Karen: Hot Nurse in Austin


This is a true story that happened to me in Austin, Texas. I had just ended a long-term relationship with a hot, petite lil blonde, due to her mental instability. Quite frankly she was starting to scare me, but that’s another story…

It all started when I was trying to find a date for the upcoming weekend. This was about 1997 and I was surfing YAHOO and noticed they had a personal ad section that was still free back then. I thought what the heck, let me give this a shot and see what happens. I made my add up, that today sounds so much like everyone else’s, and submitted it.

I said something like this. “Nice guy, likes motorcycles, windsurfing, dancing and movies looking for a fun woman to enjoy the summer with and possibly more. If this sounds interesting to you let me know.”

After about a week, I only got a few responses. I replied back to those and asked them to include a picture of themselves. I remember getting a response, from a woman named Karen, who said she was a nurse. She included her phone number and her picture among other details about her. She was slightly older than me, single and a Canadian citizen. She was working here in Austin, Texas due to a nursing shortage. Her picture was full sized and I guess she would be described as a BBW. Her hands appeared to be fidgeting and she did not project much self-confidence, but what really caught my attention were her massive Double D breasts. I pictured what fun it would be to get my hands on those juicy melons. Before I shut my PC down and went to sleep, I thought she’s really not my type and oh well so much for online dating.

Over the next two weeks, I found myself thinking back to Karen’s email and her enticing boobs. It was getting close to the weekend and again I had no date or any prospects. I was feeling somewhat lonely and very horny and thought what the heck and called her up. Karen answered the phone and I told her my name was John and I was the one whose ad she had responded to.

There was a slight pause, before Karen said “I had given up on you, since you haven’t emailed or called in the last two weeks. Why are you calling me now?”

I was caught off guard by her question, but said “I’m sorry, I got your email and I meant to get back to you, but things have been really hectic for me lately. You seem like a nice woman and I’d like to get to know you better. Worse comes to worse, we both have a new friend.”

Karen still seemed a bit put off, but relaxed some after BS-ing about ourselves for a while. She asked me for my picture, but at the time I did not have a digital picture to send her. I described myself to her, but as we all know that’s not quite the same. I finally asked her if she would like to go out for dinner and a movie this weekend. She hesitated, I guess trying to make up her mind if I was just another jerk or worth her time. She said ok and told me where she lived and I said I would pick her up Friday at 7pm.

When Friday rolled around I was worn out from the workweek and worse my allergies were starting to give me a headache. I’m not the type to stand anyone up, but I sure was having second thoughts about this date. I took my shower and dressed casually as we agreed in jeans, boots and a Polo shirt and headed to her house. I rang her doorbell and she answered the door wearing black tights and a button down shirt untucked over her tights. She seemed a bit nervous and said she was sorry, but couldn’t find something nicer to wear that was casual and hoped I didn’t mind. I said no she was fine and thought to myself, well it’s only dinner and a movie and then I can go home and take some sinus medicine and go to bed. She asked me if I still wanted to take her out or if I had changed my mind.

That question made me feel guilty, so I forced up a smile and said “no, come on let’s go to dinner before the movie.”

She smiled at that and said “Ok, great.” We walked to my truck and I opened the door for her, which she seemed to like and smiled at me as she got in.

At the restaurant, she only ordered a salad even after I said please get what you want. She seemed to be trying to make a nice impression on me as we talked about what movie to see and got to know each other better. I only picked at my food, as my headache was getting worse and I was starting to regret drinking a beer at dinner, even if it was only one.

Karen asked me if something was wrong and I said, “no, I just have a bit of a headache and my neck is a bit tense.” She nicely offered to skip the movie if I wasn’t feeling well, but I said no I’d be fine. For some reason, I just didn’t want her to feel like I wanted to escape this date with her.

We got our movie tickets and went inside to watch the movie. We chatted a while before the movie started Tokat Escort and she seemed to be smiling more and loosening up. She didn’t seem as nervous as before. As we were watching the movie, I leaned forward and was rubbing my neck as my headache was really starting to get worse. I was surprised when she reached over and started to rub my back and she whispered to me “When we get back to my place, I’ll get you some aspirin and rub your back for you.”

I looked at her and said, “ok”, mainly because I didn’t know what else to say, but her offer really surprised me. The movie ended and we started driving back to her place. We both agreed the movie wasn’t that great, when I pulled up to her place and intended to just drop her off. All I wanted was to go home and get in my bed.

She said, “You are still coming in right? I’ll rub your back for you and work some of that tension out.” I said, “That’s really nice of you, but you really don’t have to bother.” To which she replied “I don’t mind, I promised to make you feel better, c’mon in.” as she got out of my truck.

I thought ok; some aspirin would be great and followed her in. She got me some aspirin and a glass of water and then said “c’mon back to my room, so we won’t bother my room-mate.”

A large queen sized bed took up her room. She put on some nice music and told me “take off your boots and shirt and lie across the bed and get comfortable and I’ll be right back.”

