Kitty Meets a Guy at the Store

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James was driving to work while gently stroking his hard cock through his dress pants. This had become routine in the last year since he met Kitty online. He was married and loved his wife, but he was in a sexless marriage. He had been cruising the chat rooms, looking in vain to find a sweet, intelligent Asian to chat with. Did that type of girl visit chat rooms? Probably not, but he still tried to find them. One day, he messaged a user name for someone that would be a female Asian, as he always did, and she responded in kind. Miraculously, she wasn’t a bot trying to get him to pay for something, and she actually wanted to engage in conversation. Most girls he found in chat rooms just wanted to get off. James craved communication and a connection that was lacking in his marriage.

James and Kitty hit it off from the moment they said hi. They found they had a lot in common: their love of science, video games, and furry animals. That helped put them both at ease, and it was nice to chat about random things in life in between the various sexual comments they threw at each other.

James put it out there right away what his situation was with being married to a white woman and virtually no sex, but soon after he was married, he found he had a fetish for Asians. James had been working out for years, and it showed. He was very muscular, and kept catching himself staring at Asians when he was out and about. His mind loved to think about him utilizing his size difference to take one of those beauties. He desperately wanted to own one for himself and keep her as his pet. He would devote his life to her and satisfy her every need, and in turn, she belonged to him.

Kitty had never really thought of herself as a Sub. In her mind, the Dom/Sub relationship was disgusting in a sense. The Dom would use the Sub for their pleasure and treat the Sub like shit. That didn’t sound appealing at all. She did enjoy a man taking control and using his size to pin her down, but all girls like that at some point. After a few chats with James, she realized she longed to be a Sub with the right Dom. One that would take her and use her for his pleasure, but would also put her on a pedestal and treat her like the goddess she was. Kitty never knew this type of relationship existed, but the more she learned and pondered it, the more turned on she became, and liked the thought of being owned.

James started work a little later in the day, so he and Kitty would sometimes chat before he had to go to the office. Today was one of those days, and the chat left him with a stiff cock, as usual. He rarely shot his load during those chats, rather, he wanted to wait until he could share it, at least vocally, with Kitty. So, on the drive to work he’d often play with his dick and fantasize about having Kitty as his Sub.

Work was usually a bore, but the time passed quickly with sneaking to the bathroom to take pictures of his stiff white Escort Esenyurt cock to send to Kitty and emailing back and forth with her. However today, there were no responses from her. She usually sent at least one or two messages to him. He wondered if maybe something happened or if the intensity was just too much for her. After all, she was married as well, and she often felt guilty about her online liaisons, but she also had needs to be fulfilled. She was on the verge of deciding to leave her husband, and it was a difficult time in her life. James understood, and wanted to be there for her no matter what her decision was. He was a little bummed out because he got a little rush each time he checked his email and saw a message from her.

He went home and tried to play some video games to take his mind off things, but he couldn’t stop thinking of Kitty. Most of all, he was worried something happened. At this point, he’d have to wait until the morning to see if she logged on to chat. He barely got any sleep that night, and his wife ended up kicking him to the couch because he kept rolling around, trying to get comfortable enough to sleep.

When James woke up, his wife had already left for work. He grabbed his phone and checked his email, and there was still nothing from Kitty. He headed to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee to help wake up. He’d need a few cups to get going considering the severe lack of sleep from the night before. His mind was swimming with thoughts. Is she okay? What if she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore? Did her husband find out?

James took his cup of coffee to the office, and logged into his computer. He opened the chat service, and there she was. He sighed a breath of relief. He initiated the conversation and she just responded with “hi”. Nothing for a few minutes. He was puzzled, as she was always excited to talk to him. His heart sank, and he prepared himself for what he had dreaded since the moment he found this beauty. He mirrored her reply, and decided to let her go next.

He waited for another 10 minutes and still nothing. Suddenly, he saw “Kitty is typing” in the chat window. That message was displayed for what seemed to be an eternity. What on earth could she possibly be writing that would be that long unless she was telling him this was it – no more communication?

“Hi cutie. I’ve been thinking all morning, last night, and yesterday. I’ve was also thinking of our first-time meeting, and all the events that have led up to this point.”

Great, this is it, James thought.

“As I’ve said time and again, I want you to know how much I appreciate the attention you’ve given me. You’ve made me feel exceptionally special, and I’m still not sure why I was the lucky one when there are plenty of more deserving women out there.”

When James met Kitty, she was extremely low on confidence, and he encouraged and praised her at every opportunity Escort Avcılar he had. She was an Asian goddess, a prize for any sane, white man, and she needed to know it. He was more than happy to give her all the attention he could.

