Kelly Takes a Turn Ch. 07


Hi All,

I’m sorry for the extended delay between posts. Hopefully those that have been following this series will find this enjoyable (even if it has been a while!) For those unfamiliar, this is an interracial/cheating wife story. If that doesn’t appeal to you then I suggest not reading any further.

Thank you to Todger once again for your editing!



Kelly’s Labor Day weekend concluded the way it had begun; swallowing the seed from a black cock. This time it was Tyrell. It wasn’t his full load, however. He had pumped that into her pussy. When he had finished, she had climbed off his lap and went to work cleaning his shaft of their mingled juices. It was something she had come to crave.

When she had fully cleaned him, she sidled up next to him and settled down to get some sleep before her first day of work at the new school. And just like that, reality hit.

Her first day of work!

Instantly her mind began racing at what was to come. She had no idea what she was supposed to do! In her former school, every summer about a month before class started, the teachers got together to work on class rosters, room assignments, and all the essentials necessary for a class to function that couldn’t be done when school had actually started. She had done none of that preparation. In fact, she didn’t even know what class or grade she was slated to teach!

Then her thoughts shifted to why she didn’t know. Her heart pounding with anxiety, Kelly silently scolded herself for her behavior over the summer. She had sex with five different men, all of them black. She had cheated on her husband and even actively shamed him, even if he remained ignorant of her efforts, and she had loved every minute of it.

Five different men! She had been with one man until that lifechanging encounter with Tyrell. Since that moment, sex took on a new meaning. In fact, it took on almost its own sense of purpose. She began to coordinate her schedule around it, and ultimately, she altered her professional life to accommodate it. She had left her rather posh teaching job in the idyllic suburban setting for a more urban school just so she could have ready access to her lovers. And to top it off, her new boss, Mr. Robinson, with his own majestic black cock, wanted her to seduce a young black student to ‘inspire’ him to focus on his education!

Kelly wrestled with these thoughts and what it meant for her future. Most prominently, what it meant for her starting tomorrow. She only knew she was going to start her day in Mr. Robinson’s office as he had said to her when they concluded her interview. That thought brought a momentary smile back to her face.

But what about after that? And what about David? She reasoned with herself that she could keep this all secret from him while living apart. But what if he made a surprise trip? What if she suddenly found him sitting in the living room as she came out from the bedroom with Tyrell in trail?

Kelly silently got out of bed, being careful not to wake Tyrell, and slipped into the living room. She stared out the living room window for a few minutes and slowly tried to settle her mind. Then a thought struck her. She grabbed her cell and called David.

Her husband answered immediately. “Hi Kelly. Is everything ok?”

Kelly smiled as she heard his voice and answered honestly, one of the few completely honest statements she had said to him over the last couple months, “I’m fine. Just feeling a little anxious about tomorrow.”

David, as is his custom, tried to ease her anxiety and reassured her she would be fine. Her husband really was a good man, and Kelly welcomed his efforts as it did work to put her mind at ease. But somewhere in his sweet nothings, Kelly was once again reminded of the contrast between him and the men she spent the summer giving herself to. David was unknowingly losing this battle.

After a little bit more conversation, Kelly thanked David for easing her mind and told him she needed to try and get some sleep. They said their goodnights and David smiled at being able to give his wife some peace of mind, as the naked Kelly strode back to Tyrell’s bed. She slipped under the covers without even making her lover stir.

The next thing she knew her alarm on her phone was going off. The dull vibrating sound only woke her, and it took her a moment to orient herself after she shut it off. She giggled to herself at how the last voice she heard last night was her husband’s but the first man to greet her today was Tyrell.

Kelly felt a slight surge in her anxiety about what her first day would bring but it was now competing with the naked Tyrell lying next to her. It took Kelly only a moment before deciding her next step. She slowly pulled the covers down to reveal his naked body and then got up on her knees as she felt the saliva pool in her mouth.

She hovered her face over his semi-hard cock for just a moment as she slowly inhaled his scent. Then she planted a wet and loving görükle escort kiss on the head of his cock. Tyrell awoke with a start. Even after having experienced her wake up repeatedly when she visited over the summer, it was still something of a shock for him.