I liked the music she was playing and thought what the heck and did what I was told. I even unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my boxers a few inches lower on my hips and laid fully across the bed, face down. She was gone for about five minutes and I was actually starting to relax a bit and feel slightly better, when she came back and shut the bedroom door. She jokingly asked if I was still awake and I said “Yes, just enjoying your music and relaxing.”

She chuckled and said “Good, I’m going to take care of that back for you” as she climbed up and straddled my hips. She started rubbing oil into my back and neck with firm smooth strokes. She started rubbing my neck and shoulders and I swear she had magic hands. We could both hear my vertebrae snap and pop as my neck muscles started to relax. I was actually moaning in pleasure and relief as she started working down my back, not missing a spot.

She asked me how she was doing and I said, “You have fantastic hands. This is the best back rub I have ever had.” This comment seemed to make her happy and she said we’re not done yet. She worked down to my lower back, then stopped and tugged on my jeans and said ” these are getting in the way, since you have boxers on, take the jeans off so I can get your lower back and legs.

I wasn’t about to argue as I was already in heaven and wondered how much better this backrub could get. She backed up off the bed and I stood up and dropped my jeans and laid back down without looking at her. When she climbed back on the bed and straddled my legs, I suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing her tights anymore! I could feel her bare legs against mine and found it very exciting. I was pretty sure I could feel her panties against my leg and was just starting to wonder just how far she intended to go with this. I was starting to develop a major boner by this point…

She said “That’s better, don’t you think?” and I quickly replied “Oh yeah, much better! You should have been a massage therapist instead of a nurse.” Karen replied back, “Well you develop strong hands as a nurse and we do have to massage some patients as part of their care, so I’ve had some practice.”

With that she continued rubbing my lower back and occasionally running her fingers under the waste band of my boxers and rubbing the top of my butt. Then she starts tugging my boxers lower saying they are getting in her way, so I assisted her efforts by raising my hips and she pulled them completely off. By now my mind is racing and I’m going crazy wondering just what she is going to do next.

Karen just picked up where she left off and starts massaging my ass. She took her time and massaged both cheeks well, before moving down to my legs and feet. This felt so erotic having my butt massaged like that. By now my headache is completely gone and I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I’ve got a full-blown woody pressing into the mattress and probably making some precum wet spots on the comforter on her bed. She finally moves back up and lays on her side, leaning on my back with her right arm stretched out across my back and her right leg across my butt. She was breathing a bit hard, more because of her hard work I think, than due to any sexual excitement and said “Did that feel good? How’s your headache now?” I moaned in gratitude and said, Tokat Escort Bayan “I feel great now, thanks to you, but you sound like you’re worn out from all the hard work.”

Karen, said, “Yeah, it wears me out, but I’m glad I could make you feel better.” as she ran her fingers in random patterns across my back.

I could feel her body pressed against me and I knew she still had her shirt on, bit I was positive she was only wearing panties as I could feel them pressed up against my left hand and now I was horny as all get out and wondering just how far Karen was willing to go on our first date. This seemed like one of those playboy stories you read, but always wondered if they were really true or not.

Since she had pulled my boxers off earlier and I was buck-naked now, I decided to see where this was going to go and rolled over on my back. As I did this Karen shifted a bit off of me until I was still again and then just placed her leg back across my swollen dick and her arm across my chest. I pulled my right free and placed it around her shoulders and she moved her head to rest on my chest.

Her leg felt wonderful on top of my dick and I think she enjoyed feeling how excited she had made me. I asked her “Are you ok, I hope you didn’t wear yourself out too bad on that great backrub.” Karen said “No, I’m just resting a bit and enjoying laying next to you here.”

The warmth and pressure of her bare leg was driving my dick crazy and I’m sure she felt a bit of precum escape on her leg, but she seemed very content to leave her leg right there. I started running my right hand through her hair and rubbing her neck and shoulders a bit and then leaned up and kissed her forehead a few times as that was the only part of her head I could reach at the moment. She moaned her enjoyment at that and I thought ok, she is definitely up for more and just waiting for me to act.

I reached across with my left hand and started to unbutton her shirt. She just lay there and shifted a bit to let me get to the lower buttons. When I had them undone, I pulled her shirt open, but did not take it all the away off. I reached over and ran my fingers down her neck and across the top of her bra. I sensed her breathing deepen a bit as she just relaxed and enjoyed my exploration. I pushed my fingers down the top of her bra and to my delight found a big pointy nipple starting to come to life. I love big nips and as I rolled her nipple and squeezed it playfully, it became rock hard.

I could feel Karen starting to squirm against me and I knew she was enjoying this, so I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. At this point, she rose up a bit and just removed her shirt and bra as I ogled her amazingly big tits with pointy, big, rosy nipples. I reached out with my left hand and rubbed and squeezed her boobs as she settled back against me.

By this time I am starting to go out of my mind with sexual tension and I needed some relief soon. By this time all Karen had left on were some sheer, peach colored panties. So I reached down with my left hand and slid my fingers under the waistband and grabed a handful of her butt and squeezed and rubbed it some, waiting to see if she objected. All I got was a moan as she started to kiss my chest a bit where her head was resting against me. After a bit of this, I decided those panties just have to come off and start trying to push them down as far as I can using only my left hand.

