Kiss Juice Pt. 01

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Part 1 of 3

Kiss Juice.

The day started like any other summers day, I Looked out of my kitchen window, clear blue skies, a warm sunny day ahead and my eyes were drawn to my garden, and o my dear, overgrown shrubs, flower beds are a disgrace, and the lawn… oh dear. I needed to get someone in. I hated gardening, I did have someone to tend to this, but he had left a while ago.

A little about myself, I married very young, and what I thought was love and a lifetime partnership, turned out to be a disaster after just five years. He was good looking, he took my virginity, but turned out to be a bastard… we parted.

I then had a string of one night stands, a few longer relationships, but not anyone I was going to marry again, I had learned my lesson.

And then one day I met this man, at a dance evening. I loved to dance; I’ve danced all my life. You get to meet so many different people. I was around forty seven I think, or thereabouts. As I say, I met this particular man. We seem to get along so easily, we never stopped talking to each other, and of course we danced the night away, as they say.

This one evening as we were about to leave, he gave me a cheeky kiss, I responded, maybe I shouldn’t have. But it was then he grabbed my hand and whisked me off to a corridor. As we passed the corner he flicked off the light. He fucked me standing in that darkened corridor. He was at least ten years older than me but in the heat of the moment that wasn’t even a consideration. Oh my god it felt so good, as I hadn’t had a cock for about a month.

By the way he grunted… and blew in less than thirty thrusts, I think he also hadn’t had a fuck for a while either. As we tidied ourselves up and parted he left me with a dripping pussy, and a very soaked gusset.

A couple of days later he called me and asked me out to dinner. Yes he was better after that first time of thirty thrusts, and hence we spent the next nineteen years together, not married but as lovers…fuck buddies if you like!

He passed away a couple of years ago, and left all he had to me. Which allowed me to leave my job and not worry about anything, I was financially secure.

But the only thing was I loved sex, and who was going to enter a sixty eight year old pussy. I still went dancing, and had a couple of toys to get back home to, to relieve my pussy tension. I took a deep sigh and looked back at my ugly garden.

The next day I walked past a shop with adverts in the window, I stopped and had a read of a few of them; one caught my eye as it mentioned the word gardening in it. I took a picture of it and rang the number on it later that day.

I was surprised as I heard a young voice reply. I thought he was the son of the gardener, but no it was a young lad who was keen on getting some spending money together. He sounded foreign, spoke very good English, and was very polite.

We arranged a meeting for later in the week, he had told me his name, but I could not remember it.

I had just made a cup of tea when the doorbell rang, I had almost forgotten the young lad was supposed to be here, very prompt.

I opened the door and he said, “Hello madam.”

I hadn’t been called that for a very long time; I blushed, and shook his out stretched hand. As I said, I could not remember his name, so hesitated when I said, “Hello…?” He quickly said, “Rajendra Kumar, I’m Rajendra Kumar madam, my friends call me Raj.”

As we still shook hands, I said, “Call me Sally, and please… not madam. And I do hope we can become friends.” Mainly as his name was a mouthful, but Raj I could pronounce.

I looked over his shoulder and noticed he had come on a push bike, I asked him to put it round the side of the house where it would be safe.

I invited him in and offered him a cup of tea. We had a nice chat sat in the garden where I could point things out to him. And this was also where I found out he was born in India, left when he was six and was now twenty three. He lived at home, not far from here, and had recently moved into this area as his father had relocated for his work. We had come to an arrangement where he would come and tend to the gardens, front and back, an hour or two at the weekends around his studies, he was studying to be an accountant.

Raj had been round a few times and we always had a chat when I took him a cup of tea while he worked away. He worked so hard that he broke a sweat in no time at all, but he just kept going. And to give him credit, he had done a great job, the gardens looked great in the few times he had been round.

One time when he worked away, I watched him through the kitchen window before I took him his cup of tea, he had taken his top off and his body glistened, but his body was just… well you know, for a sixty eight year old hag he was an Adonis. My pussy began to tingle, a bit of moisture leaked out, and well… my thought was, ‘There was absolutely no way on this earth a, “Mr Adonis,” going anywhere near a pensioners pussy.’ Beylikdüzü escort

It was a Sunday when he told me that he could not come round next weekend, but if I didn’t mind he could come on Friday late evening. I was due to go dancing that evening, and told him he could come round but would have to finish before I had to leave.