Kelly licked the crown of his cock and smiled up at her lover. She said, “Sorry to startle you, baby. But now that I’m here, you can expect a wakeup like this every morning.” She paused a moment and then continued, “How about if you feed me my breakfast and then I go make yours?”

She didn’t wait for a response. She just pushed his cock into her throat and went to work for her morning meal.

The presence of Tyrell’s cock in her mouth prevented Kelly’s mind from focusing on work. Her world was reduced to pleasing Tyrell and it didn’t take her long to complete the task. She heard the sounds and felt Tyrell’s body shifting and she knew he was there. She pushed down to take him fully and felt his balls pull up into his sack as they began to pump their lifegiving seed into her throat. She drained his balls completely.

Kelly concluded her blowjob by licking around the crown of his cock to ensure she captured all he had to offer, then she got out of bed. At the doorway she looked back over her shoulder and watched as Tyrell rolled over to go back to sleep.

She then hopped in the shower to get ready for her first day. As the water washed over her body, the anxiety returned. Her professional life was battling for control with her sex life. There was nothing she could do. She had to just do her best to keep from panicking and see what the day brought.

An hour and a half later, after carefully dressing and then making the relatively short drive to the school, Kelly pulled into the school parking lot. Summer was still in control of the temperature, so it was still quite warm when she stepped out of her car. She was dressed in a tasteful, but still sexy, sundress in the school colors of blue and yellow. Blue was always a good color for her, and she hoped the elegant yellow floral pattern would mask the potentially risqué sleeveless and fitting cut of the dress.

Kelly took a deep breath and then set out with confidence towards the school’s main entrance. She had arrived early and there were a limited number of cars in the parking lot. She noticed Margaret’s older car in the same spot where she had first seen it and Mr. Robinson’s sleek, clean car parked right next to it. Her breath caught at the sight knowing that in a few moments she would be with him.

When she got to the front door, she realized immediately that she was off to a bad start. The door required a swipe card for access and she did not have one. Kelly’s face turned red as she thought how this was always accomplished over the summer at her previous school and she wondered if she had missed an appointment. She began to look for a button or intercom or whatever button she had to press to gain the attention of someone inside when the door buzzed and then clicked open. She was in!

Kelly grabbed the handle and pulled the door open and then paused to take a deep breath to compose herself, before crossing the threshold. She expected Margaret would be the first person she would see, but waiting behind the second set of doors was Mr. Robinson. Her heart began to pound the moment their eyes made contact.

Mr. Robinson’s smile was always disarming and today was no different. He reached out his hand and said, “Welcome to your new school Mrs. Harkins. Please join me in my office so we can get the day started right.”

Once again, his use of her married name, this time in an open setting, caused her heart to flutter. What was it about that that caused that reaction within her? She didn’t have time to think about it any further as Mr. Robinson had already steered her towards the administrative area where his office sat.

Kelly greeted Margaret who was seated behind a computer terminal before following Mr. Robinson into his office. He paused for a moment and said to Margaret, “Margaret, please hold all calls while I give Mrs. Harkins a brief orientation to the school, and please contact the security office and let them know I will be escorting her there shortly to get her swipe card.”

Kelly barely heard Margaret’s “Yes sir.” response before he closed the door.

The moment the latch closed, Mr. Robinson changed into the persona she had become accustomed to over the summer. He stepped up to her and looked at her from head to toe as if appraising her. Had something like this happened at her previous school, she would have been out the door in a flash and on the phone with the school administration’s human resource department.

But this wasn’t her former school and frankly, Kelly wasn’t her former self. In fact, rather than cause any offense, Mr. Robinson’s appraisal only served to excite her.

Kelly smiled at her boss and put a hand on her hip as she cocked her head slightly to the side as she asked in a sweet tone, bursa escort bayan “Do you approve?”

Mr. Robinson gave a slight chuckle and nodded as he said, “Very much so, Mrs. Harkins, very much so.”

She needed nothing further. There was no need for foreplay. No need for any additional stimuli. He had made it clear how she was to start her day during her interview. Now it was time for her to act.

