Karen Pt. 01

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Employee Appreciation Day


Before you read, please know that this story deals in adultery and infidelity.

If that is not your thing then please don’t cause yourself undue stress by continuing to read.


I work in a male dominated industry, and any female stands out…and a good looking one? Well let’s just say she sticks out like a Red Sox jersey in Yankees Stadium.

I took notice of Karen my first day on the job. Long legs that rise to a pert bum which tapered nicely into a thin waist. Long dark brown hair that cascaded more than halfway down her back, and small breasts that sit high up on her chest. They appeared to be about the size of baseballs rather than softballs but accentuated the thinner frame of this 42-year-old, five-foot eight divorced beauty.

And being fair, I knew I wasn’t the only guy who took notice. More than once I’d catch the wandering eyes of colleagues following Karen as she walked. Going in and out of her office, to and from the conference room or break room, eyes just seem to follow her.

Part of the reason why those eyes followed her was the fact that Karen always dressed impeccably, and it’s what separates her from the other 3-4 girls in the office who seemed to have nothing but leggings and yoga pants in their wardrobe. It didn’t matter if Karen was wearing a long sundress, dress slacks, or blue jeans, it was easy to see she put thought in her outfits. The choice of jewelry to her shoes, boots and sandals, everything had purpose and accentuated her always professional yet feminine and sexy look.

Karen and I were in different departments. Couple that with our offices being on opposite sides of the building limited our chats and conversations, business or otherwise, to be limited to not much more than “Good morning” or “have a good weekend” on a Friday afternoon.

There were also two other factors why I never really tried to chat Karen up or pursue a deeper conversation. First, I’m married. That speaks for itself. Second, don’t mix pussy and pay. Although I have had some successful coworker hookups, I know of very few office affairs that didn’t blow up into a dramatic Jerry Springer episode.

I hadn’t hit my one-year anniversary with the company yet, but spring was finally arriving, and our GM decided it was time to shake off the winter blues by taking in a baseball game for Employee Appreciation Day. This consisted of the game, food and a couple tickets for free beers. My love for the game of baseball alone was good enough for me but combine it with a half-day of work mid-week. What can be better? I was about to find out.

I saw Karen heading into the stadium and walking up I said hello. She greeted me with a huge smile and said she was glad to see I could make it. I couldn’t help but notice, here again, Karen didn’t disappoint…and even though it was a baseball game she knew how to dress making a pair of jeans and an Atlanta Braves jersey look damn good. It was tucked in showing off her waist, and those jeans accentuated her bum. She didn’t have a big bubble butt, but it had enough curve no man would complain while they admired it wrapped in denim.

Going in together, we continued walking and talking until we found the rest of our coworkers and headed to the outfield where our company had reservations in the picnic area. (Have to love minor league baseball)

We found some seats and decided to sit together. I asked if she wanted something to drink and hit the beer line grabbing a couple of cold ones. Settling down in our seats was when we were able to have our first real conversation. Antalya Escort I quickly found out she was a sports fan and had a son who was playing baseball. Right off the bat we have a couple of things in common and the conversation flowed easily.

The game proceeded and In between the cheers and talking trash to opposing players in the outfield, we continued to get to know each other personally, and I couldn’t help but feel very comfortable with her.

We had used both our tickets for free beers by the 4th inning and was buying our own at that point. As the innings progressed, I noticed her being a little “handsy,” using my thigh as a brace to stand up instead of the arms of the chair. Or a hand on my shoulder as she stood to yell at the game. Was it an honest mistake or?

The eighth inning was about to begin and most of the other co-workers had left or were leaving. Jill came over to talk with Karen, who I found out gave Karen a ride to the game and asked what Karen’s plans were. Jill didn’t hide the fact she was ready to leave, but with the game being 3-2 at this point it was almost sacrilege for any baseball fan to leave before it was over.

