Kissing The Bride: Rehearsal 02

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“Mrs. Hunter, I hate to tell you this, but you smell of cum. At your own daughter’s rehearsal dinner. What would Kimmy say?”

“She’d say she wants her turn at some hard cocks. In fact, Wendy, she said that just before we left the church.”

“Well, you might want to dab on some perfume, Eric’s Mom is headed this way.”

“Greta! How nice to see you. We hardly had time to speak at the rehearsal.”

“Hmmm. Yes. Well, if you had been on time. That ex-husband of yours was, at least. No wonder he raised Kimmy. You would never have managed. And Jeff, your second husband. He’s useless.”

“Oh, I bet he’s good for something,” Wendy said, giggling. Ruth also collapsed in a fit of laughter, upset her future son-in-law’s mother further. Ruth didn’t care much. She had a position with stock brokerage; I did accounting work out of our home. Our secret porn web casting operation earned us a fortune banked safely offshore in the Bahamas. This allowed all sorts of perks.

Wendy, the maid of honour, was Kimmy’s lover and, if all went according to plan, our future lover as well. Hearing Wendy’s comment suggested to Ruth that seducing her might be easy, Ruth recalled the next morning, as we snuggled enjoying breakfast in bed . Our open marriage thrived on telling each other the full extent of our extra marital adventures.

‘Now,’ Ruth said she had thought, ‘If we can recruit Hank, we’ll share all the bridesmaids.’

What she said to Wendy was, “Speaking of Kimmy, have you seen her around?”

Not for ten minutes or so. She was talking with that usher from out or town. Eric’s friend Lars. Then she disappeared.”

“Lars? Is he the tall blonde kid?”

“Yes, he was an exchange student from Sweden, here for the swim team. Come to think of it, I don’t see him anywhere around either. Last I saw of either Lars or Kimmy, she was making him say ‘kiss the bride’, and making fun of his accent. Just playfully, of course. She had him doubled over in laughter.”

As Wendy spoke, Ruth was scanning the banquet room, pretending to look for Kimmy or me, but actually looking for Hank, or Henrietta as her parents named her. Watching the athletic young woman galloping towards her across the room brought a gasp from Ruth. ‘No wonder Jeff reacted so strongly to her,’ Ruth told me she realized, ‘that underwire bra really flatters her figure, and she has such energy, she’ll eminently fuckable.’

Like me, Ruth had never noticed Hank’s generous chest before the rehearsal. Unlike most of Kimmy’s pals, Hank tended not to hang around the pool in a bikini, or mall crawl in a halter. She was a serious athlete, partial to sports bras and baggy T-shirts. Also odd for Kimmy’s friends, most of whom were sex crazed like Kimmy, Hank was shy and bookish. In addition to the cleavage displayed by the flashy lacy bra visible through Hank’s sheer blouse, high heels transformed her muscular legs into shapely strong stems.

Ruth felt her nipples harden under her skintight moleskin sheath, thinking about burying her nose between Hank’s powerful thighs. She imagined Hank tasting fresh, befitting a virgin, with perhaps a hint of talc, and dewy saltiness born of excitement and exertion. Standing watching Hank’s enticing mix of tomboy and girlishness, Ruth thought she might start by unwrapping the bridesmaid like a Christmas present, careful not to tear the paper, or damage anything fragile. ‘But there’s really nothing breakable about Hank. That makes her even sexier. I can treat her like a man, but enjoy her curves. I would suckle her nipples – maybe just enjoying her tits could take hours.’

Reverend Peever’s offering began seeping out of Ruth’s cumstuffed cunt as she imagined running her tongue first across Hank’s left tit, then to her right, then back. She pictured her hands reaching down, cupping that taut ass, drawing the buttocks apart, fingers curling to access Hank’s pussy from behind. Her breathing slowed. Ruth realized she was panting in anticipation of seducing this girl. ‘Woman, ’she corrected herself, ‘she’s nineteen.’

Still, there was no escaping the fact that Hank appeared virginal and innocent, even unaware of her own sensual allure. This added to the thrill. Wendy’s conduct with Hank at the church parking lot had hinted at the possibility of Sapphic intimacy there, but this inconsistency served to stir up the pot, not detract from Ruth’s anticipation. ‘What would Hank taste like? Is her navel pierced? Will I be the first older woman to tongue her clit? Wendy might be enthusiastic, but can I make Hank cream, her juices flowing in torrents? I want her screaming that I am the best cuntlapper ever.’