Kelly closed the two feet distance between them as she slipped to her knees. Her eyes remained locked on his as she worked his belt and zipper to free his cock. Mr. Robinson made no effort to assist. He simply stood there with his hands on his hips watching his favorite new employee learn her place.

When his cock came into view, Kelly could not help but take in a deep breath of air. She pulled it on through her nose, taking in his scent. Oh, how she has come to love this side of herself.

She gave the head of his cock a wet kiss and then ran her tongue from the base of his shaft to the head, her saliva quickly filling her mouth. It spilled over her bottom lip as she sucked the head into her mouth. She scooted back slightly to make sure she didn’t spoil her dress with anything that might drip from her chin.

Maintaining her eye contact throughout, Kelly worked Mr. Robinson’s entire shaft into her mouth and throat, and her eyes hooded over in pleasure when she felt his pubic hair tickle her lips and nose. She pulled all the way back as she drew in air through her nose and then reversed course, again swallowing him completely.

Mr. Robinson would have liked for this to go on all day, but he couldn’t risk the questions that might arise if they did not leave his office soon, so he gave himself into the moment. When Kelly pulled back to take in another lungful of air, he said, “Here it comes, little bitch. Take my load.” And then he put a hand to the back of her head and gave a gentle nudge.

Kelly knew what that meant. She pushed forward and engulfed him completely and then began to rub his balls. She felt them pull up into his sack and then welcomed the first rope of his seed into her throat. The pulsing of his shaft on her tongue is something she has come to crave. She held him buried in her throat, her lungs begging for air, as she sucked him dry. Only when she knew he was complete did she pull back.

She leaned back on her haunches, pulled in a lungful of air, and smiled up at him and then said sweetly, “Good morning, boss.”

Mr. Robinson chuckled and nodded as he tucked his cock back into his underwear and slacks. Then he helped Kelly to her feet as he pressed the button on his phone to reach Margaret. “Margaret?”

Margaret answered the unspoken question immediately, “They are ready for you, sir.”

Mr. Robinson turned to Kelly and said, “I’ll escort you to the security office to get your picture and swipe card.”, and he began moving to his door.

The word “picture” struck Kelly out of the blue. Was she still presentable? She didn’t have much lipstick on, but was it smeared from sucking his cock? Were her lips swollen like they usually were after a weekend with her lovers? Would all of this be captured on an image she would wear on her lanyard for the rest of the year?

These thoughts raged through her mind as Mr. Robinson opened his office door.

Kelly quickly used the fingers of her left hand to wipe her lips of any potential leftovers from Mr. Robinson’s cum as she slid the right down her dress to make sure it was not hunched up. As she did this, she took quick hop steps to catch up with Mr. Robinson who was already striding out into the broader administrative office.

When Kelly crossed into that area and took in the view of the now bustling hallways through the glass partitions, she was amazed. She was only in his office maybe 15 minutes, yet in that time the school seemed to come alive. The hallway had people, teachers she assumed, setting up signs directing the soon-to-be-arriving students this way and that, while some students who had already arrived were assisting and taping arrows at the hallway junctions.

Mr. Robinson was moving with purpose and didn’t bother to introduce to any of the teachers they passed who all gazed at Kelly with a rather surprised look. Kelly’s heart was pounding in fear they could tell something had gone on, but her more reasonable self, told her the looks were based on her being a new face. A new white face at that.

They quickly rounded the corner, Kelly a pace behind, and the security office was on the left. She froze for a moment hoping she would have just a little longer to compose herself before entering the office, but that was not to be; Mr. Robinson already had the door open.

Kelly followed him and was greeted by an older, rather stern looking, black woman named Sandra, who seemed to already be in a state of irritation. Though neither Sandra nor Mr. Robinson exchanged any spoken words that Kelly could make out, Sandra picked up on his look and pointed to bursa escort her right, saying, “Jayden is at the workstation, sir.”

Following Sandra’s motion with her eyes, Kelly turned and saw a young black man slowly rise from the hidden position behind the workstation. He was tall, athletic, and his eyes were locked on to Kelly. Kelly swallowed heavily in response to the buzz of excitement his blatant appraisal aroused in her, and then a moment later she realized who he was.