I told Karen if she needed a ride, I had no problem giving her a lift if she wanted to hang out and see how the game ended. After a few “Are you sure’s?” It was decided I’d take Karen home.

The game ended with the same score and little action on the field. Karen’s hand found its way to my thigh a little more often over the next six outs, and I returned the favor with “innocent” touches here and there. I wouldn’t have thought or guessed it was anything more than just a bit of alcohol induced flirting at this point.

After the game, we walked from the stadium to the parking lot and found my car. I opened the door for her before getting in myself and I quickly started it and turned the AC on full blast. The heat from the afternoon sun had the inside of the car sweltering. We looked around and could see the dash for the gate…which translates into cars trying their best to jockey for position only to move another four feet in line.

“Do you mind if we just sit here a bit and let some of this traffic clear out?” I asked her.

“Not at all. I’m in no hurry. Grandma has the kids, so I have no place to be by any certain time.”

We sat there and chatted a bit about how good the game was and how much fun we had together. At one point she was laughing at a one of the plays and again Karen put her hand on my thigh, but this time she left it there. I did the same and it wasn’t long before our discussion shifted gears.

“I have to admit you look different but in a good way wearing a baseball jersey. Much more relaxed than the office.” I wanted to compliment her without finding myself in HR.

Karen smiled, and turned sideways just a little more so I got a good view of her jersey, and I swear she stuck her chest out just enough to entice me to notice the curves under “BRAVES” stitched across her chest.

I couldn’t help but smile and then…that awkward moment of silence.

We all know it… when you are looking at each other, knowing what is supposed to come next but neither end of us knowing how or better yet IF we should proceed.

I put my hand on her thigh again, but this time it was different, I had no reason to, with the exception of causing that awkward moment to linger just a bit longer.

She didn’t say anything, nor did she pull back. In fact she leaned in a little…I did the same. She leans a little more and I follow. Now there is no doubt what is going to Antalya Escort Bayan happen.

The kiss was slow. Lips met hesitantly, then parted and became more deliberate. Tongues gradually met. The affection didn’t last long but there was an intensity to it that couldn’t be denied.

I sat back in my seat, and immediately say “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.”

Karen follows suit with “No, it’s me that should apologize. I know you are married.”

During the next 15 minutes or so we both admitted we had been attracted to each other, and for obvious reasons why we hadn’t approached each other prior to today.

We also talked about why the kiss should have never happened, but not once did either of us say we regretted it. More to the contrary we both said “As good as it was…” and IF things were different…yadda, yadda, yadda.

Then, when she made the statement about it being a shame, because her kids were staying with grandma that night, that’s when my mind really started to race.

I took a deep breath before I looked around the lot, it was clear and I did the safe thing and put the car in drive and made my way to the exit. It wasn’t long before we were on the interstate heading to her place. We didn’t say a lot and I could only wonder what she was thinking about. Twenty-five minutes later I’m parked in front of her house.

Only a slight hesitation and another quick moment of silence before Karen said thank you for giving her a ride home and she had a great afternoon. She then leaned over for a hug, but it quickly turned into pulling each other in tightly and we just stayed there holding one another. Karen’s head rested on my shoulder when I inhaled deeply taking in her scent. Finally, we loosened our embrace slightly but we kept our arms around each other.

“I’m going to kiss her again” is the only thing that I can think and in the next moment our lips were pressed together. Once was a mistake, but twice?

The kiss was deeper and lasted longer than the first. My hands moved from behind her back to her sides. I could feel the outside curve of her breast in the palm of my hand and her tongue pushed deeper into my mouth.

When our kiss finally breaks, she comes right out and asks. “If you want, and if you have time you can come inside for a bit?”

I answer her by reaching up and turning off the car.

“Karen, we both know how wrong this is, but as God as my witness there isn’t anything I’d rather do right now.” We opened the car doors simultaneously and made our way inside.

As soon as she closed and locked the front door, I pinned her against the wall. My hands being bolder, I moved one to cover her left breast and the other held her arms above her head at the wrists.

