Katie’s Craving Pt. 02

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Katie awoke the next morning with a terrible hangover, she was lucky that little Julie slept through the rest of the night. She put on a little skimpy robe and got her morning bottle ready for her, she probably would not be able to feed until later today when she was sure the alcohol was out of her system. Julie had just started waking when she took her out of her crib and fed her.

After the bottle she took off her diaper and took her into the bathroom, she set the baby’s tub and filled it with warm water. She put Julie in the tub and stripped off her robe, the baby splashed warm water onto her breasts and it made her shudder to a flash back of Butch’s repugnant cum hitting them.

She finished washing her daughter, got her out of the tub and dried her off; she dried herself off put her robe back on and took the baby back to her room. She got the baby dressed in a cute little summer outfit and then put her in her playpen. Katie took the monitor and returned to the master bathroom where she set it on the sink. She then took a cup and filled it with water and got a couple plop plop fizz fizz tablets out and hoped they would do the trick they usually did at curing her hangover.

Katie set the water to hot and steamy; she let the water cascade over her face, through her hair and down all over her body. She got her loofa and lathered it up with her soap and cleaned herself from top to bottom, and then she got her favorite shampoo and washed her long blonde hair. She then did the conditioner rinse and finally she was done with washing now time for grooming. Grabbing her razor she shaved her legs making sure they were nice and smooth, and then she shaved around her pubic mound so that no hair would stick out. Her husband called it her landing strip, which made her giggle cause that’s what it kind of looked like a thin narrow strip of pubic hair.

Once finished in the bathroom she went to the bedroom, she looked at her choices of swimsuits as she stood naked. She thought about a more conservative suit for today, she pulled out a one piece and then put it right back. Then a conservative looking two piece but she put that one back too, she knew what the boys wanted and she didn’t see the harm in teasing them. She grabbed a tiny black one that tied on both sides of the bottom and that showed off an immense amount of her breasts. She put it on and then found clothes to wear, she put on a skimpy pair of jean shorts that you would find on a teenage girl and not a mother in her late thirties and a sexy white lace tee shirt that you could see the top through. A pair of sandals and sunglasses and her outfit was complete, she brushed her hair, applied her make up and went to get Julie.

Once downstairs she put her in her downstairs play pen, got a bag with essentials, sun tan lotion, diapers and other items she would need for today. Then she had time to just relax on the couch, watch some television, she was happy that by the time she had to leave for the pool party that her headache was gone and her stomach although empty felt better.

After feeding Julie she took her out to the mini van and they drove over to Brett’s for the pool party, she got to the back yard after parking in the drive way. Brett was cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, Steven and Doug were already into the pool swimming. They had a bunch of chips in large bowls and some store bought salads.

“Hey Mrs. Jones glad you could make it.” Brett shouted over the hip hop music they had playing.

“Hey boys.” She shouted back. “Stop with that Mrs.’s Jones crap, you guys can call me Katie.”

“Well you just in time.” He said turning down the radio. “Hey guys the food is almost ready and the beer is nice and cold.”

“You have beer?” She asked surprised and shocked.

“Yeah it’s cool as long as we just hang out here.” Brett replied hoping she would believe him.

“Oh okay, then Doug would you set up Julie’s playpen for me?” She asked.

“Sure Katie.” He said taking a beer from the cooler and tossing it to Steven and then one for himself.

He took the playpen from Katie and the two boys set it up near the table in some shade and then came back to the table as Brett set a large plate down full of burgers and dogs. Katie put her daughter in the pen and made sure she had plenty to keep her occupied even though she knew she would be taking a nap very soon.

When Katie returned to the table she found Brett would be seated on one side of her, she noticed that he wore a tight fitting swimsuit and she could see the outline of his penis in it. Doug took other seat next to her and Steven sat across from them. The boys filled up their plates and began to eat, Katie took some pasta salad and one hamburger, and the boys ate quickly and had seconds.

It did not take long when she felt a hand land on her thigh and begin to softly caress it on the inside and work its way up. Katie turned and gave Doug a look and pushed it off of her leg, and then she felt one on the other leg poker oyna as Brett got into the act. She gave him an annoyed look and then pushed his hand off, she went back to eating and the boys gave it a minute soon both of them had a hand back on her legs.

