Knotty Pleasures

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It was a warm spring day. The birds were singing and the breeze was light. The sky was clear and sunny. Gabby and Steve were enjoying a hike to one of Gabby’s favorite waterfalls. The day was perfect for a leisurely hike.

Round trip, the hike was about 7-1/2 miles long. It was a fairly easy trail with a slight incline. They had both hiked this trail several times. But, for some reason, Steve had fallen a little behind today.

Gabby could not figure out why Steve seemed so distracted. She summed it up as him being tired. He did have every reason to be tired, she thought. This morning’s fun had been quite exhausting, and it was still fresh in Gabby’s mind. Every time she focused on Steve, tingles reached down to her core.

Focus on the trail, she kept reminding herself. But at times, it seemed a little too difficult. Anytime she spoke above a normal tone, her throat reminded her of the screams that had accompanied the multiple orgasms Steve had caused. Her dampening panties were another reminder. Steve had come so many times and so hard, that his seed was still seeping out of her.

She decided to focus on the woods around her. The simple beauty was breath taking. Old hemlocks shaded parts of the trail. Other parts were dense with laurel. Occasionally, a smaller trail would veer from the main trail. They had explored most of them, but not all.

As she was reminded yet again of how great a lover Steve was, she decided that they would explore another of these smaller trails today.

Steve was trying to keep up with Gabby. He loved this hike as much as she did. But every time he caught sight of her, his eyes were drawn to her ass.

Gabby had a beautiful body, but her ass was amazing. He loved to walk behind her whenever he had the chance. The natural sway of her hips was so enticing that he always felt his cock begin to twitch. Watching her backside today though, proved to be very distracting.

Not only was she beautiful, but she knew how to move as well. This morning’s activities had reaffirmed that fact. Memories of her hips grinding atop him almost took his breath away.

His cock was slowly getting hard again, and all he wanted to do was bury it in her warm, wet pussy. To hell with the hike. He wanted her. “But, if I wait, it’ll be that much better. I’ll wait,” he thought. But this was going to be extremely difficult. Especially with that ass right in his face!

Steve considered himself a very lucky man. He was very proud to be seen with this beautiful woman. Men of all ages went wide-eyed whenever Gabby walked by. Her curves were so feminine, and sexy as hell. Her long, blonde, wavy hair was the envy of any woman he knew. And when splayed across a pillow it seemed to form a halo above her heavenly body. Her pale, smooth skin glowed in any light, and begged to be touched. At 5′ 7″, Gabby had a small frame. But not too small. She had gorgeous, perky breasts that looked good in anything, especially his hands! Her lips were thin, but had just enough pout to them to get her way anytime. But her eyes were what first attracted him. Gabby had eyes as blue as a summer sky. And the lazy lift gave them a seductive twist. She was beautiful from head to toe, and she was his.

Gabby came to the mouth of the smaller trail she had been looking güvenilir bahis for. Before turning and proceeding down the small footpath, she stopped to wait for Steve. He was just so slow today. But, she couldn’t be upset at him.

“Remember,” she told herself, “he’s probably tired.”

She watched him as he slowly approached her. He was so amazingly handsome. His tanned skin combined with that dark hair just drove her wild. Beneath his clothes his skin was as fair as hers. His blue eyes were so electrifying, made more so by his dark hair. And, at 6′ 7″, he made her feel small and so feminine. His large hands were rough from years of hard work, but were so soft and tender when he touched her.

“Just like when he touched me this morning!” she thought.

The memory of his hands roaming her body, caressing every inch of her, inside and out, caused a stirring between her thighs. “My god, I’m getting turned on again. I’ve got to stop and focus on the trail,” she told herself.

“Honey, I’d like to try this little trail today. Are you up for it?”

“Yeah. That sounds good. Go ahead. I’m right behind you.”

He was pretty close now, so Gabby proceeded down the path. She needed to refocus on the hike now. Neither of them was familiar with this path and she would hate to be caught by surprise and trip. Focus, focus, focus. But it was so hard, when she could now smell him. She hadn’t realized he was that close. Clean, sweat, musk. It was an olfactory overload. The stirring between her thighs intensified and her mind wandered again to this morning.

“Oh, shit! Ooowww!” Gabby went down. Within seconds, Steve was by her side.

“What happened?”

“I guess I wasn’t paying attention,” Gabby replied, embarrassed. This was the exact reason she had tried to get her mind off of her husband.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I think I just twisted my ankle. It’ll be okay in a few.”

“Well, let’s get you a little more comfortable. We might as well take a quick break.”

Steve helped her to a nearby fallen tree. It looked like a good place to rest, and the thick green moss offered a cushioned seat.

As Gabby limped along, her embarrassment faded. With Steve this close to her, she lost awareness of everything but him. His scent. His touch. His warmth. Oh, God. I’ve got to stop, she chastised herself.

Steve was experiencing something pretty similar himself. With Gabby’s arm around his neck, he could think of only one thing. He felt his cock begin to get stiff. He wanted her so BAD! Later, later, later. It’ll be better later. Besides, she’s hurt right now. The self-berating wasn’t helping much.

It seemed an eternity before they made it to the tree that was only a couple of yards away. As Steve helped her sit down and was removing her arm from around his neck, their eyes met and locked. With their faces just inches apart, it was too much for either to take. They met in a hasty and passionate kiss. Both her arms were now wrapped around his neck, and his fingers were lost in her hair. Their tongues dueled as they explored each other’s mouth. Greedy and hungry, they quickly decided that kissing was not enough.

Steve’s mouth quickly found the tender spot on Gabby’s neck, and began to kiss, lick, and suck. His hands found türkçe bahis the bottom of her shirt and hastily pulled it over her head and off her back. Her nearly transparent bra was basically demolished as he ripped it off in his mad haste. He needed to taste her, and the sooner the better.