Karen, finally decides to help and reaches down and pushes her panties completely off and resumes her position against me with her right leg again laying across my dick, only now I can feel her big nipples pressing against my chest and the heat of her pussy burning into my hip. I am almost certain I can feel the wetness of her pussy against my skin.

We both lay there for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of each other, when with out a word, I start to encourage her with my hands to move on top of me. She hesitated for a few seconds and seemed to finally resolve some internal argument and moved up on her hands and knees over me. I was mesmerized by her swaying breasts, thinking how wonderfully big and round they were and how hard her nipples were. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and gave it a little squeeze before pointing it up towards her wet, waiting pussy.

Karen rubbed the head of dick across her pussy lips before she started to lower herself on my shaft. I couldn’t believe how hot, wet and tight her pussy was. She seemed impatient to feel the length of my dick inside her and suddenly just lowered herself, completely engulfing my cock to my balls. I reached up and played with her breasts as she lost herself in riding my cock. She was moaning, bucking her hips and had this faraway dreamy Escort Tokat look in her eyes.

I was amazed at how excited Karen was and how much she seemed to be enjoying riding my rock hard dick. I just wanted her to cum fast and hard to repay her for how great she made me feel earlier. I concentrated hard on just making her feel good and not cum, until she did. I pinched and rolled her nipples and watched her reaction to see what she liked, how hard or soft a touch, etc. It seemed like only a few minutes before her moaning escalated in volume and her body started shaking as she threw her head back and forth. She pushed forcefully down on my cock and grunted a few times before laying down my chest and breathing hard. My dick was still hard and inside her, but I could feel her pussy juices running down around and over my balls and down the crack of my ass.

I was amazed at the force and quickness of her orgasm and just rubbed her hair and back as I slowly started to thrust my hips back and forth enjoying the feeling of my dick barely moving in and out of her still throbbing pussy. She finally came back to herself and moaned “hmmmmm, that felt so good..” and started kissing me on my chest and lips and then said “Are you ready to cum?” Her look seemed so hungry and determined to make me cum, I almost blasted off right there….

I said “I’m really close, but I like to be on top when I cum, so I can really get my hips into it.” She just smiled as she started to roll over on her back and I followed with my throbbing dick still inside her. Karen then wrapped her legs around my back and pressed her heels across my ass trying to pull me as far into her pussy as possible. She put both arms around my neck, as I started to thrust into her hot wet pussy.

I could feel my balls hit her ass on every thrust as her heels pushed my ass. It’s as if she wanted to engulf my entire body into her needy pussy, as she hugged me tight. She really surprised me when she started talking dirty in my ear… Karen whispered to me “That’s it John, fuck me good with that hard cock of yours. Fuck me hard, really hard. C’mon, give it to me baby. I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me. C’mon give it to me! That’s it, oh yeah!” All the while she is thrusting her hips up as hard as I’m thrusting down and her pussy is making all these delightfully wet squishy sounds.

I had never had a woman talk dirty to me during sex before. The raw need of her voice, as she told me how to fuck her, along with her demanding body movements made me cum so hard. I almost passed out from delight. I thrust one more time into her as my dick erupted and shot stream after stream of hot cum inside her. She held me tight, still pressing her heels against my ass, while she rolled her hips and milked me dry, saying “That’s it baby, oh I can feel you cuming inside me. Oh that feels so good… That’s it, give me all your hot cum! hmmmm.” My dick finally stopped pumping and throbbing inside her and I relaxed against her trying to catch my breath. I started to pull off of her and she said no, I want to feel you inside me for a while longer, so I stayed and felt my dick relax inside her as I licked and sucked and played with her nipples and tits.

After a while, she relaxed her hold on me and I slid off on the bed beside her. All I could think about was how this was the best orgasm, sexual experience, not to mention the best massage I had ever had in my life! I thought how easily I could have missed this opportunity…

Karen snuggled up to me and threw her leg across me again and purred mischievously “Did you enjoy your back rub?” I just bust out laughing and said “hell yeah! That was great! You really know how to make a man feel good! My headache is completely gone.”

Karen just kissed my shoulder and said “hmmm, I’m glad you liked it. You made me feel really good too. Anytime you feel tense, come see me and I’ll make you feel better!”

Later as I dressed to leave and head home, Karen hugged me and said “I really enjoyed our date together. I hope you’ll call me again.” as she pressed herself against me and kissed me again. As our lips parted, I just smiled and said “You can count on it. I’ll be calling you again for sure!”

As I drove home, I was thankful that I took a chance and went out with a woman I normally would not have dated due to a shallow impression made on appearance, instead of taking the time to learn more about her as a person. Boy was I glad I did. Karen rocked my world!

Author’s Note: There are more tales about Karen and this really is a true story. Karen and I had a dumb argument and shortly thereafter a job opportunity took me out state for a few years and I lost touch with her. I have never found another woman who made me feel as good as she did. I’m now back in Texas and have no idea how to find her again, assuming she didn’t go back to Canada. Karen, if you by chance happen to read this and remember me, I would love to see you again and try and make it up to you.


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