Turning back to Wendy, Ruth started to ask if she had seen me. But Wendy was gone.

Rehearsal dinner etiquette has no defined role for the step father of the bride, so it had been a simple matter for me to duck into the coat room. Wendy, as maid of honour would more likely be missed quickly. Because of that, it shocked me slightly when she grabbed me by the arm and guided bursa escort bayan me into the closet. My heart raced. Kimmy had begun this new chapter of our lives by entertaining me with stories of Wendy’s lust. But so far, Wendy had only tossed a little teasing banter in my direction.

In the coatroom, she spoke first. “You and Ruth both smell like sex, but not sex with the same person.”

“That’s not surprising. We don’t do everything together.”

“Kimmy says that your cock is named Seymour cause it likes it when you watch her naked.”

“Especially when she touches herself.”

“Will you show me Seymour?”

My cock was already stiffening despite sex at the church during the rehearsal with the other bridesmaid’s Mom, and a blowjob by that bridesmaid, Melody Ann Thomas, afterwards. I wanted Wendy. Perhaps I had secretly longed to fuck her since she blossomed into curvaceous womanhood. In the past week, Kimmy’s stories of girl/girl play and shared adventures created a more believable prospect. Wendy did not wait for me to answer aloud. Her experience likely told her that my quickened breath, bobbing Adam’s apple and eyes locked on her stiff nipples all meant “yes.”

Wendy knelt before me; her hands not hesitating at all as she eased my zipper open carefully, since Seymour’s rapidly expanding girth was stretching the fabric. I found my voice. “You can play with Seymour, Wendy, but I promised Ruth that if you did, she could play too.”

Wendy chuckled, her warm breath blowing the opening of my boxers open. “Oddly enough, Jeff, Hank guessed exactly that. She and I had made the same deal. If I got either of you, she wanted to share.”

“She did?”

“Yeah, and since she had her nose half way up my ass and her tongue twisted right around my clit at the time, I sort of had to say yes. I hope you won’t mind.”

Seymour answered for me, choosing that moment to stiffen further, popping out of my shorts. Wendy laughed, grasping the shaft, and stroking gently. “Kimmy was right as usual, Jeff. Seymour is a fine one.”

“I never really noticed how sexy Hank looks until today.”

“Yeah, she’s a bit of a late bloomer. The doctors told her that all the sports suppressed her hormones, so her boobs came along just last summer. So much so that all the guys at school have her pigeon holed as butch. Which she’s not really. Just cause girls discovered her sexiness first, and she has never had a guy, doesn’t mean she’s lez. She just wants her first guy to be special. I think an older man would be perfect. As long as he has a nice hard cock like Seymour.”

Wendy paused to run her tongue around underneath the ridge joining my cockhead to the shaft. Then, she slurped up the flap of skin on the bottom, circling around my peeslit, teasing me.

“You have sex with Hank?”

“Don’t play dumb, Jeff. I know Kimmy told you I like girls as much as guys. Well, not quite as much. Nothing beats a nice hard cock for me. Girls give head better though. Think it’s all the practice we get, or the home field advantage?”

“That depends. I mean, not every girl that eats pussy practices on cocks too. Like, has Hank given head to guys?”

Wendy laughed, her warm breath bathing my cock, her hand idly stroking my shaft. “ No. Not really. Sorta. I don’t know- pick an answer. A few times at parties, I got her to try. But she’s not very good at it, I’m afraid. Or maybe she was just too drunk. She always gagged or found some excuse not to finish. You think I oughta get Melody Ann to teach her? Or is Mrs. H a better cocksucker?”

Did Wendy know about the adventures at the church already? Or was she fishing? I decided it didn’t matter. Trying to keep secrets was silly. After all, she had my cockhead trapped inside her mouth, the top rubbing against her palate, her tongue playing with the underside. All this, and her fingers rolling my balls. Slightly distracted by Wendy’s talents, I considered the question, tempted to say she was better than either. That answer was not what she needed though.

“Melody Ann has great natural ability, and Hank could learn by watching. Ruth would make a better teacher though, I think. Melody Ann might need a few years to catch up in the experience department.”

“Well, Melody Ann is gaining fast.”

Wendy bent again to kiss my cock, her tongue tracing the big vein along the shaft from top to bottom, then circling around the base of my shaft. She paused again, the tip of her tongue teasing my balls. “Hank seems to be a natural born cuntlapper though.”

“Tell me what makes her such a great muff diver?”