He knew of my liking to dance from the chats we had. I had almost finished getting ready for my night out when Raj shouted out, “Sally, I have finished, I’ll see you next weekend, I’ll message you.”

I always paid him every time he had finished, he would never ask, he was a shy lad. I shouted out, “Just wait there a minute.”

I walked downstairs and to my handbag, I took out his money and gave it to him. He said, “Thank you.” In a very sheepish voice, and looked down to the floor, then said, “You look very nice Sally.”

This was the second time he had made me blush, I said, “Thank you Raj. These are my glam rags for dancing.”

Then he raised his head and said, “Not just the clothes.” And I said, “Ah… yes and this is my war paint.” He chuckled; he had never seen me tarted up before.

He turned to the door and left, I closed the door behind him. I finished getting ready, and then I too left for my evening out. I had another great evening… danced away. I did chuckle to myself as a couple of men had tried their luck with me, but to be honest, I was there for the dancing and not looking for a quick fuck, been there done that… got the tee sh… you know what I mean.

I got home, quick wash and stuck the rabbit in its hole till the body chemicals did their bit, and I fell contently to sleep.

Middle of the week I got a message from Raj, saying he could come round Saturday, but would have to be early morning. I agreed, and as the same as last Friday, I would be out dancing.

A stupid mistake and I had sprained my ankle, didn’t seem too bad but thought it best not to carry on the dance floor any longer. I came home earlier than I would have that evening. Ran a nice hot bath to have a soak and ease the ankle. And the obligatory fingering of my over-sized, aged clit made me lose all the pain sensation of the ankle. Over-sized, yes I have to admit, it was like the end of a little finger with a hoodie. I had got a lot of complements for my ginormous clit from previous lovers.

I had a couple of glasses of wine sat in front of the telly to divert the dulling ache of the ankle, then off to bed.

Always having slept naked I never gave it a thought as the doorbell rang, still in a daze, I went to the window to see who it was. I parted the curtain, and saw it was Raj; I slightly opened the window and shouted down, “I’m not quite up yet, wait, I’ll throw you down the keys.”

I noticed he had lowered his head, then I realised I was naked. “Idiot,” I thought to myself. But then he’s over twenty, surely a man of the world, and had seen far better female bodies than this old hag, for fuck sake, I was old enough to be his grandma.

I went to fetch my keys and threw them down to him covering my modesty (too late) with the curtain. I said, “Let yourself in dear, I’ll be down soon.”

I took my time getting ready as I knew he would be at least an hour in the garden. My ankle was much better but still noticeably there, caused a bit of discomfort, so took it easy as I walked down the stairs. I put the kettle on and opened the window to shout to Raj, “Cup of tea love?”

He looked up and said, “No thank you, I need to leave soon.”

I made my cuppa and went out to him; as he packed the tools away. He walked out of the shed, his phone sounded to let him know he had a message. He looked at it and then his shoulders sank. I asked, “What’s up dear?”

Raj looked up and said, “It’s my dad, he’s saying no need to hurry, as what we had planned to do has been cancelled.”

I said, “Well… cup of tea it is then.”

We both walked into the house, he asked, “Are you ok, you’re walking a bit funny.”

I grabbed his hand and said, “It’s fine just a slightly sprained ankle from my own stupidity last night.”

Raj always brought a change of clothes with him, he was a clean young lad, he would change in the shed into his gardening gear, and back again to go home. He washed his face and hands while I made him a cuppa.

We sat down in the kitchen and chatted. He wore a tee shirt and shorts; I was in a shirt and jeans. I don’t have massive boobs, so although saggy tits, they were the type I never needed to wear a bra for especially when I was at home.

Raj took my empty cup and stood up to wash them, as I said he was a clean and tidy lad, well brought up. We continued to chat as he finished washing, he turned round to grab the tea towel when I noticed he had a hard on.

I chuckled and commented, “I do hope that’s for me, I mean from seeing me in the buff this morning?”

He went so red in the face and tried to cover himself up with the tea towel. His words made no sense Beylikdüzü escort at all; he stammered and fumbled as he tried to make an excuse. He made me laugh.

I stood, wobbled over to him, again grabbed his hand and said, “Come on let’s sit down.”

