Julie’s Assault

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She was walking home from school when they grabbed her. It was a warm night, She was wearing only a light tank top and a pair of jean shorts as she walked down the empty street. she walked this same street every night, and she always had since she started college three years ago. This was the first class she had that got out at nine at night though…which apparently left me vulnerable.

She had sensed a car was following her for a while, but she had thought maybe it was her imagination. Always trust your gut feeling though. She had kept her head down and tried to walk faster. She should’ve stopped and called the police, but she didn’t.

Next thing she knew the car was right beside her. There were a few of them, maybe three or four, and they jumped her out of nowhere. They grabbed her and threw a bag over her head. She knew they put her in the car. She could feel them driving somewhere, although they had bound her and gagged her. She was in tears, terrified of what was going to happen to her.

She should have known it was a bad idea to walk alone so late at night. She was an attractive girl, average height with big round tits, a nice ass, long honey-blonde hair, big baby blue eyes. Guys were always hitting on her. She’d just…never thought this could happen to her…until it did.

They pulled her from the car, and she could hear them all talking as they dragged her along. The words sh couldn’t really make out. She was concentrating so hard on not tripping and falling on her face. She didn’t know if these guys would catch her. They were probably planning on murdering her.

She was tossed around a bit more. She could feel them tearing her clothes off. She cried, trying to struggle against them but it was no use. There were so many hands grabbing her. She fought them but they won out.

She was picked up, naked, and put on a cold chair. She could feel them prying her legs open. She was getting tied to something, her legs spread wide open and her pussy was exposed. She sobbed into her hood as she felt them tying her to this chair…binding her down.

Light suddenly flooded her vision as the mask was removed. She gasped, looking around her quickly. What was this place? Where was I? This looked like a warehouse or something of that sort.

There was a pack of guys around. She tried to count them but they kept moving so quickly. Ten maybe? Most of them She didn’t recognize. There couldn’t have been ten guys in that car most of them must have waited here for her. Had they been stalking her?

She wanted to shout at them, demand answers, but the gag wouldn’t let her. They seemed to like her struggle though. One of them came towards her, and he put a hand down between her legs. She cried out in protest, but she couldn’t struggle to get away. She could hardly move the way they’d tied her down.

She could see how she was tied to a sort of exam table like at a gynecologist. Her legs were tied and spread wide open. This man was taking full advantage of her vulnerability. He let his fingers run all over her exposed pussy. He slid a finger slowly inside her, and she sobbed.

His greedy looking smile only made her feel worse. He removed his hand from her, and she watched in horror as he moved it instead to undo the zipper part of his pants. She shook her head, trying to speak through the gag and tell him to stop it.

He pulled out his dick, holding it ready as if to tease her with the anticipation. She watched with horror as he shoved it hard into her exposed cunt. She screamed, her voice muffled by the gag. All the men started to laugh. She cried as they looked at her, and watched this man rape her.

The guy was fucking her, gripping the side of the table and thrusting his hips into her helpless pussy. She bit hard on the gag in her mouth. There was nothing she could do. Even moving her wrist an inch would jut cause excruciating pain.

The man began to grunt and groan, she knew he was going to cum inside of her and she tried to cry out. He stiffened, thrusting his dick harder into her as white cum leaked out around his dick. She sobbed, watching him pull out and the white sperm come flooding out onto floor.

The men all seemed to cheer him on, and before she knew it another man was lined up to take his place. He didn’t warm her up either, he just shoved his cock into her already open pussy and started hammering away. He leaned over her, grunting and moaning as he went. It made her feel sick.

Then men were gathering around her now. Some started grabbing at her C cup breasts, squeezing them until it almost hurt. She cried out, trying her best to get away from them.

The man fucking her pussy let out a sort of blissful cry, and spasmed as he pumped gaziemir escort bayan more cum into her body. She couldn’t let all these men fuck her without any condoms or anything. She wasn’t on birth control, she didn’t have a boyfriend or anything. What if she got pregnant…what was she going to do? What if one of these perverts had an STD?

Another man quickly shoved his dick into her pussy and started humping her mercilessly. She could feel the table beneath her moving, and she realized it was because another man had climbed up onto the table over her. He grabbed the gag on her mouth, and pulled it down so she wasn’t gagged anymore.

She only got a slight cry out, before the man shoved his dick into her open mouth. She gagged, never having taken an entire full length dick into her mouth before. The man started humping her face, holding the back of her head and thrusting his dick in and out out of her mouth with low moans. She was trying so hard to breathe and not gag at the same time.

She could feel more cum filling her pussy as that man finished with her and another quickly took his place. How long was this going to go on for? Would they all take turns and be done or would they want more than one round? Would they let her go after they’d finished or would they kill her?

The man fucking her face gripped her hair so hard it hurt her, shoving his dick as far as he could down her throat, as he pumped his cum inside of her. She had her nose pressed against his pubic hair, and as soon as he pulled away she gagged and spit out cum that fell over her chest.

She cried out as the men started to untie her from the table. There was still a man fucking her pussy, but he stopped what he was doing and let them release her.