“Once. We can only do this one-time Karen.” I say.

And without hesitation, she took me by the hand and led me toward her bedroom.

We made quick work of undressing, before we collapsed on the bed entwined into each other’s arms. Hands exploring while we enjoyed the taste of each other’s mouths.

Normally I like to take my time but there was a sense of urgency and lust we both felt. I worked my way down her neck to her chest and I had misjudged the size of her breasts. Now that they were bare, and exposed for my pleasure, I saw that they were a bit larger than I imagined.

I rolled one hard nipple between my lips and then the other causing moans from Karen. Her hands found the top of my head, massaging, guiding, permitting and persuading.

When my head continued its trek south between her legs I inhaled Escort Antalya deeply taking in the scent of an aroused woman. One long lick of my tongue to taste her before I locked my lips lock around the pea shaped nub and allowed the tip to conduct a full assault. Shortly after, her back arched and body tensed, and a loud “YES OH GOD YES” and I knew I’d quickly and successfully given her, her first orgasm.

I kissed a trail back up her stomach and beyond. Her mouth converged into mine and her tongue became more aggressive. I knew she could taste herself with the lust filled kiss, and she kept her thighs open wide allowing my hips to settle into place.

I reached down to align the head of my cock for entry. Pressing forward I breach the opening and quickly find myself delving deeper and deeper inside the very tight confines of my divorced co-worker.

Karen inhaled deeply adjusting to the intrusion of my shaft. Pulling back slightly I pressed onward. One more push and I find I’m fully encapsulated inside her depths. I remained motionless. I wanted to feel every detailed bump and ridge of her insides. Tight, so god damn tight squeezing the length of my hard cock. I began grinding slowly, enjoying the heated massage her pussy was giving me and also allowing her to accommodate my thickness.

“If it’s only one time then you don’t have to be gentle. I want you to fuck me.” Karen whispered in a huskiness that still rings in my ears today.

Karen’s wish was my command and she received no argument from me. Withdrawing to leave only the spongy head inside, I shove my hips forward again. A half a dozen strokes later, I’m in full fucking mode. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh battle with the sounds of sexual moans accompanied by the occasional YES YES OH FUCK YES.

When I was looking back on it and replaying the sequence of events over in my head, I could only assume that Karen had an honest to god need and maybe it had been a while since she had been fucked. She was lost in an erotic trance and her orgasms were coming one after the other which she loudly and proudly announced verbally. It only caused my ego and cock to swell with vigor, and I was bound and determined I was going to pound her through the mattress and give her the fucking she wanted, or maybe it was what she needed?

There was nothing gentle about what our bodies were doing to each other. Powerful deep strokes caused gasping and panting. Primitive and vulgar words were spewing in the heat of the moment.

It wasn’t a marathon performance, but I would say it was one of my best. Not to mention I wasn’t sure how long we could both keep this pace up.

“I’m coming!” I announced so I knew where she wanted me to finish. Karen tightly wrapped her legs around my lower back to eliminate any thoughts I might have of pulling out.

I couple thrusts later; my growl fills the room. My orgasm seemed to be endless and I was left completely spent and desperately gasping for air.

When we calmed down I rolled over onto my back, and Karen put her hand on my chest.

“Thank you, I really needed that.” She said.

I leaned over and gave her another kiss. Soft and gentle this time, fingers touching the side of her face.

“If you couldn’t tell, I was enjoying myself also.” I replied.

“The shower is through that door.” And she pointed to the door in the corner of the room.

I jump in and take a quick shower and come out to her wearing a long tee shirt.

I get dressed and head out of the bedroom. When she walked me to the front door I lean in to give her a goodbye kiss, I confirm my suspicion as I reached down between her legs to find she ‘forgot’ to put her panties on. Slipping a finger inside her cum filled pussy she grabs my wrist and slips a finger in her mouth.

As she shuts the door behind me, I can only think. “One time and one time only?”

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