We went through to the siting room. He had one of his hands over his very noticeable flag pole. As we sat I let go of his other hand and that too went over his modesty.

I placed my hand on his thigh and said, “I’m sure that will deflate soon. After all, you’re a young man; you’ve seen better, younger naked females before.”

He seemed lost for words, he was still red, and shook his head. Now when I say red, that is just an expression, he was of Asian origin which gave him a naturally dark skin, which was not too dark, but quite a nice tanned colour, but you could tell he blushed. Me on the other hand, I had skin so white, the type that does not tan no matter how hard I tried.

I placed a couple of fingers under his chin and made him look at me, gazed into his eyes and I asked, “You’re not a…?”

He nodded; I raised my eyebrows as he spoke and said, “We are a traditional family, we do not believe in physical se… contact before marriage.”

The word he was shy to say was “sex” I was sure. I did not know what to say, when he very audibly, took a very big gulp, and said, “I like you.”

“You’re very kind,” I replied as I patted the side of his face.

His eyes looked to the ground as he said, “You are a nice lady, and you look very nice.”

I smiled at him, “That’s a very nice compliment for a lady of my age, thank you.”

He looked up briefly as if he was about to say something, but looked back down. And in the lightest of whispers I heard, “May I kiss you?”

I almost had missed it and asked, “Sorry dear, what was that?”

Head still down, “Ca… can I kiss you?”

I chuckled to myself, “Of course you may dear.”

But then a thought ran through my head.

I smiled and said, “Well my lovely; where would you like to kiss me.”

“Would you tell my mum and dad?”

“No my darling, no,” I replied patting his thigh. “I’m sure you’ve kissed a hundred ladies before.”

He looked up and kissed my cheek, the lightest of pecks, over in a flash. I smiled and said, “I think you can do better than that… I think you want to do better than that?” I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He looked confused, and again in a whisper said hesitantly and in a questioning tone, “On your lips..?”

I said, “Is that where you would like to kiss me?”

“Yes… but you mustn’t tell my mum or dad.”

I placed my face closer to his, “I won’t tell a soul dear.”

He closed his eyes and placed a very delicate kiss on my lips.

I wondered; it’s not every day that a nearly seventy year old gets to take the virginity of a very young man. Let’s just test his sexual knowledge as well as his bravery. I stood and held my hand out and said, “Help me upstairs and I’ll let you kiss my lips.”

He looked confused, “Upstairs?”

I wiggled my fingers at him, “More… comfortable dear.”

Let me set a picture of our bodies, this young lad, he was not very tall, around three, four inches shorter than me, me being five foot eight. He had jet black hair, mine a short silver grey. But his youthful body was trim and well maintained, as I had seen his naked top half when he did the gardening. My body is well… petite in posh terms, tiny for the layman. If you stood a twelve year old girl next to me, she would have a bigger physique.

I wiggled my fingers again and asked, “Well Raj, are you going to help me?”

He took my hand and stood. I led him upstairs, his head was bowed. I said, “Here we are; now you sit on the bed.”

As he sat, I slowly undid my jeans, I was commando. I lowered them off my hips to reveal my old drooping pussy lips. I could see his mouth gasped open, jaw dropped and eyes widen. I bet he could not believe what was going on.

I said, “Now… Which lips do you fancy kissing?”

Although I was not in a relationship, I kept a tidy bush, just a triangle above the pussy, which on occasion I trimmed. As I was not expecting this, it was a bit overgrown, like my garden had been.

He looked up and beamed with a smile on his face, and then the smile faded, as he said, “Are you tricking me, you’re going to tell my family if I do anything?”

I placed my hands on my hips and swayed gently from side to side, I said, “No my lovely, I told you, I won’t be telling a soul, cross my heart,” as I crossed both index fingers over my heart.

I could see him thinking, he said nothing for a while and then something I never expected of him. He stood and looked me straight in the eyes, stepping closer and closer; till our faces were so close I could feel the warmth of his breath.

He grabbed my waist and turned us both around so that I had my back to the bed. He walked me backwards slowly till I felt the bed on the Escort Beylikdüzü back of my calves. He gently pushed me back so I sat and then lay on my back. He got braver… a bit rougher, but I didn’t mind that at all. He grabbed the bottom of my jeans and pulled them off, my panties got their own rough pull off, and he had them in one hand as he scrunched them into a ball, and then discarded them across the room.