They groped her and shoved her around. She was put on the ground, kneeling over one of the guys who shoved his dick into her pussy from beneath her. She couldn’t get off him, there were arms all over her. He started pumping his dick up into her pussy. It was worse having to stare them in the eye like this while they raped her.

She felt another man behind her. A cock poking around at her asshole.

“No!” she cried out. They all seemed to laugh. They thought this was funny?

A man stood in front of her, grabbing the back of her head, and shoving his full member down her throat again. They were using something else to gag her now she supposed. This man brutally fucked her face, while she felt the other man still inching closer to her virgin asshole.

They were all egging him on. She caught one or two words. Fuck her. Dirty whore. Fuck her ass. I bet she likes it up the ass.

She was struggling to breathe and not cry, but her eyes were filled with tears. She could feel something cold across her asshole. Were they putting lube on her? She supposed it wasn’t for her sake but theirs.

She felt the tip of his dick against her ass, and she closed her eyes. She felt the full length of the cock shoved into her asshole at once, and she screamed. There was nothing she could do, she made fists with her hands, but she was useless. The pain was so intense she had never felt something like this before.

The man fucking her face started grunting, thrusting harder and harder until she felt the familiar taste of cum in her mouth, and it dripped hot and wet down her throat. She took a gasping breath when he pulled his cock out of her mouth, but it was hardly a second before another quickly replaced it.

Three men fucked her like a whore, pulling her, squeezing her. Their grunts and moans were making her feel sick to her stomach. The pain in her ass had subsided some, and the feeling of her ass and pussy being filled was almost betraying her. She knew her pussy was dripping wet, but that was a defense mechanism to keep them from hurting her too much. Why was she starting to feel like her pussy was betraying her…enjoying this too much?

The man underneath her thrust up into her as cum shot into her womb. The man fucking her ass had to take a break to let him get out and another man slid beneath her and his dick was inside her. Had she had this man before? Were they going for seconds now?

She could hear the man behind her grunting, as he gripped her ass cheeks so hard she was sure he would break the skin. He shot is load into her ass, the warmth filled her up and when he pulled out she felt it running down her legs around her pussy. Another man quickly took his place at her ass.

“You boys got that whore moaning yet?” A voice called out, as if from a far.

She felt like…she knew that voice. Why did that voice sound familiar?

“I heard a few moans,” a man responded.

“Look at this dripping wet escort gaziemir cunt,” another man said, “this whore is loving being fucked.”

No, she thought, I’m not loving this. I’m not moaning. This is wrong…

“She likes being fucked in the ass,” a man said, “look at her pushing back on me.”

I’m not, she thought, I didn’t…

The man in her mouth grabbed her hair with a grunt and shoved his whole dick into her mouth. She let out a muffled cry, as he buried her face in his curly black pubic hair, and pumped his sperm down her throat. He groaned, giving her hair a good tug, before he released her.

She gasped, putting her head down a second and spitting cum onto the floor. She looked up slowly, and it felt like she’d just been slapped in the face.

“Joey!” she exclaimed.

It couldn’t be. That voice she’d recognized. Joey…her step brother…what was he dong here? She hadn’t seen Joey since before they went away to college. They had only been living together a year. It hadn’t been like they’d grown up together. Joey had a crush on her…and admittedly she’d had a crush on him too…but he’d been her step brother it was too weird. He’d kissed her once but she’d pushed him away. They went to separate colleges…she didn’t think he’d ever cared.

“Hey there, Julie…you enjoying yourself?”

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed. It was weird that she was having this conversation while two different men feverishly pumped away at her pussy and ass. She was almost becoming numb to the fucking.

“I heard a little rumor about you…about some of the freshman guys in college. See, I thought maybe you didn’t like me or something. Then I realized, I just wasn’t dirty enough for you. You’re a dirty whore, Julie…you needed to be fucked like this.”

“Joey…” she said, almost pleadingly, but her cries were cut short with another man grabbed her head and shoved yet another dick down her throat. Her eyes were blurry already, but she could still sob silently while her mouth was being fucked.

“Put her back on the table,” Joey was yelling, “I’ve got an idea…”

She could feel all the men pulling out of her. Her body felt sore and abused as they dragged her up from the floor and forced her down onto the table. She watched Joey the whole time they forced her back to the table, spreading wide her legs to expose her gaping pussy and asshole.

“Go get the thing,” Joey was telling one of the men, “from the box.”

A man got in front of her, sliding his dick into her open pussy. She whimpered, watching the man who Joey had spoken to returning with something. He handed it to Joey, who turned with an evil smirk back towards the table.

“I’ve got something you like, little sister,” he said menacingly, “I know…I saw you playing with yourself plenty of times when we lived back home.”

“…What…” she gasped.

What he had in his hand was a vibrator, because he switched it on and he pressed it against her now spread open pussy. The vibrator was right on her wet clit, and she moaned despite herself. What was she doing? She was giving them the satisfaction of hearing her moan. She stiffed the next one, but as the man pumped his cock into her pussy, and the vibrator spun against her exposed clit she moaned again.

“That’s my girl,” Joey said, leaning closer to her, “I always loved hearing you moan. You moan just like the dirty whore you know you really are.”

