Kelsey’s World Ch. 34

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“How come we don’t have boyfriends?” Charity asked Brie, as they snuggled in bed together with softly snoring Richie.

“I guess we don’t really need one, with work and all our friends and everything.”

“Don’t we? Wouldn’t it be nice?”

“What if they didn’t like what we’re into? Most boys aren’t Austin.”

“Yeah, but Richie fit right in. There must be others.”

“If Richie was living at home with his mom and dad and Abby was here, lying between two guys, would he still be cool with it?”

“Maybe not…”

“God, he sleeps like a baby, doesn’t he?” Brie said. The two girls looked at his innocent looking face. “I wonder what he’s dreamin’ about?”

“Kel’s tits,” Charity said. She and Brie smiled and giggled softly. “So you’ve had boyfriends before. How does it work?”

“What do you mean how does it work?” Brie said. “What about Brian? You know how it works.”

“That was just a work fling. I’ve never had a real boyfriend.”

“Yeah, well that’s just wrong. You deserve a nice guy. So…how does it work…” Brie pondered. “I guess first you need to find one. You need to know your type, and go hang out where they do. What’s your type?”

“You kinda already know that. Kelsey’s father, your father, Craig back home. He’s even older.”

“Do you really want an older guy as your boyfriend? I mean it’s cool and everything. I’m just wondering.”

“I guess I’m open to anything, but I just kinda gravitate toward those guys.”

“You could join a gym. That’s where old guys who don’t wanna get old hang out. Or, like, go to that bar downtown where they have those jazz and blues shows. There’s always lots of older guys there.”

“I wanna do this together,” Charity said. “I want us both to have boyfriends.”

“So…let’s go to that bar then. We’ll talk to some guys and see what’s what.”

An electric guitar loud enough to make ears bleed shredded the stale, humid air in the dimly lit bar. Drums and bass throbbed and pounded, locked in an insistent, driving rhythm. Charity and Brie stood just inside the door, waiting for Kelsey and Austin to catch up after parking. They’d arrived in separate cars, in case the girls got lucky.

“This place is fun!” Charity yelled. “How come we’ve never been here before?”

“Yeah, we should come once in a while,” Brie yelled. “They do jazz, too. See the sign? Tomorrow night it’s probably a whole different thing. There might be more older guys.”

Charity looked at the sign with the coming attractions. A female vocalist was on the schedule, hosting an open mic night called Jaynie’s Jazz Jam. “That sounds cool,” Charity yelled.

“Fuck! This place is rockin’!” Kelsey yelled when she walked in. “We doin’ manies?”

Everyone nodded. Kelsey wiggled her way through the three-deep throng at the bar and ordered four double manhattans. The bartender looked at her funny — it wasn’t a drink a twenty-three-year-old asked for very often.

“We gotta get some cherries to put in ours at home. It makes ’em classy,” Kelsey said, when they all clicked glasses and took a sip. “So, did you guys spot your prey yet?”

Charity nudged Brie’s elbow and pointed through the crowd. Everyone was facing the stage, watching the wildly talented guitarist do his thing.

“The two gray haired ones?” Brie asked.

“Yeah,” Charity said. “They’re like in their forties, right? They look nice.”

“Hey, it’s your project,” Brie said. “Go for it if you want.”

Charity smiled and was gone, snaking her way through the tight crowd. Brie shook her head, wondering what was in store.

“Char gotta pee already?” Kelsey asked.

“Boyfriend material,” Brie said, smiling as she pointed out Charity, already chatting it up with one of the men.

“Fuckin’ A!” Kelsey said. “I love that girl!”

“They’re kinda cute,” Brie said.

“Yeah they are!” Kelsey said. “Is she gonna ask to see there cocks before she chooses?”

“She’s the tighter one, so she should leave the bigger guy to me, right?” Brie smiled.

“Good luck with that!” Kelsey laughed. “Maybe they’re both hung. Sometimes I think she’s got a sixth sense for that kind of shit.”

“You’re the one with dick-dar. You and your mom.”

Austin smiled as he sipped his drink. The music was loud and the girls were yelling in order to converse. Plenty of what they were saying was audible to the nearby crowd. Some of the nearby men’s expressions and body language were amusing.

Of course some of it had to do with the girls’ braless tits making their jiggley selves known under their snug fitting shirts. It was January in upstate New York, but you’d never know it looking at the three girls. Their coats were left in the cars for the mad dash through the slush piles on the side of the road outside the club. Inside the warm bar, their summery little tops looked slightly more at home, but their collective nippliness turned plenty of heads.

“You guys, this is Ronnie and Mick,” Charity said.

The men shook Austin’s hand, and then Kelsey’s and Brie’s.

“Brie, Mick’s a proofreader bahçelievler escort at a print shop,” Charity said.