Jayden was the student Mr. Robinson expected her to tutor.

Kelly felt paralyzed at this realization. Did Jayden know about her summer? Did he know of her and Mr. Robinson? Of Mr. Robinson’s plans for her? Was he in on it? And most immediately, was all of this apparent to him as they stared at one another?

Mr. Robinson didn’t let her immobility last long. He took one step towards her and said, “Mrs. Harkins, it appears we have fortunate timing. Jayden Thomas is volunteering in the security office to start the year. Coincidentally, he is one of the students I am looking for you to tutor. Mr. Thomas is a fine athlete, but he struggles academically. I’m hoping you can remedy that.” He paused a moment and then said, “Jayden, this is Mrs. Harkins, our newest teacher. Mrs. Harkins, Jayden Thomas.”

And just like that, Mr. Robinson was gone.

Kelly’s heart was full on pounding now. It was almost too much to process. Having just sucked off Mr. Robinson in his office prior to coming to this office, meeting the student she was expected to tutor, and that unspoken arousal stemming from her lovers using her full married name. It was only 7:15am and she was already on overload.

Her little reverie was broken when she heard Jayden speak, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Harkins.”, as he extended his hand. Kelly regained her composure and reached out to Jayden in kind, her petite white hand disappearing in Jayden’s massive paw.

When Kelly responded, “You too, Jayden.” it sounded to her more like the voice of one of his teenage girl classmates rather than one of his teachers and she felt the heat of embarrassment appear on her cheeks. His subtle grin confirmed her suspicion.

Jayden still had that grin on his face as he pointed towards a chair facing the computer, “Take a seat. Let me get your picture.” It wasn’t a request. It was a command. And like she had learned to do over the summer, she obeyed. Kelly nodded her head and moved to the chair and took a seat.

She inwardly cursed herself for so quickly responding to his direction and vowed to herself to not be so easily manipulated. However, that vow lasted only a moment as Jayden stepped behind the desk and said rather bluntly, “Face the camera.”, and she found herself doing just that. She felt her face redden again, but before she could steel herself, Jayden said, “Smile for me.” and she instantly did so.

Jayden seemed to wait a second longer than necessary before clicking the button which only made her face redden further. When he finally did take the picture, Kelly was concerned about her appearance in the picture and asked Jayden if she could see it before he printed in on her swipe card. He smiled and said, “Come around and take a look.”

This time, Kelly moved a little more slowly to appear as if she were in control of the situation. But it didn’t last. When she saw the redness in her face, she wanted to ask if another shot could be taken, but she hesitated and Jayden again took charge, “Looks good to me. You don’t like?”

Kelly looked at him, and again heard that teenage girl voice as she said, “My face looks red. Can I take another, please?”

Jayden looked at her with a stone face at first, then to the picture on the screen and back to her. His second look bore a smile. He nodded and simply pointed at the chair on the other side of the desk.

Kelly felt as if he could see right through her. For some reason, that thought made her giggle slightly as she considered if he could see through her, would he be able to notice that she had just sucked off the principal?

Her face reddened yet again, and she took a brief moment to adjust her clothing in the hopes that would let the redness die down before finally taking a seat.

Jayden again smiled at her and Kelly was amazed at how these simple looks were arousing her. Still grinning, Jayden said, “You look fine. Ain’t nobody gonna see those clothes anyway. Now let me see that smile again.”

It may have been that moment where Kelly’s mind shifted to acceptance and desire of what was to come with Jayden. She wasn’t sure what exactly did it, but she couldn’t mistake it. Maybe it was getting over the nervousness of leaving Mr. Robinson’s office so quickly after sucking him off. Maybe it was the interaction she had with Jayden and his seeming command of her. Or maybe it was the fact that she actually was a slut at heart. Whatever it was, she had no doubt she would be on her knees and on her back for this young man in the not too distant future.

This time, Kelly’s smile was a bit more than the standard “for the camera” look. It almost certainly wouldn’t be obvious once the image was printed on the small card, but she felt it in her expression. And from the look on Jayden’s face, he could tell too. He matched her smile with his own.

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