“Stop it,” she panted. The moaning, and the writhing around wasn’t going to help her case. She couldn’t help it. She could feel her muscles tensing, as she was coming close to an orgasm.

The man fucking her pussy groaned and shot hot liquid cum inside of her. She moaned, feeling the first waves of an orgasm. Suddenly, Joey pulled the vibrator away from her. Her pussy pulsed and spasmed, and she cried out.

“What’s wrong, Julie…you didn’t think I would let you cum did you?”

She was panting. As wrong as it was…she wanted to beg him to let her finish. She knew it was wrong. He was doing this on purpose. She wasn’t going to let him use her like this. This was wrong.

Another man quickly filled her waiting pussy. Cum splashed up onto her stomach from inside of her. There was so much now it didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Come on, you know you wanted to cum,” Joey said.

“Fuck…you…” she panted. He was right though, she wanted to cum more than anything else.

“Tell me you want me to make you cum,” he demanded. He held the vibrator almost tauntingly, showing her what she couldn’t have.

She could hear the man grunting as he fucked her, the other men standing around her stroking their cocks and watching. She bit her lip, gaziemir escort and she refused to give him what he wanted.

“Tell me you want me to make you cum!” he demanded.

She shook her head.

The man pulled out of her pussy suddenly, and without warning shoved his cock into her asshole. It was still opened from before, but the initial shock of it still surprised her.

Joey came forward coyly, toying with his newest weapon against her.

“Alright,” he said, “I’ll just keep bringing you right to the edge…and then leaving you there.”

She didn’t care what he threatened, she wasn’t going to beg him for anything. She had more dignity than this. How did he even find this man guys willing to gang rape her? How did Joey have this many friends?

He put the vibrator against her pussy and he turned it on. She moaned, the feelings of pleasure returned to her body. It actually was starting to feel good having a cock in her ass. She would never admit it. She wasn’t happy about any of this. This was just her body betraying her.

She tried not to let on she was enjoying this. Partly because she didn’t want to enjoy it, and partly because he would stop and she wouldn’t be able to cum.

She was just about to orgasm when he pulled it away again. She gasped. She couldn’t do it. She wasn’t strong enough.

“I want you to make me cum!” she cried out. “Please, Joey, make me cum.”

The look on his face was criminal. She felt so bad for having caved in, for having let him win. He came closer to her, handing the vibrator to another man. The man that was fucking her ass backed away.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” Joey demanded.

“What?” That wasn’t what he’d said. She’d agreed to letting him put a vibrator on her…not put his dick inside her. They were still technically related. She’d pushed him away that time for a reason.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” he said again, “tell me you want my cock inside you.”


The man now holding the vibrator switched it on, and moved it to hoover just above her clit…right out of reach.

“I want you to fuck me…” she moaned, “I want your cock inside me, Joey, please fuck me…”

She felt disgusted with herself as she watched him unzip his pants and remove his monster cock. She’d seen him nude before..and he wasn’t the only one to watch someone else masturbating. She’d seen him play with that monster cock before…and of course she’d wanted it…but it was wrong. This was WRONG.

He slid his dick into her pussy slowly. She was so open and filled with cum, how could this be at all sexy to him? Was he getting off on the humiliation? The fact that he’d just let his friends use her like a cum dumpster. Let them fuck her like she was just an object. Tie her down and use every hole available at their disposal.

The other man put the vibrator against her pussy, and she moaned while he fucked her.

“That’s right,” he was saying, clearly enjoying every second of this, “moan for me you dirty whore. You like having my cock inside you? You like having all those cocks fuck you? You’re my slut now, Julie…”

She didn’t even want to fight it anymore. She came hard as her whole body tensed and relaxed. Her pussy pushed more cum out around Joey’s cock as he fucked her spasming pussy. She cried out when the man didn’t move the vibrator and another orgasm hit her right after. It was too much.

Joey didn’t last long either. Perhaps the anticipation of it all had gotten to him. It wasn’t long before he was cumming inside her, shooting more hot cum into her cunt and moaning her name.

When he’d finished fucked her, he pulled out, and the man took the vibrator off her pussy. She was throbbing. Her whole body felt weak and numb. She couldn’t believe she’d just caved in like that…she couldn’t believe she’d let him win and actually begged for it.

All the men standing around seemed to be done with her. Was that it now? That was all they’d wanted her for? Did Joey pay them to do this or something?

“I’ll see you around little sister,” Joey said. He gave her a smirk, and he turned and just walked away. The guys all finished dressing and shortly after they walked away too.

She was sitting on the table with her legs still wide open. She quickly moved to close them. She realized nobody had tied her up or been holding her down for a while…she’d been actually letting those last few men fuck her.

She pulled herself down from the table slowly. Her legs were wobbly beneath her. It took a minute to pull herself back up. She looked around and found her clothes were tossed away in a corner. When she stumbled over to them she realized they were all ripped.

What was she going to do? Was she supposed to try and get a taxi completely nude? Should she…call the police? What would she tell them? What would she tell everyone? She sat down on the ground beside her torn clothes and she sighed. What did she do now?

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