Kath, Her Mum, and Me Ch. 02

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So Kath kept her promise and that night she phoned her Mum up and asked when she was planning on coming to stay again. (I should probably say at this point that Kath’s Dad died from cancer 3 years ago). Her Mum as always was delighted at the invite and her and Kath made arrangements that we would go and collect her and she would come and stay for the weekend a couple of weeks later.

To be honest I was still unsure how this was going to work out, but even after a good 8 hours cooling off period Kath hadn’t changed her mind.

In fact when she put the phone down, she had a sly smile on her face.

“And the die is cast so they say.”

“Are you really serious about this babe, I mean fantasy is one thing but this morning you weren’t best pleased initially about me having naked photos of your Mum let alone actually having sex with her,” I said.

She sidled up to me on the sofa and started to stroke me through my jeans.

“Mmmm but don’t forget I’m going to get what I want first, see next weekend you are going to take me away to some seedy hotel somewhere and find me at least 2 men to fuck me, preferably young and fit and if that happens, when my Mum comes to stay I will willingly let you have her. As I said I’ll even join in, lick her juicy wet pussy for you and share her cum as we kiss. I’m prepared to do all that and more if that is how horny you want our sex life to be. But it has to be a two way thing, you get something and so do I and if I don’t you don’t. So as I’m the one sorting this and it is my Mother, I get my fantasy first.”

God this was so horny, but how was I supposed to get 2 men to fuck Kath all before next weekend.

“Oh and don’t forget,” she said as she got up, “that my part of the deal is only complete when I have watched you suck those 2 guys off after they have fucked my pussy and my arse.”

She stopped just before she left the room “And oh no more sex for you until it is all arranged,” she said with a smile.

The next week was a daze really. I wasn’t sure what I wanted really but I started to take steps to make Kath’s dream come true, with the mental picture of her and her Mum having sex together constantly at the forefront of my thoughts.

I joined us up to some swinger’s and Voyeur sights and uploaded some horny pictures of Kath with details of her fantasy. By Wednesday we’d had loads of hits and a good number of replies and I had even started to E Mail some folk.

I booked a budget hotel room and hoped things would work out. Kath kept asking me on how things were progressing and teasing me with horny comments about her Mum.

She loved reading what the blokes thought about her pictures and loved even more the numerous pictures of erect cocks that were coming her way.

On Thursday night I spent all evening conversing via the Internet with 2 different guys, both of whom had said they were bi-sexual and would happily pleasure both of us. I still wasn’t sure about the whole cock-sucking thing and wondered if Kath would make me go through with it, once her lust had diminished.

I had to admit though the thought of seeing my horny wife being fucked by 2 other guys was making me feel well horny.

So on the Saturday we left home with a few things packed, mainly sexy lingerie, Kath’s sex toys & some condoms and made our way just 20 miles away to this budget hotel where we checked in and waited.

For the first time Kath seemed really nervous and had joked on the way that no-one would turn up.

However at 6.00pm my phone buzzed and it was Kelvin, one of the guys who was sitting in his car in the car park.

I turned to Kath, “Are you sure about this?”

She was visibly shaking and just nodded. Two minutes later I brought Kelvin into poker oyna our room. He was in his twenties, fair-haired, slightly overweight but obviously ready to go judging by the bulge in his jeans.

I introduced him to Kath and he accepted a glass of wine and then the phone went again, it was Joe the other guy also sitting in his car.

A few minutes later Joe, another young guy sat on the hotel bed drinking a glass of white wine.

Kelvin was already stroking Kath’s stocking clad leg and I could see the lust deep in her eyes as she stared at his bulging jeans.

Joe moved over towards the bed and kissed Kath on the cheek and ran his hand over her large bust.

“So you want a few men at once?” he said “Well I hope you can take 3 cocks together.”

Kath was breathing very deeply now and jerked a bit as Kelvin ran his hand all the way up her skirt to her little lacy thong.

I was still unsure what to do really, but I decided that as Kath’s husband I should at least lay down some ground rules.

I coughed nervously and then spoke up,

“I think before we start, we should say this is our first time doing this and as such, I think it would be best if we all agree to go gentle with Kath and if she wants us to stop at anytime, that we respect that.”

The two guys looked at each other and then back and me and then Kelvin said “Yeah fine whatever.”

