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Ride share
by williacj

I’ve got the hots for Elizabeth Lopez this big titty Latina I met at el vino a bar and grill out in waukesha. I saw her at the bar one day and we talked,we hit it off really well, she danced with me twice. when it came time for bar close I was about to leave when she asked me if I wanted a ride home.

Ride share
We dropped off her close friend and we’re in the car heading toward my house. she’s telling me about her boyfriend Peso how long they’ve been together. I asked her about marriage she says she’s definitely not going to get married to him, they don’t spend much time together these days.

We park in front of my house and I tell her”thanks for the ride.

”can I see your place?” she asks. I nod and she gets out the car we walk to my door and I let her in.

we go up the stairs to my apartment and I open the door and she walks in. “you want something to drink? I offered.”Beer, water, orange juice, soda”

”so this is where you bring all the girls” she says pointing at my bed.

“i barely have company”i tell her.

”well I’m here now so you have girl on your bed.” she says.

“glad to be here with you my Liz” i told her as I grabbed her hand.

“you want to kiss me?” she asked

“yeah right” i replied.

“no,do you want to kiss?” she asked me again.

“si senorita” i nodded. She smiled and leaned up and pressed her lips against mine.

when i tried to let go she grabbed me and gripped me tighter”mmmhmmmmmmm” i exclaimed. i rolled over on top of her. i caressed her body rubbing her back and she returned the favor.

We stopped kissing and she looked at me.

“you like the kiss papi? she asked.

“si senorita mi querio la beso” i pressed my lips against hers and we started kissing again. we kept kissing for 15 more minutes eventually i reached my hands down and i grabbed her butt. i didn’t know what to expect. liz responded by rubbing her fingers across my back several times i think she was enjoying this, i let go of her reached out and squeezed her tits.

“mi gusta la liz” i said unbuttoning her shirt. I started massaging her voluptuous chest. “papi aye aye aye” she whispered as she closed her eyes and lay there as i cupped her ridiculously huge tits My goodness these things are fucking huge I say to myself as I undid her bra. she moved over closer to me and i stuck my tongue out and licked her nipples.

“aye mi amor’”she gasped i squeezed her tits together and sucked on both of her nipples working my tongue counterclockwise around them. having her tits in my face and in my mouth was incredible. my dick was leaking pre cum i want to stick it up in her so bad but i want to ease my way to the sex. I was halfway to my goal at this moment.

She squirmed as i sucked on her tits.”papi take out the dick” she demanded.”you know i like to suck dick” i unzipped my shorts and she reached underneath my underwear and grabbed my stiff stick she began working those soft lips around my dick.

“urgghhh Elizabeth Lopez ugurgghh” i gasped. she cupped my balls and sucked on my balls” mi gusta la dick papi” she says gripping my brown cock and works those red lips around my cock head and strokes it up and down repeatedly.

I reach over and grab her tits. Liz unbuttons her shirt and pulls it off and throws it on the bed. I took my tongue and ran it gently across her tits. “big ass titties” i exclaimed. there should be a law against these damn things! I had two choices fuck her pussy or suck on her tits. her boobs stood out for attention, her pussy would not be left out in the cold, either. after lapping away on those big ass tits i grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to me. ”take these off chica” I tell her. She unbuckled her belt and unbuttons her pants.

“I want you to fuck me” she demands. i pull off my briefs and my shorts I pull Liz’s panties down and i got on top of her. i press my cock head against her pussy lips and i slowly inch my stiff dick into her warm latin crevice.

“aye” she whispered. i plant my hands by her side and hold Liz’s legs up and start taking that pussy. right then her pussy tightened around my cock i looked down at her and she licked her lips.”give it to me papi” she demanded . i grabbed her put her legs up and pinned her down to her bed as i climbed on top of her.

“I’m parkin up in you overnight’ i whispered in her ear i took my cock and pressed it firmly against liz’s pussy lips and slid in slowly.

“you feel it chica?” i asked her.