She admired their persistence and she told them they had better behaved of she was going to leave, they continued to rub her thighs but neither of them pushed too far up her leg. If they did Katie might have let them into her swimsuit bottoms because her pussy was now moistening and eager to be touched.

“Well it’s starting to get warm, which’s up for a swim.” She said. “To burn off this great lunch.”

“Sure sounds great.” Brett said reluctant to move his hand as she stood up.

“Great let me get out of these clothes then.” Katie replied pulling her lace tee shirt over her head to reveal the very sexy black bikini top. She then shimmied off the shorts and the boys mouths dropped at how sexy the bottoms were.

She dove in and the three of them quickly jumped in behind her, they were all swimming around and splashing. Both Brett and Doug swam by Katie, they never missed an opportunity to grab, touch or caress her. After about a half hour of swimming and frolicking in the pool, Katie saw that Julie had fallen asleep for a nap.

“I think Julie has the right idea, I think it’s time for a nap and work on my tan.” She said getting out.

The boys watched in awe as they could see most of her butt cheeks exposed when she climbed up the ladder. They watched every move she made as she prepared a lounge to lay on; she laid a towel over it and then lay down on her stomach.

“Katie would you like me to rub some lotion on your back?” Brett offered.

“Hmmm yes that would be nice Brett.” She said. “I have some in my bag by the table.”

Doug was fuming when he watched his friend cock block and beat him to the idea, he got out of the pool along with Steven. While Brett went over to Katie they got another beer from the cooler and sat to watch what he did. Brett got over to the lounge with the lotion, he reached down and untied her top unprotected and squirted some on her back. He massaged it into her skin making Katie moan with pleasure as his strong young hands went to work.

After a few minutes of this the phone rang, Doug answered it and called over to Brett to tell him his mother was on the phone and needed to talk to him. Brett reluctantly left Katie to get the phone and Doug ran right over to take his place. Katie smiled at him when she saw that she now had a new set of hands to continue her massage and putting oil on.

Doug proved to be a bit more aggressive than Brett he would reach down her sides and get the sides of her breasts and then the top of her ass cheeks as he slipped his hand in the bottoms. He was so hard he had to reach down to adjust his cock in his swimsuit. Brett came back out and now was relegated to sitting and watching his friend work on Katie.

Before bringing his hand back to putting oil on Katie’s back he reached up and carefully untied the strings to the side of her bikini. He got the left side undone first and then he reached around and did the right one. He then ran some lotion up her legs and began to massage them, Katie in her relaxed euphoria helped him out by shifting position a bit and spreading her legs some. Doug rubbed deeply on the backs of her thighs and calves making Katie so relaxed that she was in a dream state.

He let his hands explore further up her legs unopposed he was just an inch or two from her crotch, he got bolder and gently and carefully hooked one of his fingers onto the loose fabric of her bottom and pulled it gently each time. Now the bottom was lying between her legs, Doug now could see her fantastic ass and pussy too, he squirted lotion onto Katie’s butt cheeks and quickly grabbed them to massage it in.

“Oh god Doug my suit came off.” She said startled trying to reach down to put it back on.

“Don’t worry about it, the yard is secluded no one will see.” He said pushing her hands away.

“Well you can see quite a bit.” She protested and closed her legs.

“Yes and it looks fantastic.” He told her.

“It does, not too big?” She asked.

“Oh no it’s perfect.” He replied. “Very sexy.”

“I guess if it’s just my ass your playing with but no more, behave.” She giggled.

Katie put her head back down and Doug went back to work, he played with her ass and continued to rub her legs and back. She once again was very relaxed and he once again worked on parting her legs, slowly he pushed his hands between them easing them apart. Before Katie could protest what he was doing he put his hand over her very wet pussy.

“Oh Doug I don’t think, um I’m going to get burned there.” She moaned.

“Why it feels very hot.” He whispered. “God you are one hot mom, with one hot body and one hot pussy.”

“Oh god that feels sssssooooo gooooooddd!” She moaned as he rubbed her clit.

