Kappa Kappa Kappa


Its been a long time since I’ve submitted anything hoping I haven’t lost my touch. This story goes more along the lines of my earlier stuff with confessions. Over the top orgasms, black cock worship, hints of romance mixed with non-consensual sex and of course cheerleaders. Please leave feed back, if I hear a lot of good things back, I’ll add some more chapters, if not then I have some more stuff I’d like to try. This late in the game I kind of ignore negative comments so please dont waste your time, I’m going to keep writing interracial stories, if you dont like em don’t read em.

“Move it girls!” Jessica screamed, filling the large gymnasium with the boom of her practiced, perky, cheer voice. Heeding her call, the twenty girls racing around the large indoor track redoubled their effort, sprinting with all of their might. Three girls paced far ahead of the pack, Sierra, a half black, half Latina girl with dark caramel skin, Courtney, a blue-eyed blonde, and Rita, a tall willowy red head. The three of them raced one another, contending for the position of first while the other nine girls simply struggled to not come in last. As she crossed the finish line, fourteenth, Megan stopped to let the cool air of the air-conditioned gym quench the fire in her lungs. Her slick palms fell to rest on her bare, pale thighs as each huff brought her relief.

“Good run huh?” Looking up, her gaze drifted to see Courtney standing over her, a grin spread wide across the blonde’s face. She grinned back, licked her lips, and wondered just how long the two would remain roommates. Over the last three weeks girl’s had been disappearing from the athletics dorm due to cuts, and as the group of girls grew smaller and smaller, Megan could only guess as to how long it would be until she disappeared. Growing up in a small suburb in the Midwest had hardly prepared her for the type of rigorous training the cheerleaders at Maynard University underwent. In high school, a pretty smile and an attractive body were just about all you needed to make the squad, Megan was rapidly learning however, that championship college squads from Texas were made of much stronger stuff. Courtney on the other hand was a stand out; she’d grown up in the Deep South and had been doing competitive cheer for as long as she could walk. Like Megan she stood around 5,1 but her body was well shaped, tan, and firm, while Megan’s was thin, pale, and soft. The lithe blonde bested Megan in just about every exercise and seemed to be poising herself for a well-earned position on the squad.

Sweat ran down Megan’s forehead, dripping onto the tile floor as many of the other girl’s gasped and huffed around her, all below the sound of Jessica’s home grown Valley girl accent. “Good job today girls. I want to thank each of you for coming to the camp this year and wish you all luck both on and off the squad,” she said, as she clasped her hands together. “Mrs. Coach Banks and I will review what we thought of each of you and…” The sudden pause in her voice caught the attention of all the girl’s on the squad, eyes moving from her to the direction in which she was looking, all of them falling on what had to be largest black man any of the cheer squad freshman had ever seen.

Without explanation Jessica exclaimed with an excited squeal, “Marcus,” and raced over to him. Her tennis shoe’s squeaked lightly as she loped over, her short lean limbs giving her the appearance of a gazelle, running into the arms of what must have been the largest, predator in the school. Marcus’s large muscular arms engulfed and then locked her within his grasp. He then lifted her from the floor as easily as if she were a child, and pulled her close so that Jessica could bury her face in his large pecs.

Their expression told Megan both wanted more than anything in the world to lock lips in a passionate kiss, yet they refrained, staring for just a moment before Jessica turned back to the girls. “… after we make our decision, each of the girls who made the squad are going get a text, congratulating you and giving you directions to the Kappa Kappa Kappa sorority house. If you don’t get a text, that means you didn’t make it. Simple enough?” She didn’t wait for an answer, wrapping both of her small tan arms around one of Marcus’s large black biceps she walked out of the gym, whispering to him and giggling as they went.

Megan sat on her bed, frowning at her phone. It was almost nine and still no call. A tight knot of panic settled into her stomach while her thoughts assailed her. She knew, in her heart, that she wasn’t good enough to make the team, so she waited, praying for the night to end, and the hope would fade, and she could let go of the mind numbing focus she had set on her phone.

Across the room, Courtney sat with her back pressed against the door, reaching forward with both arms to stretch out the sore muscles in her legs. Unlike Megan, she wore a bright smile, her blue eyes wide and exuberant.