“aye chris” she whispered. i began a rockin’ up in that pussy. the bed began to urch urc urc urc urccchh as i planted my arms by her side and started stickin the dick to her.

“ohh!”she gasped.“fuck me papi mi quiero mas bebe aye papito aye” she ran her fingers across my shoulders and pinched my butt cheeks.

my ball sacks slapping against her pussy as i pumped myself into her. “I’m not stoppin chica” i grunted””i told you that pussy is mine,you’re gonna be here for awhile, you’re not goin’ anywhere!”

“ohhh mi gusta por favor no mas papito” she yelped. Liz felt that long dick up in that tight latin pussy,she was getting her innards searched. i leaned down kissed her on the lips and proceeded to plunge my dick up her pussy.

“ah..uhhhhh”she moaned”papacito por favor no mas!”

‘uh-uh i’m not bustin my nut yet” I said to her” I’m not done yet fuckin you i’m gonna make you cum tonight mami”

“you like the way papi’s doing it to you?” I asked. Liz was getting fucked so hard she didn’t even respond she just lay there sweat on her forehead gripping my ass cheeks her legs spread wide.

“fuck me papi!” she mumbled. Must have been the hardest she’d ever been fucked before,that pussy was beyond wet now. she grabbed a hold of me and held on tightly”oh papito!”she stammered. Then she squirmed shook her head turned her head to one side and closed her eyes.

“you came mami didn’t you? i asked her. liz was out of breath i had gotten her off i wasn’t done yet though i pulled out.” turn your ass over mami’ i ordered. she turned on her side i parked myself behind her lifted her leg up and stuck my cock back into that hairy muff. i grabbed those titties and started rammin dick in her from behind.

liz pushed her self back against me.”aye aye ooohhh si” she muttered”umphhhhh urmmphhh ughhh shit” i gasped as i barged in that pussy. I tightened my embrace on her before working myself into her from an angle.

“feel that mamacita?” i started thrusting up in her clockwise. “ohhhhh si ohhh chinga mi mas”she moaned”papacito por favor no mas!” i gradually began to increase the speed of my thrusts.

“uhhhhh papito no mas please ohh aye ayye papito si papi! “ she cried. the bed began to squeak softly as i pumped my dick into her. she turned her head to the side unable to take the pounding. i slowed down and Liz ran her fingers across my backside and my ass

I pulled out and got back on top of her“mas mami?” i asked.

Before she answered i started deep stickin that hairy juicy cave of hers, balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips. her toes curling up every time I pumped it inside her deep. “umpmmmmmm por favor papito!” she cried out. i kept rammin that pussy i felt myself cumming I don’t wanna stop fucking this lovely latina. i know i was getting her goods, seeing her moan feeling her pussy lips grip my cock was amazing. I grabbed her tits and started working my tongue around those big brown nipples. I was going to blow my load soon but i was going to make her feel every inch of my wrath.

“ohh shit liz” i grunted. “I’m gonna bust this nut” i felt a tingling sensation in my cock head and i buried my face in liz’s clevage. “ummphhh liz fuccccccckkk shit!”I gasped as i held onto her. I gripped her tightly as I erupted sending my hot warm cum spewing deep inside her pussy canal i held onto her emptying both nuts in her warm pussy.

I let out a extended muffled groan and lay there in between those huge tits of hers before i lifted my head to see Liz laying there breathing hard.

“whew damn it Liz” i exclaimed.” fucked the shit out of you didn’t I?”

“i don’t know papi” she muttered.”you tell me.”

I rose up off her and wen i pulled out my dick had a stream of cum dangling from the tip. she reached inside of her pussy and scooped up a thick gob of cum onto her fingers.

“you fucked me good with the dick,best dick ever!”she says licking it off her fingers.

My first time ever fucking a Latina woman and man did it feel incredible! i never imagined we would end up in my apartment and I’d be parked in between her thighs with my dick in her hairy Latin pussy.

“thank you so much Liz” I said as I lay there trying to catch my breath.”thanks for the ride home”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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