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Maureen was on the bed, naked, clutching the sheet to her chest. She had woken up startled by thudding sounds in her room. Switching on the bedside lamp had revealed a clearly intoxicated Keith taking off his shoes, then his jacket and finally his cap. He looked so cute! Nonetheless, this was hardly an appropriate hour for him to be thudding through her house. Lord knows M was a light sleeper and getting him to sleep with Keith in the house was near impossible. The boys played well together. It was tiresome to say the least.

“Keith, a little quieter please. There are other people in the house and they are asleep.” She hissed at him as he removed his shirt. The benefits of a younger guy. Great fucking body. She had wanked so many times to images of him stripping for her. She made a mental note to ask him sometime. She moved backwards towards the headboard when he started towards her.

“I checked on him, sound asleep.” he told her as his hand closed around the calf of her leg, drawing her down the bed and closer to him.

“Stop it Keith, get some sleep.” Maureen whispered to him even though she was curious about where this was headed. He of course ignored her.

She gasped as he bit her lips and threw her head back in pain as he brutally pulled her thighs apart, exposing her glistening flesh to his triumphant gaze. He took advantage of her current vulnerability to get rid of the rest of his clothes, tossing away his pants and boxers, watching her lips part as her gaze rested on the large, heavy cock springing free.

He smiled a slow, predatory smile, as he knelt again on the bed, his hands grabbing the back of her thighs, holding her open as he lowered himself on top of her, his weight pinning her beneath him.

“Someone said they liked rough sex, I am just delivering Maureen.” He whispered huskily into the lips, feeling Trabzon Escort her chest heaving unevenly as her hard nipples brushed against him.

His hands left her thighs, to delve between them and pinch her pussy lips lightly. It made her jerk and he repeated the action. The result was the immediate lubrication of her pussy folds and Maureen moaned as the wetness grew and spread between her thighs. A thick finger prodded the wet folds and ran along her slit deliciously. He stopped for a moment pinning her arms up above her, her nipples jutting provocatively for him. She felt somewhat aroused by her position of vulnerability under him.

“God I love how your body responds to my touch, it makes a man want to touch you all the damn time.” Maureen could smell the whisky on his breath. On him it actually smelt good. She reached upward and kissed him quickly before settling back down. His fingers were still doing evil things to her pussy. Coating his fingers in her juices, he rubbed along her slit and deliberately avoided her clit. Se tried in vain to shift and move it on his fingers instead. He lifted his hand off her and shook his head at her.

“Patience my dear is a virtue.” he warned softly as he finally indulged her. He ran his thumb over her clit gently and pinched it lightly. The contact made her jerk into his hand. She writhed and shuddered under his expert touch and she was amazed he could be this attentive and drunk at the same time. Another joy of dating a younger man, his stamina was unequaled. Leaving her arms alone, he settled between her legs and spread them wider. She felt him inhale her. She thought he was going diving but he instead went back to fingering her. Holding the hood of her clit with a finger against her mound, he reinserted his finger deep. Another finger joined the first one and then a third. Trabzon Escort Bayan It felt like he was playing a xylophone within her walls. He was playing some imaginary instrument in there with his fingers. It brought Maureen dangerously close to cumming but he withdrew his fingers just as she started chasing the orgasm.

“Sweet.” He said appreciatively as he knelt on the bed and licked his fingers clean. Leaning over her, he kissed her thoroughly letting her taste herself on him. It wasn’t a taste she was particularly partial to and he knew it. She turned her head away to escape his invading fingers and he laughed. He took a moment to shift and place his cock against her stomach as he came to lie on top of her. He was bigger than her and she placed her hands on his chest just incase he’d forgotten how much he outweighed her. Her wriggling movements made his cock rub along her stomach and she could feel the tip leaking of onto her skin.

Sliding lower, he thrust into her without the earlier gentleness of the fingering. She was wet and willing as he slid in to the hilt. He stopped for a moment for both of tem to get used to his size inside her. While he was not necessarily an elephant in that department, he had enough to drive her nuts. She especially loved how thick he was. His thickness made feel every ridge and vein as his velvet cock pushed in another inch deeper. When he was sure he had bottomed out, he pulled her legs over his shoulders and braced himself on his arms. He withdrew a few inches and then impaled her on his engorged member once again.

“Your pussy feels exquisite. Very hot and wet and tight. Do I ever have to leave?” he asked with a smile as his thrusts became longer and faster. Maureen could only manage a short giggle as he rammed into her in hard successive thrusts. She arched off the bed and he Escort Trabzon took this chance to put his hands under her butt. Grabbing it in both his hands at either side of her, worked himself inside her in longer but more controlled strokes. He slowed down from the earlier frenzy and took his time. He was agonizingly slow and she wanted him to pick up the pace. Keith wasn’t to be rushed however. He pulled in and out, watching her face as she let him go at his own pace. At this speed however, she could feel him feeling her cunt muscles contract around his cock and his cock twitching inside her in response.

Finally when even he could no longer hold on, he increased his speed dramatically and went back to the impaling. He rode her body hard and fast, his hands still under her ass.

“Put your legs around me.” He whispered to her as they both labored in breathing.

Groaning, he rammed harder and faster than she thought humanly possible. He used his body to dominate hers, pounding into her as her wet pussy clutched at his thick dick.

“Rub your clit baby, I can’t let go of the butt, too sweet.”

She played with it while he rose up a little to give her space. He still didn’t let her ass go. She could feel his hands under her, grabbing both cheeks roughly then kneading softly. He alternated between the grabbing and the kneading all the while still pounding into her like he was on crack. He dipped his head and took a pert nipple into his mouth. Sucking on it hard, she could feel him get ready to cum. He started rotating his hips as he slammed down and this was her undoing. She came on his cock as he continued to bang away, reaching for his own climax. She felt him swell deliciously within her pussy and with a louder than usual groan he released thick ropes of cum into her wet and now sensitive channel. He was done in deep brutal stabs, getting off her and blowing playfully on her.

“Trying to cool you down babe. You good?” he asked gently turning to face her.

“I’m sore all over Keith, and I feel fantastic.” Maureen yawned. Sleep was coming; it had no choice, that orgasm had drained her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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