As I had already exposed myself, I suppose he knew he was onto a sure thing. He parted my legs and dropped to his knees, I closed my eyes and I felt him lay soft kisses on both my inner thighs. He worked his lips slowly up till I felt his wet tongue lick the length of my pussy from bottom to clit. Oh fuck… that felt so good!

And then after a few tender licks and flicks he wrapped his lips around my large inflamed clit and sucked on it. I groaned and my hands went to his head, pushed him in to my aching cunt, willing him to suck harder, willing him to suck my juices out. His lips met my pussy lips, he kissed, licked and sucked on them, oh fuck it felt good.

I was surprised by this innocent young lad, from his background how did he know what to do down there. Not so innocent maybe, but I hoped he was a virgin. Oh god he sent my body into contractions, regrettably I had to pull him off, and I’ll let him go down there later, I was sure of it.

With his head between my hands, he looked up at me, I said, “Get your knob out son.”

He stood and could not get his clothes off quick enough, as I took off my only garment, and shuffled up on the bed. I patted the space next to me indicated that I wanted him there. He obviously wanted to mount me. But I pushed him onto his back and grabbed his cock, “Nice cock boyo.” I said, as I squeezed it and smiled at him, that thing was positively going to stretch my little cunt apart, when it meets it.

His hands were folded on his face, across his closed eyes. I gathered spit in my mouth, I licked that cock up and down, all the way round, pulled his foreskin back to reveal a very angry purple head. I licked off the pre-cum which oozed out, lovely and salty, I had missed that taste.

I slowly took that cock head into my salivating mouth as I caressed the shaft. Then slowly another inch into my mouth, and then another, till all eight were in and my nose touched his belly. I felt his hands on the back of my head; he wanted me to stay there. To be honest, I wasn’t going anywhere.

I wasn’t expecting it as he blew. He blew straight down my throat, his strong hands pushed down on my head, and I let him blow all he had, I swallowed every ejaculated load. He seemed to have a lot stored away in those virgin balls. Luckily I never had that gagging reflex; modest or not I was a bit of a sward sallower, I loved it when a cock blew a load straight down my open throat.

As he finished, I slipped him out, made sure to lap up every drop of his cum on the way, pure amber nectar. Since he was a virgin, I suppose it was not a surprise he let go so early.

I looked up as our eyes met, he said, “Sorry I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth.”

I smiled as I still licked and ate his cum and said, “Second best place lover.”

I made my way up and lay next to him, both turned to each other. We kissed, deep and long. My hand went to his cock, and although he had only just cum a few minutes ago, amazingly his cock was rock hard. When we finally broke off he asked, “Am I not a virgin anymore?”

I patted his chest, smiled, a slight giggle, “You’re still a virgin stud, still a virgin.”

We lay embraced in each other’s arms, again kissed long, tongues darted in and out, around each other, sucking on each other. He parted and said, “I need to call my mom, tell her I’ll be a bit late.”

I suggested that he tell her you’ll be a lot late, I said, “Tell her I’m taking you out for something to eat as a reward.”

He got off the bed to find his phone, he called home. As he made the call, his cock glistened, still hard, he must have been very excited, or just the youth of a virgin. I clambered on the bed towards him, grabbed his cock with my mouth and sucked on it.

He made short work of the call, as he signed off and threw the phone towards his pile of clothes. He grabbed my head with both hands and started to fuck my face. Something in the back of my mind told me this is not a virgin, but I ran with the premise.

His strokes got longer, he went deeper and he stayed buried for longer and longer each time. For a virgin he seemed to know what he was doing, he seemed to know what he wanted. He withdrew and said, “Sorry… I’m sorry.”

I had had all that done to me before, and it never got tiring, I loved it, I said, “You do whatever turns you on lover, just don’t complain when it’s my turn on that cock.”

He came and lay besides me again, I clambered on top of him and we kissed, I rubbed my belly over his rock hard cock. I swiveled around over him; I wanted to suck on that gorgeous cock. He knew what to do to my pussy on his face.

And he sure did, he sucked, nibbled, flicked and licked everything down there. His tongue darted in and out of my hole. And it wasn’t long before I had an orgasm, I shuddered like a leaf. Waves of pure delight ran through my body.

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