“Stop worrying Meg,” She said as she switched, placing her left hand over her right foot. “I doubt anyone has gotten a text yet.” She xhamster porno stopped there but Megan understood her meaning well enough. Courtney was one of the top prospects for the squad, if she hadn’t gotten a text yet then it was doubtful anyone had. Still worry racked her gut.

“So who do you think that guy was,” She asked Courtney. “I mean it’s obvious they’re like…” she paused unable to mentally rectify what she was about to say, “but I mean, you don’t think she’s actually dating him do you? Ugh it’s so gross, I don’t know why she’d do that. He’s so…” A conditioned shudder went down Megan’s spine as she remembered the young man’s coal dark skin, and deep brown eyes.

Courtney replied simply with a shrug and continued stretching.

“I mean I thought they didn’t allow that kind of thing here. Don’t they like have a law against that or something in Texas.”

“Its not something you see a lot.” Courtney answered. “But it happens here just like anywhere else.

“But she’s so pretty,” Megan retorted. “And it has to feel gross having one of them inside of you. Another shudder traveled through her, as if her whole body rejected the idea, though her mind lingered on the image just a moment longer than she wanted.

With nothing better to do, Megan stared at her phone while listening to music play through her radio. Warm love ballads from the goo goo dolls steadied her breath as she sat with her knees curled under her chin. Cool air poured in through the window, making the stiffening hot room somewhat bearable. An hour had passed before Courtney’s phone began to buzz. Megan’s heart leapt fell, and leapt again when just moments after Courtney received a text, her phone started to buzz with the same intensity.

The text simply read, congratulations, get your ass to 1741 south Hickory Lane. That was all it took to set Megan into a screaming squealing frenzy. Together the she and Courtney jumped up and down working their excitement out. “What do you think they want us to wear?”

“The text didn’t say, I’m gonna just put on something comfortable. We’d probably be ok with the team track shorts and t shirts.”

Megan followed Courtney’s advice, both of them slipping into pairs of blue shorts that hugged their perky asses, and t shirts that fit perfectly on their small frames, both of which bore the symbol of Maynard University, along with flip-flops and pull string back packs for their keys and wallets.

The night air was cool against Megan’s ivory skin as the two girls walked across the campus. Moonlight cut through the darkness with an almost eerie precision giving Megan, who was extremely pale, a sort of glowing radiance, as if she were a ghost. The glowing white orb itself hung in the sky with a hallow appeal. In spite of itself the night was beautiful. The stone walkway ran between perfectly manicured lawns, and then out to a street with southern style houses on either side. Halfway down the block the two girls came to a large house with burgundy paint across the walls, a two-car garage but into the side, and a large white porch jutting out from the front. Megan and Courtney stepped up to the door, considered knocking, but decided to just go inside once they heard the commotion of the party.

There were more people than Megan expected, certainly more girls than just the cheer squad, filled the sorority house. The style of dress seemed dead on with what Courtney had suspected, comfortable clothing, albeit revealing, tank tops t-shirts, nothing fancy. EVERYONE wore flip-flops and carried some sort of alcoholic beverage in their hand, be it beer, wine cooler, or a mixed drink. This wasn’t Megan’s first time in a party atmosphere and yet something seemed off. There were a lot of black people. There were always a few at every party, loitering, but here it just seemed ridiculous. As she counted across the room Megan she made out 28 different blacks, all guys, and counted just three white boys who seemed segregated from the thick of the party.

Feeling confused, and growing more upset with every second, Megan followed Courtney through the crowd as they searched for Jessica or one of the vice captains they had met during tryouts. They found her near, in a mass of coeds dancing. She wore a blue jean skirt, dark blue cotton shirt, with a low v cut and short sleeves, and white flip-flops. Like the rest of the group she was grinding passionately against the crotch of a black stud, it didn’t take Megan long to recognize him from the gym. Seeing the two of dance in the middle of what was more comparable to a dry orgy than a dance floor, professed just how very large he was. Marcus stood almost a head taller than anyone else on the floor, impressive considering most everyone dancing appeared to be a giant. Not one of the black men there was less than six feet tall, most of them upward of 6’3. Grinding against him, Jessica looked like a child, though the lust in her movements and the way she looked up at Marcus, her eyes begging to be fucked unconscious, were anything but childlike. Somewhere off by the dance floor erotik porno Megan spotted the rest of the tryouts who had made the team. As she suspected, Rita, the tall red head who had kept pace with Courtney every step had made it, and to her disappointment so had Sierra, a girl who was half black half Latino. During the first day of tryouts, Megan had pegged her as someone who would be cut, believing that a southern school would have enough pride to reject minorities from their prestigious athletic groups. However looking at the state of the party, Megan could plainly see that upholding moral standard was not of Maynard’s priorities.

