Julia’s Paris Adventure Ch. 04

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Andre peered through the crack between his bathroom door and it’s frame once he had shown Albert the door. He wasn’t going to say it out loud to his brother but he wanted Julia all to himself again, just as it had been in the erotic museum. Through the crack he watched Julia arch her back as she let the water flow over her smooth skin and wash some of the sex from her body. Her hands ran through her brown hair and she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. She hadn’t felt so good in quite a while and to have two men with eyes that couldn’t leave her body it made her feel powerful. She licked her lips as she remembered being taken by Andre and his brother from just a few minutes earlier.

As Julia turned the water off and stepped out of the shoulder Andre left the crack and when to the kitchen where he had put water on to boil for some pasta. He glanced to the bathroom when he heard it’s squeaking hinges. The towel seemed to be fighting with Julia’s breasts; it was as if they didn’t want to be trapped again after their freedom. Her arms were crossed under her plump breasts pushing them up.

Andre fought the urge to just pull the towel from her gorgeous body and take her up against the wall of his kitchen. He could feel his cock growing hard in his trousers and he felt sure Julia could see his increasing desire in Antalya Escort his brown eyes. She smiled at him, “Maybe later but where is your brother?”

“He has gone home.”


“You are disappointed?” He asked with concern.

“Umm… I don’t know whether I should say it or not.”

“Say what?”

“Well he is your brother.” She responded as she stepped closer to Andre. She reached up and put a hand to his cheek and softly stroked it.

“I will not be offended.” He was beginning to feel worried now; that she had preferred his brother from him.

“Well…” She gently kissed him on the lips, “…Well, I preferred you and I am glad he is gone. He gave me the creeps slightly.” She kissed him again and let her towel slip a little.

Andre gulped but was smiling at the same time. He cupped his hands round Julia’s face and leant in to give her a deep kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth to find hers. She put her arms round his neck letting the damp towel fall to the floor. He felt her breasts pressed against his chest and he allowed one of his hands to wander down and feel the weight in her breast. She gasped as she felt his fingers tweak her nipple.

He guided her towards a wall and pressed her against it. He whispered in her ear, “You mean you only wanted me?”

“Yes.” Antalya Escort Bayan She slipped down and began to undo his trousers and let them drop to the floor, “And I want you again as well.” He beamed at the wall and closed his eyes as she took hold of his cock just as he had done in the museum. Her mouth slipped over his cock and her tongue ran over the head while she grasped his balls and gave them a soft squeeze. He moaned and reached for her hair. Taking it in his hands he drew his whole length into her mouth so it almost made her choke. Her tongue continued to stroke his cock right up until he drew his cock from her warm lips.

He drew her to stand and allowed his hand to run down the side of her body, over her hip and two her warm moist spot between her thighs. She opened her legs to allow his finger to explore, running over her clit and then to her shower damp slit, which was already growing wet again from the thought of what was to come. He slipped a finger into her wet opening making her moan, “Oh God, I want to feel you so big inside me.” Andre picked her up and she wrapped her legs round his hips. She leant in and nibbled at an ear lobe, “Take me you sex beast!” He pressed her against the wall to help his balance while he found his cock, which was resting between her Escort Antalya wet sex lips. He guided his beast into her eager welcoming slit and buried his face into her neck and bite into her skin to stop himself from crying out with the pleasure of feeling her tightness gripping him. He pushed himself deeper into her and her mouth formed a slight O as she felt the head and length of his cock rubbing against her sensitive internal folds. She shuddered in his arms as she felt herself coming so willing and so uncontrollably.

Feeling her coming Andre couldn’t hold back either and with a yell that he couldn’t hold back he exploded in her, his seed mingling with her juices which in turn were still mixed with his earlier cum. His legs went from under him and he was just in time to put Julia down, unwillingly mind you, before he dropped to the floor. Julia followed him, she still shaking from coming as well. His cock lay limp between his thighs and he remarked with a smile, “I think you may finally have worn him out.”

“It was both of us.” Julia teased…

A day later, even though she was meant to be returning to England she returned to Andre’s apartment. He welcomed her with a big smile and kiss on her lips as he took her small bag from him. He remarked as he shut the door, “I’m so glad you decided to stay with me.” He put the bag down and crossed to Julia whose back was to him as she looked round what was to be her new home. His hands slipped under her t-shirt and found her to be braless and smiled as he cupped her breasts. She turned her head and looked at him with a smile before he kissed her…

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