“Among other things,” he said.

“I did that at college,” Brie said. “For the school paper and some other things.”

The pairings were made. Charity and Ronnie, and Brie and Mick. The two men looked happier than pigs in shit.

When the band finished playing it was still an hour until last call at the bar, so the gang sat at a big booth and talked. They’d all had a few drinks by that time, and the quiet let them have an actual conversation.

“So are you guys married, or what?” Charity asked. “Be honest.”


“Widowed,” Mick said. “We’re both single dads. I’ve got two, Ronnie’s got three. We don’t get out too often, so we always try and catch a good band.”

“How’d this one measure up?” Brie asked.

“Too loud. I think the soundman’s going deaf, but that guitar player can sure play.”

“The drummer’s outstanding,” Ronnie said. “I used to play.”

Charity liked Ronnie, but she didn’t want a boyfriend with three kids. She was pretty sure Brie felt the same way.

“So here’s the story,” she said. “Were all horny, right. Can you guys stay out a while? Let’s go somewhere and play.”

Ronnie choked on his beer. He looked at Mick and smiled. “My sitter’s flexible. I’ll text her and tell her I’m out for a while.”

“I gotta get back,” Mick said, “but…my kids are young. Once they’re asleep they’re out for the night. It’s about a fifteen minute drive from here if you guys wanna…”

“Partyyyy!” Kelsey whooped. “Single fathers! This is so hot! When’s the last time you guys had a good fuck?”

“With girls like you? Never,” Mick said.

Ronnie smiled shyly. “Yeah, that’d be a never for me, too.”

“How ’bout with girls not like us? You guys in a dry spell?”

“You wanna hear all about our boring sex lives?” Mick asked.

“Fuck no!” Kelsey said, downing the last gulp of her drink. “We’re wastin’ time. Want us to follow you guys?”

“Jesus, Ronnie!” Charity said. “Holy shit!”

Her voice was high and excited. It tuned out her dick-dar was spot on that night, because Ronnie had a big one and he was fucking her like a man who hadn’t gotten any in a while. She was on all fours on the family room floor at Mick’s house, clawing at the thick pile carpet the children play on, holding on for dear life.

“Yeah, Ronnie! Fuck that girl!” Kelsey cheered.

Mick was a little surprised at the noise level, but he’d never been involved in any group sex before so he had nothing to go on. The family room was quite a ways away from the kids bedrooms, so he went with the flow and tried to put it out of his mind. It wasn’t hard to do with Brie’s beautiful young mouth on his cock.

“Wanna eat me, honey?” Kelsey asked.

He was leaned back on the couch, still half clothed. The girls were already naked, of course. Kelsey stood on the couch cushion with her feet either side of him. She squatted over his face, lowering her sweet pussy to his mouth.

“Fuck yeah!” she said. “Your fuckin’ beard’s gonna make me cum quick, Honey. I love that shit.”

Her hips gyrated, grinding her wet pussy on Mick’s hairy face. His mouth drank in her goodness and his tongue fought to tickle her where she wanted it most.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she said, her breathy voice gasping on quick breaths. She gripped Mick’s head in her hands and felt the first twinges of orgasm, a feeling she was addicted to that made her fingers and toes tingle.

“I’m cummin, baby!” she said, sounding like an angel. “I’m cummin!”

Mick gushed his warm seed in Brie’s mouth when Kelsey came with vibrating ferocity on his face. Ronnie was watching as he fucked Charity hard from behind, not only his friend with the two naked hotties, but Charity’s stunning ass and Austin’s huge cock disappearing in her mouth. The wild scene was too much for the recently divorced dad. He came with a grunting howl deep inside the tightest pussy he’d ever felt.

“Fuck yeah!” Kelsey whooped. “We partyin’ now!”

Before Mick took the rest of his clothes off he made a quick trip to his kids rooms to check on them. All were fast asleep, open-mouthed and dreaming. Walking back to the family room, with the sounds of sex getting louder and louder, he wondered if he was dreaming, too.

“Get those clothes off, Mister,” Kelsey said, scampering over to him to help. “I want you to fuck me.”

Yup, Mick decided. It had to be a dream.

The little party rolled on until 4 AM. It pained Mick to do it, but he shuffled everyone out the door so he could straighten up the house and get two hours of sleep before kids and work that day. Kelsey’s lacy thong was left behind, hooked over a lampshade like something out of an old burlesque movie. He smiled, tucked it in his pocket, and passed out cold in bed.

The next night, rested from after-work naps at the house, the girls were back at the same bar, secretly hoping Ronnie and Mick wouldn’t be there. balgat escort They’d enjoyed the men, and all agreed they’d be happy to see them again sometime, but Charity was on a boyfriend quest and men with children were off the table.