Doug canlı poker oyna used slid two fingers into her pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her, Katie reached down and pulled on his swimsuit freeing his hard cock. She wrapped a tiny hand around it and began to pump on him while he finger fucked her pussy. Neither Brett or Steven could believe what they were seeing their friends hot mom getting fingered and jerking off Doug.

Doug did all he could to control what was happening but he could feel his cum building up and soon it exploded all over Katie’s hand and arm.

“Oh fuck, that felt so good.” He moaned and pulled his fingers from her pussy.

“I bet it did.” She said looking at the large amount of cum on her hand.

Suddenly it began to thunder, Katie quickly tied her suit back up, her pussy still wet, still eager for more, Doug pulled his swimsuit back up and went over to his friends.

“Hey Steven, looks like the party is over you want to go score some weed.” Doug said. “It’s on Brett.”

“Sure you guys take off and leave me with this mess.” Brett said handing Doug a hundred bucks.

“Sorry dude.” Steven said as they took off.

“Don’t worry Brett, I will help you clean up.” Katie said with her suit all back in place.

“Oh thanks Katie, I appreciate that.” He said.

“Let’s move Julie inside first.” She said.

The two of them worked quickly getting the baby inside first and setting her playpen in the living room with the sleeping infant in it still. Katie then worked on covering the salads; Brett carried everything else in and the cooler of beer which he left in the kitchen. Once they had everything put away Brett grabbed a couple of beers and went into the living room while Katie got bottled water.

Brett sat back down on the couch and Katie slid her jean shorts on but did not put her shirt back on sitting in her bikini top. He popped open a beer and quickly chugged it down to calm his nerves sitting next to such a hot woman. His cock was starting to tent in the loose fitting swim trunks and Katie noticed his bulge but tried not stare at it.

“I love the sound of a thunder storm, would you care if I stretched out here and took a snooze I had a late night last night?” She asked.

“No not at all, I’ll just sit and watch a movie or some stupid television show quietly.” He replied.

Brett got up to get the remote and Katie took the opportunity to stretch out on the couch, she propped her head up with a pillow and watched the show Brett had started watching. It boring and the people on it reminded her low class white trash. Soon she was napping heavily on the couch while a horny young man sat in a recliner, instead of watching the television show he was now mesmerized by her breasts heaving.

He finished the two beers he brought in with him and he quietly went out to the kitchen and chugged another one, then he did another one. Come on Brett you can do this he thought to himself, that asshole Doug got a good feel of those tits and she jerked him off in front of you. She is one obviously horny and two teasing us, he figured it was now or never but he had to take a chance. He knew she was stealing glances the other night at his cock, so he stripped off his swim trunks, his nice erection bobbing obscenely in front of him.

Brett went back into the living room, Katie was still sleeping on the couch, he stood by her head and gently reached down to pull one cup of her bikini off of her breast, then the other. He had both of them exposed and they looked wonderful, they barely sagged and stood out firmly on her chest. His hand trembled as he reached down and gently massaged one of them, his fingers lightly going over the taut pink nipple.

Katie’s lips parted slightly and she let out a soft sigh, Brett took this as a good sign and continued to gently fondle her large breasts. Her nipples felt like little stone pebbles as his fingers lightly teased them, he leaned down and so his mouth was by one and gently licked a nipple with his tongue, then he give it a light tug with his lips and a gentle suck.

He stopped when she let out a soft moan, her mouth now open just a bit wider, she must be getting excited by his tit play, her breasts were now heaving faster with her breathing. Brett stared at her mouth; he felt a trickle of pre cum leak out of his cock. He got the idea now that using the back of the couch as support him now guided his cock to her mouth. At first he just rubbed its large head over her lips, he could feel a little wetness that was on them on his cock, and he could feel her warm breath breathing on it.

“Oh god Katie, suck my cock.” He whispered.

He gently pushed his head of his cock past her lips; it could feel her warm wet tongue and scraped on her teeth as he pushed it in and out gently. It took everything he had not to cum right there, he repeated this over and over still careful not to wake her. Then he could not control his lust and hormones that were raging throughout internet casino his body. He pushed half of his cock into her warm went mouth, forcing her teeth apart and forcing it to open wider.

