Just Another Day In Iraq

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My name is Jeff. I am a 38-year-old man working as a truck driver in Iraq. I have been over here for almost two years. This day started just like almost everyday here. Alarm goes off at 04:30. Get dressed. Be to work at 06:00. Lunch is at 11:30. And I would get off work at 18:30. That’s 6:30 p.m. for you non-military types. Then back to my room to take a shower and be in bed by 21:00; just to wake up and do it all again.

One day I was sitting having lunch with a friend of mine, Jason, he is 35 and very athletic. He does the gym thing to pass the time here; he also runs a lot. So as you might guess he’s in pretty good shape. We never really talk about anything important, just normal every day things. Making rude comments about ladies asses walking by and laughing about it. You know – normal guy stuff. That’s when I told him I was having problems with my computer.

“What kind of problems,” he asked.

“I can’t get online, and I don’t know why.”

“I’m pretty good at computers,” he said. “Want me to come by tonight and see if I can fix it for you?”

“Hey, that would be great if you don’t mind.”

“No I don’t mind. I’m going running tonight; I’ll stop by.”

“Hey, I got to get back to work my lunch break is almost over. I’ll see ya’ later.”

After that I went back to work and finished my shift then went back to my room, like I always do. I took a shower and turned my computer on.

It was almost 19:30 when there was a knock on my door. It was Jason. He was standing there wearing a sweat-soaked T-shirt and a pair of nylon running shorts. I invited him in and offered him a drink.

“Yes, I’d love a bottle of water if you got it.”

In Iraq, you always keep water in the fridge. As he sat down, he placed his keys and his cell phone on the desk. I handed him the bottle of water. He took a quick drink then turned to my computer and started working. I knelt down on one knee beside him so I could watch what he was doing. I couldn’t help poker oyna but notice the bulge his cock was causing in the thin shorts he was wearing. They were soaked in sweat causing them to become almost transparent. I could even make out the outline of the head of it. I could tell his was much larger than mine was.

It only took him about 5 minutes or so before my home page popped up on the screen.

“Hey you fixed it,” I exclaimed.

“Yes, it was easy you just had something set wrong. Want me to show you something else?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, still kneeling beside him.

Jason turned toward me and reached between his legs pulling his shorts aside, fully exposing his cock and balls to me.

I couldn’t help but look. Then I said, “What the fuck are you doing man? Put that thing away.”

“Why? You’ve been looking at it since I got here. I just decided to give you a better view.”

“I was not and…”

“Yes you were. Don’t deny it,” he taunted me. “And plus if it really bothered you, you would have gotten up and moved away by now.”

“Stop it. I wasn’t looking at you, I promise.”

“Go ahead take a good look at if you want to, I don’t mind. You can even touch it if you want to.”

“I’m not going to touch it,” I said as I looked at it again.

“See… you’re looking at it again, come on touch it. I dare you.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes I’m serious. Come on touch it. I know you want to. It will be our little secret.”

Then I reached up, I don’t know why, and I put my finger under the head of his penis, lifted it up a few inches revealing completely his balls laying below it, then let it drop. It bounced a little as it came to rest on his balls once again.

“There are you happy? I touched it.”

“Not like that,” he said in a disappointed voice. “Take it in your hand and hold it. You can even squeeze it a little if you want.”

“Fine,” I said, “but you better not tell anyone.” I paused canlı poker oyna for a moment then got down on both knees, just to get a little more comfortable. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his cock and squeezed it gently a few times. Then slowly started moving my fingers up and down. I was amazed that it felt so soft. He just sat there and spread his legs some giving me full access to it. Then it started to happen. He was starting to get hard.

“I can’t do this” I said to him as I started to remove my hand from his hardening cock. He started encouraging me.

“That feels so good please don’t stop, I promise I wont tell. Just don’t stop.”

I didn’t stop. Even as much as I knew I should, I didn’t. I just kept touching him. Slowly I stroked his cock until he was fully erect, staring at it the entire time, watching it grow. When it was fully erect, I was amazed how large it was. A full 8 inches in length and thick enough that I couldn’t get my fingers fully around it.

“Okay now suck it,” he said.

I guess I was caught up in the moment, because I just lowered my head and took his manhood into my mouth and started sucking. I sucked off the pre-cum that had been leaking from it before I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. It felt weird having another man’s cock in my mouth, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t even want to stop at this point. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying the taste of his cum and cock. It was actually a lot better than I had ever imagined. It was a little salty but also sweet. I could tell by his breathing and the sounds he was making that he was really enjoying me sucking on his cock. He had started running his fingers through my hair while I continued.

“Yea that’s right suck it good,” he said.

I had been sucking his cock for nearly 10 minutes, when without warning he came. I pulled away as the first shot of cum filled my mouth, and the second shot hit me in the face.

“Don’t stop!” he internet casino cried, “Don’t stop! Keep sucking till I tell you to stop.” The third shot hit me in the face again just as I was opening my mouth. He was still coming as I put my mouth back on his cock.

“Yea that’s right, suck it, swallow my cum, you know you want it.

He was right, and I was actually enjoying the taste of his cum when he said, “Look up for me.” When I did, I saw he was holding his phone. I wasn’t quick enough to get his cock out of my mouth before I heard it click as he used it to take a picture of me. I immediately stopped and reached for his phone but he pulled it away and said, “Don’t worry I’m just going to send it to your email then I’ll erase it, okay?”

“You better.” I said.

He pressed a few buttons on his phone and a few seconds later my computer beeped. He turned and opened the email and there it was a picture of me with a cock in my mouth. It was even clear enough to see his cum splattered on my face.

“Fine, it is in my email, now erase it okay?”

He pressed a few buttons on his phone. “There it’s erased. Are you happy?”

“Yes, thank you. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that and don’t know why I did.”

“I don’t know why you did it either. I never thought you were that kind of guy. I figured when I pulled it out you would get up…and we’d have a good laugh and it would be through. I was just kidding around. I never thought you would actually go through with it.”

“Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Why should I tell anyone? But… do you want to know something?”

“What?” I asked.

“It’s also in my email.”

“You son of a bitch!”

“Don’t worry you’re going to get a lot more practice. I’ll be back tomorrow and we can try again. And who knows… I might even bring a friend.”

“I’m not going to do it again.”

“Yes you will or I’ll send this photo to everybody I know. I’m sure it will even find its way back to the states…maybe even to your wife.”

Then he stood up adjusted his shorts to cover his cock, walked to the door, opened it and walked out…leaving me there alone with a face full of cum wondering how I got myself into this…

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