It was Jazz night at the club, with an entirely different atmosphere and a very different group of patrons. As soon as the girls walked through the door Charity and Brie wished they’d dressed differently. The jazz crowd was more dressed up, and those who weren’t had a different, decidedly higher level of cool than the loud and raucous revelers the night before.

“Drinkin’ manies again?” Kelsey asked.

The bar was less busy so the girls were served right away. Three double manhattans. With cherries.

“She’s cute,” Kelsey said, taking her first sip while she watched the singer. “She must be Jaynie.”

Jaynie’s Jazz Jam was the billing on the chalkboard entertainment calendar on the wall.

“It’s our weekly open mic, ladies,” the bartender smiled. “Did you bring your instruments?”

Kelsey smiled at him. She’d flirted with him the night before. “Got ’em right here, Honey,” she said, wiggling her tits from side to side.

“Check out her hair, Kel,” Brie said.

“I know. It’s awesome,” Kelsey said. “Now I miss mine.”

Jaynie was shimmying a little as she sang, and her extra long tortoiseshell-red hair was catching the light on one side of her and then the other, all the way down past her hips.

“Fuck. I just wanna roll around in it,” Kelsey said.

“Think she likes girls?” Brie asked.

“Everybody likes girls,” Kelsey smirked, winking at the bartender who was still within earshot.

After Gee Baby, Aint I Good To You ended to nice applause, Jaynie and the boys on the bandstand conferred for a moment before the infectious Brazilian rhythm of Desafinado floated from the small stage.

“Holy shit, I love this music!” Kelsey said, loud enough to be heard by everybody.

A few heads in the crowd turned to look at her, and a few of those heads didn’t turn back right away. The three girls looked summery again, with no coats and snug little tops hugging their braless tits. A few of the women in the crowd thought they must be hookers, in out of the cold to warm up their obviously chilly nipples.

When Desafinado ended Kelsey was thoroughly entranced. She watched as Jaynie helped get a guitar player plugged in, stepped off the stage and walked to the bar.

“You’re voice is amazing,” Kelsey said to her, as strains of George Benson’s Breezin’ filled the stale air.

“Oh. Thanks,” Jaynie said. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“We were here last night, but tonight’s our first time for your jazz thing.”

“Well I’ll glad you came. I heard last night was a great show.”

“It was rockin’!” Kelsey said. “But this is cool, too. That last song was so beachie. I felt like takin’ my clothes off and layin’ down on a towel.”

Jaynie chuckled. “Well, it’s Brazilian, so yeah, that’s pretty much what they do down there. You’d fit right in,” she said, looking over Kelsey’s perfect little body.

“Oh God, I’d love to go there,” Kelsey said. “Right now. It’s so fuckin’ cold out, I’m ready for a blast of summer.”

“Me too,” Jaynie said.

“I used to have hair just like yours,” Kelsey said. “I cut it off last year.”

“Really? Yours is so cute.”

“Yeah, a friend of mine cut it. I got a Jeep last summer, and when my hair was long like yours it was crazy how messed up it got when I drove with the top off. I miss it, though.”

“Your friends are talking to some of my regulars,” Jaynie said, looking across the room. “Do you know them?”

“Those guys? No. That’s my friends Brie and Charity. They’re lookin’ for boyfriends.”

Jaynie almost spit out her sip of ice water. “For real? Girls that look like them don’t have boyfriends?”

“Yup. We tried last night. We had some fun with a couple nice guys, but they got kids, so we’re back lookin’ again. They like older guys so we thought tonight might be good.”

Jaynie smiled. “I guess when you look like you girls do it’s just that easy, huh?”

“It’s that easy for anybody, if you want it to be. Every guy in this place wants to roll around naked in that hair of yours.”

Jaynie laughed, and extended her hand. “I’m Jaynie, by the way.”


“I’m glad you guys came, Kelsey. I love my fans, but they get a little stuffy sometimes. You guys gonna be here a while?”

“I don’t know. Depends on who my girls scoop up. We’ll come back though, for sure.”

“You better,” Jaynie said. She took a quick sip of water and sauntered back to the stage as the song was ending, taking the microphone in her hand like a seasoned pro. “How ’bout that!” she said to the clapping crowd. “A little George Benson in the house! Yeah, I liked that one.” Jaynie turned to the band as the clapping died down. “Johnny, do you know Cry Me A River?”

Kelsey smiled at her new friend and listened to the intro to the song. Jazz was new and different. batıkent escort She liked it. Her eyes scanned the crowd, settling on Charity and Brie. The two men they were talking to looked like they were in their late forties. Both of them were the L.L. Bean type, and had the look of college professors. Kelsey figured Charity and Brie had sort of developed a taste for that, what with being college graduates and school teachers themselves. The men looked nice, Kelsey thought, and the girls certainly had their rapt attention.