Besides them, Megan saw Hailey, a blonde girl whose large boobs had actually knocked her unconscious during one of the warm up runs, Tanner, a moderately athletic girl from Tennessee who ironically had one of the best tans Megan had ever seen, Sam, a short red head, who Megan remembered more for her clumsiness than anything else, Cameron, a wiry brunette who despite her talent, spent more time smoking weed than practicing or exercising, and Kitty, an Asian girl with brown sun kissed skin, who despite being the oldest girl there, almost twenty, looked closer to twelve than 19.

The huddle of girls stood out awkwardly between the many dancing and socializing coed. They all seemed to be somewhere between disgusted, and uncomfortable by their surroundings. None of them spoke to one-another, and avoided eye contact with just about everyone in the room. Without a word, Megan and Courtney fell into place beside them, waiting as Jessica danced with her large black stud. Eventually the song died down and Jessica broke away from her dance partner, and made her way over to the girls.

“Having fun?” She asked. The group of freshman replied with a series of angry, betrayed stares, to which Jessica simply smiled. “Oh my gawd you girls need to lighten up. Come on, let’s get you all something to drink.”

Jessica led the girls away from the bulk of the party into the Kitchen. Several bottles of vodka, tequila, and rum, were strewn across the table, and in the refrigerator Megan found an assortment of other drinks. She started to reach for a wine cooler when Jessica took her hand away. “Oh no, freshman have to have at least one glass of the jungle juice.” “Fitting name,” Tanner whispered to Sam, who giggled, after the several seconds it took her to understand the joke.

Jessica fixed a glass for each of the girls then led them through a doorway at the side of the kitchen into a small windowless den.

Megan gasped as she beheld the full extent of the debauchery with the sorority house, as three white girls sat in the laps of large black studs, passionately kissing and touching while their partners groped them. At first Megan felt fear, then a swirling mixture of anger and concern for the girls. They weren’t trailer park trash, or want to be hood rats. Each and every one looked as if she had grown up in a upstanding suburban community, cute, preppy, perfect, and yet each on lay in the lap of some filthy, ignorant, gang-banger.

Jessica cleared her throat loudly, indicating she wanted the room cleared. Several eyes turned on her and rolled with sarcastic flare. At first Megan thought, and hoped, that Jessica was putting an end to the debauchery that was taking place but was proved wrong moments later when she told the group of upperclassmen that they were free to continue up in one of the many bedrooms. Begrudgingly the girl’s stopped kissing their respective boys and with irritation clung to the large black men as they were swept up into powerful black arms and carried away. Megan could just imagine what kinds of things were about to happen to them. Her stomach turned in knots several times over and she thought she would get sick all over the rug.

“Have a seat,” Jessica told the girls; causing a series of concerned glances to pass between the freshmen before, they eased down onto the long blue sofa. “Go ahead you can smile.” No one smiled fully, and the only one to attempt one was Sam, whose desperate attempted portrayed her all the more fearful. A faint knock rapped at the door. “You need to relax,” Jessica said with a giggle before running over to get it. Moment later she returned with the black stud she had been dancing with and who had come to take away at the gym.

Jessica formally introduced him to the freshmen, As “Marcus my…” She paused to think of the right words and eventually shrugged. “My boyfriend.” This seemed to please him, for a wide smile spread across his lips. Megan gashed her teeth, rejecting the big black monster, the way Jessica clung to him, and the situation she was in entirely. A terrible feeling was building up inside of her, as if something bad was about to happen. Something bad was happening she told herself and yet for all the tremors racing down her spine, she couldn’t bring herself to leave.

After the short introduction, Jessica proceeded to climb up on her tiptoes and pull the giant down to her lips. As their lips met Jessica fell deep into Marcus’s milf porno arms, engulfed in black muscle that lifted her off of her feet while large black hands pulled up the back of her skirt and groped her soft plump ass.