“You mean carpet muncher? It’s both technique and attitude. Hank really loves the taste of pussy. She also loves feeling my orgasm, so she doesn’t stop what she’s doing just because my hips are bucking against her face. Unlike a guy, or a lot of women, she’s not selfish. I was the one who had to beg her to try 69. Most women want to toss their leg over and plant their pussy on my face right off. bursa merkez escort Hank starts gradually, but mostly with her tongue. She has nice strong fingers, but they are only there to help, to add grace notes, if you like. Which is appropriate, since she improvises like a jazz player- no two performances alike. Each time, little details altered to keep it fresh.”

Wendy hefted my balls, gently twisting my sack. This, added to her description of Hank’s attitude, gave Seymour a boost to renewed length.

“What about her technique?”

“None of it is original to her. I mean, women have probably eaten pussy since the first Neanderthals left them alone in the cave while they went hunting wooly mammoths. It seems almost as if all that knowledge is distilled onto Hank’s tongue. She’s a real prodigy. You know how some kids pick up a basketball and just know how to play? That was Hank the first time we found ourselves alone in the showers at the end of the school day. At first, I had to be the aggressor, starting out just verbally. I used a bunch of tired lines guys might never get away with. Talking about how guys go for empty bodies, not real women like her. I remember Hank blushing from head to toe, and she said that she wasn’t really a woman yet. Tonight, Jeff you can help finish the process I started that day.”

“How did it start?” I could barely gasp out the four short words; Wendy had squeezed my balls tightly. I looked down at her huge grin, knowing she loved telling me as much as I loved listening, and that, like Ruth and Kimmy, Wendy also loved a little light discipline. Or giving pain. I have never really learned the terms, just enjoyed the experience.

“It was almost like a bad porn movie. She made some comment about envying my tits. I replied that hers had come along nicely recently. Hank asked what was wrong with hers that none of the boys trued to touch them. I don’t know what it was like when you were in high school, Jeff, but, guys today are always pretending to accidentally bump into girls to cop a feel. It’s almost like hazing. Unless you respond positively. Then you get dates. Poor Hank wanted dates. Anyhow, I just offered to test how they felt. Her grin was from ear to ear. Of course, she asked if she could try mine too. I agreed that was fair. Seconds later, we were under the water, Hank’s back pressed against the cool tile wall, kissing and groping madly, our nipples close dancing together.”

“Were they excited like yours are now?” Wendy’s nipples were easily seen through her dress, twin peaks stabbing the fabric.

“Maybe even more. Hank kissed me like a starving sailor rescued from a deserted island eating her first meal. She opened her mouth wide and inhaled my tongue. At the same time, her lips were soft against my cheeks. She has a wide mouth. I bet she could be a world class cocksucker.” Wendy giggled. “I want to watch and find out.”

“What else happened in that shower?”

“Well, I know Kimmy told you how our first time was tender and gentle. That wasn’t the way it was with Hank. We were little savages. I don’t know whether it was because she was a virgin, or the risk we might get caught.” Wendy giggled again, accidentally squeezing Seymour a bit too tightly. She kissed the tip to make up for it. “We kept our lips locked. It seemed liked ages, but really was less than a minute. Just long enough for time to fall away, and to forget the risk someone might enter. Some of my classmates might not understand. Ms. Mera, the basketball coach, fine. She’d probably join in. But the janitor or some prude, such as Lisa Garfield? Bad idea. Anyway, by the time we broke that first kiss, the entire school body could have been watching, we wouldn’t have cared. In fact, that would have made it better. Maybe would have been the only way to make it better.”

“But what was so special?”

“You really like details, don’t you? Most guys just want me to do this.” Wendy leaned forward, her barely covered nipples brushing my cock. “I couldn’t fondle Hank much with her pressed up against the wall. My hands pretty well only caressed her hips. She had a bit more room to grab my ass. At first she hesitated, but as the kiss continued, her fingers dug deeply into my flesh, separating my buttocks. My pussy was already dripping, and begging more attention. I took my time, guiding her fingers around so she spread my labia further. Her fingers were grazing my pussy, but I could feel her nervousness. So I asked her if she had ever had her pussy licked. She said no. Not another word. I just fell into a squat and tasted her. Just kissing had made her soaked, and her lips were wide open already. I gave her one of these.”