Kelsey looked back at the stage again, and caught Jaynie’s eye while she was singing. Kelsey pointed at Charity and Brie and gave Jaynie a thumbs up and a nodding smile. Cry me a River isn’t usually a song a singer smiles and giggles in the middle of, but there it was. Jaynie had a feeling she’d made a new friend.

A nicely refinished antique bed creaked rhythmically, sounding a bit like a bullfrog hyped up on caffeine.

“Yeah! The fuckin’ bed’s rockin’, you guys!” Kelsey said.

She was on her back on the bedroom floor, watching Brie bouncing energetically on her new friend Scott’s hard cock. For every four creaks of the bed, Brie chirped out a breath. It sounded like clockwork.

The thick, soft, shaggy rug felt luxurious under Kelsey’s naked body. She squeezed one of her tits in one hand, and held Charity’s head tight to her crotch with the other, smiling at the way their new friend Ken’s doggie-style fucking was driving Charity’s mouth across her tingling pussy.

“Fuck yeah,” Kelsey said.

Ken said the same words right after her, but it came out as a breathy mumble. He was working hard to maintain some stamina, but it wasn’t easy with his cock deep in the tightest pussy he could imagine and his eyes squarely on Kelsey’s softly gyrating tits.

Kelsey turned her head to watch Brie on the bed again, just as Scott revved up his thrusts to high-speed porn star level.

“Ffuuuckkk!” Brie shrieked.

“Holy shit, Scotty!” Kelsey said. “You been watchin’ porn, baby? Do it again. Brie loves that shit.”

Scott revved up again, his hips propelled by the mattress springs, levitating Brie’s breathless, jiggling body on the sweet friction.

“Fuck!” she yelped.

“You guys are fuckin’ fun,” Kelsey said. “Too bad your fuckin’ married.”

“What?” Charity said, looking up suddenly from munching on Kelsey’s pussy.

Kelsey reached over and pushed on the bottom of the closet door, sliding it open more than the few inches that had initially caught her eye. Women’s shoes came into view, and dresses hanging on the rod.

“You fucker,” Charity said, looking back at Ken. He was glad to see she was smiling. He cracked a smile too, still thrusting into her tightness. “Yeah, you better smile,” she said. “Havin’ a little fun while wifey’s away?”

“Scott, you married too?” Kelsey asked.

“No comment. You guys never asked, so…”

“Ever think of wearin’ wedding rings?” Charity asked.

Brie was still riding, and her orgasm finally came in a smiley, giggly rush. Charity and Kelsey giggled too.

A week later the girls went back to the bar for jazz night. Austin went with them. They dressed a little differently — a little less rock and roll, a little more art gallery — but there was still no bras and plenty of jiggle.

Scott and Ken were there, and a woman was with them. One of the wives, the girls guessed. Both the men looked nervous when they saw the girls walk in.

“Hey, cutie,” Kelsey said to the bartender.

“Four double manhattans tonight?” he asked with a smile.

“Thanks, hun,” Kelsey smiled.

She turned toward the stage, caught Jaynie’s eye, smiled and waved. Kelsey liked jazz night. It was a comfortable vibe, and the music was new and interesting. The guys on stage were a little nerdy, but kind of cute. The drummer wore small, black-rimmed glasses. He had some tattoos and looked like he might be a full time musician. Some of the other guys looked like accountants.

Jaynie sang I’m Beginning To See The Light, and the trombone player took a nice improvised solo. By the end of the song there wasn’t a foot that wasn’t tapping or a head that wasn’t nodding in time with the beat. The small room erupted in applause. Kelsey felt the energy and she liked it.

The same thing happened with the next song, and the next. Jaynie turned the mic over to another vocalist, a younger girl just getting her footing in the limelight.

“Fuckin’ A, Jaynie!” Kelsey said, hugging her when she got to the bar. “That’s fuckin’ killer!”

Jaynie laughed. “Now that’s the kind of review I like! Yeah, girl, tell it like it is!”

“This is my boyfriend Austin,” Kelsey said.

“Oh, hi Austin! Nice to meet you. So did you guys just get together, or is it just your friends who are looking for mates?”

“Just them,” Kelsey said. “They found a couple last week. Those guys over there, remember?”

“Oh yeah. I sorta know them. They come in a lot.”

“Don’t let ’em talk you out of that nice skirt unless you like married guys,” Kelsey said. “It was so funny. We were all in Ken’s bedroom havin’ some fun— he’s the tall one — and I saw women’s clothes in his closet. I busted him and then Scott came clean. I think that’s probably one of the wives over there with them,” Kelsey said. “Look at how nervous they are.”

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