Megan shuddered at the wonton display of affection, all of the girl’s expressing their displeasure in either gasps of groans or harsh words. Disgust wore plain to see on every girl’s, though none so much as Tanner. The fiery twisted her face between disgust and rage, as her cheek grew red and hot and her eyes lit with a racist fury that would have made her ancestry proud. “What the hell is going on here? I thought this was a cheer camp, not a monkey fucking festival.”

Jessica answered with a raised index finger, telling the angry girl to wait as Marcus lifted her higher into his arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist while continual taking turns slurping on one-another’s tongues. “Tradition,” Jessica answered during a momentary break in their kissing. With ease, Marcus dropped Jessica from his arms. The perky cheer captain then spun around resting her back against him.

Tossing her hair back, in a lazy, cover girl fashion, Jessica snuggled against the black giant, allowing his arms to wrap around her and his hands to fondle her small breasts. “That’s one strike,” Jessica said bearing a wide grin. “Two more and you get the freshman special.” Tanner looked at Jessica with stare so rich with contempt Megan was sure she would lash across the room and strike at the captain, and Megan couldn’t fault her for it. But Jessica looked as calm as ever, smiling and stroking Marcus’s arm as he tugged her nipples through the blue fabric.

“This is a cheer camp,” Jessica said, answering Tanner’s question. “And this cheer squad has won seventeen championships out of the last twenty years. Do you know want to know why we have seventeen championships.”

“Apparently because you’re all whores. You probably let the judges fuck you for extra points.”

“Tradition,” Jessica continued dismissing Tanner’s comment as if she’d never spoken at all. “This squad is built on tradition. We train the same way the squad did twenty years ago, we work as hard as the squad did twenty years ago, and everything you see around you tonight is part of that tradition. This sorority house, the uniforms, and…” She tapped Marcus on the chest to indicate the large presence of black athletes.

“What kind of tradition requires fucking a porch monkeys?”

“Strike two,” Jessica said, in a delighted tone. “Its good you’re asking, it’s actually why I brought all of you back here. Believe it or not I was in your shoes four years ago, a frightened, eager, eighteen year old freshman just starting college, but believe me you will LOVE it here. Being a member of the squad gives you so many advantages in your academics and social life, and… Ouch!” Squealed Jessica as Marcus pinched her nipple. “There is so much that this squad offers and all of it revolves around the sort of family that we’ve built here. A lot of the boys you see here tonight are a part of that family.” Putting a finger to her lips she thought of just where to begin, and after a whispered prompting from Marcus she knew exactly where.

“So you wanted to know what’s with all the black guys, well this particular tradition actually dates back to when we the squad made its huge turn around and started winning championships, though it didn’t start with the squad itself. It started with the Coach Banks, not our coach but her husband, the coach of the football team. Like any sport football thrives on recruitment, if you don’t get good players you don’t win. That being said no one has an eye for talent like Coach Banks. He was able to draw the best players throughout the south and even nab quality players right from under the noses of big programs in the north. Every year the team was of top tier, and no matter what you think about black guys it’s simply a fact they tend to be faster stronger and all around better than anyone else in the talent pool. Through the start of the season Coach lead his team to one victory after the next. They went nearly undefeated in a conference made up of mostly all white schools. They were almost unstoppable except for that fact that almost every week a new scandal surrounding the team’s most “valuable” players surfaced. ‘Full back rapes white coed, star defensive tackle accused of sexual harassment.’ At first the coach questioned the moral quality of his players and he disciplined them ,strictly, but being the type of man that he was, he soon started to dig into the accusations, wanting to give his players a fair hearing. He talked to the players in question, other individual players on the team, and especially the white players who ran in the same circles as the girls, and found out that every single charge and accusation were lies. None of his players had raped or harassed anyone, whenever a girl would impulsively hook up with a player, the next morning she would accuse him of rape to keep her reputation pure, and when one of them guys would try and flirt with someone they thought was cute, the girl would claim it was sexual harassment and report it to the school. That’s when coach Banks saw the true gravity of his problem. It wasn’t the character of his players that was in question but instead the question of the school he was bringing his players into.

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