I decided to speak again before things got too hot, as Kelvin’s hand was still up Kath’s skirt and she was obviously enjoying what he was doing with his fingers.

“I think that you two need to wear condoms as well when it comes to actually fucking.”

They both nodded.

“Anything else?” Joe asked.

I looked towards Kath to see if she wanted to add anything, but she was virtually lying back on the bed now completely lost in what Kelvin was obviously doing to her pussy.

Jow took her silence as the catalyst for him to get involved and he eased Kath back on the bed completely and started to kiss her lips passionately and I watched in excitement as Kath greedily responded. As they kissed Joe, expertly removed her blouse

Kelvin was now easing Kath’s skirt down and she was soon lying there with just her white bra, suspender belt and thong on.

The 2 guys started to undress too and within a minute Kath was sandwiched between Kelvin & Joe who were both naked. Joe pulled down the cup of her bra from her left breast and I watched as his lips trailed a thin stream of saliva over her large tit all the way to her nipple, which he enveloped with his mouth. Meanwhile Kelvin was kissing her and I watched as their tongues danced together and as his hand slowly rubbed her pussy through the thin white material of her thong, which by now was very damp.

At this point I was still sitting in a chair fully dressed, but it was getting too much for me as it was by far the horniest thing I had ever witnessed.

I decided to strip off but just continue watching for now and I slowly stroked my hard cock as these two strangers enjoyed my wife.

Joe moved from Kath’s tit and went down, his tongue tracing a wet line over her stomach towards her pubic hair. Kelvin looked up from kissing Kath and saw where Joe was going and so he eased Kath’s thong down. Joe’s tongue continued its descent and he was soon running it up and down the length of Kath’s pussy lips.

Kelvin meanwhile moved himself up the bed until his thick cock was swaying in front of Kath’s face. She opened her eyes as he held it against her lips.

She gasped in passion as her first jet of cum squirted against Joe’s face and then she opened her mouth as Kelvin thrust his cock forward.

Watching Kath suck another guy off was amazing and I got up and canlı poker oyna moved closer to watch.

She saw my movement and her eyes fixed on mine as she sucked Kelvin off and then she gestured me forward, reaching out for me with her right hand.

I knelt on the bed beside her and she grabbed by cock, which was glistening wet with the amount of pre-cum that had leaked out of me and which I had spread up and down my shaft as I had wanked myself off. Her hand ran up and down my cock a few times and then she motioned for me to move closer. I did as she wanted and soon my cock was just inches from her face. She virtually spat Kelvin from her and reached for me and her warm lips enveloped the end of my cock. Kelvin meanwhile rubbed himself waiting for his turn again. Kath gave me about 30 seconds and then moved back to Kelvin. She did this for the next few minutes, alternating between us and then with Kelvin’s cock firmly between her teeth, she reached for my hand and brought it up so that it was resting on the 3 or 4 inches of hard cock not in her mouth. She opened her eyes and I could see the deep lust there. Kelvin looked at me and smiled as Kath encased my hand in hers and moved it up and down his cock.

I had never wanked another guy off before, but in this context it seemed quite natural.

Joe, meanwhile had been licking Kath’s pussy, but now he was kneeling between her legs rubbing his cock up and down her labia arousing her even further.

Kath pulled away from Kelvin but kept my hand firmly on his cock.

She looked at me and said hoarsely,

“I want you to make him cum over my face.”

She then let go of my hand and I carried on stroking Kelvin’s thick cock. He meanwhile was fondling Kath’s tits.

I stroked Kelvin for about another minute and then he let out a little groan and his cum shot from him, landing in a thick wads on Kath’s face and in her hair too.

Kath let out a huge gasp and then bent forward and took Kelvin’s cock into her mouth again.

“Fuck I need a condom, I’ve got to screw this sweet pussy,” Joe said.

I climbed off the bed still not quite believing I had made another guy cum using my hand and reached for the packet of condoms off the dresser and handed one to Joe.

He slipped the rubber sheath over his cock and eased it passed Kath’s pussy lips into her juicy fanny.

Kath bucked on the bed as Joe started to thrust in and out. She released Kelvin’s now flaccid cock from her mouth and again motioned for me to come forward.

I dutifully obliged and Kath took me in her mouth as Joe fucked her.

Kelvin sat back on the bed and stroked himself back to an erection and then he grabbed a condom too.