Wendy stuck out her tongue and ran it around the tip of my cock. “We call them swirlies. In her case, of course, I did it to her clit. I thought she might panic. Instead, she held my head against her groin, pushing hard enough that my whole face seemed buried in her cunt. I could feel her knees buckling, bursa sınırsız escort so I forced myself free. She seemed pouty. Asked me if she had done something wrong. I told her ‘no’, and led her to a bench in the change room. As we walked there, I wondered if she wanted me to punish her, but decided to leave that conversation for another time. I spread a towel on the bench, and lay her on her back. All the while, I kept just softly caressing her. Naked, she has curves she hides under her clothes. But not soft curves like Kimmy. Hard, firm structures carved in muscle. Feeling her move was amazing. Watching was even better- like watching a leopard in the zoo. The caged power always seems like untamed passion. But I wasn’t there to watch. I was there to eat. So eat I did. I think Seymour is excited about seeing Hank for himself.”

My cock bobbed excitedly, almost as if it could speak for itself.

“I began kneeling beside her, using my fingers to pull her lips wide open. In that position, her pussy opened like a flower. Her clit was standing upright. So I sucked it in just like a nice hard cock.”

Wendy paused to demonstrate, open her lips, bobbing onto my cock, sliding my entire length into her throat, and then withdrawing. Her smile was even wider and sweeter. It reminded me that she was still just nineteen.’ What am I doing?’ I asked myself. Then I realized it was too late to draw lines after the orgy at the church following the rehearsal. Melody Ann might not look as deceptively virginal as Wendy, but she was the same age, and I had enjoyed her bathing Seymour with her tongue. Rejecting Wendy would be foolish. Plus it would disappoint Ruth. I ran my fingers through her raven locks, and caressed her silky jaw line as she resumed her recollections.

“That position was a bit uncomfortable, though, because the bench was so low, and the tile floor was cold. I shifted to a higher position, between Hank’s legs, holding her cunt lips open with my fingers, lapping at her like a puppy. Suddenly, I knew I had to go for the gusto. Maybe it was because she was just as wet as I was. I didn’t ask her to eat me. I just swung around and planted my wetness right on her face.”

“What does a virgin pussy taste like?”

“She used baby soap in the shower, so it had that whole clean thing going too- nothing fancy. I imagine if you sprinkled talc on honey, you might get the same effect. I was more worried about what she’d do with my non-virgin cunt on her mouth.”

“How did she react?”

“She was too busy licking to protest. Like I said, she’s a natural. Right from that first time. She started by stabbing up at my clit, tempting it out from its hood.”

“I bet that didn’t take much.”

“Not really. I was already dripping, but still, the stimulation coaxed it fully open. That was where she should her instinctive technique. Most guys, and more than a few women, seeing the fun reaction to that motion, continue it too long, until I get sore. Hank switched up just fast enough. She then spent time swirling her tongue around the bottom of my pussy, flicking the clit with just the tip of her finger. In this position, she was the one with better access still, and she started to finger my butt. It was all I could do to focus on pleasing her. You do know the secret of pleasing a woman, don’t you, Jeff?”

“A ten inch vibrator?”

Wendy laughed, jerking my cock up and down sharply, making me wince.

“Funny man. I mean that to really please a woman you must give way from any thought of your own pleasure and just disappear into her experience.”

“Sounds to me like you disappeared into Hank’s pussy face first.”

“That too. I started slowly though, being careful still not to spook her. I was afraid that if I broke the intimacy for a moment, she would crawl back into her shell. I tried to use my fingers how I guessed she might touch herself, just adding my tongue as an extra treat. I grazed along around her clit, not teasing. Toying might be a good word. Letting her sensations build slowly. It was tempting to devour her with the same hunger she had for me. I remember at one point I stopped, counted to ten, and then did five slow flicks of my tongue from beneath her clit.”

“How slow?”

“I counted ‘one-Mississippi’ between each stroke. Then I added five down from the top side. Across, actually, though, since she was still lying flat. Although by then she was driving her hips up to meet my lips.”

Wendy paused to slurp a drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. I asked, “How was she doing with her end?”

“She still needed no lessons. I found out later she spends a lot of time watching porn, and had learned a few tricks from there. Like planting a delicate kiss just above my clit. She also knew to rake her teeth across my nub as she sucked it into her mouth to roll it with her tongue. Like I’m rolling my tongue around your cock right now.”

“If it had the same effect on her that you’re having on me, I bet you came quickly. I know I’m close. I thought you promised to let her watch this. If you don’t stop, she’ll miss it.”

Wendy’s tongue cradled each testicle, drawing it into her mouth, where she sucked it, then its mate. She bathed my entire sack with her saliva, and then ran her tongue again up the underside of my cock.

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