Kim, Mark , Janet


Janet had to leave Danny’s swimming event before she really wanted to but work issues came up and required her attention. She noticed that Mark had left a message as well but decided to listen to it in the car during her eight hour drive home. She hadn’t even changed from the ‘team spirited’ outfit she had on to support her son and his school. Janet felt a bit funny in the ‘cheerleader’ apparel but she did like all of the looks from the guys at the event and even some of the girls. The tight mid drift t-shirt emblazoned with the college mascot showed off her wash board abs and perky C cup breasts. The very short pleated skirt was just long enough to be publicly decent but she did have to be careful how fast she turned around and she definitely couldn’t bend at the waist for fear of showing her bald pussy through her sheer blue hose since she wasn’t wearing panties. Even her long hair sported team colors. Her two pony tails had ribbons of blue and gold tied in them. Although in her mid forties, Janet could have passed as one of the cheerleaders, and when Janet heard Mark’s message that he would be at her house tonight, she was glad she didn’t change. She smiled as her hand ran over her bright blue nylon covered legs, knowing how he loved to see her in hose. She pressed her foot down harder on the accelerator, making her expensive Italian sports car rocket forward down the highway. Janet just hoped she didn’t get a ticket as she was doing well over the posted limit by now.


Janet pulled into her driveway and parked next to Mark’s truck. Her pussy was so wet from her fingering it the last hour that she decided to leave her bags in the car for now and go get some desperately needed relief from her pent up sexual tension. She hadn’t let herself cum the whole way home so she was in serious need of release. Ever since Kim convinced her to seduce Mark, Janet has had a new lease on life, especially her sexual life.

Even before she opened the door Janet could hear the sounds of sex coming from inside her house. At first she thought Mark was watching a porno with the volume too loud in preparation for her arrival but as she entered she recognized a familiar voice. It was her friend Kim and it sounded like she was building to a huge orgasm. Janet removed her high heeled pumps and padded toward the den where the sounds were coming from; her hosed feet silent on the tiled entry way.

Janet peered around the corner and saw Mark and Kim on the carpet in the center of the room. Kim was on her hands and knees wearing nothing but a pair of shiny nude hose and bracing for each of Mark’s powerful thrusts as he fucked her from behind. Janet was shocked. Not that Mark was fucking her best friend in her own house, which actually was very arousing, but seeing him wearing sheer black pantyhose while he fucked her. It had never occurred to her to have a man wear hose. It didn’t seem right but now that she was seeing ‘her’ man in hose, she had a whole new out look on it. Mark’s muscular legs and ass incased in nylon made her pussy tingle with even more desire.

Janet stepped into the door way of the den hoping to startle the lovers but they were so caught up in their love making, they didn’t even notice her. She leaned against the door jam and waited a moment, still nothing. It was time to make them notice.

“Well…Well…Well…What have we here?” she said in a loud clear voice so they would hear her over their cries of passion.

That worked. They froze like deer caught in the head lights of a truck. Mark looked embarrassed and frightened but Kim was much more relaxed. She had Mark’s big thick cock buried in her pussy, how else would she look? Janet stepped into the room slowly. She walked toward them exaggerating her steps like a runway model. This made her nylons softly hiss as she approached. Janet could see the wet spots on the couch and the clothes strewn everywhere.

“It looks like düzce escort you two have been having fun,” she said stopping in front of Kim.

“Mmmmmm…Yes we have!” Kim confirmed with a huge smile.

Janet moved beside the couple and looked down at the gap between their bodies. Mark’s thick pole was visibly throbbing as he held himself motionless inside Kim’s dripping wet pussy. Janet placed her hand on his brawny shoulder as she moved behind him to continue her ‘inspection.’ Her fingers moved down his back and over his tight hose covered ass. The feel of nylon over his firm muscular gluts made Janet’s mouth water and her pussy drool.

“So where did you get the pantyhose from?” she inquired as her hand moved over to the other cheek.

Mark was considering his answer when Kim spoke up.

“He was fucking a drunken horny brides’ maid who was ‘like…in her mid thirties’ while at his sister house,” Kim replied mocking Mark a bit.

“Naughty boy!” Janet said giving Mark’s ass a sharp smack.

He lunged forward and Kim let out a contented moan as his cock poked deeper inside her.

Janet came full circle back to her position in front of them with her crotch just above eye level to her friend. Kim could smell the Janet’s wet sex and knew she wasn’t really upset. Mark scanned up and down her sexy body, making many stops on her shiny blue legs. She gave him a stern look then walked to a near by wing back chair and turned it to face him on the floor. She stood before the chair, preparing to sit.