“I think you said she wanted three at once,” he said with a grin.

I looked at Kath and pulled my cock out of her mouth, she just nodded.

Kath turned onto her side and Kelvin and Joe got into place. Joe firstly rubbed a good deal of Kath’s pussy juice up to her arsehole and using a couple of fingers smeared it around and into her arse. Kelvin then positioned himself and his cock quickly slipped into Kath’s waiting arsehole. She gasped as a good few inches went into her. Joe meanwhile managed to squeeze his cock back into her pussy and I got into a position so she could suck me at the same time.

And so I knelt at the head of the bed with my cock being expertly sucked by my horny wife, I watched intently as Joe & Kelvin got a rhythm going, and it was great to watch them and Kath’s face as she enjoyed the sheer delights of her pussy and arse being soundly fucked by 2 hard real cocks.

After only about a minute she had to release my cock from her mouth as she was panting too heavily. Kelvin was groping Kath’s 36inch internet casino D bust from behind and she laid her hand on his to increase the pressure as the intensity of the sex rose.

Both guys were now grunting quite heavily and the rhythm was soon lost as first Joe released his spunk and then Kelvin shot his load into his rubber straight afterwards.

As both men shuddered to their ejaculations I knew it was time for me to spill my seed too and with a couple of quick strokes, my cum was spurting over Kath’s heavenly tits.

As our two new friends eased out of her, Kath rolled over onto her back breathing heavily and obviously quite exhausted from what had happened.

After about a minute she opened her eyes and reached for Kelvin’s cock, which again was limp.

“How would you like my husband to suck some life back into this,” she said her voice dripping with lust.

“By all means,” Kelvin said “I love a good blowjob.”

Kath stroked Kelvin’s 6 inch cock and I saw his cock start to twitch back to life.

Having spent some of my lust I wasn’t feeling really in the mood to suck my first cock, but I once again got a mental picture of Joan, Kath’s Mum, in my head and decided it would all be worth it.

Kath held out Kelvin’s cock to me.

“So babe are you going to suck this young man off?”

“If that is what you want to watch,” I said although not very convincingly I thought.

She then let out a little laugh,

“Mmmmm I think I’ll let you off, after all you did give him a nice wank, but I would like to watch one of these two wank you off.”

“I’ll do that as long as we get to fuck you again,” Kelvin said.

Kath smiled at him, “Of course you can fuck me again you horny sod, but first let me watch and get my breath back.”

Surprisingly my cock was already heading for another erection with all this horny talk and when Kelvin’s rough hand encircled my cock, it felt like electricity running through me.

Kath cooed as Kelvin stroked me and then she said, “Now you wank off Joe and Joe you wank off Kelvin.”

And so the three of us knelt on the bed playing with each other’s cocks whilst Kath watched intently. She was soon fingering her own pussy and gasping loudly, but she managed to get out the words “Don’t stop until you have all cum and then you can fuck me again.”

Joe was first to blow, which in a weird way gave me some satisfaction as it was me who was stroking his cock, Kelvin was next and just 30 seconds later my cum was dribbling down Kelvin’s hand.

Kath meanwhile was squirting all over the bed.

“God I need someone to fuck me now.”

Unfortunately for her the three of us were quite spent, however I got up and retrieved a vibrator from our suitcase and handed it to Joe.

He switched in on full and it was soon thrusting in and out of Kath’s pussy and he kept that up until she gave another load groan and came again.

Kelvin and Joe stayed for another half hour and eventually both of them mustered enough energy to fuck Kath once more each. It all came to an end about 8.00pm with Kath and the 3 of us all crammed into the shower by which time all of us men were spent and there wasn’t an erect cock to be seen.

When Kelvin & Joe left us, we were both too exhausted to even speak and within minutes we had fallen asleep.

I was woken in the morning by Kath nibbling my ear and stroking my already hardening cock.

“Mmmm last night was fab, darling, thank you”

Half asleep I asked her how she felt,

“Bloody sore, like my cunt and arse have been fucked by an elephant whilst I slept, but it was all worth it.”

She leaned over me and playfully ran her fingers over my lips.

“Now it is your turn to have some fun, this time next week you could be waking up next to Mum or in between Mum and me, how would that feel?”

I pulled Kath towards me and ran my tongue over her lips,

“Fucking awesome you horny bitch, I can’t wait.”

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