the waxy yellow swirls on his knob and on the pink skin below his flared ridge. There was something so primal and pungent about his whiffy smegma that I couldn’t help myself: I went into a frenzy and rubbed the cheese off his cockhead and greedily sniffed my fingers as my cock throbbed inside my pants. I opened wide and took his stubby four-incher onto my tongue. A salty tang mixed in with a more pungent taste slid across my tongue as I greedily devoured his cock. It throbbed and twitched about inside my mouth as it grew thicker and its girth was soon giving me jaw ache. He was definitely a grower and not a shower but who knew all his growth would go into girth and not length! As I worked on his juicy cock I fondled his fat, furry balls and stroked back behind them into a valley of fur.

I had to see the rest of him. I turned him around and just about shot my bolt at the sight that greeted me. Dark, soft fur carpeted all of his full butt cheeks and grew into a little tuft at the base of his back where his buttock came together. In a feeding frenzy I pulled his hefty cheeks apart and found myself gazing at a forest of dark brown sodden fur. I pressed my face into his sweaty crack and inhaled. A pheromone laden stench swirled through my nose and into my brain. My tongue canlı poker oyna shot out and battled the thick hair around his brown fuck chute. I licked his hair flat, ignoring the metallic taste on my tongue, until

I was rewarded by making contact with the rich folds and crinkles of his textured pleasure ring. He sighed as my tongue forced its way into him and held his hefty cheeks apart for me.

I must have rimmed him out for a good twenty minutes before my cock started to protest. It needed some action too. I lay him down on the bed and hurried out of my clothes. My cock was so excited that it didn’t need any additional lube. I lay down on his strong back and guided my spear into the warmth of the hot bear’s assguts. He groaned once, as I sank my full length into him. The warmth and slickness of his insides engulfed me and just about got me shooting off on the spot. I fought the temptation by keeping very still for a few minutes.

By keeping still he had time to adjust to my hard cock. He slowly started thrusting back against me. The feel of that furry ass rubbing against my belly and thighs was out of this world. My cock was past the danger zone now so I started slowly stroking in to him. I kept it real slow and gentle and he kept up his cock hungry ass rubbing. I could feel each millimeter of his warm guts as they milked my sensitive cock. I lay down on his back now, delighting in the feel of his fur against my smooth chest.

After ten minutes of giving it to him slow it was time to switch gear. I pulled all the way out of him with a deliciously rude slurp, and then I drove my hard dick all the way back in. He yelped in delight and begged for more. I cock stabbed him over and over, feeling my head tingle each time. And then I drove in deep and started to really fuck the shit out of him. The harder, and deeper and faster I fucked the more he wanted. I felt like I was driving through warm gelatin now and my cock was having a hard time fighting off orgasm. His assguts were like warm silk wrapped around my thrusting throbber as it sought its release.

I felt the soles of my feet tingle, and then my thighs and lower belly. My balls were drawn up tight and I knew I was close to the end. I increased my speed, fucking like a wild animal now, so that I hardly touched sides. And then I felt this giant wave washing over me. I saw stars as my eyelids screwed up tight. A loud groan escaped my lips as boiling cum gushed out of my over excited cock and flooded his fuck chute. I shuddered as seven or eight jets of cum blasted out of me and then collapsed like a rag doll onto his broad, hairy back.

When at last my soft cock fell from his ass with a squelchy plop Luciano got up and went to the bathroom. I lay on the bed in a daze thinking about how hot that fuck had been. He came back to bed and took me in his big arms again and we cuddled and kissed and I was amazed to find myself hard again. He reached down and gave my cock a squeeze but I had other ideas.

I internet casino broke away from his delicious kiss and positioned myself between his big, furry thighs. I could have stared at his big goose eggs and furry butt crack all day but that wouldn’t have taken Luciano to the place I wanted him to be at. I started nuzzling on his furry balls while gently stroking his thighs and ass. He was soon hard and stretching my poor lips to the maximum, and from his soft moans and groans I knew that he was enjoying the tongue loving I was giving him. He now clamped my head in a vice-like grip with those big hands of his and started face fucking me. I was struggling to breathe so I knew that despite desperately wanting to have him cream off in my mouth I would have to find another way to get him off.

I broke free and was touched by how disappointed he looked.

‘Sorry, Luciano’ I said ‘but your cock is just way too thick for me. Do you have any lube?

His face lit up as he scampered off the bed to get his lube. He came and sat down on the bed and told me to lie down over his lap where he playfully spanked my ass. It felt incredibly good as his big hand rubbed and caressed my cheeks after each thwack but I was a little worried that this spanking thing might be going somewhere I didn’t want to go. But I needn’t have worried because fairly soon I felt his fingers start to explore my crack and then at last a slippery finger slid past my defenses and into my wanting hole. I squeezed my ring tight on his finger and he responded my withdrawing it and applying another dollop of cold gloop. Now his finger slid with ease all the way past the second knuckle and I relaxed as he worked my hole loose.

The big man lifted me up and lay me down on the bed and then I was transported into ecstasy. That big cock slid so easily and gently into my relaxed hole that I was surprised but suspicious that the pain had to kick in sometime soon. But it never came. All I felt was the wonderful friction of skin on skin, of hard cock in hungry hole. My asshole felt as if it had been born to service this big bear club. All the while he fucked me he kept telling me how good it felt and how much I turned him on; I was on cloud nine and I never wanted to come down. From the moment I had met this man he had pressed all my buttons and now he was rubbing up against the sensitive spot deep in my ass and sending me over the edge. My hard cock was rubbing up against the bed cover and it felt incredibly good and Luciano was sweating up a storm above me and mumbling something in Italian, and still the sensation in my ass notched up a gear.

It was all too much. Suddenly, without warning, I saw stars as my cock pumped out a massive load that drenched Luciano’s bed covers. I grunted in surprise and reared my bubble up against him and I guess I must have flicked his switch because he grabbed hold of my hips and started thrusting like a madman. Just when I thought he might break my ass clean in two he bellowed and fired off a massive volley of jizz bullets deep into me. I lay, pinned underneath his great mass, and listened to his heavy breathing as he came down from his fuck high and I had never been so happy in all my life.

Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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