As he began to ravage her breasts, Gabby found his throbbing member. It was making a rather large tent in his shorts. She wanted to touch it. She needed it bare. Her shaking fingers didn’t want to cooperate, but she finally got his shorts open. As she pulled the front of his shorts and underwear down, she was eagerly greeted with a slap from his throbbing rod.

Steve was a large man with a very large tool. Gabby loved it and really wanted it in her.

She wrapped her fingers around it and began pumping up and down.

Steve quickly decided to return the favor. He made quick work of the button and zipper of her shorts and managed to get them and her boots off without compromising her fragile position.

Now she was naked except for her thick white hiking socks. Steve had to step back and admire his wife’s beautiful body glowing in the sunlight. With her legs spread open before him, he had an unobstructed view of her nearly shaved cunt. The neatly trimmed golden brown triangle just above her labia was gorgeous. He liked this look and made a mental note to see her like this more often.

Gabby had leaned back on the fallen tree to accommodate her husband’s view. Legs spread open; heels resting on the log, Gabby began to feel a soft breeze play across her now naked bottom. It felt so good, she reached down and began to play with herself. With her finger making slow circles on her clit, Gabby’s breath began to quicken. The mixture of rough bark, and soft moss on her ass almost put her over the edge. She needed more.

Her small pout brought Steve back to the task at hand. He stepped forward and kissed her again. The taste of her mouth was intoxicating. She grabbed his cock and began to fuck him with her hand.

Gabby was panting heavily now and small moans escaped her lips. She needed more and quickly grew impatient. She tightened her grip around his member and began to pump harder and faster.

Steve moved his lips down to her breast and began to hungrily suckle them. His fingers made their way lower. Trails of fire were burned into Gabby’s skin as his fingers went lower and lower. When, at last, he touched her secret place, she inhaled sharply. Her hips began to rock as he now moved his fingers over her clit, the way she just had.

Gabby’s legs were now wrapped around his waist, and she began to pull him closer with her heels. Steve moved his fingers even lower, until he felt the pool of juice just beginning to flow from her. His fingers entered. Two at first. Steve slowly pumped them in and out of her tight pussy.

“Yes! More baby. MORE!”

Steve slid in another finger. God she was so hot. He began to pump harder and faster, as he slid in a fourth. He loved to see Gabby squirm and jump. He began to play with her clit with his thumb.

Gabby’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed.

“Oh, God! Yes! I’m going to come. Make me come hard!”

With that, Steve slid his thumb inside her and pushed. Her body tensed, and then began güvenilir bahis siteleri to tremble. His fingers were quickly coated with her juices. Warm, wet, sticky, sweet honey.

Quickly, before her orgasm was finished, he removed his hand and slid his rigid member into her welcoming pussy.


He slid his cock as far as he could. When he met the wall of her pussy, he stopped to allow Gabby to adjust to his enormous size. Then, he pushed hard. He buried the rest of himself in her, as she gasped and screamed. He loved being inside her tight snatch. And soon, he was pounding her throbbing pussy wildly.

Gabby’s nails dug into his shoulders as he pushed all of himself into her over and over again. Her moans grew louder and louder. As another climax took over her, Gabby’s moans took on an animalistic character. Her hips began to grind into the soft flesh surrounding his groin. Her wild abandon was causing his own climax to rapidly approach. Each time he thrust forward, he could feel her give more and more. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, and pushed as hard as he could.

“AUGH! YES! GIVE IT TO ME!” she screamed.

“Come for me baby. Cover my dick with your sweet honey!”

With that, Steve drove it in one last time as hard and deep as he could possibly go. Gabby’s inner muscles clenched around his rod, and began to spasm as her orgasm took over. She screamed out, and Steve’s cock almost doubled in girth as his seed began to fill her. It was pure bliss as Gabby’s contracting muscles milked every last ounce from Steve’s cock.

Neither of them were done yet. Steve pulled his cum–covered dick from inside her. He positioned it at the entrance to her ass.

“Is this what you want, Baby?”

“Oh yes, Steve. Fuck my ass!”

Steve slowly guided his slick cock into her ass. When the head popped through, he paused. As Gabby’s ass became accustomed to the intrusion, she started to moan. Little by little, Steve guided his rod further into her tight ass.

“Oh, God! Yesss! You like my ass. Don’t you, Baby?”

“Oh yeah.”

Steve began pumping his dick in and out of his wife’s tight ass. With each thrust, he felt her muscles contract and relax. Not only did he love to look at her ass, but he really loved fucking it. The way she screamed when he rammed his cock all the way into her, drove him wild!

He began to speed up his rhythm and Gabby’s moans began to get louder. Before he knew it, he was ramming his dick into her ass with amazing speed. Gabby’s moans took on an animalistic guttural sound. Her ass was suddenly like a vise, squeezing his rod until he felt his own orgasm approach.

Steve began to pound harder, until Gabby’s scream brought them both over the brink. Like a bomb, both of their orgasms exploded as one. Steve held on to his sweat-drenched wife until her spasms stopped. Only then did he realize that he, too, was drenched in sweat.

Slowly, he let his flaccid cock slip from her ass. He noticed that her cum had collected there at the base of his dick. Damn! She had come a lot! He wondered if he could get her to come even more! “Maybe later,” he told himself. Right now, he needed to tend to her injury.

“How was that?”

“Mmmm. Yummy. I could go for more! But, I’ve gotta say, this tree is wearing out my ass!”

“Well. In that case. You ready to go home?”

“Only if you promise me more!”

“You got it!”

And with that, Gabby and Steve began to limp back to the car.

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