“Danny’s told me about all the cheerleaders you’ve fucked in the past, young man, so I thought I’d surprise you with this out fit. But it seems you aren’t finished fucking Kim yet so I’m gonna sit here and watch. I just hope you’ve got another load in there for me!” Janet said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head.

Kim reached beneath her and felt Mark’s swaying sack.

“Oh ya…I’d say he’s got at least two or three more,” she replied hefting his heavy balls in her hand.

“Good…Now get on with it,” Janet ordered sitting down.

She threw her legs over the arms of the chair, exposing her soaked pantyhose to Mark and Kim. Mark’s eyes were wide with wonder seeing Janet begin to finger her erect clit through her hose while watching him on the floor.

“What are you waiting for? Fuck that horny slut so I can have my turn!” Janet said in an annoyed tone.

“Yaaa…Fuck me big boy,” Kim agreed thrusting back into him.

Mark tightened his grip on Kim’s silky hips and pounded away like there was no tomorrow. He never took his eyes off Janet though. Kim was watching her too. Janet would tease herself to the brink of orgasm then back off to let herself calm down. This was such and erotic scene for Kim that she came almost immediately. Her cries of ecstasy rose and fell as she rode the waves of pleasure.

Mark’s hands moved all over Kim’s hosed body while his eyes devoured Janet’s frothing pussy. Her interruption had set him back from reaching orgasm but he was slowly getting up a new head of steam when Kim pulled free of him and collapsed on the floor.

“I can’t take any more…I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow. I need a break,” she said panting hard.

Mark looked at her, concerned that he might have hurt her but Kim’s reassuring smile set his mind at ease. The sound of tearing nylon drew his attention away from the woman lying on the floor. He looked back to Janet who had ripped open her hose. The sight of his hard throbbing cock standing tall with her friend’s cum dripping from it was making Janet crazy.

“Bring your cock over here and fuck me!” she ordered, stabbing two fingers into her wet pussy.

Mark stood and moved in front of her. Janet reached out with her hosed feet and stroked his rock hard penis with her silky soles. His knees felt weak as he watched her stuffing another finger edirne escort into her tight pussy as she tried to prepare herself for his massive cock while masturbating him. Moments later she released him then sat forward, taking his mighty member into her mouth and running her free hand up and down the pantyhose covering his muscular legs.

“I’ve gotta have that cock in my pussy,” Janet said sitting back in the chair and spreading her legs wide once again, “Just go slow!”

Mark knelt and took his cock in hand. He touched the head to her erect clit which felt as hot as a burning ember. Moving his cock side to side sent tremors through Janet’s whole body, causing her pussy to spasm and leak even more of her sweet juice. He pulled her butt to the edge of the cushion and pushed the mushroomed head of his cock into her slippery valley. Slowly Mark rocked forward felling the resistance of her clenching pussy.

“Easy! Easy…mmmmmmmm…That’s it, nice and slow…UUHHHHH!” Janet cried as the head pushed past her tiny opening.

Mark held still while she tried to relax her tightly stretched pussy. The ring of muscle at the entrance held him firm but he could feel her inner walls contracting on the head of his cock, trying to pull him deeper. Minutes passed then the constriction around his cock eased. Janet put her hands on his ass and slowly pulled him deeper inside her. When Mark hit bottom Janet came hard.

“Oh FUCK…Yes…yes…yes…AAAAaaaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed; her gleaming legs clamping around Mark’s waist like a vise.

Mark licked her breasts and sucked her hard nipples as Janet convulsed beneath him. Kim watched her friend thrash about in pure ecstasy impaled on the young studs’ steely shaft. It made her burn with desire and erotic tension began to build once more. She moved close to see every contortion of lust and pleasure on Janet’s face. Her left hand fondled Mark’s balls while her right caressed Janet’s hair. When her orgasm finally subsided, Janet threw her arms around Mark’s neck and held him to her.

“Take me up stairs,” she moaned into his ear.

Mark rose to his feet taking the tiny woman with him, his cock still buried in her hot pussy. Janet took Kim’s hand and pulled her along with them. Mark and Janet kissed all the way to her bedroom where he laid her down on the foot of her tall king size bed. Kim watched as Janet deftly rolled over onto her hands and knees, never loosing her vaginal grip on Mark’s rigid cock. Her feet wrapped behind his silken legs as she positioned herself to be fucked from behind.

“You haven’t cum for me yet,” she stated wiggling her hips, “I want you to fill me up. I’ve needed this all week.”

Kim moved behind Mark pressing her body to his. Her huge breasts molding into his back as her hands roamed the peaks and valleys of his sculpted form.