Katie woke up suddenly as she felt an intruder force its way into her mouth interrupting her breathing and sleep. Her eyes stared up at Brett and she could see by the look in his face that he was overcome by lust for her. She tried to push him off of her but he pressed his weight and used a free hand to keep her head into place. He was now pumping his hard cock in and out of her mouth,

Katie gave up trying to fight it, she was going to suck him off, and she has been so unbelievably horny these past few days. Now all her son’s friends were doing all they could to keep her aroused, her mind flashed back to seeing Brett’s cock when he came over for dinner. Nice and hard, maybe seven inches long, a nice girth to it, now she had it in her mouth, fucking her face. She reached around with her hands and grabbed his nice young round ass and clenched it with her fingernails.

The room was now filled with sound of her mouth being fucked, loud slurping sounds as he pumped as much of his cock in and out of her mouth as he could. Brett could not take anymore and he clenched his ass cheeks tight and shot his load down her throat. Katie swallowed as much as she could but she started to gag and cough forcing him back and spitting his cock out to catch her breath.

“Oh shit that was awesome.” He said standing there stroking his deflating cock.

“Awesome you took advantage of me while I was sleeping.” SHe said regaining her composure and swallowing the last of the cum in her mouth down her throat.

“I’m sorry Katie; you looked so hot today in that bikini and I saw what you did with Doug on the other side of the pool, I could not help myself you are such sexy mom, that I had to do something.” He said.

“I’m sorry too Brett, you young men are over flowing with hormones and I didn’t help matters any wearing this suit. You think I’m sexy too?” She asked putting her breasts back in the suit and getting off the couch.

“You have the most incredible body and you’re really cool to be around, that is what makes you so hot.” He said.

“Well we really need to behave, Chris will be home tomorrow night and this behavior between all of us has to stop.” She said. “I really should get home and it sounds like the storm is over with.”

She pulled her tee shirt out of a bag and put it back on, and then she got her daughter out to the car. Brett had folded up the playpen. He was still naked and she carried the everything out, then she drove home, Brett felt this was the best hundred dollars he had ever spent.


Katie got home that night and was now hoping for an uneventful evening, her pussy was in dire need of attention and her new found desire for the cocks of her son’s friends disturbed her and amazed her at the same time. John with his size and his ability to seduce her was the most dangerous, Brett had a very nice cock as well and thoughts of him fucking her mouth with it sent shivers down her spine. Doug too had a nice normal average sized cock and he was very aggressive around her and his actions seemed to have started this. Then there was Steven, he was not much to look at but she now wondered what his cock was like.

It was now after eight in the evening, Julie was in bed sleeping, she it was a warm night and she planned on watching a romantic movie on the television in the family room. She popped some popcorn in a large bowl and she poured an ice cold coke. She sat down a picked up the remote control and pressed play on it and started the movie.

Katie was about five minutes into the movie when she heard someone at the back door; she reluctantly got up to answer it. It was John, he stood there and waited for her to open the door, she only opened it a crack.

“Hey Katie, I was just wondering if you wanted some company tonight?” He asked.

“John, I don’t know if I let you in you really have to promise me you will behave.” She said firmly.

“I promise scouts honor.” He replied holding up three fingers in a Boy Scout salute.

Katie let him in and John followed her to the family room watching the sway of her hips as she led the way. In the back of Katie’s mind she had wished she wore something different tonight, she had on a skimpy piece of lingerie, she felt very sexy tonight and was going to give herself a long slow masturbation session. She was wearing a pink chiffon baby doll halter, with a sexy pair of pink panties, the baby doll was slightly see thru and she had to be careful how she sat down.

Upon arriving in the family room she sat on the couch and John plopped down next to her making her feel uncomfortable as she knew he was going to try for a repeat of what happened in the family room earlier and in her bedroom. When he sat down he put his arm up on the back of the couch and she reached down for the remote giving him an eyeful of her deep cleavage.

“So what are we watching?” He asked.

“Just some romantic movie on the all women’s movie network.” She said.

“I can do a chick flick for a little bit.” He laughed.

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