“You’ve shown me that I’m not worthless, far from it, and I’m actually desirable. You’ve also shown me kindness and dedication, just through written communication, which is an admirable feat. Like I’ve said from the beginning, I aim to please, and I want nothing more than for you to be happy. It was nice to finally meet someone who reciprocated those feelings.”

James felt like he was losing a part of his soul. He had harbored these feelings of wanting to own an Asian for so long, and he had an exception connection with Kitty, even though they had never met in person. What did she mean It WAS nice? Why was she writing in the past tense?

“But now our time may be up. I was out shopping for groceries, and it felt like some guy was following me around the store. I went around to get stuff, intentionally revisiting certain areas to see if that was the case. And indeed, it was. I went back to the produce section to get some berries, and looked at him. He brazenly stared at me, and made no attempt to look away. He made it clear he was there to see me. I was scared, but also turned on. I had what he wanted, and both of us knew it. I walked straight toward him, and passed by, not looking away until he was behind me. I proceeded to the baking aisle, and stopped to get some spices. Sure enough, he showed up right next to me. I appreciated his persistence. Without saying a word, he took out a small piece of paper and pen from his coat, jotted something down, handed it to me, and left. My heart was pounding as I went to read the note.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. When I opened them, I looked down to see what he wrote. ‘You have what I crave, and I have what you desire. Call me.’ His number was below along with his name. James. My head snapped out of it, and I immediately thought of you. How the hell could it be that he would have the same name as you? You turned me on to the thought of being a Sub and owned by a white man, but did I really want this random guy from the market? What if he turned out to be a total creep? What if we didn’t mesh at all? As you know, compatibility is huge for me. I thought about it all the way home and the entire night.”

By now James was completely torn. He loved that an Asian wife took time out of her day to chat with him, make his cock hard, and tell him how much she loved it, and had done so for quite some time. But he really thought this was the end. She met a guy who was going to take her, but he was also filled with lust and jealousy. In his eyes, she belonged to him, but in the back of his mind, he always knew something like this could happen. After all, he was still married, and they had 1000 miles between them.

“I figured I should just sleep on it and wait until today to tell you. I took a long bath this morning, and thought about you and the ‘new’ James. It didn’t take much for my mind to wander and think about being dominated by a white stud. I brought myself to bliss in the bath, but I’m not going to continue that part of the story until you give your feelings on the matter. I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do, but I’d like to hear what you have to say first.”

James’s heart was beating out of his chest. He was going to do everything he could to keep her. He wasn’t going to lose his prize, the trophy he sought out for so long, to some other guy. She knew this kind of thing riled him up, and made him jealous to no end, and she loved it. James had the most painful hard on of his life as this scenario turned him on like no other. He started typing his response and cut right to the chase.

“I want use all my strength on you, and have you realize how much I hold back most of the time. It’s good to have you remember my restraint now and again. I will take you roughly from behind, one hand grasping your hip, the other slapping your ass hard now and again. I will take you like that not for your pleasure, but for my own selfish ends, and as a way to teach you your position. To put you in your place. I won’t be satisfied until each thrust of my hips has you calling in out in intensity. Only then will I enjoy the moment of filling your Asian pussy with seed. Knowing you won’t forget who owns you again soon. Knowing what it could be like if you are ever grabbed or kidnapped by another white male. Always so vulnerable in this world. You need your protector.”

Kitty was breathless and toyed with her clit as she read his words. While she knew exactly what stoked his fires, he knew exactly what she wanted to hear as well. She asked for more detail, and he obliged.

“You know so well how to get me going even more. I will never suffer the humiliation of seeing my property collared and led away by another man, the same humiliation I long to carry out myself. You’ll learn what a generous owner I am with the amount of leeway I give you, unlike what other men would allow you.

And you’ll see what happens when my status is threatened. You’ll be dragged off to be roughly spanked and then I’ll take you hard from behind. But instead of unloading inside you, you’ll be forced onto your knees and you’ll renew your vows of servitude and submission to me by taking the huge hot mess all over your pretty face.”

That was all Kitty needed to hear and she was over the edge.

“As I was saying before, I brought myself to climax in the bath, and it was while I was thinking of you. Sweeping me away, and taking me however you wanted. Fucking me until you came, and then shooting your load all over my face. I decided to not call the guy from the store, but I wanted to make you work for it, and like usual, you did not disappoint.”

James breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He won this round, but he was sure it would be the first of many where he’d have to defend his prize to keep it as his own.

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