“Fuck her good baby. I want to see you fill her with your hot sticky cum…mmmmmmm…Make it squirt out of her like you did for me!” Kim purred into his ear as she wrapped a hosed leg around his.

Mark slowly moved his cock in and out of Janet’s clenching pussy. Kim felt that she was fucking her friend because with every forward motion Janet would cry out then sigh with each retraction. Soon Mark was moving to fast for her so she climbed on the bed and knelt in front of Janet who lifted up her arms onto Kim’s shoulders. Kim supported her friend as Mark increased the speed of his thrusts. Janet screamed at each orgasmic peak then would sob in the placid valley that followed.

Kim eventually maneuvered herself to lie under Janet with her legs outside her friends’ narrow waist. She placed her hosed feet on Mark’s chest and began to stimulate his nipples with her toes. His low groan told her he was enjoying her foot play.

Janet laid her head on Kim’s shoulder mashing their boobs together. Kim held Janet like a crying child in need elazığ escort of attention while Mark hammered away at her pussy. When his thrusts began to shorten, Kim knew he was going to cum soon. Janet was mumbling incoherently while Kim caressed her long hair.

“UUUUHHHHHH!” Mark grunted as he came.

He had pulled most of his erupting cock out of Janet’s tight pussy as he fired stream after stream of thick cum into her hungry hole.

“OH God it’s so hot! Mmmmmmm…He’s filling me up…there’s so much…Oh yes…Yes…YES, I’m cumming again!” she cried.

Kim craned her neck in time to see Janet push back onto Mark’s spasming cock which caused their combined juices to shoot from around his thick penis. Janet pushed herself up and continued to fuck herself on Mark’s cock as he stood like a statue behind her.

“Oh I love this cock…mmmmmm…aaaaahhhhh…I just can’t get enough!”

When the last of his seed emptied into her pussy, Janet collapsed forward onto Kim gasping for air. Mark crumpled to the floor, sitting on the carpet at the foot of the bed, near to exhaustion himself. He did have a nice view though. Kim’s shimmering legs dangled off the end of the bed and Janet’s pointed straight at him with her soles still glistening with cum from earlier.

Kim’s hands moved down Janet’s back and came to rest on the globes of her nylon covered ass. Janet moaned softly in her ear as she massaged the firm flesh in its silky casing. They held each other for several minutes until they heard Mark get up and head for the bathroom. Kim and Janet both looked his way as he staggered passed.

“I’ll be back,” was all he said.

They giggled like school girls as they watched him pull at the pantyhose he had on. Janet looked into Kim’s bright blue eyes then kissed her passionately once she was sure Mark wouldn’t see them. She then rolled off Kim and lay beside her starring at the ceiling. It wasn’t long before Kim sat up.

“I’ll let you two have some privacy,” she said standing up on wobbly legs.

“You don’t have to go. He’s still got lots more for the two of us,” Janet replied now sitting up as well, “We can keep him up all night!”

“I think I’m gonna call it a night. He fucked the shit outta me for a long time before you got home and my poor pussy is wore out. That hunk of meat between his legs is amazing! How can you take that thing?”

“With difficulty,” Janet replied rubbing her pussy, “Danny should be home tomorrow, so you might want to get some rest after all. He’s been talking about you the whole time I was with him.”

“Hopefully he got laid while he was there. I don’t want him to forget about having fun with girl his age.”

“Don’t worry, he did. That’s why he was talking to me about you. ‘None of these girls wear hose like Kim…These chicks haven’t got Kim’s sexy curves…Kim’s legs look so HOT in pantyhose.’ He went on and on while still fucking a different one each night.”

“How did he manage to have the energy to swim? I hope he’s got some left for me?” Kim wondered out loud.

Janet laughed then stood and hugged her friend.

“I’m sure he does,” Janet assured her friend.

“I’m gonna go home and have a glass of wine and a hot bath. Have fun with your stud,” Kim said motioning toward Mark, standing in the bathroom doorway.

Janet and Kim looked at Mark as he stood there smiling at them. He got a devilish look on his face as he walked up to Kim and kissed her quickly.

“Get some rest ’cause I know Danny will want to give you some lovin’ when he gets back around noon,” with that said he scooped up Janet in his arms and tossed her on the bed.

Kim was amazed to see his cock still hard after all that fucking and two orgasms. She watched him pounce on Janet and attack her tits with his mouth. Kim went down stairs and dressed before walking the short distance home. ‘Why did he give me such a funny look when he came out of the bathroom?’ she wondered, ‘And how does he know when Danny will be home.’ Kim pondered these questions the rest of the night along with what she was going to do to Danny when he arrived home. ‘This has been the best summer, how could it get any better?’ she wondered as she drifted off to sleep.

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